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May 27, 2014|

Dave talks about summer vacations, Capitol security, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this 27. Of may 2014. It seems so wrong dozens that's not right is that it's gonna double play 27 that's it says that on my sheet of paper my follow that as -- on my computer must be true Associated Press says he had 27 when he fourteen. OK and Tuesday yet not Monday and it promotes folks. Then today obvious it's at the -- it work it's a good thing is right on guy. Quick week for instance on a vote taken vacations. You know this is the kickoff of the summer vacation season. And I think it's vitally important. That every year. That my family and I gave me all -- I think it's mandatory and it can be anywhere. And doing any thing as long as it doesn't involve war and we're not at home. Now it doesn't have to be elaborate. You know I mean to be nice if you could -- -- -- there Ingrid you know we do that big journey but Ken Dolan that yeah now. Erdogan would go on -- reach this summer. Eco attack says that the Chicago but -- to take one week. It's it's the relaxation. You know even -- long weekend it's great but a real -- -- -- not a real and we take a vacation -- for a lot of -- that the but do they don't get paid vacation. Small business owners in time away is lost in. Bought. -- I know that's hard because so many people do live. Paycheck eight days aid to war. That pays the bills there's nothing extra laughed. By. Mean. The values. In getting away -- -- sitting on the beach. Stating. The camp. Sitting at the in laws well. I'm. A let's whatever it is scratch that doesn't move on I mean the man that -- make memories my kids still tells stories it is today from vacations we took. Fifteen years ago. In twenty years. It's. Those -- the things that -- memories from those of the times families reek and be on. And you recharge your batteries so -- last people's attack that sedate them and it's. You'd take at least one week take vacation a year and -- wary -- on this year if you bar. And it's not wind it doesn't have to be at the rates it could be a chance. For goodness say absolutely. I've met some great memories of camp and with a tan door and a pop up on people -- -- mean. If you do what you wanna do is do go somewhere do something get away for a week you'd be a tourist in your own hometown we've done that. My son as their members eight years ago we got to Rome on canal street. And we played in the pool and we went for walks in the quarter and we got -- -- -- -- -- archives are right we're again we just did a week as tourists than. In new war terrorists and all my life -- tourist area around town that they go folks you go on vacation this art this is it this week is the kick off. -- did make those Lansing. Get out of died. Or at least plan to later this summer maybe in June July August. Man to beat those actors loved it in the cruise cruises are nice and I'd like a little -- little time down it to you mentioned Orange Beach. -- runs Aston emerald coast thing we've had deliberately to and a wonderful time. And it just can't do it. Again thank you are 15 minutes -- Am FM and town are to get the messages. Fourth of July on a Biloxi. I'm going on my vacation. Only 66 days and counting yet if these habits aboard their counting down the -- he knows. It's 66 days that we go camping every year in -- to look at why it's right there there's a great state parks and here we've had great weeks in a state bar. And you know you can be right there in west we go right there on the North Shore in then look at home and you. Yeah it seems like you're in another place completely even though you're still. Just a few minutes amounts. I'm Dave -- -- -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- re enters our forecast we'll have details on that coming up next. Smart Steve Geller is backing to the mini vacation by that he was up to 5:17 good morning I'm Dave -- I sure appreciate you being a part of the early edition of WWL first news and I guess it's time to say welcome to summer I'm here is -- feel like at the afternoon rain chances are coming back. That we're used to seeing in the summer and the heat is definitely on with. Nine the now in the forecast with some regularity. For the day today the -- others get a return as an upper level low moves toward -- giving -- a 40% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms with some heavy downpours possible. Hi -- in mid eighties. Ports and I'll keep the clouds around along with a 40% chance for scattered showers a lowdown at lower seventies. Wednesday continue to be pretty soggy with a 70% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain. Highs in the lower eighties and Thursday or less Morse the cloudy with a 60% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. In high temperatures staying into the lower eighties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- Ball right to Haiti's history not -- be partly cloudy and 35 at the airport now in Canada slide out cloudy and seventy degrees com wins relative humidity. Is 90% and gave no when it's the early edition of WWL. First news. One present vaccinated 7870 says my family and I we take a vacation every year heading to get -- -- Tennessee this will be our twelfth. Trip -- of people who go there. Really love 24 days ago by the states today. Another says we like ahead to the mountains my wife and I are both from coaches. And work outside so we loved the cool air and scenery after Louisiana summer -- go to Chicago July 1 to the fifth. And at the Drake for an nephew's wedding low Khatami years ago because that's blues fast taste of Chicago. A couple of great things going on there and grant park Chicago -- going on a cruise to Alaska can't wait. Cabin in the smoky mountains there's another one of them smoking now the president says one a week's vacation in Florida for more hey lucky you know. Then there's this one I've been on vacation in a couple of years hopefully there's a hurricane evacuation this year I get a vacation. No net and on and on that not all eggs Unita vacation but we ate our hurricane evacuation is leading to outline. Heat as brutal day I don't make this stuff -- -- right there's a but Texas is 8787. Days. Yeah hoping for her came to get an education and not the best scenario -- know but. You'd be surprised how many people don't get paid vacation. And if they take him if they take a vacation or they on their own business and they pay them off that just money out of their pocket that they could never get back so I understand the stress. That. Hopefully we're gonna see some local teams vacationing in Hoover Alabama. Baseball on fire three Louisiana teams in the post season how funny is that -- will have to play each other. Mark Menard did a fine job filling in with Steve Geller is back we'll find out where you vacation a little later is right now humanities sports that's right. Morning everyone the LSU baseball team has earned the number eight national seed and will play host to the NCAA Baton Rouge regional. Tiger -- pulmonary says he and the team will continue. To take things one game at a time. We're extremely proud to have that national seed at the same time. Being awarded national seed doesn't do you any good unless you win the first weekend so hopefully you know will go out there this weekend and play well and worry about the super regional later. LSU will take on southeastern at 2 PM on Friday that you will be followed by Houston vs Bryant. You'll Lafayette also earned a national Siegel host Mississippi State San Diego State and Jackson State this weekend. -- heat are within one victory of their fourth straight trip to the NBA finals. After taking game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals 1021090. Over Indiana. LeBron James finished with 32 points and ten rebounds. Chris Bob brought scored 25 points and Dwyane Wade added fifteen Miami's third straight win LeBron says get into the finals it's what drives him to play. Not only in moderation motivated enough to try to do to give back to the finals you know us more ready enough. We wanna leaders in the -- I have to do my job right -- mall or there was wind and ask for us all about. And third seeded reigning Australian champ stand a big deal was knocked down the first round of the French Open -- to Spain's Guillermo Garcia Lopez. Top seed Rafa Nadal and number two Novak Djokovic earned straight set victories to reach round two as the women seventh seed Maria Sharapova. They have more on sports talk organized team activities begin for the saints what's the biggest area of weakness for the black and gold heading into the season. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning it's. -- by twenty Dave -- Steve Geller with the radius of what you believe then. Just mom came intense at that a lot of sightseeing. Went to the the new outlet mall check that out went to the aquarium of course. It was just a fun time relaxing and then Sunday night I it was bar tending so ended up being. A crazy money making night because everybody was -- obviously most people were off Monday -- And yet you raise enough money I was here I work in our hey I got off at 6 AM Monday so it was like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you can have access and use your bartender retreat in sports in everyone's -- still doing it. There's any evidence that we're at our specialties -- well next. I guess Entercom party alone I'll step on the bar make some cocktails. That there. Steve -- baseball. So LSU and southeastern open up playing one another in baton voters right. That's a tough dropper southeastern. Because when bad races at home in the post season they tend to go to all law. Yeah it's the tigers are definitely red hot right now. So funny to see this team that struggled with the bats all season yield long just seemed to really. Turn things around the last two last week of the regular season and then the SEC tournament everything just popped wide open. Got to feel really copy about the tigers right now but it also another Louisiana teen U a lot Fiat. Yeah I -- talking about that in about 25 mentally to back in your -- as far as what you're gone mark Bernard predicted that the raging cajun they'll actually go further in Omaha. Who then will the LSU tigers and some national. Analysts are pretty dynamic agents this -- and ask you about that point by mentoring YouTube back in Europe -- -- the good news is. If both teams win in the regional they both host the super regional -- they will face each other potentially until Omaha which could very well happen which would be amazing to -- around here especially when I first moved out here -- like I'll know cares about baseball maybe not pro baseball the folks care about college and yes they -- LSU and -- well I'll travel better than any other team in the nation comes to -- baseball you've got to travel back to the sports desk we'll talk -- -- point five minutes right here on WWL. And met them -- that coming your prediction nine gave count I take vacation. Can't you afford -- Kenya -- not -- that's my question. Text on your text messages today 7870 and rain back in the forecast the next few days a lot of details on that after the. Five point 87 your forecast today wet one month and out of an Eyewitness News forecast on what the dates they better grab your rain gear and head out the door we'll have mostly cloudy skies with like 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in some heavier rain will be possible with a high around 86. Ports and -- the clouds around pretty muggy out there too with some patchy fog and 840% chance for scattered showers to continue across the area with a -- down 73. In heading your Wednesday but for cloudy skies be warm and humid but they're scattered showers and storms will continue with 87%. Chance that happening with heavy rain. And I consider route -- history. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave knows. All cloudy and 75 -- the reporting scattered clouds and seventy in Slidell Windsor com -- of India's nine B percent and -- known at the early edition of WWL -- -- Before sports right thanks message from someone. Who said they haven't had a vacation in years hoping it is hurricane evacuation. So they can get away. Now some context -- -- -- and then he -- to the -- opened for hurricane evacuation in order to get a vacation. Would be easier for all if you simply got another job somebody else -- hates -- hates -- he says amount. Desert island -- We've gone there every year for 35. Years it. Let me ask you that text about that Q what's battered take your vacations by place that you love to go and go there every year. Board to mix up and go somewhere different we like to make that up we've we have our favorite -- in Orlando. Cruised into the Caribbean. We we love going into parts of Texas we've been Dallas even Houston. Galveston. Go to the same place every year mix it up -- if it does play a person that I've never had a vacation. Never I'm barely live paycheck to -- -- that haven't had a vacation fourteen years that's too long and I kept up a superstition Easter car crash. 36 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's me it's the 27. 2014. And it's Tuesday yeah the last Tuesday of may the last week of may. Just four days left in May. And then Sharon and then yes I was talking about hurricane season yeah well well that's why yeah I look at the calendar. Days. -- -- -- And again it's almost -- it is that time a year man we've talked about vacationing and there are two distinct groups of people people who vacation absolutely every year and people whenever. Those are pretty much him in some people following in the middle attacks in and out and -- them but not that -- but a lot of people who have been able to take a vacation. Swear -- it. One president says I can't afford to go on making Obama understand that I am I value passed it now that's what I think. -- Is long it is not giving you know get here. Car repossessed -- year no no home foreclosed on ice that you take the vacate unions while that. That tail and you move on it because it is good medicine yeah it is -- good medicine and -- -- and you're right now is sometimes you got to bite the bullet you may not you don't wanna over larger say but it might have to go on the car you know and then. You know take the rest of your hate the damn thing off but there are inexpensive ways to vacation we talked about that -- there weighs three won this state parks anywhere around Louisiana. -- on the North -- the world Tuesday. And -- again. That's less expensive way the some game and cruise line somewhere. Yen Anna and her four tickets. And only known him Manley of and vacationing now the -- about that no no even aren't even a fast food stop is gonna run it in my neighborhood you know we can't get out of at a McDonald's for less -- at the box now. With the win all of I get it that we budget for -- -- that it. And years and do we not have the money for an extravagant vacation now weed out now as we got them out going on but. With finds some way to do some things. And when you have that vacation to look forward to rich Reeves heard in and I mean -- particular -- -- Jackson when he -- 66 HR eight days and I'm in that number and it's like oh man to farm. Ask them to take a little break went to the movie of all what you got parallel ax men -- a future pac that number one over the long holiday weekend knocking Godzilla in the second place. X-Men over the three day weekend took in about 111. Million dollars with the top five ever for a Memorial Day weekend. That's still have lost about two thirds of what cardinal previous week but still -- another 39 million blend it opens in third with eighteen million. Not a lot for an Adams -- Drew Barrymore movie but it. Word is that they mailed it and it's not that good neighbor isn't Spiderman two round that. The top. Five -- so I guess that is the answer for the critics said wiley denying another -- man. Around -- -- that it makes any margin a wild -- People go to the movies. A La -- in Australia. Speaking of going went to great lines. To. Make a point that maybe security isn't -- At the capitol. Sky. Pulled out what appear to be a pipe bomb during the committee meeting. And other lawmakers were noticeably. Upset about well no kidding yeah. Because -- -- -- -- -- where lawmakers are having their meetings and he apparently had dog problem getting an air and that was his point. -- man looks like a pipe on. -- this big long. Pipe with a big -- -- out of it. And the Australian senator. Says that he brought the fake pipe bomb into the committee meeting yesterday. Because. He says they've relaxed security at Parliament House and it's just not acceptable. The 71 year old wheat farmer said he had quote bought that brought this through security. Like bomb. He said he put plastic shopping. With that it is walked right on earlier about that it and say much and he said he had several fake sticks of dynamite in it that were taped together. And he said that he actually uses them. -- It -- fake pipe bomb that it says those -- -- -- -- says he took out what looked like -- pipe bomb man several sticks of dynamite taped together. As he explained how he used. To blast tree stumps on a farm OK so maybe real dynamite. Take pipe bomb real dynamite either way he guided into the parliament building. And he says that security relaxation. Was partly due to budget cuts. And it's on acceptable. Now to discuss now face states are now is gonna say that's got to be illegal to bring that stuff -- now but he did it. I understand making the appointment. That may have gone just a step too far may be indeed thank you David talking about twenty minutes here on WW operatives Chris Miller joins us from the neo. Frank Davis and actually dollars and memorial bridge well will be sit on the governor's signing the bill today at a ceremony. To renamed the -- tend to advance details on Chris coming out. And here comes the rain back in the forecast with some pretty. High percentages as we go live and direct to the Eyewitness News forecast that there. Laura but -- taken her vacation. Smart woman it's an important thing to recharge those batteries and Dave knows -- In hers then how are you Dan good morning guys -- today and I saw -- complained a little earlier that we have too much gave today. Too much today well -- days I'm Dave -- We have David Blake. And now Dave knows from three days that too much -- And then. Okay good enough to ever get it out game highlight that the good slogan for light you can never get. Enough days we should ideally yes and again you can't get enough rain looks like we're gonna get it -- Yet it is likely to Barack it'll wash it out there we'll see some scattered showers popping up as we head on into the yeah afternoon hours but is go to Wednesday and Thursday. That's -- -- -- -- whether maybe some heavier rain -- return to New Orleans area a case one -- their rain chance today. But 40% a system of associate them honest answer and then go up to 70% heading on into tomorrow -- -- of the -- and antlers. So a lot of different plan for that's all this has given up a level of this spring's flooding rains to Texas and no they need rain but they don't need a month's worth of rain there one day and that's a little over -- I do we have to worry about potential for street -- we could see some conspiracy going tomorrow and Thursday its semi models are showing -- be one to possibly as much as three inches of rain and a few areas that. About as long as there's an all happen at one exactly exactly we have the chance of those low spots that we all know. Good bill with a little pond of water standing water in the streets possible each state through Thursday what about for the weekend that is the -- and then move on now. Well the most of it will we still have a chance -- -- some of -- pop up variety showers as we warm and humid out there temperatures close to ninety degrees but not like we'll see over the next Thursday. -- it by David got a rain. Wednesday Thursday Friday those of the days for it to happen on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday pardon me Friday into Saturday and Sunday -- -- Now -- your report on the forecast. I'm not asking you -- and get some good news that. Every superstitions mr. this bomb. Not the only one I used to be a broad cross country track high school college and had to listen to a certain songs at certain times we -- the athletes are among the most superstitious people on the land and they had the routine has to be the same Nathan that that -- the same thing -- into the same music do the same thing. What about holding your breath when you pass the cemetery go through a -- Now -- outrage don't do that well up up north their titles -- reward these. But I'm alive and well that's what happened all right you guys looking to be alive in Manning or again after he told investigators. That he caused a three car pileup. When he fainted because he was holding his breath as he drove through it on old west of Portland Oregon well. He really so intent and well a lot of people believe that we have another tunnel if you don't hold your -- it's bad luck because you're passing under water in many cases it is 772. Foot long tunnel and apparently there was some traffic. And he could not get through it under ten seconds. And it -- he was so intent on not taking a brat. That he and passed out and that he into other vehicles and collided into one another. I think he brought out his own bad luck by being more on my holding his breath. Yet the feel it coming not it be getting light headed and know that he was wrong and I and I. Again to insects is not well. I wanna you wanna try this argument for the next -- -- -- ten -- ready set go. And 98765. Don't -- -- if your brief you're driving folks three. To. Line it could have tied it -- pass. Will now get well maybe this guys just get an -- item and Smith thank you we appreciate it it looked out your night light headed -- -- is bond market in Iraq. Yeah -- it is it is sport that's. A please if you're driving you're going through a tunnel known for a -- seven -- meeting minutes are traveling it's supposed to be 55. Would get through about ten seconds back clear it took him longer than that to get -- the nation that it. On the drive though we have sports with Steve gallery can hold your breath for that one could be about to -- out. 5:50 good morning I'm gave -- haven't activated that -- -- and I just held my breath for thirty seconds. Please folks did not try this especially if you're driving you do not want to end up in the what is wrong with people file because that probably -- April about you'd be good news is in this three car pileup that did and for people not at all. This guy. In the and Pacific northwest he was holding his breath through seven aren't that need to put tunnel. Nobody has life threatening injuries but four people hospitalized because he had to hold his wrath beacon of superstition. Going through. You Gallo believes all kinds of purses and superstition sports people do that. You honestly believe iconic cover of Madden that you're gonna get seriously injured your team's going to be horrible -- here. Yes and it absolutely still kills me to -- day I was in the superdome for a jets saints Sunday Night Football game of people bought me tickets for my birthday. That was also game seven of the World Series when the Yankees lost. Arizona -- blame myself because you -- watch the -- I still do it -- about what's possible out whether you watch the game influence who wins because I am a super fan and your watching the game would have major team way. Yes and you really he believes that because I wasn't support I was in there to support. I'd be glad it law I did see Kyle turley report the jets helmet and thrown into the the highlights they -- they'll point them at any would have missed that. Whatever sports. Good morning everyone I'm full NCAA baseball is coming to Alex box stadium. As -- was awarded a top eight national -- fresh off their SEC championship win. Coach -- -- says this squad is a bit tired but this group -- accomplished one of their season goals. I think a couple of days since. -- off and then get back at practice to be good course. So we're excited they're going to be able to stay home for the playoffs until Omaha we can make it that far. Alicia will place southeast and on Friday at 2 o'clock that match up is followed by Houston taking Tom Bryant. Meanwhile the raging cajun baseball team earned the number six national seed they're hosting for the first time since 2000. When they reach the college World Series. Miami needs just one more victory to advance to the NBA finals for the fourth straight year the heat's Big Three combined for 72 points. And one or two to ninety win over the Indiana Pacers in game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron James finished with 32 points and ten boards as Miami led wire to wire opening up as much as -- 23 point lead in the final quarter. He forward Chris Bosh scored 25 points says it's good to have a good game offensively after three sub par Matt Jones. Sometimes is all about simplifying everything -- is getting back to basics and then as a scorer you always want. To see your first shot going in the first couple shots or at least give some open looks and try to you know really change your look a little bit and you know I was able to. Do that and number five David Ferrer and number seven Andy Murray article top men's seeds in action at the French Open today. The women's schedule is highlighted by matches including second seed -- not foresee tomorrow -- helped and number fifteen Sloane Stephens. Today have four on sports talk organized team activities begin for the saints. What's the biggest area of weakness for the black and gold heading into the season I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at. Ports -- -- -- on Steve Geller with -- radio text message today it's 7870 Steve that this payday of Steve call it. LSU Florida in the championship game then LSU on top goes deep. Five exclamation. That something it's good to be right occasionally is that well. And because you properly predicted the not only the matchup with the winner of the SEC championship. Now I'm going to ask you the same question I asked mark Bernard while you were off vacationing. One. Which team goes further in the race. For the World Series title in College Baseball will it be the LSU tigers. Or the ULL raging -- they both -- national seeds both hosting regionals both will if they win host super regionals with a chance to go at all. Well what I would love to see honestly is LSU vs ULL in the college World Series final championship game. Which would be great recall -- a great three series matchup and it could happen to really prisoner in separate bracket so they could end -- meeting but I'll right now to meet. LSU is the hottest team in the nation right now so it's hard to go against them -- got a pitching staff that's been lights out all year and with a guy like Aaron -- going for yet. A love -- right now and I'm hoping they can continue this surge I see them as the more likely team to go further and you. Well well aren't they -- we have -- sports guys to different opinions thank you Steve we're talking fifteen minutes here on WWL. -- -- -- that count. Get your opinions about vacations. And look at they've -- bombs opinion about the forecast well -- forecasts. Of 556 forecast time. The -- today expect to have some mostly cloudy skies be very warm and humid with a 40% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms and some heavier rain is possible the high -- 86. Fortune -- the clouds around -- muggy with some patchy fog instill that -- percent chance for scattered showers defeat thunderstorms. Lows around 73 and heading -- Wednesday -- -- Go for another day -- some cloudy skies be warm and humid with that 70% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain. In a high around 82 from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- us. Cloudy skies 75 at the airport cloudy and seventy at the National Weather Service office in slide down one person says no vacation this year having a third -- and buying a house ethnic. Make this stuff. Another presence grand aisle see there's an inexpensive placing gone that far away take a little vacation. Margaret text messages and -- most people -- has an 87870. Say they do take a vacation I like to mix it up and go different places every year. One person Tommy Tucker says they take three vacations a year -- last month or reach in July Biloxi and -- over. That he got to take some kind of vacation while three weeks. At three vacations why -- live it up -- you get for the next pars I'd be going to Ireland on June 19 and it indicated it's free if not I guarantee. You. We -- on -- Biloxi is where we'd be on we talk about now which shootings -- -- in the area nineteen shootings over the up to one another one overnight while -- talk about duke and miles and is the answer kinder gentler rehabilitation -- get active brutal punishment ultimately it's dropped. Atomic doctors here for the next four hours on WWL I am not them and a count of the last hour -- at -- a little tiny vacation.

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