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WWL>Topics>>5-26 9:45am Scoot, best states for vets to retire

5-26 9:45am Scoot, best states for vets to retire

May 26, 2014|

Scoot in for Tommy. Scoot talks to Odysseas Papadimitrou, the CEO of WalletHub, about the best and worst states for veterans to retire

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now if you're if you're on military. Retirees. We're gonna be the best place to retire. Dis yes pop -- Is a seal off wallet hub. And credit county joins us live on WW well I guess yes welcome to the show. So where would the best place -- be and why. To retire if you're a military that. They're. So we did it do we know that nine being beaten -- except a lot of to me in honor of memorial and the fact that may not anatomy any appreciation month. The figure -- state so all our most friends in the print it for me detainees. -- and then -- -- -- that -- -- away to one of these we look at the economic environment that these state operated. But it would not -- -- is that these days days they're very young people there there is four of these. And so -- It didn't include Jones at the private work forests or to me and his goal. And that's been from day indications on -- you the most of them are not looking -- -- it back in and being marketed that. -- -- -- -- therapy that kind of spit in the coming out of the -- but they're definitely done in great team in the region. Members believe that the quality of life that -- stayed over it and number of these we took that as here again. That being -- and not because of their -- but because of coming out of the lord and because united we all made that as it becomes more and more important obviously. Until it. But I've felt state. Number one was Wyoming member that was -- say number it was a moment dot com. Number four -- stop that caught the number I would Nebraska. And the bottom five. All on Hartley. Was. Number 47 was he now only 48 who has IDs on ground. Then let Indiana new York and California. And then we have 51 is currently includes results for the District of Columbia -- -- It so it seems like there -- no southern states states fell at the top or at the bottom which he stood there were knotted at the bottom not good they were not one of the best places to retire. And it says in the -- and -- -- that the five. The banking and and that won't need. Thanks tomorrow all the Mexican -- the quality of life. And and battled -- critics that going to of these. Exchange for a moment coming back that I am the -- doesn't leave in the state. The percentage of the boldly commit these four people. Given that would include I think there with complete and -- in -- -- aid group. Number of homeless -- and put a number of residents that the state then that the mitnick. That that would -- computers that is they're not too. And even have to include the fifteen that that any state that our public -- -- then unfortunately Allstate -- homeless residents. That we looked at the -- -- and -- them on and and pro floating at the university and how good that these. And so we looked at those -- I think -- -- unfortunately that put that back in Louisiana the most. So Louisiana's number number 35 in terms of the devastation retire number one Wyoming followed by New Hampshire Montana South Dakota and Nebraska. But those -- about the young to retire though doesn't necessarily the most exciting places to live. But again I think -- -- these people that it improved. Warrick. They're great guys. You know they're not let who we're thinking about 2000 Florida State days Julian. And so. And when they're looking for better and double put unity. They're looking for -- it to them so -- that I owned businesses indication of what. How good of it though the state in terms of helping residents. I've kind decent school if you Leonardo than you'd understand that a Republican does it make it the private sector program. We looked at how it because. And of cost of leaving himself one -- so yes eleven might not be very exciting and the weather -- that it means unity is better than my domain. All that. You know any do we really expected Wednesday it has gained a -- of land at the -- higher. A Jesse is a puppet to be true thanks for being with a Senseo world phone wallet hub and also credit help thanks for being -- -- Memorial Day thanks --

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