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5-27-14 11:10am Garland: on imminent domain

May 27, 2014|

Garland talks about the fairness of imminent domain with Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph, former coastal protection chair Garrett Graves, and homeowner Craig Zeringue, whose property the Army Corps wants to seize for flood protection.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our I got this. Hypothetical for -- the -- The liberal or changing countries. Gold property you families. 23 cents ruse. And he and he and if -- vindicated in countries outside Italy and you lived on hundreds of years. And then. People that have been -- bogus war. The ones and have the biggest population. And live. In the biggest economy. Did a fourteen. Billion. Plus dollar. Flood wall -- -- you name. In order to protect and so. But in doing so and would terror up some wetlands would -- ups and stop that you know really is a bad -- that Tehran. So what -- would you go through. Cajun country. And just thinks about it for. Just do well it's called mitigation. With a bigger budget could never happen in this country that right. I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A racial and property owner. Two fellows I think that my hypothetical. Is month. Hypothetical. Short -- sure appreciate talking to you again. All 1. Morning and Craig Richards calling on good morning. Tell us about your property totals about truce that would urge. All of my property is about two and one half corporate law -- orders. All by the food. And build approximately two miles into the more. -- have about thirty acres. Of culpable land. Currently -- formally it is. Planning soybean oil on the brought it to date. And it's been -- -- reform as she says 300 years might agree grand total more pro prop the and not purchases prompted thirty partners are both from mark Hamlet. The property. In the past that number poll they should retain. Soybean currently used for recreation and -- And when did you first find out. That in order to protect my Bentley. -- consume your property. August. Fourteen. When are these. From the Orman show on the only corporate juniors on the settlement movement a global. Back story. Oh right of entry to conduct -- -- boring. And -- meddling cultural resource investigation on the property. And I got delivered -- concern. -- Portugal and do those sort of I don't not secretive but budget together -- committee and I patent. Grant but on the right. And two weeks later I don't know. And react this mr. -- more ago apple prison. Could come and meet with me. And tool an appraisal land. And I contacted mr. morial and -- but it compromise als. And -- assumption that right here and we walked approximately two all. And the information -- guy from the meetings. Just didn't sit right with me. Well mom. -- -- -- -- right in the middle of -- property. Which does not do -- to the back of corporal but the people literally. Aren't cooking have. I have no right away as a I would have Neuman writes I have no access across the proper. And on -- -- -- they would enjoy that. Charlotte news is this an isolated. Incident is in look -- Ferrer. A close up here alone on the spot on the war. And then on the call will be able to install those -- -- I mean you can imagine part. Constant each one which -- mobile -- came last include the cents to mitigate for belongs. Robinson's. -- to involve more on issue of fortune bringing out wrong in its -- Overall we're in the world and improvement about it as well. And then and so -- in all of it is important for. More on the court saying we need him. -- Options so well it wouldn't take all these loan industry. -- being -- not involved in even more formal opening function as well but still wouldn't want you brigade -- -- Involved in the project in the wrong wrong. -- images have been have been decertified what does that mean. Don't belong to shoot the ball on to standards. In all the world core of our children. On the world than. Just a ball that has held up now where every major storm. Ball in and walked one years is considered -- social. And and win win -- read about you more again due to the gulf levity. I think a -- hundreds of millions of dollars does that protect your guns at all. So good but. On the launch and then all that bad -- to play. And people terrible. Pain and all we all talk. -- So all of won't need it pregnant and we put into an. Important property actions. We used to build on. We don't get. Prompts. Call on all want him. Not -- -- and a lot. That's what the ball well that's -- All right I gotta take a -- little more to make sure understand. Craig -- and others citizens who pushed -- -- -- attacked oral every. That's been decertified. Because it doesn't give the protection. US taxpayers. Give us fourteen and a half a billion dollars in New Orleans facility. To protect it's and -- show up and say to mitigate the damage we're done with the construction. We want your property. Is that incorrect in the anyway. World book of world collection and make. Sense in the. -- Call Paula Newton is -- central more than normal and should not in the market in the form -- that long ball. And then stormed the well short. Of the well and the tech. Wrong. All right that lipstick break here. But soliciting business like in the it domain view welcome back conceded it's legally the same thing. And or you comparable with -- -- serves as just that thing where you know. To protect the bigger populations. In the biggest economy you go through some things. -- -- -- imminent domain let's come back and take a look at that and more. Bill Gates says nobody. Gibbs called -- -- 0187. All right you'd probably no movement and our Susan or protecting you from plugs. Has been completed fourteen billion dollars worth. But in doing so we messed up -- wetlands on the west bank of incurred -- Orleans parish. And and most. Ways of the corps working the government working. Your military you messed -- on the one place. You. Secure one career to make sure it doesn't get mad at you in another and what is being at least talked about -- for. Is going racial. Property -- Five acres 500 acres from. Dozens of raise in property owners. What is Craig's remnants. You can property would have been on this property for three centuries. And Craig -- understood correctly. -- dust more jewels talking do you ride have they given you in the indication of what they will do or might do what they might do. Garland that the president on bail -- talking -- all of the appraisal -- had been -- me -- As to the value of the land it there but it won't tool we have we you know we did have a meeting. The public at a meeting own meet the 21. That the matter is government complex. Other details about public appeal panel not we're oversold but sixty different at all. And we had a real good turn now. The meeting was conducted properly. And actually at a 142. People at the meeting. That represented -- you know family is individual channels. And we we had a bowl and we'll be boarded 140 to his role saying that we don't want to project here. Of the projects also that the damage here as the mitigation plan. Culture to -- in your own sanity. That they could use. Your own -- outside -- -- -- ruling and the whole point land there. That. Mean mitigate. And they -- comments we gave comments. And we're just sweet new year. What they're going to -- from now. And we -- with the flu bush George president -- -- brand all. Charlotte have viewed told the court of injure them what for just said it we have a wee bit different followed. Other mitigation -- lead property plenty of it close from New Orleans arch. Governor there's a lot of interpretations here and current president -- -- -- on the sixteenth in the it. Now won't. Share on a -- people on. It won't animals at all. She achieved. In. Such all. -- -- -- -- -- -- On. So. And in typical court. Indicated. It. And -- not complete an alternate. Name to go to medication. Credit. Well. Ball and sort of the day is long one. -- that's -- and it's all about all the all right. And -- what. So and so and so on our. It's. -- ball that our problem is wrong. Some of the is that educate all -- and it's all -- one. Of the and it sounds to me it's important now. Problem in one. So deep well. Of England talk about yeah. An awful -- but somewhat. Well it's important part of me. Six the property owners in an orange molten -- Sloan. How does that affect the community the bigger column it. Then we're talking on and it won't -- mentioned. Didn't want the ball until one. On our -- and sit there and on board. -- wrong or -- it could but it keeps on lol I'll -- And practical use in perpetuity. It's about crowds. He didn't bargain. I won't know what to do in England unfortunately operatives are. All about four populated area booking. Actually eighteen stay in a bit toward the top of suspicions. You couldn't -- that comes in Asia now. And it. Sure the old ball and talked about -- I've seen a lot of one in the war on certain. And you get a sugar -- there. Well well well well would that be threatened. Also -- -- -- it would have been out upon long Armitage. It wouldn't have been the top -- On the certain. Important announcement. They are wrong. All of those people out of work -- -- -- -- on Google and are all -- Dating. Mobile and. Did did the court -- in your assurances that. If land was -- Monday eminent domain. That the going rates for a the market value would be -- All -- one wants to uphold Bowden did you play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't want to talk about. It's split up -- Popovich but more importantly that probably won't. All bad loans response. We're playing -- role on one grain of. -- -- -- Shorten Greg -- and obviously is. Situation will -- -- were reports on hopefully we'll get to bow echo boom we do those ago. -- -- -- -- Children dog food colors frozen crude running brings in property owner. Actually have Derrick Rose who formerly of the chair of the -- protection and power but he. As -- consult that will be able to this and the coastal restoration. Come and briefing at about report -- it's not kolbe -- that looks like that basically and the new domain. Fourteen billion dollar plus flood protection put the West Bank -- and -- -- -- or -- urge. Has to be mitigated Wii -- we Tora some arose that you yeah. Ball for four. -- go out and get to commit -- type land pleas from replaces. And at least support the corps is looking in Richland and we do these. -- for an all in one of the leaders of sixty property owners there. Saying that repeal act scores Goodman picked -- law and order then play offs in the it'll benefit at all. -- Gary -- with the formerly chair of the -- protection registration authority now consult and welcome back the show good hearing. I think. Thanks -- in pursuit you know. So what do you make of this is just basically an imminent domain where those in the vigorous economic bigger population. Area helped how above their sacrifices. -- you think that your behavior you're right in the dispute views -- in an earlier. -- here so. You think there's nobody against the Libyan war to be in the Portland area actually should -- nobody's saying that we should mitigate the inspection are. But I think what the concern -- in this case is in the course tried this twice before. His life in the world -- -- go -- and and seek property. From private landowners and -- property its commerce its forms and other things that are producing. And economic activity producing tax income for the first one would you take that property from unwilling sellers when you have literally. Hundreds or thousands -- square miles of the coast. That has been lost -- -- have been lost -- they simply -- Restore some of the weapons in the coastal area. That would be misused -- by putting speed bumper sort of surged by Turkish. Hidden in the Gulf of Mexico. Rather than taking -- and in creating more -- In the our support as a rookie looting and making them more but built more for. -- -- you're executive assistant to the governor or -- -- was social activities. Did you ever say that the quorum when this country was discussed. You're talking about don't make any sense -- would just rebuild so little booklet. How that you're you're you're exactly or so -- so it did I'd start sort of the -- about it in 2008 and again in 2000. Governor Jindal sent them a letter. And asking the assistant secretary of the army to sleep aid deal to some of these stalled. Political restoration projects that have literally been out there for decades that the court haven't put the first double immigrant should use the mitigation money. To build those projects these projects a party that publicly at the state party. Have been been modified based upon public that it's not taking -- out of commerce. You can -- you mention of the things that allow people to continue. Using the coastal and if there's activity there are solutions here there will win solutions in fact. I think we're in right -- and solutions because they're articulate -- from landowners stroke probably and you're building weapons and strategic manner -- in the master plan and will benefit the community by putting storms -- brought her back in place. And you're you're reducing the court engineered backlog on on all the restoration projects have been stalled for years. And we -- the corps' mantra woes. The answer was bureaucratic more apps and these guys were totally tired out there in the fact that well. We think if you if you use this money for that project that's not the project that congress specifically. Approved money for meaning they approved the money for litigation not that specific projects there argument initially was that. That they can only build projects. That are authorized like that it's congress specifically approved money for which is it is simply. Ridicule them to. Come up with that type of approach you're an opportunity for them too -- to again achieve -- win in match. The -- project dollars that are available right now in mitigation dollars available right now. With projects that they are strategically important and projects that are the -- on the books for years congress has specifically. A true for construction. Gary division of view and comment on this but I mean for years problem. -- and it didn't grow -- for a -- probe rate saloon in the -- And when when I talk to politicians -- some people even in the core. And in particular our experts on the -- all of the record. -- -- -- -- You -- a boat though they're gonna be small towns are going to be eras of some local museum did just going to be some place when. We're gonna the money we will have the wherewithal to save them and nobody can say ahead. Because of the political death that they said is is this an example of you know -- bad for racial and -- oh we're trying to give the core. Alternatives. To doing what they think they may do but in the long run they're gonna -- ago. If you are you basically saying that some communities in south Louisiana registrar sustainable business. 20. That it. I don't think that anyone else Louisiana Pittsburgh -- To capital to elderly and the road to -- community -- to have to move but unfortunately that's exactly what I mean you can go to -- -- It was a cultural policy and content to more terrible -- -- an area that was that was miles from the Gulf of Mexico that literally now is about to go commit to -- -- communities and in many cases has -- -- -- about the water. You've you've seen incredible and lots more documents are huge incredible loss. -- lower from Paris. Jeopardy or Jefferson or -- so our community right now based upon the slow action of the corps of engineers have continued. Mismanagement of the river -- those communities. Ultimately get the rupiah -- the state which didn't close the master plan actually. And I stepped into a little bit doubled to 22 draw a line and candidates could say here here is we can protect computer Beers that are in either after. Have to move or are -- to be elevated -- placed. Then and the -- that that's a really hard thing to do no one deserves it but but ultimately you can't stand. A billion dollars to protect twenty -- and at some point you have to do and that's calculation determine. What makes the most sense based upon the resource of dollars. That you truly -- available. -- -- trigger break connected to five more minutes short. Come right back we're talking with Gary graves formal and chair of the -- protection groups -- and currently. Let's come back and talk about the master plan for self -- here. And changed subject -- still talking about hurricane protection India side effects of the we have Gary -- with a -- formerly chair or coach -- protection registration authority. He has now consultant. -- dubbed in -- -- got a big file that says integrated ecosystem. -- resolution route and protection. Coastal region of fiscal year 2002 team and you'll plan that's that's the master plan and that. That's the media that the fuel cell and a master plan that plan is that what -- twelfth five year document. And ever year the state puts together sort of an annual documents saying how they're gonna move forward. -- that year -- to achieve the master plan goals. Okay -- whatever I ask experts along these lines. And I'm told by other experts fifty to a hundred billion dollars not to rebuild wetlands would try to stabilize where we York. Or at least keep it from not getting a whole lot words that it's configure billion dollars year and I'm told. -- Garland would only fifty -- a hundred billion and all it wants all we needed is on a yearly basis. When I look at table ES one projected three year revenues. 2015. This says we have 725. Million plus. 2016470. Million plus 9433. Million laws. Dude does that mean we don't have the money all the money for those years -- breeding actual. So -- thanks number one you know the good thing is that we -- -- the other -- -- stay local not for profit. And and private dollars somewhere around eighteen billion dollars last six years so. So we've we didn't do much better job getting dollars and a lot of work in trying to dollars and didn't and were currently Katrina weaker dollars we've pulled in the incident -- Nadal would much better job -- -- it. More levees and restored as never before. In the years you're right when you look at that chart hit it doesn't clearly each. Year the problem is is that. We don't have clarity on some in the -- Revenue streams like some of the state revenue streams that that in the church. Revenue in that projection that they include any of the offshore energy and -- dollars that are supposed to start -- -- In the next couple of years it doesn't include any of the BP. Dollars. That will be coming -- in order or wounded. Seven whatever the court decides which will be billions of dollars and so there -- a lot of dollars that are not included just as a result of -- we are able ballpark of how much -- be able billion. Which are not certain time. Where -- we slate of people -- root of your world where were -- in congress who were suing all companies. And he says it of people would be experts. We've had on that link you included. Nobody can tell us exactly how much money's coming where it's coming from shall we do know we're gonna need it. What what's the problem with a allow warning something better attorney general is said about all -- wall's -- Just allowing it to go to court to see you presenting to a it if if the company's damage to wetlands knew about it. Didn't recover it didn't didn't really do what did messed up. In that it what I -- just to check to Sebring get extra money since we don't have the money to assure -- we can live here. Yeah it's a great question Oden and certainly in the typically gas industry and so it is such a billion dollars. There are some spark some attention as a result of a sort of this historic activities are let go after. Problem but. There every year -- number one. I don't think he's used to sit somebody -- need money I think that's one of the problems with the -- and most importantly. Is that. You can just go out there ghosts and everybody the same time and expect things followed the place. What the state did years ago we sat down and we look at all the problems of the student that finished sequence on how we're gonna pursue all these. The coast over the largest single factor where it's. Questioned his recording engineers levee on the Mississippi River system we estimate that that would cost two billion dollars per year to restore that. -- lost as a result of those Lebanese as a result of federal actions. On the so just like maybe maybe we mentioned he -- to -- Can play a patient could -- -- a heart attack but also -- the current on their lake. You have to prioritize the heart attack at 90% of -- on the -- is being lost because of the court and -- actually the liberal at least. You know -- that because stitching up that. It and save the life. Stated in the heart attack -- stopped in a heart attack and stable and harder to save the life so it's all just about properly sequencing. Will actually. I do think you have to take into consideration and I'm not in the past but I think that particular consideration. The fact that the oil. Industry energy industry that we you know contributes to send -- billion -- economy hope to thousands of jobs. -- it to neighbor and I don't think you go in the short while I think it's tall and she didn't fund. Way to resolve these issues. Erica perjury at the time good talker Newt you and your hundred. One of fuel and Jindal. Administration that would ever talked to cover up next number of brigades. Five -- We're doing so -- it shows a -- old self driving cars 1015 years away. But amazingly. A number of cars or -- year with the whole bunch of functions. Bed keep you from. Getting involved in -- what do you think would you draw a -- and that story and more coming up next.