WWL>Topics>>5-27 8:10am Tommy, crime problem

5-27 8:10am Tommy, crime problem

May 27, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether juvenile criminals need tougher, harsher punishments

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David talking about the violence that's on everybody's mind today to when he -- shot as we know over the Memorial Day weekend four of them. Injured one -- tourists that we shot in hand and the don't ignore everything else has gone on the phone is -- out -- Carter's build Georgia. Lake -- two and about 35 miles northwest of Atlanta are another story -- -- often it is it's just talk about -- idiotic especially if you're apparently isn't a child this way high school graduate. They were due and is being. I guess like the MTV show where they they punch each other and and then go pushing each other in shopping carts and those kind of things analysts say the name of the show. But they're pushing each other and shopping cards into the water. And they had a shopping cart tied to a pole I guess they get it back any thought to be funny. Detroit this guy and tied the shopping cart to amber yeah. Any drowned in thirty feet of water and you just wonder what. What can people think what is senseless waited die in your parent you know losing a child at any point is devastating but for something ridiculous. Like that Arthur new -- -- -- on -- WL good morning thanks for Colin and and you disagree with Brian who called earlier. That's. -- grew it got important fictional. In all our call Friday about the -- you know our claim to we shall -- the cultured creatives crammed into. -- my delivery of their. Derek Roy and even even younger war -- and you know it's still -- -- I still like it can't be saying they can't be fixed at the way -- be great to me is that the old guys. You know subsite level and -- what he is of course to cameo in -- to -- able to -- What troops should be done went out to be key to our industry. -- Ellie what you want to Graham referred to a jail for something you didn't do. There -- things you did. For which you didn't go to jail. Coming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And also. Those are not let me say that airliner in things like. But I wasn't out there on the call the settled. Do anything in and week out there to note that there and execute our. That is afraid. My arms being cranky it's in order -- Being raised by all the guys that industry. Actually -- in the painful but it would junkies. You know after like they brought me if not the solution because. There have been -- war sparked street. Let there hang -- -- legacy there hanging out with criminals anyway on the streets right so it I think what's interesting is that. You know people always do and if you put somebody in jail you just wind up with. A better criminal because they learn lessons but if there hang in on being mentored by criminals now. This body of six dummy quickly Arthur. Fatally depicting it in an -- -- You know. It's like it's like I feel that there. The Portland that's worked in spring so what you that these kids are what what what no indication he is sort of with -- carpentry. -- -- You know you you keep them in a year to 30 you Islam -- all they have nothing to look forward to compete in a criminal background. Buddy -- magnet on the type cases they need to be taught instead this ball away not the way. And McKay and being an attack on a bed I'll -- industries that didn't do what Culver expected area. Got just they're appreciated color to take a break point comeback. Former special agent in charge of the FBI -- -- resigning now runs the -- rescue initiative. -- as he would join us talk about everything we've been discussing all morning 814 Tommy Tucker coming back. Under the W well I Tommy Tucker -- I get a text here in terms of traffic that says a overturned vehicle flipped over card bottom of west saying gee you know. And pursuing their talk and east to West Bank but -- that can be seen from both sides it's gonna cause some rubber neck in problems to be aware of that. Going east to west on the West Bank side -- thank you for that information Jim -- as Donnie Jones is right now friend former. Special agent in charge of the FBI here in new long ones and he retired and and took up the issue of a violent crime in young people with these youth rescue. Initiatives morning Jim you -- What are good station -- refer to you is special agent. Retired specially. Tell me about the EU's rescue initiative what it is that you hope to accomplish in wind is that you started it. Well or -- and yet the in made you 2008. On Friday Monday much softness into securities expedient nutrition initiative. Which basically took the strategic approach to violent crime with the EU as opposed to the actual quote keep keep on TV and newspapers. The tactical was -- arrest prosecution which thank sir. And human common earlier. Correct with this we cannot arrest that's actually got a -- and -- that -- -- them who out ceaselessly -- what's happening now -- that we're we're creatures use fresh mission deployed what is the strategic approach. And the strategic approach is relatively simple. But just difficult to implement. The strategic approach to getting to be just cringe you during -- age of innocence. Pilgrim structure built that discipline. So I hate him Brees opportunities. As they aid in reached their major reason. They have the requisite social and cultural function in the community. Like we -- It's a long term process and reached a long time that target audience that the strategic approach at the church tradition -- this can make great state events. At the age recent major reason they'll have these skills to get Europe to work like we do work that we have raised him. Within that structure. Interface to what we see reputation quotes to street -- treatment course that's lunch -- commitments. Jim. Once he is it do when you talk about the area the days innocents between kindergarten and eighth grade if you don't get there by then is it. Is it too late because you -- heard me say earlier about. I would think and -- -- glorifying near as bad but if you don't have a lot of value for your life for that of somebody else's can be a pretty attractive lifestyle not just in terms of compensation. But in terms of adrenaline rush -- it. Well actually I think as they age should injuries and it's much more difficult to change the mindset. Like during the age of -- it's so important to get to them when their. Character is malleable when you can develop -- true outside influences to include the -- And once they have those. It's skills. The structure that discipline in inculcated with in their psyche within there within their minds will be in this spirit. As they age their own region will dictate this -- the right top to choose not to pop the death and destruction and that's we're trying to do without programs. I'm just wondering if you don't get the parents backing you up on is if you're doing everything he can during that age of innocence and AM comment on doing cracker dead and homes and yet you won in a lot of times dad's not home I guess that's a lot of problem to. Yeah audio and other than other situations within the strategic -- -- -- child development education. I think education has come -- long ways since Katrina. Let's -- -- school system. Artist who has are improving. The currently religious groups faith based organization to pack up other nonprofits stepped -- some -- the all public library systems that thing that the mayors are stepping. I look at the strategic position you'll get the strategic approach to partnership basically the simply. The clergy the media. Education. Politicians. Truancy. Think of that nature when you look at tactical piece. The arrest prosecution conviction incarceration that force -- The district -- there's -- -- PP in Paris certainly changed. All right dear you treacherous issue -- to mitigate the number of individual participants participate. In this type a criminal act your age you region. But getting cute cute cute that he. Injured in -- sense emboldened to protect its citizens when looking at. Some of the things you used rescue initiative does it seems like it's multifaceted approach with a Jefferson chamber foundation academy. Drive for blue blazers. Sheriff knew Norman's band of excellence in its new long -- -- Again two things strike me one is that you got to attack it from a lot of different angles and the carriers is like -- and Alison you got to do one but -- time. It's a little bit it's a long term the fundamental underpinning of the nutrition initiatives. Extra -- strategy is -- To cannot -- -- -- -- how -- -- the value in the curriculum. And nowadays in what we grew up reading basically books. Now with the evolution explosion the computer giving in to. Letters you wrote to use computers now you'll -- -- on Tommy you know. -- don't we -- -- -- applications in the Olympic read you what I did -- and -- -- on life and that our eastern. Don't know how to do some basic basic skills. So we have a lot partnerships went. The ball club operation. We shall charter schools to build the what we call limitations that's what you going to be. On line -- bird -- shortly very ambitions for the expression by our -- and most ambitious program. But we also in the traditional literature program like the book drive. The year our seventh annual book try beacons on June traversed. And basically. Gently used books pre K to eight original production closets. -- probably local libraries. Middle East are so -- that you -- so I managed to you what you should and should drop out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The little get into the church -- given to pre existent reading programs that proved successful. And -- EU's approach to implement in the program to get used to the arteries. Jim appreciate you times amendments learn more about that you rescue initiative -- prisons website. Yeah I just -- Google you trust -- Darko and processor retrofitting what should be brand new from -- mid June. But right now the Oakland they're still pretty good it's very informative. It's outside that aren't that this want to help. We do we have our own program but we also find impart some of the programs that make sense. Again -- from the strategic standpoint getting to the kids when they're young. Jim appreciate your time nice talk to you again art -- in particular -- -- like gates' money for timely tramping -- and I would get a Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker talking about the violent crime in the metropolitan area over the weekend at -- shot and hand them. Well for all to when he people shot four of them dead worse than Chicago. And Chicago -- the third largest city in the in the United States and they've been known -- have their share of gun violence. -- continued talk about it when we come back into six 18780386. C 889087. -- quick text here. As a teacher I -- kids as young as first and second grade cursing spitting at and hitting teachers etc. These kids are raising themselves parents nonexistent. They -- wrong phone numbers change and so we cannot contact them even an emergency. Many are now claiming we can't discipline their children. As ADD is their disability. And they threaten to sue. The kids I didn't teach who perform well -- -- who are great kids are getting fewer and fewer in number I. Really don't think there's any turning back -- government takes over the functions of parenting. I truly believe if we as a society offered them money to give up their children they would take -- in a heartbeat it is so so sad so. The violence is an apparent problem is that -- gun problem isn't a drug problem is it a poverty problem is it that. And opportunity. Problem where they don't in any opportunity and choose to go to work. That exciting lifestyle. Exciting I put quotation marks -- I'm not sure that I wanna. -- get in a criminal activity matter of fact and no I don't no matter how exciting it is but it. Manning and I wasn't raised in the in those conditions and I wasn't mentored by I -- of people that a lot better in that. Situation more we have tickets for you. To win next hour. To me and big production that's common. To the superdome. What's the buzz tell me it was cabinet member and I'd like to be one of the first and American deceive the Jesus Christ superstar a Reno spectacular. It's the arena and at the superdome WW LH your tickets in three ways to win although with this play you never can tell. Don't rule anything out. We get three ways weight when starting today through Wednesday June 4 listen to me between six and ten. Or -- week -- between eight and midnight for a song from Jesus Christ superstar. Don't rule anything out there's and you and only from arena but you never know. I'd give him a number to call in lucky number eight wins that's a four -- -- tickets to our exclusive double WL spec rehearsal both mormons. Of Jesus Christ Serena spectacular. Superstar arena spectacular Sunday June -- 7 PM at the mono lake front Reno -- -- Bryant. Don't take -- personal. And now that's the buzz and if that's not big enough we give you another way to win. -- or -- WL radio FaceBook page look for the Jesus Christ superstar contest like this. And register to win and here's a bigger buzz if you win you'll also qualify for a chance at the grand prize an exclusive. Dinner meet and greet with the stars of the show. Prize valued at 500 dollars a four packed grand prize valued at 800 dollars general contest rules apply good luck. From the station that knows how to love him Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. Got a W well time for news and for that we go to David Blake. Trying not just can't slow and. Chances -- -- only is against it is not a natural alert as we need to listen. Don't you know there's three things -- drag this answer is also true name from -- -- usually story. If you are right hauling your number's called you're gonna -- tickets that you'll also qualified for. And the grand prize an exclusive dinner meet and greet with the stars of the show -- like that idea and a somebody text -- they think again and be Smart cute funny fresh. Do we actually get to have dinner with Jesus. -- Now. OK I appreciate your attempt at humor but actually I think they called the last supper for a reason so it would look forward of that happening but you and certainly have dinner with the person who plays -- you can do that Jesus a general contest rules applies to keep listening for the sound bite when you hear it. I give in the number colleague David in a cart thank you so much for holding I wanted to get the -- because. It says here your psychologist and we've been talking about violent crime. Youthful offenders is function of more dis a planned or more rehabilitation. And -- go from a lifestyle. -- big time gangster even -- -- year yeah fifteen or sixteen and it tibia and a carbon derby and happy the morning -- But one thing that. -- I just finished listening to thirty minutes. People expressing a great deal of knowledge. And well first about the -- the -- slow procession. It's been challenge. To try. And -- -- open court room and stretched itself. Expressing my theory about what happened. And we out. Oh. The people that. Right now under criminal environments. People who ships and entitled. The error or whether there. At church robbery -- of knowledge if you wish. -- -- -- -- talk about education speech at. The every chance to that situation and they -- -- that dictated in the way. -- a great deal. -- When it's. 8. June talked about option should actually. We -- to look at the structure. For trying. And if you do such and I can't do that shot by appropriate. -- -- Talking about what it should be down. And knowledge. And wisdom we -- -- great deal where you're not in from educators. You're gonna get out Chichi thing and we knew people told our. That's -- that smile that apple Google to learn to talk about the golf -- flat shall. But tell me what tell me how we fix it and and -- you know let him hang on second. -- Will win when camera and then argue with him just to man. Our ownership. It wouldn't talk in the year so you seen. -- -- -- Well that would change week to answer. That does left yeah. I would challenge. Two months ago. Then I told the people that were coming out of college where. People who have their children try to. They deserve. To try and remember sentiment I. I like just follow up on that if I may I I think in this just my theory and I'm not as educated as you are but I'm just Lincoln. That -- I know what. -- okay well let me say what I think I get to you and I think. I think that because of the glorification of athletes because of the glorification of singers and entertainers and and the the Cadillac Escalade nothing against Atlanta -- over the big expensive luxury cars and they and they cribs in the fancy lifestyles and everything. I think somehow the message has been lost. That there's a lot of live in between being in pork and -- that lifestyle led did. What most people do rational sane people -- -- grow poppy get a job you support a family and you realized depending on your skills that. Some people are gonna have the big shiny cars other people are gonna have. -- like I do and an eight year old Cameron with a 125000. Miles on it but that doesn't mean and maybe were saying the same things David. That that message has somehow been lost because. I do a whole lot of -- with the Camry and I don't feel as though while my choice is to put a gun in my waist band and get the shiny car. If I'm not an athlete or entertainer. All of worked for the NFL 43 years. I am not at trial a great deal. Yeah. When they're trying to create and work on the -- On there like. Although. And are. Young and but they'll have the wisdom to bring about a solution idol gives everybody would. We get him. You stretch in. A Ph.D. Different. -- -- in your eyes and ears open and maybe you'll amount to child can get egregious. And I agree. So for the average kid on history. Whose -- do you think they see. Build the conversation of in the airport there might be dealing drugs they see the glamour is a -- an athlete or entertainer NATO realizes a whole lot of live and be done in between those two. I'm here for. Idea of what they think. About eight years ago I was share. Trigger to a young man in fifty years so just dull or. But he and in juvenile detention and try to go away and try to ensure complete -- One in the question what major thank you could steal that -- get away it's torture plot. For somebody which deal. Actor David I'm so glad you called thank you and I appreciate your holdings along -- in a time. A 47 coming back under the W I Tommy Tucker -- WL and I think some people from attacks and get a little confused about the what point and they said they admired gentleman's passion. They -- in David I think it was it was psychologist and I think what he was trying to say -- It's it's about needs verses from wants a lot of the kids on the street. They're getting what they need they have education that is available to them they have programs like Jim burners on -- that are available to them. But they want what you have and they don't want to go through the steps to get it. In terms of hard work and -- and I'm trying to say about that entertainers and about the athletes with a huge cribs in the giant cars. They they don't understand that you can have a good life if you don't have Soledad if you just got a 2000 square foot house and and a car litigate your from where you go on netted 202 where you wanna be maybe Honda CRV -- -- I just take Dak is as my daughter as mr. Charlie good morning on Devin WL. And that. I or -- Or Steve. Psychology. All bought out take it to your actual -- -- At the conscience. All holy light. It is. All. Did you call back. Or at. All. Thank you -- Obviously people. -- I. Don't have to -- Got stalled. At the conscience and the -- Karl well Charlie we are a number randomly don't hear jet to say someone put John hopeless your phone and a little bit maybe we get to a better sell. 854 time related traffic big trouble. Or at least some ugly trouble on the West Bank get off the piano terror Robinson's got -- I Tommy Tucker we will continue our discussion when we come back here. About the problems with youth crime in the area it's when he people shot seventeen. No Tony it was shot four people dead -- another question is that. Does that reflect on medical science does that reflect on intent. It doesn't reflect on marksmanship and I'm not trying to be funny when I say that because you would think with twenty people shot within sixteen. Would die Tommy Tucker like permanent stay with -- -- -- WW.

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