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5-26 8:10am Scoot, Memorial Day

May 26, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot takes your calls and talks to listeners about Memorial Day

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know -- we hear and read tuning up we hear conversations. Today. It's. The star spangled banned or not being done the traditional manner and this is Memorial Day the day when -- owner. Those who died fighting for our country fighting for the freedoms that we still enjoy today in one of those freedoms is a freedom of expression. The very generation the baby boomer establishment that is so critical of anybody that takes liberty with the star spangled banner was part of the generation that witnessed. This version of the star spangled banner by Jimi Hendrix absolutely. Or can -- work those strengths. I wonder if those who supported it then. Don't supported as much today. -- they may be very. Hardened horror they've begun more conservative. Yeah I thinks I I think some have side it and I believe there's a baby boomer generation it's it's now the establishment that is quite hypocritical when it comes to a lot of things which is why I continue to define myself -- as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation hostile witness yeah. We're -- text about abide. Freedoms that we've lost years -- attacks I've lost the right to ride my motorcycle without a helmet. Actually says without a damn helmet. Now I don't know that riding your motorcycle without a helmet as a writes I believe that might be considered a privilege. Not necessarily a guaranteed right and so there are a lot of people who who misunderstand our rights and freedom of speech and Second Amendment Rights that these are two things that have -- -- I misunderstood by a lot of people I hear is attacks. Haste to plain and simple honor our fallen heroes find event thank event -- event. You might get some weird looks but that's a nice thing to think about terrorist here is attacks that breeds produce just quoted somebody responsible gun owners don't get drunk. And might have been taken out of context because if you're responsible gun or you don't get drunk. But they are gun owners who get drunk but I wouldn't call them responsible gun owners -- got you out here is attacks that it reads. I just wondering are there still many Memorial Day parades seems like it's only ceremonies nowadays. This part of the country that we don't have a big Memorial Day parade down. Down main street well in our case should be canal street and you'll see on the news later today that especially in small towns across this country. There are Memorial Day parade -- people or waving flags and that's something that we we don't do here and some think that is disrespectful to our our followed that. If you would join us with -- comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening at a text over. Is -- 77. Jimi Hendrix is continuing to -- It is good thriller. Stars -- and so if you are quick to judge those who take creative liberties with the star spangled banner. Remember that you're part of the generation that you know probability. Accepted this and didn't think it was unpatriotic. The freedom to express ourselves is one of the greatest freedoms we have. And is expressing. The star spangled banner that we Jimi Hendrix did. He is introducing the star spangled banner to with a time a young generation. And that was a very good use of freedom of speech. I'm -- in the morning at the Tommy Tucker we'll be right back on to be WL. It is Memorial Day morning I'm student for Tommy Tucker glad your witness I hope you'll join today and even if you're going to worker going to school I hope you make the most of this day and at some point today take time to I think about the freedoms that we have because there were many people who have died witness in this country and in service to our country. There's nobody particularly in my life who I have to remember who died in service to our country. My dad was in the in the navy. And -- very proud of his military service but do we know what that I remember in my family indicted military service so I just remember all of those. Who died for our freedoms. And as we talk about it freedoms today think about the freedoms that we'd still have. I can't help but respond to this. This panic and hysteria. They were losing our first amendment rights. And we're losing our Second Amendment Rights. And that the fear over losing a second amendment rights and has inspired fringe gun rights activist. To take their guns -- family restaurants like chili's and Tripoli which is caused both of those restaurants to reassess. Allowing on their patrons. To come in with guns last year with Starbucks and a lot of people pass it -- I'll start to this liberal company of course they don't when guns and here. I don't understand. The need. To show off a -- You know there are there are people who -- are are criticized and condemned for flaunting the First Amendment. As so why not be -- afford to to criticize those who fought the Second Amendment. And I should I support the Second Amendment and gun rights in America. But that doesn't mean that I support. The brazen warning of weapons and of family restaurant. And one should be okay in this country to criticize. Fringe groups. Without. The assumption that this person. Does not believe in the Second Amendment Rights. I don't understand what gun -- with feels the need to show off to -- If you think you've lost your first amendment rights or your Second Amendment Rights. Could you be a little more specific. Or have you bought out just into the job. Bought into the hysteria the only -- we're losing our rights in this -- You know that that's something that circulates on social media we're losing our rights or I'd like to know what right you've lost. If you wanna join our short numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. Our text Amber's late 77. Is a tech star spangled banner should be played and sung as written. No war bowling. Screaming. Make another song your own the star spangled banner belongs to all of us there -- a lot of people who believe that. But I believe that freedom of expression is so precious. That it allows us to express ourselves in ways that -- Might be offensive to others. Introducing the star spangled banner. To a lot of young Americans at a time and Jimi Hendrix has posted in 6768. Added that this was during the during the height of the controversy. With the Vietnam War. And there were a lot of young Americans. Who were not feeling very patriotic. So when Jimi Hendrix played the star spangled banner at the way he did at least he introduced at least he played it. For young generation that actually paid attention to it. So if you use if you use that creative expression. To play it for a group that might not otherwise have heard it. Wasn't that a good thing. If you wanna join a show with a -- is more numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points early Saturday. At a text of receipts have a decent. It's a 20 on this Monday morning Memorial Day 2014 points coach in four Tommy Tucker here's -- of the WWL a traffic updates -- our problems. Happy birthday today to Lenny Kravitz who is fifty years old Lenny Kravitz spent a lot of time in New Orleans he loves the city. I'm -- in the morning for Tommy Tucker on this Memorial Day morning it's 8820 form glacier -- witnessed. Here's a text and that breeds. How else. How else would. Directly take away someone's freedom of speech besides giving them a consequence it. The text right before that says screwed if you have a consequence for something that you say isn't that taking away your freedom of speech no it's not. We have always been judged. By what we say that's not any different. And and the argument that was made about Miami Dolphins safety. -- Don Jones as saying that he was disgusted by Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams as the first openly gay football player. Well Jones had he is a freedom of speech violated. No anybody in the NBA anybody in the NFL. He's clearly aware that racist and anti gay comments are not tolerate. And if you wanna be able to make those comments and not suffer any consequences. Then don't make the decision to play in the NFL or the NBA that's a choice. -- -- something you have to do. Again I'm I'm waiting to hear specifically what right you have lost in terms of freedom of speech or your Second Amendment Rights. There is a hysteria I talk about this quite often on the Schuylkill and ninety going to be WL. There's hysteria in America. There are people who want you to panic. Over loss -- first amendment rights. And you lost a second -- -- I want to know. When the government came to your house and took your gonna what I would love to break that story. And if you had that story sent it to me an email. My email address is scoot. At WB will not come send me that's I would love to follow up and break that story about big government coming in and taking away your -- Freedom of speech in the First Amendment. Guarantees our freedom to speak out against the government to express our opinions. But society has always judged in people have always judge the things that people say. There had been things in the country that -- said in the past. That are no longer tolerated today because society. Changes. That's not losing freedom of speech. There are people who don't understand is that the consequences for. Saying things that are inappropriate here's a text -- I would actually feel safer in a public location with they responsible gun owner. In case -- incident would happen to arise. Thanks to all our vets and active that military in the United States god bless America. I have no problem with. Somebody who is a responsible -- order. I don't really have a problem with the responsible gun owner carry a concealed weapon into a restaurant. And I support the Second Amendment and gun rights. But I don't supports. The fringe. Mentality. Of of pro gun activist. Who want to show off their guns in a family restaurant just to make a point. Unless I'm mistaken that's not. What the Second Amendment is about. From New Orleans Stephen your WWL happy Memorial Day. The Memorial Day. All of my father was the pig and boat operator on DD one. -- gets revoked all week or so. He -- state as a family you mentioned there's there's. So. He could stay home and he's been great but it's somewhere. On my step father was in radio and it was in on the date Korea. I think that. Our guys did they talk about what date it and -- And you know -- Pollard and a promising. Clear a great picture. But his knee was injured or in the war so that -- that -- pitching. Ability. But you know -- there were a lot of them out that you know -- and an -- never talk about. Bitter experiences in the war. On and sort of popped up for many many years has just been recently that there. Guys that it would be in the seventies and eighties agree it was started talking about the war. You know this this World War II vet that I met her recently after -- called my show mr. -- took -- to the World War II museum arrangement -- to get there. Many two year old World War II sent to and here's a guy who soared to to break up and cry. When he talked about that the German soldiers that he. That he killed and eat to this day. That this bothers him and and maybe for much of his life it didn't bother him but it's starting to. It took to bother him -- -- bothered him for a prolonged time and he. You know he just he realized that they were human beings too and he kind of reminds me of a hearing the stories about. Their Christmas Eve when they oversee and a truce and the US soldiers in the German soldiers actually greeted each other and wished each of the Merry Christmas and then of course and actually went back to fighting. -- -- not the other major would he put those voices sure. That he which is close to the big debt so that despite the way and -- -- before -- got -- I mean he mentioned that committee optimal times about how he'd make sure that the guards on the beach not to. You know -- he'd walk. I appreciate you calling -- show this morning here's a text. Massive gun confiscation. Confiscation during Katrina. I wasn't here on the year during Katrina. So I can't speak directly to that but that seems to be an infringement of Second Amendment Rights. That was wrong but as far as I know anybody with a gun taken away. Could only go on today and by the way that's something happened when bush was in office. And so it's not fair to become hysterical because you'd think you can lose your. Second Amendment or first amendment rights because Obama in the White House that's not defensible Obama. That's defensively as a talk show host who doesn't wanna be caught being an idiot. -- -- Feeding into the hysteria. That we're losing -- rights -- like to know what -- you've lost. In the first or second. If you wanna join -- -- economy numbers 260187. Toll free 8668. Nines here recently Tex is late 7870. Here's the -- that reflects a couple that have just come in. Scooted. Could've used to gun when he got joked I'll address that but we can back it's 8:30 Memorial Day morning. For -- -- here's -- -- -- news update -- physically you know David I've never been afraid of controversy and and we're digging into what is the real controversy on this Memorial Day. It's hard every of you appreciate opinion poll and the conversation continues steroid use fairy -- eyes now text message -- I don't know why you stirred this up today but you did do you put ketchup or hot dog. 65%. No. And 35% yes and that has led to cable what about -- What about on on hot -- could put Bela could you drilling again. I don't I'm not a big hot dog eaters now -- like I guess I'd like Jessica. I was -- with a friend of line. The girl dating this industry has been to a restaurant and I was at her house. With her daughter her boyfriend. On a Saturday night and program barbecuing. You were with her boyfriend. No I was with her and her daughter and his golf camps -- real pleasure that it was a regular enough. And number now. If you feed into a lot of good. I have never seen. So many. Large. And so many mosquitoes ever I never seen mosquitoes formally open the door to bring in in meet briefly and 203040. Points all coming and there are it manned machine right next to a canal are selling like I don't know how. But I have just I've never seen this big apartment. It was really interesting that mosquitoes. Don't hang out there and there are -- that out their assembly no mosquitoes downtown in a miscues in the first and I guess that there were army team. If they beat somebody and instructor blind when you think of the condition most people a French court room and I immediately yeah they would -- from. Toxic something hey. Interesting note that you complained about the skaters because we've been talking about termites in the next couple of weeks. And they've been -- outrageously. Yeah and somebody was telling me on the show the other night that these these sports are the result of the mosquitoes actually. Meeting. They're going to the meeting process and and they -- they lose their wings and ball of the ground after the big -- all here so it's like big giant group. Termites -- out and then they die. I guess they all. But they -- the ground and and borrowing and I don't know yeah I'm I don't know but it it's if you get caught -- one of those big termite swarms that is and they reply to they -- just hanging around but these mosquitoes I really I I don't remembered accidentally downtown for a a couple of years now I've just not seeing mosquitoes like I won once did but you know why it is as bad as those are. I will put them up against the acts of port sulphur. Any time really aria. I mean. Follow got in your hair eyes it. To me that's the champion biting insect you and they they're so small they can release sneak up camp at all. -- we have so many insects I mean. God bless the Audubon society. A mean god bless the ought to be institute and -- that we have here. But I just don't understand paying money to go into complacency and sexy -- -- -- You know it. Well as the season ends extra hours of just come over to my house. All right if you majorities in the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- a -- 77 I got a bunch a text you would get to. And doubled it to those here in just a moment also like I've got them. A few text. For people who have. Made the comment that if I would've had a gun when I was jumped. -- things would have turned out differently. Well and again I've talked about that before I'll address it again because I think it's a legitimate. Discussion to have. Especially. For those people who think that everybody needs to be armed all the time. This past weekend was the by -- country superfast Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge hunter Hayes is a young country start kind of like I guess that Justin Bieber of a country music he's a broad bridge and he is huge if you're not familiar with the name batteries you'll be hearing him. And here's is a song I want crazy. I skirted the Tommy Tucker we'll be back in February. This is still one of the bigger groups that performed -- the value countries who professed over the weekend Tiger Stadium event -- this is Florida Georgia line so it's called cruise. Have you noticed how old country and rock even terms of the way musicians look. And have creative side in. Raced each other me country music. There there're so many people and in country music who looked just like. Brock started CNN of a video now on MTV. And then now there's this. Influence of a hip hop it's actually. Worked its way into into country music so how I did ask this question -- quite often. -- -- having a gun I would if I would have had a gun and -- was I was when I was attacked and I think this is a good conversation because there are those people who honestly believe. That if if everybody was armed. The world would be a better place in a safer place and I don't I don't believe it. If I would've had a gun with me -- morning I was attack tonight I'd explain this before. I would have had to shoot. And injure or kill somebody. So early in the incident. That they would be a question if my life was really threatened. Because by the time they put hands on me. That's what I knew something was wrong. But if there approaching me when I saw him approach me. At that moment when it first started to go go bad. I would've had to shoot there. And since there was four of them there would be three witnesses who could easily say hey my friend just bumped into this guy and he pulled out his gun and shot. So if you're -- older. Doping so quick to just point your gun and shoot. You have to you have to be sure that your life is being front. And I realize that you have to make the decision based on what you see at the time and you have to use your instincts under those circumstances. I'm OK I've which was roughed up but I'm okay soul. For a number of reasons I'm glad I did the government but that's not always the answer is pulling a gun and shooting some money. -- Joseph you're on WW -- good morning. Voted no. Lower as we saw tonight man I love you know. In our public health our well Amanda. Our thoughts are that's and that's in the past but it still comes up quite often and directly from where I think I should have an hour. Yeah. You know -- -- so about it ought -- also many that. -- that they're not so great year ago. So long against -- -- thing you know there's a lot of interest area regarding. Our respected member who. Topic a lot of it is kinda. You know people -- variety on the wall you build -- -- but there. In -- happened in -- you know and my app that they have these little. That is that is the a lot -- Democrat or an -- at chat the -- many law about all that unity law. Epic -- in different states and municipalities. All doctor and -- you'll be put it into. -- -- Second commitment. Yeah and Joseph I think that's I think that's wrong but as far as I know there have been no laws that have did enacted that have taken away anybody's right to keep and bear arms habit we -- when something like sandy hook happens. Both sides try to capitalize on the moment. There's. One side says hey we need more gun laws and the other -- says hey everybody had a gun. You Wear or you better again you've gone now because of this incident they're gonna take your guns. Exactly. They expected. That disparity but they're so they're -- Not everybody idiotic error because not everybody -- nor are up. Oh they -- -- it was Serbia right you know her only academy there and legitimately -- -- In the one back with -- you know -- that people pay what they were. And -- what -- stroke or Obama saw their app that is possibly. -- also should leak or shall spare. Bunker. Up there California. Waddle had -- -- is -- all of America. All the all the world -- pick them you know the podium in -- -- of the NRA. And partners and for what happened. When and where. Want purple you got what it was a caller and won't shut down one level what they do not compare. It back there -- the electric point. Now all of Joey. Exactly and I and I talk about that quite often on the -- showing ninety hysteria sweeping arc across this country easily fed by the media. And and in social media -- I gotta get to a traffic break I appreciate you calling our show. And in the or somebody on Fox News and I guess because this this gunman. Tie instead of barber I guess because he said he he was rejected by girls was a virgin at 22 and girls wouldn't kiss him. Why is she made the suggestion that. It was because of homosexuality. He committed this -- Well which is again sponsor. I'm -- -- atomic Tucker is Memorial Day here's another WW a traffic a -- with. Gerald Robinson very popular all Japanese who I grew as a pop group this is this is the -- the song is called baby baby baby in the baby's eight KB 48. It's illegal weapons AKD 48. Very popular. These these two women in the band. And there's male staff member. We're attacked with a guy in a fan event. An eighteen year old and a ninety year old in the group were attacked. The guy had a saw. He cut their hands and cut their head with a saw. Now in Japan people -- walker and carrying guns but here's a guy who attacked somebody with the saw so -- I guess that might lead somebody to believe that may be we need to. Band -- -- that that could. Potentially be a problem like there's no question that both sides use tragedies. To stir up hysteria. For the year agenda whether it's the pro gun rights people or the pro gun control people -- from Slidell Patricia -- -- -- -- of you on good morning. Same to you Patricia. Yeah I know my debt would be so proud the name means in value radio show. Cryptic -- he was so well bullet too bad he signed up for one year in. State that. And he was in the South Pacific. And told us stories about being scared to death. And they say something to wrapping around it can't than it was coconut state the next morning it had been feuding and I. He came to live but yet and can't complain -- at that -- forward. Almost three years in them. He lets get set Japan America and in a way I was -- I United Nations. And I'd bet like in a he was so what people mean. Did -- entity is save this country. And them that that they're putting in anything romantic he's been -- -- hospital. And the Palestinians went to see in -- and he -- being cared for I didn't think absolutely. And I said the and I think he did -- come home with me well when I got home he got into bed with clean sheets. And it looked -- at me and said its focus could be home. Oh that's got two great. Yes and he passed away here and you went -- a lot of words that -- -- people take good care if parents. They -- is he. It is a wonderful thing. To. You know eight Asian cultures in general have more respect for the elderly that we do with this country and I've I've lost here in historian it's a great reminder. That people need to focus on their parents -- -- -- I'm I'm going to share that with us on this memorial are happier or more and seem to you. Here's a -- -- pretty general opinion poll it's a controversy I know but we're involved in it. Do you put -- on your hot to give a -- -- -- -- going to be -- -- -- -- count the -- blog today is titled we owe it to the troops to understand our rights will continue this conversation coming up in the next hour. I'm -- in for tough.

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