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5-26 6:15am Scoot, Memorial Day

May 26, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks about Memorial Day and if you put ketchup on hot dogs

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning David very happy Memorial Day yes you do you know I'm no stranger to the front caller. And where you practically live and this morning I just noticed taking -- camp to work. The French Quarter is very crowded canal street was crowded. Down to the CBD was was was war as I would have expected at 4 o'clock on a Monday morning Memorial Day weekend notwithstanding there where people crossing the street the -- people in front and these are alike. People who you knew if you looked at them than they had been drink and and whatever else and arms around each other. Big groups of and I would say for the most part young people yes there are a lot of young people in town in particular a lot of young Asian people in town I've dissenting I don't always. I don't always sees so for some reason we have caught on as a big Memorial Day destination for. Young Asian. Students are dragged lot of young people and towers in the -- and are going to enter a street -- turn to come to the station. They were probably ten different people who were trying to -- camp. So at least they've got to the point where they're ready to go get out Yardley said please please take me on Monday as -- got to figure out what. Noon may -- they got started yesterday I was gonna ask you that I mean it's 4 o'clock in the morning I'm coming to work and there are still the quarter -- lucky dog wagon is still up -- suburban. And -- And I'm thinking okay it's 4 o'clock in the morning they're still want what did they -- lot of water too or did they may Beagle out late yesterday. Afternoon on it maybe it was three or four I mean I'm I'm -- and that's the benefit of the doubt. As it could have been as early as noon or even earlier this the afternoon and this was a bidding go a couple hours before they they were no dogs or -- almost even out in the afternoon and then. It's four -- like you said going on five and there's I I don't know how do you do I don't know but these people are going to be hard pressed to remember anything today. Yeah yeah I'd have a headache for a week. Are sort of guy. -- was a lot easier to get over that when you're younger than it is well I -- get real there yet let's get. As a pop up and have a it's double espresso and they'll be fine you just had to -- -- anymore. It's -- it's just not in the of the vocabulary. I love. I love seeing people who look it's at this point you've reached the point of diminishing returns. The food is not gonna do any good that they're trying to get food in because they obviously have have too much to drink and they need to get -- -- huge -- so -- cramming in the lucky dogs and at this point in your life. You only temporarily on the lucky dog it's not gonna stay with you know target mr. -- long and we see that older and is an end up somewhere. On the quarter's streets. Get the policies and you know sometimes it's it's not down even line it's not don't go. Sometimes you can tell with somebody over there there ought to I'll come monster that you weren't gonna go there as they've mustered in Chile at some relish. This is not a sound this is a Memorial Day show I'm -- in court Johnny Tucker and will be right back at WW well. It is a very beautiful morning -- going to be hot today -- -- time here and it happens in this part of the country with the Euro along the Gulf Coast beaches or maybe actually having to work I hope you're having. A nice Memorial Day morning I'm -- For Tommy Tucker today it's 616 on this on Monday morning the -- like today is titled we owe it to the troops. To understand our rights. And that's on our website at WW dot com you can read it -- others give us your comments if you like even with this blog on everybody's going to agree with me. We went to the troops to understand our rights that's the WL a blog WW dot com. What thing a lot of talk about this morning is organ to this a little bit later this morning news. How some recent news stories have really accentuated. The idea that. There are a lot of Americans who really don't understand some of our most basic fundamental rights. And that's what inspired me to think we owe it to the troops to understand -- rights will be talking about that we'll also talk about the rights that that many Americans take for granite. The rights that you most appreciate. Because on this day would we remember those who lost their lives serving our country. We should think about the freedoms that we have because of what they do it. And they ultimately lost their lives protecting the freedoms that -- you what I have right now. The freedom that I have to. To talk the freedom that I have to express my opinions the freedom you have to go wherever it is that you're going -- somebody else that I wanna do this morning are you working. Reported to a text it if you working you wanna send via a text where you working which you do in tech's number 87870. Because on a holiday like this -- -- people who are. Relaxing effect on a day like today you know unlike. Thanksgiving morning when people were up very early Thanksgiving morning to get did the feast already on a day like today I would think that people are sleeping in. But there's a good possibility that Europe and working and there are people who will be working in stores people who were going to be working. In in hospitals site EMS workers firefighters. A first responders police officers there are a lot of people who are working. So you can have a -- day today. And so you can go out and do some of the things that that you wanna do so if you're if you're working today and you're bullish or where you are we gonna do text you witness -- it -- -- 877 wanna give you but it would give you a shout out if you if you're working. And also will be talking about the the freedoms that Americans understand and and don't understand. In particular. The first and Second Amendment I think recently have. Have had clearly been misunderstood. By a number of people in this country and we'll be talking about -- if you and join our show with a comment this morning are numbers 26 cell. 1878. Total free 8668890. Point seven. In a text Amber's late seventy separate also since this is the the emotional beginning of summertime will play simple place in songs that it -- that summertime themes. And also will it will do some Americans -- talked about about America. There's there's a new song by the band imagine Dragic and their relatively new group and I found a sung by -- called America will play that a little bit later. But it's an example of our new young group. That has has written and done a very positive song about America. And that leads me to believe that there's a young generation that has a very positive view of America which he says is a good thing. Here's a Texas selling dictatorships since 430 somebody's out there selling the -- they're selling potato chips. That helps you on a Memorial Day get on a Memorial Day holiday. Here is a text we are headed to deliver little Debbie snacks. Here's attacks on my way to work at Barnes & Noble some people like to celebrate by going to -- a here is a text good morning and a carpenter. Having to work today. So you don't. Loose the next house. Here is a -- number Texas of people who are working etc. set. So this attack Toledo way if if you're workable deduce -- -- -- -- I wanna give credit to those of you who are working today. Teaching and -- school. -- class. -- on a high school. Here is a text that read sent truck driver. Never stop. Another text about to hit the clock for twelve hours. And it. Intra locks in Harry -- Here's attacks have been electrician. For all star electric working at university medical center hospital being built on canal street. Now there are people who are working. On things that are gonna make this city better they're people who are working this morning. To make your life easier so as you go through this state you do have the day off I try to appreciate those who -- Or working I'm -- for Tommy Tucker it's six Tony here is a WWL traffic up. It's Memorial Day morning 2014. And -- in the morning this morning for a fertility Tucker. I'm getting just so many agree Texan people who are working you know I I thought we start the show by talking to some of those people are getting -- in from those people who are working today says if you're if you're working if you're one of those who's actually working so everybody else can have a nice day. -- you're taking this day to. To do your job Memorial Day is not is as big holiday here as it is in other parts of the country. And I'm not saying that as criticism by saying that is an observation. That we don't have the traditional on Memorial Day parade today down. On main street which in this case would be my guess canal street. Now we really don't have that. -- in small towns across America that's very very popular. In the in the northeast Memorial Day is a very very popular day and -- in other cities and maybe it's because morning draw takes so much of our partying time. Then it's we don't spend as much time I think about two Memorial Day but there are a lot of people who work -- Here is attacks are dropping off at TP street papers since 3 o'clock. Here is another text are working today. My last Monday until August middle school teacher my husband. Is also were today that so there are some teachers who were going to work today here is a text. Working today but we treat this day off. The trade this day off the Friday after the Friday after Thanksgiving. I guess that would be the Friday before -- -- the front okay the Friday after Thanksgiving here's a text working twelve hours ExxonMobil. Yesterday. Was first day off in a month here is a text happy Memorial Day for the medical surgical nurses and to wash her. -- Northridge I'm sorry North Shore. Here is a -- working on the virtual design construction. Of the new VA hospital. So that's kind of like a video game isn't. Here's its next working on the river unloading ships. Here's the text -- by name is Cody I'm working on the set of the newest Jurassic Park four film here in New Orleans another text delivering bunny Brett. Here's one -- working man plastering and aiding I've could be off but don't get paid. If I don't work. So you gotta love that Terry catalog and attitude so a throughout the show will be checking on our text message boards here. And if you're if you're working let -- know Bjorn and where you're going in which are doing today so we -- Did you a shout -- since a lot of people are going to be off today just have a good time if you enjoy an issue with a comment this morning at numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your tax numbers 877. Here's -- WWL pretty -- opinion polls this morning. Do you put ketchup on hot dog. I know it's controversy. And -- a lot of heat for even asking this question. As one of those that I think we should challenge ourselves to answer. Do you put ketchup on hot dog. -- issue repeatedly go to our website WWL. Dot com and a tractor Paula throughout this -- give an update coming appeared in just a few minutes. -- this is and since this is -- a national holiday. -- holiday to remember those who lost their life serving your country we'll talk about freedoms today. The freedoms that those who lost their lives. I'm fighting for our country fought to protect. An average of recent stories in the news that I think really prove that many Americans don't understand some of our most basic freedoms. The First Amendment and the Second Amendment. Freedom of speech. And the freedom to keep and bear arms so we'll talk about this throughout the morning Oscar a year under VW on good morning. Good on his group are utility guy good Oscar caper about like this they give -- to all the people that lost people we have. Protect this great country yes but already. We were in order to -- all the -- people moderate. AL company's survival system that I'm allowed to do but be surgically property -- I will put their -- Let us so I was just -- studio so great airtime to workers. And that's all my regular reporting week you don't work that. So this this this is and this is a national company you work for aren't real war and -- still they don't they don't this is not a local company that would. Would totally recognized smarting draw throughout throughout the system with all of the employees so they give special consideration to those in New Orleans in the gives you a chance to trade. Monday draw for. For today. Exactly exactly. And so great about it maybe it's a compliment as well why. Would be looking at those who need for the people who. To Augusta but that's -- but it's still talking with a big. -- -- -- -- You have a great day to -- it -- good morning everyone -- -- working on new CD and recording studio all night in the French Quarter. Here's a tax cutting revise it will Dixie. We are the beef people. From -- at a -- into the W on good morning. I don't who could be more. -- -- local public hot dog. A couple married or not only the gospel. Now you see I can put mayonnaise and mustard on dollars and I've put ketchup you get that nannies catch a blend that is kind of pink -- it's. I don't know it's it's it's it's it's pretty of that with the -- the yellow in that direction changes the whole -- was a thing but you don't you don't put mayonnaise or ketchup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not stop stop putting mandates. On little -- hot dog. I I knew this would get off to a controversial start. He put ketchup on your hot sellers -- heavier fuel project opinion poll. You know I of people either either there and mayonnaise or they're -- in demand race. And and -- I know it's terrible for. I hate that I feel like it I don't eat but I can put mayonnaise on -- If you and enjoyed our short numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890870. -- numbers they 7870. More you're -- coming up you working today you have the day off. Are you ordeal on the beach are you waking up on the beach and listen to us this morning so -- on the Mississippi Gulf Coast Alabama Florida Gulf Coast beaches. We'll talk about all of this we're talk about our freedoms that we have today because of those who died fighting for our country. And maybe you don't have somebody specifically in your life that died fighting for our country. And if you're like me I don't have anybody specifically died fighting for a country. But I do remember those who did die. I'm scoot it for Tommy Tucker at 631 and here's David Blake but it -- W -- news update. And David one of the controversial things that we're gonna talk about this morning to -- whether or not to put ketchup on hot dog and that is also brought up the controversy about whether or not to put mandates -- on -- do you put today anything like that are not. Yeah you you want my full line up sure -- effect argue said Doug yesterday. IE start off worthy -- a nice warm -- I puts. Honey mustard. Sweep of the sweet honey mustard here on the -- then I put the ketchup. On the bond. And then I've been on the hot dog put on some cheese melt down in the microwave and then it's a relish -- One now that's at. That's -- lost my. I know people who want more here's a text that says that -- and hot dog as a requirement think of Mayo is a high tech tasty spread ovals super Greece. -- I have never put Mayo on our dog. Anderson side I have not you know I honestly I had a I don't eat hot dogs and I you know on ninety territory dogs once in awhile I thought you -- a lucky dog an occasion. Well I have been known in the past but it's it's been awhile you I don't know whether they really taste good or at that point in your life they just taste good. You just need to get something and -- stomp ground yeah I guess it's there but. Hot dog mustard you know I'll find a couple of management a look at took. On that as well. I'm I'm getting text that no economists on my hot dog I like my meet naked just nagging at him now that we're talking to people who work -- -- they -- working on the new Tulane stadium today. Another text reads twelve hour shift at the -- thirteen days straight glad to have a job in this economy wow that's so we're getting a lot of tax I'm having people texting and if their working today because there are people who were working while others are enjoying it and try to get that stadium ready for this reason I gotta gotta -- that's going to be fun outdoor -- tomorrow I'm looking forward -- I tied you to join us for the comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- text of receipts and VH seventy. This weekend was the buy used super fast country super fest in Baton Rouge Tiger Stadium. And among the performers. The very young hunter -- Local guys from brokerage he is. I guess you might say like the Justin -- -- country music. Really talented young guy underneath that you haven't heard his name. You will also there seems to be somewhat of an embrace of hip hop. With country performers and I know a lot of people upset with that but. Hip hop is a legitimate shot that is infiltrated into rock and now into the country music. Studio for Tommy Tucker happy memorial. And they'll be back into the well. It's Memorial Day morning 645. -- -- forward Tommy Tucker do you put -- ketchup on your hot dog that's -- controversial. MW project opinion polls this morning here's an update 64% say no 36% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site to -- -- outcome. And we'll give you an update on that coming up just finished also I've asked people -- -- in a -- if you're working today auditors and he's reading all of them but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you work today on text -- Where you work and what you're doing ethic which you know which recognized those people who are working. Now while other people are taking the day off. Here's a text that -- working -- swimming pools today. It works since 3 AM back washing filters and putting chemicals in our commercial accounts. You're welcome parents. Here's detects the reads. My husband and our family. Visited just last week to the national cemetery. Of the Pacific in Hawaii. And his uncle. James B and tell you say I hope I'm pronouncing that right that was killed in action in Korea. A sacrifice that's what Memorial Day is. Here's attacks are working and hospitality so would be working however I took the day off to volunteer at the national. At the national World War II museum a perfect way to say thanks for your service. Here's a tech school is in session in Saint -- today were actually kind of a weird thing -- a day like today I -- actually some schools are in session. Again it's studies should be a holiday here's it is in other places around the country so this morning as we remember those who died fighting for a country. We'll talk about some of the freedoms. I think are misunderstood. And there are people who were in a panic in this country over our loss to first amendment rights. And they're losing our our second amendment rights and I got a text Berry critical comment I made -- I don't think we've lost her first or Second Amendment Rights. And I've told this -- -- -- go -- -- call the show and tell me what went right she'd actually lost the scope blog is is is about. Memorial Day in and losing rights it's it's actually we're not losing right I think sometimes we lose perspective. On the rights that we have missed a blog this morning is titled we -- to our troops to understand our rights and there are a lot of people who have been easily stirred up into a panic over the loss of first and Second Amendment Rights. We'll talk about that on the show you can read the blog and share with others it's an -- we're excited every WL. A dot com you can also give us your comments. Also -- you've heard in our news today governor Jindal signed into law. A bill that was passed that would allow guns inside restaurants that serve alcohol. And this is one of the controversies that has led to I think a misunderstanding of the Second Amendment. There are pro gun advocates and activists. That have decided to recently bring guns into family restaurants. Not for protection. But to make a point. To flaunt their gardens to -- the Second Amendment. And I think that's a misunderstanding of of the Second Amendment and gun owners that the majority gun owners in this country the great majority of gun owners are responsible gun owners. And don't -- this mentality of the fringe. On orders who wanna. Go win in and it's a group anyone but their guns on the table. In a fairly restaurant. Chipotle chilies are two restaurants that are dealt with this very recently. Last year Starbucks stole its customers. Don't bring -- guns in anymore and that caused a lot of people say -- Starbucks is a liberal company of course are gonna say that. While any company has a right to say it even here in Louisiana. A restaurant that serves alcohol does have the right to say you can't bring a guardian. Even if the losses concealed handguns -- can be. Brought into places where they serve alcohol as one as food is that it is the main service but. Did the Barbara a lot of places that have profited bars -- also serve food. I believe guns are still banned from bars. But now it's okay to bring it to concealed -- but see that's different it. A concealed weapon is a concealed weapon. -- that's different than going in and showing off your gun. For the purpose of intimidating people for the purpose of again flaunting the Second Amendment. If you would join Russia with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Tech's number 677 here's a text headed to work a nurse and other text setting up for the Children's. Hospital telethon. Here's a text. The south refused to celebrate Memorial Day originally the holiday a originated after the civil war. And here's a text no -- apart by hot dog only Charlie Mayo. And -- And the controversy. Continues. I'm scoot it to Tucker happy Memorial Day here's into the W if -- traffic updates with -- This Memorial Day morning studio forward Tommy Tucker getting out. Getting a lot of these -- controversial tax about the controversy this morning about whether or not to put ketchup on hot dog. Here's a -- reason just the thought of me attempting to eat -- hot dog with -- Makes me wanna gang my favorite topics -- a hot dog or venison chili. Smoked. I'm OK good to. Here since and other text chili mustard to deal and sweet relish a little beast yum -- now you have me craving a hot dog. Do I have to leave now to go to work you guys you might wanna go to work and figure out where you can signature hot dog there are a lot of people working today. And throughout the show I will occasionally go to the text board. And to talk about some of the people who were are working here's a Texan -- are working doctor's office in Guerrero ophthalmologist. Here's a text. At work radiation therapist fighting for cancer patients' lives. Mayo mustard chili cheese and onions on my hot dog catcher is just plain nasty. I never forget what our -- I love how this Segway is writing to never forget. Putt -- ketchup is just nasty never forget what our fallen soldiers have done. And given for our freedoms and that is something that we were four members throughout the the show there's an article on the other Fox News website. But I thought we said was a relief. Really good article and and just the just the title it means so much. Memorial Day is the perfect day to talk to your teenager. About character. And I hope that something that you know enough about. To have a conversation with you teenager about it. One of the things that I don't talk about in the blog this morning. Is it to parents should talk to their kids about Memorial Day mean I realize that some kids are in school. This is a data were supposed to remember those who. Pay deal the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country. At a great freedoms that we have the freedom to go. To a barbecue the freedom to. Go to the beach the freedom to have picnics there and did the freedom to that to be the go to work. The freedom to go by simply go on sale today. All of those freedoms of the results of those who died for our country. And we should take time in in in in all of -- the festivities in the commercial is that surrounds Memorial Day we should always take time to remember. Those people and if you're like me you don't have somebody specific to remember who who died for our country. Maybe you do I don't but I remember those who did give their lives. And in particular. Since I'm part of that generation I'm I'm very sensitive to the Vietnam vets. Mainly because of the way Vietnam vets were words were treated and meet with the way they were they refute. By this country as a whole you know one thing that we've learned in America today is you can you can disagree with the war. But you support the troops. It wasn't that way when our Vietnam vets were in Vietnam. And they came home to a country and blamed them for the war criticize them. And many of those in Vietnam -- draft it they didn't even have a choice. So that's -- -- that this country still has to deal with it's it's a score that I still feel. In my heart so while we remember all veterans let's also remember though is that I think there were over 56000. Killed in Vietnam. Let's remember those who who died. And while Vietnam is a very miss understood war. We were bound to be in Vietnam. To combat the spread of communism. Based on the sea -- I treat your organization which is kinda like NATO for -- station so we were bound to be there. And our guys and women did the best they could I studio for Tommy Tucker happy Memorial Day and we'll be right back after the news. -- -- --

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