WWL>Topics>>5-27 6:15am Tommy, harsher punishments for crime?

5-27 6:15am Tommy, harsher punishments for crime?

May 27, 2014|

Tommy talks to criminal defense attorney Robert Jenkins about whether juvenile criminals need tougher punishments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about juvenile crime we were set to do this on Thursday actually and then you know I get the did. Tweet saying that. I think the police road for ten year old in connection with a shooting in mid city and I thought well on Vietnam I'm sorry this happened but I'm glad we're talking about it on Tuesday morning. Two money shootings around that this is in this city in the metro area over the Memorial Day weekend. I don't think people when they're 2122. Just decide to turn to a life of crime generally speaking. Robert Jenkins and noted criminal defense attorney said something last week it really. Got my attention and he's a former state public defender criminal defense attorney public defender and of course seized. Also mom handled some pretty high profile cases and he's a friend morning Robert you don't. They weren't good thanks taking the time bomb. Up ready jaguar opinion poll was asking people should the criminal justice juvenile criminal justice system. Being more about kinder gentler rehabilitation are harsher tougher punishment. And it brings us to UN something you said last week about. Guess who retired in a -- Coulter and about kids that are almost career criminals by the time they're sixteen. First of tent and a juvenile you think -- a career criminal by the time they're 1617. I do and under the loan that I was. This so called the year of the season with utility you're currently only -- -- artwork. -- network. -- where it currently experience is -- capacity and honestly doesn't let you talk and if you want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do little cheat -- to believe now they. And as a whole idea. I guess it does go to motivation where's he getting young Kidman and troubled stealing -- a couple of times and and you keep trying to -- rehabilitate -- is it that within his or her head they realized and -- known as long as someone there to try to. They I'm gonna go through this. Hands on. Feel good and make me sound and the better and meanwhile and keep don't wanna do and as opposed to. Eight you know the red hot -- rule you touch the red hot stove you get burned every time you touch it you get burned and you get burned in proportion with how long you touch it. What -- it and I'm sitting there with them you know. I'm doing now. Not much I can duplicate. That you have here in Orleans and DiMarco. -- and ultimately. Done in northern and principal. Prop. -- opinion around -- happening you know -- -- sit there and do guardians Robert. Terrorism brought. Because. They continue tomorrow and I happen to great Turkey and to bring guns drugs into their home. On what went -- it is not so we have a problem it has been. Directly from -- battle in the police and you know I'll -- that -- -- -- you want but until we put -- in there has been going his career when that met Danica. On so many times we see. People on TV and I don't Robert Jenkins mean to make light of this at all but I've heard so much. A commentary on and so many people's say. When somebody gets shot deal -- drugs the mothers on TV saying my poor baby how could this happen. And is it's kinda disingenuous to think that the the parents had no idea what was going on isn't. It is it is presented is basically the majority is all in part is they know what sort of -- shear cut -- -- happened. The south of the capital there tomorrow other -- when the committee in the -- on the street it'll Gator. We can we are we talked about this we could have a certain line and in general Eric tomorrow we have those who will be put up but he. Sorrow and the problem is that. We've been doing now working. And we have loan book can't help but we don't you. Well let's pick it up there when we come back if you have a couple more minutes because -- some -- and no but the parents -- with the juvenile sign off that can happen constitutionally you do you're an attorney any other question is. Tom how much can you punish a teenager gets in trouble and what kind of sentences and again. Robert Jenkins our guest a friend a criminal defense attorney and Tommy Tucker and I'd love to hear from -- 2601878. Till three. 866889087. Up ready jaguar opinion poll. Twenty shootings in the metro area from Memorial Day weekend should the juvenile criminal justice system be more about kinder gentler rehabilitation. Or harsher tougher punishment 100% of you are saying harsher tougher punishment six when he one time -- -- traffic now that it's it's. Tommy Tucker my daughter was in Chicago over the weekend. And Chicago known for a lot of gun violence and I worry about that at first and actually I think it would have been more dangerous here in new long ones and keep in mind we're like. And in fiftieth biggest city in the country each go around there Chicago. The third largest city five people killed twelve others wounded in shootings in Chicago. Since Saturday afternoon and includes a Memorial Day weekend because they started the first 42 hours without a shot. Not the case here it started Friday afternoon and by the time it was over -- -- four people dead as well and sixteen others. Shot Robert Jenkins criminal defense attorney is with us to talk about juvenile sentencing and crime and Nike kids. From going down -- wrong pants and Robert I get a text that comes in here and it says you know what if we if we would get the parents' attention. By doing something along lines of taken away any public assistance section eight housing thirty your paycheck welfare food stamps. Would get the parents' attention but yeah I'm trying to think and I'm all for stiffer sentences that. That is to make somebody even more desperate for money yes no we've thank. Well actually -- we've been directly over the that a bit recent Utah to pull for children because. Unfortunately apartment maybe these parents have bought it out of the deal people that that would help but if we certainly -- that we don't give it attention. Very quickly. And it will work independently partly. We grow the people you'll power. And it worked in the movie unfortunately. That drug project. To call it. But they -- putting people out -- they'll -- on gun control we can do that he would not elaborate and worked at it he deflected. Technical and of course. PX report to the public justice and we should do as little more -- as -- -- you grow parent and the audience will be right they actually. All. I believe in terms of other types of punishment for the parents gave continue legally able to parent responsible for their kid does in terms of criminal bomb in my ability. What that was criminal but yet we can do to the civil war completely and globally through there and or -- -- problem. Quote aren't -- civil court is it could be bad but we gotta get that incident he would be the best we can do it as well. With poultry publicists. And ought to always been about whether that got the horses deputy quick. And we can do that -- option it will work very quickly. So why does somebody you know right to say listen you while wide it would get them -- how did we get in the -- aren't there. That they don't we talked about this -- use -- -- many politicians are afraid to do it because give credit -- be able. Unfortunately. Called racist. Network of people and all. But we've built our that we from the -- they can't worry about the Cutler. It. Comerica. Only the season in -- situation beyond racism. Opportunity. To get in the way it is. The white the problem is not the problem is seen as a -- but certainly we hear all the time is easy to play someone -- We've gotten in the right. So when he started to kids and get in trouble from your experience it does it's Starwood burglary you know -- Coulter -- parents even admitted that he had a problem with burglary first time is arrested ten years old. Did it does that automatically lead did the harsher crimes is all about more serious crimes are about drugs not as a kid. Initially go down around path I guess criminal. -- column Gately -- where you're with on the election I'll -- not bet. And then you know weaponry implement those two well Colin multiple times and then -- -- -- it probably our policy and burglaries and property in the bird. -- the economy back to share Wear these certain little court. They quote an eternity. You get -- that it's required. Ratchet up. But it certainly can use the wood early -- but the other the true problem and never as anyone that most of that. So many people have different opinions on this and I think sometimes it come down one collection that is as a gun problem is and poverty problem. Is that a drug issue or is it a parental involvement discussion we should be are primarily an -- bottle for. I think it is you know ultimately brought -- -- -- because. For the police -- don't think so much. But in the air group leader at auction would be true tomorrow. And along with that -- Who knows because we actually break in the Telecom. Robert appreciate -- time to really deal and he does. Are your favorite you got it Robert Jenkins criminal defense attorney.

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