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5-27-14 12:10pm Garland: on self-driving cars

May 27, 2014|

Garland talks about self-driving cars with Triple-A spokesman Don Redman.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Comerica. I -- a couple of years ago. I was in California not so the Google car is fear itself bribing Google growers. And and you could tell was Google -- Signs all over -- and pan handle current things thinking car. With the -- -- and he was sitting. In the passengers. Absolute wrong -- brake controls. Everything on the but impose. That that was so program cart. And and the content support this future and we came back and it did show here and we have. One of these computers -- -- came up with the and initiated the program as a group is no longer -- but the big proponent Guerrero. And he expected in 1520 years. The would be wrote a column. And a couple of the idea aside thinking well. So. We won't be here to. But in the -- And that the bought cars that parks itself when it comes Earl parking. A grip rooms and bought cars read our in their cork. And can detect objects and people in front of him -- printed -- cards that when you. Dole -- store don't open minded and you poor child -- Buehrle in the cork self corrects. And -- via the days and in the menu of the readings that I'd do I came across. An article. On a book the condoms wall then. And it's said the title of it was by the time your cargoes tribal notes you won't know the difference. And it's a world nobody loves technology like I do and this is -- thing can hardly wait for this year. And it dawned on me. But we do this law regulations. Where can you do this how can you do this so and so -- -- Talked to Don Bradman triple -- spokesperson dog and welcome back the shall get and I appreciated the thought. -- In the insurance. I would assume would take a look at this. And and they beyond strange. Bow before I would pass in the of the insurance questions. As to how we do business. -- would be asking. Insurance for people not going to be -- Of -- articles that suggest when they talk about the future of driver whose cars. Packs of course like -- and rental cars that Federer in the law. And you simply called -- -- and it shows off and like like you paper and -- when you pay for when you use it. But somebody else has the course in -- in order inexpensive or cheap ore to shore up in the price of like that. We can do this insurance -- Yet the very important question because certainly as as we get down to the future let's -- that. The concept totally that would drive this car does start taking. Shape and reality in the in two more on the road. Is in the dry out responsible does that all of the vehicle become vs the auto makers so. In terms of liability and that's been one of the main reasons you what happened shares also cook supper repair it but then. You know if problems remote car hitch your remote car. -- uses. The driver is. The computer. Which thing goes automakers at least some of these submit to steam talent is for a he's in the future. And and of course I'll maker will certainly want to be braced themselves. Perhaps how they tackle that but not but certainly from a personal standpoint and near and protecting your own assets. I think -- will always be there it just may be in the different formats and different type of coverage but. You know as we start reducing driver error. Where workers of the blame lies afterward. And Google cars from from what the embittered two oldest. Have law and tens of thousands of miles between San Diego and San Francisco. And veolia accident they had somebody -- -- the car from bottom movement stopped -- stops on. Never had an accident never had a problem now I think. Nevada is allowing. Test cars to be driven on a regular -- Laura who's doing it one of the state that I can remember. Have they drawn out law is or ideas of how this thing gets insured when it's out there even and they test days. You know and a lot of those cases I I think once attorneys involved that's when -- start. Scrambling you know we need to talk about that intertwined but I would I would think at least from -- All of these cars are already in the marketed in the broached. Yes and I had to think that those auto makers and ended up on the army of attorneys that they have editors -- -- Weller are looking that. The liability issue that is I mean that and that is kind of a gray area force right now and -- went. Technology comes and it's it's secondhand forcibly it will -- look back to no big deal but right now they ask there's a lot of questions yeah. Again the terms of who's who's liable for what they do the same car that the system wide malfunction. He can't blame the driver he's not trying to. So. -- But I have to say I have to believe that there attorneys somewhere trying to figure. It's got to be I had an economists on a couple years from the Financial Times. And he pointed out that he agreed. With the concept of we're gonna have big lots of cars. Because -- Sanders couldn't bring notes sent still -- your -- car. When you simply wanted to use it is like. Calling the cabins so cabbage shows up in front door and you get a -- typo on. And using the little blue dog on the pulling your printer dressed in world war. And the location from where you wanna go edit tape should there and if that occurred he pointed out. You and the person. Won't need do insurance the -- the car dealer will. Parking lots which generate tax through cities would virtually. Be eliminated. Are pleased revenue from people running stop signs and violating traffic laws. Would go way down the this could be a game changer for society couldn't. -- -- And it's really speak about it it's more much more likely -- of mine -- lately about all the -- a pars today based on what we're figured it. What you do hadn't driven with month seventy year old daughter. Gloria -- -- -- -- an -- and -- yeah double laws that who -- and. But I view if you want to consider the bright society talked about the reduction in. Violation but you know you're talking about virtually eliminating the -- which which is a good thing for society. But it's how far antenna that. Something that really isn't foreseeable future this is listening to talk of four flying part title I don't know how far long ago that's what's. Intriguing about this whole process because we are so much for the hall right now that we fought we would be I -- people may realize that the prime war. A computer components in in the radiant that would took to put man on the moon so. It made it very slow global. All right well listen to break come back and talk about. So Libya aspects are where we all are now because the conversation has always been. Winner of bribes when it comes and -- been virtually no conversation. Oh Whitman's book the comes in bits and pieces. Or we don't really notice. And also with got a car the virtually describes itself. Well what -- you pick up their 26 year old 187. When you get in a car and I don't want a clue you into this. Driver Lewis scored didn't mean you sit in the back seat. Mean somebody says it's behind that we go. And it's very much like could cruise control cruise control your allowing the car to drive at its own speed that you set. And if anything happens or anything of concern you topped the breaking you have full control my understanding is that -- the control you would have where they quote. Driver -- car. Would you do it Dubai one would you use one would you be comfortable with -- -- 260170. Stroll freely anywhere in the country 866 -- nine and zero it's. We don't live in numbers shows over -- on Google and Schreiber the scores Google was pushing -- about. Driver -- -- -- or temperature -- by Euro cell phone and you put in your definition drugs to get out and it goes away. And every show -- -- don't have always been 1520. Years Al this and what's coming but let me just read a view of the news through. These silences can drivers or by 28. Team. LDE seven is already equipment trapping Jim assist. It's loads in the -- traffic. Keep you down to a certain. Speed to make sure you don't in the opening. Special device monitors to drivers. -- to ensure -- Paul mostly but we will the Mercedes. Else 550. Has something called intelligent -- and -- -- your break cover boy and bought one or pedestrians or animal. One function monitors roll ahead to ensure passengers or not jolted by potholes. All week for Edmonton. At this as -- goal intelligent drive system to the people of analyzing complex situations of traffic. And develop an understanding for what to do and I mean it goes on and on and on in parade cam. 3-D imaging cameras fall. Available now. Whip Don -- with a triple Leo's spokesperson. -- Brooks. If it would seem alive. We're talking about this what would equator. Where word. Talking about getting our pants wet and when the waters of torque. Don't we have to start moving and it's it sounds like if I did here by the F five victory Mercedes Arabic Allah -- eighties when Gordon meets on. I'm not -- Rhodes who. Yeah -- may eat at bat and there's going to be a lot of finger pointing. Go -- and you know who's -- that. That the technologies who owns the rights the technology who installed it. All those bankers he could imagine each in there won't be any kind of -- anymore. W very complicated cases it appears to. And do you see eat in the legislation. Released -- root of the entity or even AAA. Getting behind this and saying get angry and figure this thing out we got the court where you're out of harbors. Yeah -- note that there have been and so some workshops and some some -- but I haven't really seen where. That discussion is actually company into a legislative for yet. So -- And -- -- different. Lawyer law of the worth talking about it because like you could imagine lawyers want that they would be at the forefront as do. How do you. Handled it. -- and of course you know like you sit in the short term of the drivers to be responsible press vehicle especially if you mention with the Google parks. They can just have a built peaked over ride. Some malfunctions in the vehicle as well as there's still expected. -- -- those test states like California you'd talks toward a bit testy indeed the Google course. That you know when you go to school zones and drive ourselves is to assume responsibility. The vehicle and those on what happened so short term. The drivers still going to be responsible but put that gets more complicated. And and has more responsible to turn over to. The software that's going to be that that is going to be a big question he -- What kind of venture arrangement -- will always been meeting in charge -- get injured. In new vehicle but this type of interaction may want Cape May be different what is today. And as technology. Changes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And become relevant remain relevant in the future. And and just it some of hypotheticals are being painted. Far fewer accidents or pure. Violation of property laws. Or you were -- the injuries. Do insurance rates goal ought to compensate. For the reduction in play or do they go down. Well theoretically they'll go to now. I mean and that's certainly. And countries -- probably some of the commercials for different insurance companies announced that now that. If you allow them to monetary -- behavior. I don't wanna get -- the particular company but that they'd probably allow you little. Full other cheek in a plug into your vehicle and and -- -- -- the thin and haggard you're driving over and in the better drop or the -- the batter. In the together and that certainly would. As he's seen those violations of that and the rescue. Reduced -- the prices were actually conduct the big concern like -- match and early is what about municipalities. All fortunately injuries that would lie lie. On on the income from from these type of infractions. And they were certainly have -- be creative on finding new ways degenerated crap and -- It's been everything you do with the insurance. Often talk about a scientist. I don't last year. Wrote a book called waking up in time and he hit his opinion. That technology. Is moving -- such -- into XP 2481632. That in the relatively near future we may have computers. Doing things that we really lead. Don't understand. And that could very easily beat the depth and their -- that would bribery in the picture right. Oh yeah absolutely. I think people would be surprised that just how much the computer running your -- -- -- -- much -- what it may look like and poured in thirty years it's. I saw an article that -- mentioned and talking abouts alone or under the bumpers and hires would tiny computers in the let's take a break here and come back. And -- and a little bit of a different direction. And the article that I broke prints at the bill couple articles witness news channel four. -- you may take some quotes from -- But what -- looked at in this article is all of these computers. And all of these robots. Or try acting it's storing information. And in some instances. Selling so -- -- We should insure ourselves against Big Brother war. Because Big Brother watching we pay -- because it's like I have my momma and daddy watching. You get questioned she got comments Gibbs call 260170. W. What do you pick. In the relatively near future. Your view -- drug -- and you call for a -- say what does. ABC room. And the card shows up the front door you get -- nobody's edited rover itself appeared to war. You're getting up on the driver's seat. Flippant here poem that destination -- ago to plug it into the carton cartel that you. And you sit behind the -- and you have the ability to override the system by -- simply tapping the brake -- hitting a book. Would you get in to a driver -- score. We're talking Don Bradman troubling spokesperson. About all the ramifications. That this technology. Brings about. Of who's responsible. For gore hit someone. Or cars in each other. Or your record does damage to some former pastor. But you ran the you don't own it all of these legal entities have yet to be figured out. And -- know the one that it's certainly not talk about it but Tripoli apparently looking and the these cars with -- all of these new computers new bells and whistles. The old saved their -- did. And the computers are constantly. Beating implementation. That data it's raining. Why appliance manufacturers. And then different companies. 82 received to date. And don't -- I've read correctly Tripoli of lobbyists in Washington working with congress. Which seems like -- of a problem of Big Brother does it. Mean there there's a big concern and and obviously a lot of the technology and our vehicles today or or for a bit. Protection of the other driver. Some good stuff but the drivers have been asking for -- -- it would be able to have. A connect ability to the Internet especially if they Wi-Fi in the back seat. What is the sidebars -- but Willis is you know we're always concerned about all the new technologies adding distractions to the driver but. But that never left it there on. And and are concerned though is that. Do consumers truly understand. That someone's collecting that data. And what that data is being used for anti aspect comes -- bit about personal by that vehicle. Have the right. -- today yes or so as to who receives that information and that's and that's some of the legislation that we're seeing right now. That Tripoli. There is looking at in California for example that's one of the test states to really product. Push that it it's a driver consumer rights record Dana. It is the legislation to replace his spot treatment. And California started the state level and I was about fourteen states they have some kind of regulation has to will who gives access to the ethernet to. Data recorder and a car about a record in the event data recorder that. -- treasures the opted -- not wearing seat belt all this kind of is called the black box of the car. And and about fourteen states we and is not wanna but fourteen states swat have had some kind of pass but some kind of legislation saying wait a minute. Lucas to have this information. And you know say to insurance companies can't and some states. -- you cannot have this access information as they requisite three Keating in sure. Given that that kind of information please sir I can't allow the consumers and copy protection. Who -- that data. And also we won't be able Lou as a consumer. Won't be able to say I want this information especially -- software update or some kind of things are -- on vehicle outlook -- -- that wanna be black to be shared. So that mine my personal camp knows what's going wrong with about vehicle. Instead of the people -- Terry information only for the auto maker. So. Again it's it's letting us know what and that's what we're pushing for just the of the rights of saint. Clearly understand what information is being collected from -- vehicle and how to be abused. And allow me to decide who gets to share the data for what purpose. And and also not to be forced to relinquish control. That the and that -- religious patrol that it is conditional purchase extreme early in that vehicle. So another which is -- be about carbon relinquished all control of that data no I want to deal maintain that it. And then expect that you know the connected vehicle manufacturers and search providers well when we use some kind of standards to protect. My data from being in. Gained on unauthorized. Access or. Or -- -- and talk about mysteries. Put to eventually sold to a third part of that we're not even aware. Well remembered pleased to this send from the Suri you'd told me you -- -- -- -- period think true and a crew. They're true or pull drew over. Tell him give a minute refusing whatever you know that should -- -- did but he can plug a scanner. In two of the most recent late model cars. And find out all that information. In the abilities of computers in cars will keep expanding. Into the future. -- you know this is true then and so models and some state troopers or allowed to plug its scanner into your car. Yes that personal technology is absolutely available that's that the event data recorder. That we're talking about and usually. It requires a court order. Or in some kind of subpoenaed he will search in typical to to be able to or there was an emergency something like that. Or they had probable cause. Offense. And that's that some of the end and again those fourteen states are fourteen states from Arkansas. California to New Hampshire New York they have those then that looked at those losses analysts and EU. Police officers may be able to gain access to its urgent -- either commission of crimes suspected crime but it takes against subpoena to be able to doping yet. -- question yeah that data is stored in your vehicle that we again called the black box in the car. And they can track that down now just polio or not. Again usually -- as -- kind of court order for that. -- get it to Greg can hold you produce to all Mormon Church a -- person -- courts won't change. You -- Coming right back -- -- -- Where a finger at about Google cars the libelous or remove reviews. Projected to pick gives up -- -- homes. Some real soul whom will room. Joseph by the trip. By the car itself. And bring it about this coming -- Good example -- -- already. At least according to reports on recruiting on the market to -- -- two Mercedes. A class. Lane keeping blinds bonuses. Meant to help keep the -- in the crippling. Cameron's 3-D cameras and -- worked together to provide bridge collapses functions. Of the breaking news and out of the system increases pressure. If the breakthrough not apply the corps will do it on its own. The card can be stopped in Congo border pollution that speeds below 31 miles per hour. And the effects of a collision or mitigated at speeds below. Puerto Obama and believe me it goes on and on and on about. The entities. Of computer. Self driving cars. Partial view that we already. We're talking about thinking about all that you've done Redmond troop Leo's spokesperson. Don't won't the the bush -- who don't show on. Withdraws. The gas saving cores the high -- via pure electric -- -- -- that he. These so chords and now. Hydrogen callers are being tested between LA and San Francisco. All of which used much less gasoline which means for you war. Tax revenues going to say for the upkeep in the row. Which leads to higher insurance rates because of words roads -- getting -- Now on the West Coast -- a pilot program. Where your sex while all these computers and call for. As a whole will be -- -- draw. Is going to be a benefit for a -- insurance rates or. Mine is for insurance companies does that -- -- on drivers or the insurance. Well apparently. Has been the the ever since. They start talking about put these event data recorders and Altman required all the callers for the past decade or more. Debt that was immediately. The talk was that. Oh -- somehow or someday become the the school. For governments to two. Get taxed for -- prepared -- construction. Right now agony he talked about the fuel tax which team. Decline because of more fuel efficient vehicles. Also for alternative fuels and electric car would have -- However the cost billions and rightly so the -- -- DB and or the department transportation. Has been grappling for years how do you increase bombs because you talk about. The excise tax on gasoline has been raised and followed more than 25 years. Yet the price of crude oil which factored heavily in asphalt knows how things went from. Say about fifteen dollar -- out to vote now Wear hundred dollar arms -- expenses are how the continue to pay. Four. Broke compare or prepare construction on an antiquated formula. So Mandy. In the big picture where I -- that he's been recorded and you know law that would contract -- Clark goes a year. And with the base tax formula on how much they dropped. To ten years ago that -- size six and here it is -- Port Authority has -- And -- very -- creep factor about it I think makes many people the public on comparable. We -- the government didn't and in determining. The trying to find out how many miles you've been drive an impact based on that. There's a lot of privacy issues and I think -- obviously that the big scandal in SA has a lot of people very easy about it. From may fairness point of view -- makes everyone views that wrote legislation at all fair pay their fair share is decided he would again. The -- how many drop in action but. As has turned -- house impact here in charge well if you've been low balling the biology put on the -- -- -- -- your insurance company they confine them. And and obviously the -- I'll put on your vehicle and where your drive and can't determine your -- high risk area. You're right -- generally higher but the lower the usage in. Less distance you drop for year -- to go to work. Usually the better interest rate. Dawn when when a group of mutual fund is Solomon. -- don't think we ever worried about the Ukrainian. Or driver loose cars and feels like a little bit more complicated time. All I've always great to have you on the show thanks -- given all this time -- good thank you. It's when when you look at these for several cars I mean they're they're a minute warp speed. I was looking at. Company's year. Call all live. In an already provides radar and camera components auto makers. And their companies spent. As the owner of the company was quoted as saying. -- -- a lot of competence that is true we have two different. Whose companies spent the million dollars developing -- rhythm. For pedestrian. Recognition. And apparently that's in the media. Mercedes says 550s. -- night vision system. Rather than using a single and -- cameras who -- some do. Mercer is employed -- a war in for a camera and then this year in for a camera. And the war and for a camera sees radiation. Or removed from the visible spectrum. And detects small temperature differences. All in or near the road ahead. Such as those caused by the presents an animal world person. Once the computer decides. That'll living thing considerable sizes in or near the road it issues measurable visible. Visual and audible warning. The heads ups but -- image on the windshield on the one should change his tune in for a picture of an animal or -- -- -- And that's already weapons that's air. So we probability deliberately don't look like it's going to be 20/20 252030. Before we see that -- loose -- of your home. Could be in the near future ago or are you ready governor Bobby brigades -- -- 53 yeah. Governor -- central to go to -- show in particular. 1 o'clock hour. She's got talking and a bottle lot of contradictory. Health news lately they're gonna do some myth busting. Listen that when. Can talk about eating at night bullet meant to pat. Is it about time. Or what you eat is it about the time -- had agreed. Does -- turned up out of you don't exercise as if it's organic or vegan or gluten pre it's good for it. Two subway that these -- probably ought probably problem. And -- every one drink eight ounce cups of water daily. And more come objects on the angelenos -- usually able legendary politician on. And big news about the latest scams police or -- warning everybody. Several Angela -- show is next at Greg de but a bill brigades celebrity 1053. --