WWL>Topics>>5-27-14 1:10pm Angela: on dietary myths

5-27-14 1:10pm Angela: on dietary myths

May 27, 2014|

Angela talks with fitness expert Molly Kimball about dietary myths.

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You thought I was gonna catch myself I was gonna say happy Monday it is -- Monday. No it is a glorious Tuesday and I hope that you had a beautiful Memorial Day and it was it was such a great weekend for so many. For so many events some things and now we're back full swing into work. I think we have a great show today all three of them. One of my all time favorite people on this earth is not Molly Campbell who was our first guest today we're going to be talking about. Nutrition myths. We're gonna test you so I hope you really pay attention to this. Our second program. Is mind truly -- I've said this publicly and I -- in front of my husband he so gets sent. The other men in my life. -- Jimmy fits Mars and it's been too long since I've had this radio show that he is not the -- over and spend the whole hour with Jim Fitzmorris. We're gonna be looking at his life for going to be looking what's happening today in politics and what he sees in the future music living legend. And truly the dean of Louisiana politics. And then we're gonna hamper our third hour. The latest in scams and believe me they're planning out there. We have 22 wonderful people from the state police coming in with the latest that there are facing one of them believe it or not Q how dumb can people being. Where they're pretending to be state police how is that possible. And also were having a great lady from the Better Business Bureau but they're out there they're out to take your money so I hope you'll watch that as well but we begin Gwyneth. Here is your food and nutrition test for the day. True or false. Eating late at night will make you fat. True or false. All of the oil has less fat and calories than butter. True -- faults muscle turns to fact if you stop exercising. Well these are the questions and frankly the myths about nutrition. That we're going to be talking today with expert nutritionist. Molly Kimble who of course is the at registered dietitian. At ushers elm -- fitness center and a wonderful friend to our program. I'm very excited about this so let's do -- one at the top. What is that because I do that all the time eating late at night will make you fat. Right and we -- I've kind of jump ahead an ominous. All of these are vets you know and it's it's one of those things you and I have talked before. There's a lot of different things that and people feel -- need to keep street a lot of misconceptions are things that people put pressure on themselves when it comes to nature ocean. So -- I try to do and we do this myth busting as. Alleviate some of his concerns that they don't need to waste that brainpower on Smart so let's focus on what matters and that's kind of relieve some of these concerns -- -- that aren't so important. So the idea if you eat into the bowl of ice and night or you eat a sandwich at night. And in thirty immensely you go to then it is in just Langley air. Right that to grow and and they're saying many different diet plans diet the exit -- -- -- -- XP and -- -- past 7 PM. But how many of us can actually do that it's just not realistic a lot of his helmet 6 or 7 o'clock and are feeling guilty. Because dinners at 789 PM than we think why even bother Marty eating late in as so. What as a matter of trying to be healthy because some artist during that part of -- -- -- the reality that is that dinner at 6 PM or that dinner at 8 PM. The dinner at 8 PM is not going to be stored as body fat anymore preferential only then that generous sixteen. There reason and we do hear that so often. Is that when people's will power slats. So a lot of times -- things that are sent enticing and tempting at 91011 o'clock PM. We wouldn't even think twice about eating listings at 91011 AM. So when you tell -- Monday and he passed six or seven you're eliminating what could be thousands of calories. Dictated cents emission ice cream cookies and now ending now as you're watching television yes that is not the stuff that we're talking about. So we're talking about if you had if you get ham and you get Hanley and dinners at it a cotton and -- There is no difference and if -- guys instant that is muscle or fat or you know effort energy -- later. What I do -- that is that there is at least a two hour window between when someone has that last meal of the day. And their -- down for bad so that we don't have that food sitting in the upper GI tract that's more effort digested issues and not necessarily for body fat reasons that makes some sense not that there's the but now you know I had a friend the other day who said you know I -- and that. She's she's convinced that you know when she eats currently. She seed as and doesn't gain as much waiter will lose extra pounds she's looking to lose. The other things that happened as if we're having dinner at 5 PM 6 PM hand. Verses were meeting friends out for dinner which a lot of times your -- you meet from about it 8 o'clock 9 o'clock well that's also what's the difference between having it that that. Early dinner at hand verses -- and -- client dinner out. The consumption what you're eating might be vastly different set. We always had to keep the emphasis on lean preteens veggies not having a whole lot of -- cars at night -- -- to drop -- if we don't need it energized right before bed. They say is we do have to pay attention to what you're eating that timing is not as critical as -- thank goodness. You know we were doing the show on and that the family who I got off sugar for a week and a man called d'antoni made the thing if he was raised. That you eat like a king breakfast you -- can influence at noon and then Popper. In reality I understand that you're sort of lightening the load this year but. Our were real world is that we don't. Right especially here in New Orleans I think again we get back to. You know we we do we need to do through the daily kind of go go go through the day and dinner might be. The time that we're sharing that time of their family with our friends and that might be for a lot of people their larger meal because it's when their finally. Settling down for the day and they can actually stop and really enjoy it whereas breakfast and -- might be a little bit more functional get a -- So -- in working with clients even -- in theory like you said I I do like that kind of reverse order fueling up for your gang had decreasing us again. What works for a lot of people assists -- frequently throughout the day the -- smile enough amounts when you're eating through today. And for him that to offset the fact that -- people do have a little bit larger generate benefits may be a larger preteen and vegetable and healthy olive oil that might have a glass or two of wine so eaten my China offset that -- David. It's still important I think a lot of people still do too much of that easy things that night at Costas the -- the detained as. Restaurants the stuff that comes out to our table for free. For free pets it was a slightly down in -- granted there. I've not gotten the point where -- roll it up and inept and they probably think in the plan to mania I take everything that feed birds. I'm not gonna let it go to waste and I'm not gonna look at the O'Shea an entire -- Now it and you mentioned something about olive oil. One of the others -- has less fat and calories than -- I think a lot of us think that healthier. Exactly not fewer calories right suing you look at about ounce for ounce or tablespoon for tablespoon in the calories and the fat are really write about the same and in fact all of us a little bit higher. Milliken and about a hundred calories for a tablespoon of batter out once when he for olive oil now of course the composition of the type of fat. Is vastly different -- and it. Very very rich and heart Smart mono unsaturated fats with the olive -- that we're not getting with the batter. But when someone's trying to save calories switching from butter olive oil and you're not saving any calories. But you know there's -- definitely. I think a lot of our. Medical team in health and wellness experts again recommend plant based fats. As for animal based saturated fats so large degrees at the more than we can switch from some in his -- -- saturated fats like butter. To the plant based fats like olive oil or even coconut oil which is a great better. -- has a texture just like -- those are gonna be recommendations and a lot of does that make -- keep in mind you're not hitting calories. You know and the -- thing is relatively new and I had always heard coconut was buried. In -- in the veins from the right and that's why a lot of times -- is very and saturated fat. But we're learning more and more and more that may be in general saturated fats are not that bad a lot of times. When we were there and seeing a lot of the research on the link between saturated fat and heart disease. A lot of the foods that are high in saturated fat people would report -- high consumption have pizza hamburgers cheeseburgers French Fries. Well the other common thread there's not just saturated fat it's white cards. And stickers on these states it. Now when you start taking a closer look well might not be just a saturated fat and also these write cards and senators that are really strongly correlated with the increased risk of heart disease. Says there is some question that even how -- an animal they saturated fats. But that aside -- -- saturated fats like coconut oil and even currency has a high percentage of saturated fat. And there is saturated fat -- of the -- well we don't think about that but these plant based fats are. We're getting more and more research shows that not only are they not that force but they're actually very can be very could force as well. Last one up for this round is muscle turns to fat if you stop next. Up a I've actually said that while. -- a lot of people do a lot of people do work in of digging we may be talking about herself a cash on my muscle turn to fat or a lot of times is that athletes football player. That we used to see on TV to Regis and muscular now he's on that in and there's a giant pot belly area in and sent on a muscle. Who is saying and react cash he you know he could play in football is muscle and fat. That's kind of like saying that chicken is an -- and -- -- apples and turn into an orange they're completely separate entities in our body one cannot turn into the other. But what happens is we stopped working out we lose muscle mass. Muscle burns tons and tons of calories and body fat burns hardly -- it's very dormant and doesn't that doesn't do much at all. -- from a calorie perspective so as we lose that muscle. Our metabolism slowed down. And especially if that person is kept the same appetite gang and they have less muscle slower metabolism now that's going to be that much easier for them to store. Body fat really quickly. Says they just muscle they lost muscle mass and intern. Gained body fat that one didn't turn to the other. See now I know that it's the fact that wraps around muscle cars are tough and that can happen CNET there's a lot of people. I'm an alma fitness in her and we Macey people doing. All the stomach crunches and -- world and they have. There's a six pack in there somewhere but it's covered with a slayer fat as they haven't changed their eating and they're not -- -- -- -- or their calories burned. Says there there can be a lot of muscle that does have that -- definitely -- thought it. Let's go for a couple more. Eating shellfish raises your cholesterol boy that's an important here that's abatement and in the biggest thing that I get is people feel guilty if they're having sharp. Lobster crawfish because they are trying class struggle that we've learned is that the cholesterol and feed. Really has very slight effect on our blood levels of cholesterol really what we wanna try to avoid is like we said white cards senator. Animal being saturated fats trans fat says of the things have a stronger correlation and cholesterol and needs -- -- Shrimp and lobster those types of -- It's honest no fat in this saturated fat. And says they're going to be fine from his status when it comes to our cholesterol levels now of course -- for Boylan crawfish it's going to be higher and sounds. But dependent and and that any of these if Japan preparing the ground in embroiled -- whatever would be. And preparing a -- healthy manner. We're not worried about how to cholesterol and that -- as of raising our cholesterol. You make it sound so -- everyone to stay with this Molly is here in if you have any questions -- again she's just a fabulous nutritionist. The numbers 260187. Think we'll be right back I'm Angela on WW well. While we are back with a Molly Kimball who was -- nutritionist at usher at the -- senator. And you know we're just knocking down some of these Smithson and I find this very interesting. Because I've believed to in these Mets. Let's take a few more. Taking vitamin C will keep you from getting sick. Greg that's that's actually. Did the main people who've been cited the show is that vitamin C can actually help us on. Get sick less often is going to be people and really extreme conditions and it's going to be people. Like -- like. Olympic style athletes living and sub Arctic conditions OK -- -- and I did. So those of us that now a lot of people have I think it may be the placebo effect -- 500000 milligrams of -- everyday. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if you feel like that's doing something again for doing it and we think it helps. Lot of times and how that their research as far as is it going to reduce our risk of getting colder or getting sick. It isn't there except for usually in these very extreme conditions cocaine. I don't think we're gonna worry about being in the Arctic conditions effect. Them a lot. OK if this is a big one because if you cut out cards -- all the -- you want. Now one thing that -- because that'd that is a -- and I was if you count the -- seeking eat on that fill in the blank that you. A lot of people go down low carb diet. And they may lose weight to a certain extent and then kind stack and they say. And I call -- and needed to lose sixty pounds seventy pounds of lost thirty an -- stack but when we sent to pennant again. They may not be happen -- him much -- -- new cars and often today. That when we look at this year calories they're getting from cheese or nuts avocado olive oil I had one guy he literally had about. -- 2000 calories a day from has to salads. And avocados and all of while he was putting on his otherwise coats against Dallas he couldn't figure out why this guy is being realistic and talent on hand and be intelligent. But these extra calories that it -- any source Ricans -- too much will be stored as body fat we consume more than we need. But I would say than I was when you look at the types of fees and how they affect as. Protein rich foods. Are going to typically keep -- of this Fuller longer than corporates fates have sweep the same amount of calories from protein land of any source. Vs cards even -- cards. Republican feel Fuller from the same calories on parity. Acetate a little bit more calories for our audited digest that -- so we did get a little bit of extra earned from that. But the problem and on CNN's pentagon really live card. And books are still far too many calories not protein and fat -- -- to keep -- in check if your goals weight loss fat loss. You know and I hate this but if people 82000 calories a day. They would maintain and they would I know it's per individual -- A ballpark is what you're saying is correct I can fix this talent that can have some of the highlights rights. Right many Salazar looked pretty benign pretty -- and -- -- 14100 calories easily. I would date a good rule of Imus is very very general if there is a lot by. You know a person's specific metabolism their exercise liable different medications and my beyond. They just an easy rule of is ten calories per pound of -- body weight. Cincinnati's goal is to be 150 pounds that I mean 15100 calories in circles 200 pounds 2000 calories. So giggled how many calories you need. Ten -- -- -- not -- at ten calories per pound it. -- -- -- Obviously some exercises a lot we would need to bump that up that's a good starting point. Without that is it. That's -- which you know 2000 calories isn't a lot. If you pop in the junk writes it's not write 2000 or even 15100 that can get really far it's wheelchairs and well planned. That if you're doing a cup and even there. A fast food meal a couple of really convenience items and sugary beverages is can -- -- incredibly quickly. Another when he we're talking about protein that protein powders and drinks are harmful to your kidneys. I did a lot I think especially from moms figure -- out -- they're teenagers are there in even colleges when it take it that the thing about pre -- and it's it. If we have a high high intake of fruits and especially the very very Atlantic of cards. Can be harmful to our kidneys that we have to look at a lot of pre teen and say overlooking it. More than double our body weight in grams of pre teens have summoned his 200 pounds I mean they have to in seeing. 400. Grams of protein in a normal three ounce chicken breasts as about twenty. -- opposed to escape of pitching pattern depending on the brand in the -- -- might be 2030 grams of preteen so it's really. -- -- you have to really really try to get too much protein and I've it's they're talking healthy people that Sony has kidney disease or other issues there. But when you're looking at supplement with Christine pattern it's just really conveniently it's reduced your protein intake. It might be something that have and it. Sick and are taken time to pick Anderson thing in the morning might not be realistic they -- and that Lucia airports injuring or staring a little bit pitching pattern here now out of your -- -- at meal. Can be conveniently in the east pre -- Throughout the day and again missed earnings are 2030 grams of eighteen which is about 34 ounces worth of meat which is not going to be excess -- from his people. Cutting 500 calories today will lose a pound a week. We not true think that we used to think that 3500 calories it was about a pound of body fat and there's been a lot of research lately that says. That's not the case for everybody it may be the case for -- that there's really and there's really. A lot of people who are -- in the mountainous Amtrak and my exercise and economic -- -- -- in and eating and I'm still not seeing the results on the scale her and my how my clothes that. That's why were all wired differently at 3500 calories equals one pound doesn't add up for columnists have for some it's really bad news we have to create even. More of a deficit or we have to and you burn more calories through exercise and consume fewer. We just had to expect even slower rate of weight loss than a pound a week and for Simon might be two pounds a month that when you panic had to -- over the course of time. He just kind of have to keep. That's still 25 pounds a year exactly and that's significant right and we think you know we see at least he says -- -- to drastically lost. And says that can be discouraging to content and analyze and either by what if you don't do it -- entity in plant. How easily too. Pounds a month could be 25 pound you -- exactly the right stay with us everyone we're talking about busting myths of nutrition. Let's go to the newsroom I'm Angela under the W well. Molly Campbell are very special guest dietitian at ushers. Elm wood fitness center she's of course just nutritionist -- the stars as we say. But would have a lot of fun because there are so many myths that we've sort of live by and you're discounting and and we need to hear that. For instance not just very important white wine has more sure -- the Red Line not true. Not true when you look at ounce for ounce you're looking at about the same amount of calories about 12125. Calories per six ounces. And really busier and sugar. And the same for for regular white weather's starting mayor any of those or read now that big difference is that red lines -- have a -- any accident content. But 'cause of the skins and seeds of the greats that are attained in their. Diet when looking at the calorie content carb content senator are really look at it pretty much identical stats. One thing to keep in mind people who drink red -- -- reduced their risk of heart disease. All types of alcohol are linked to a lower risk of heart disease for a variety of reasons they can increase or good cholesterol. Social drinking moderate social drinking. Is linked to lower stress levels which can Austin. Drop our risk of heart disease so red lines has had that extra benefit of the higher in accident concentration but wireline segment and a bad -- or high answers on people would think OK just for medicinal purposes. Without. Diet soft drinks are high in sodium. That's something that I get all the time -- people say that you know there's other things not that soft drinks that we might not love on. Out of a big fan of the artificial sweetener aspartame. Or -- elicits an accident diet drinks. However when you look at what our upper sodium limit is. 2300 is what the American and -- USDA guidelines call for if you're at risk for other things like I had diabetes or hypertension. We're looking at -- only limited to fifteen hundreds at 15123. Milligrams of sodium a day. And a diet had a single can of Connecticut has about forty milligrams so it's really not high sodium when you know what those numbers are. At a summit if you -- and it's a Kansas some soft -- if it's a twenty ounce bottle. He might -- 65%. -- If we don't know what how what but to compare that number two what's that and reference to -- he -- 65 or seven years or forty for Canada because it. Compared to fifteen injured 2300 for the day. It's not a lot not a lot blacks couldn't OK what about and well a team and I'm in the newsroom on channel four which is all the time they got -- eight ounces of water. Eight glasses of eight -- -- water that is so much water. It's a lot of water that's -- -- 64 ounces and there's really. We really don't know just where the -- that -- came from it's based some on a calorie intake for the day how much water do we need her calories that are doing. But a more accurate way to determine how much food we need. Take your body weight divided by two that's how many ounces he needs says someone's 200 pounds they need a hundred ounces which is actually way more than eight ounce cups. But the thing is it doesn't have to be just water. Anything without alcohol counselors are fluid intake for the day so -- sipping coffee and -- dehydrated and and they didn't counselors are fluid intake. Now in and they do other research over the past ten years -- spent. Tons of research that chance that coffee or tea can hydrate -- as well can hydrated can. Now I'll have a lot of clients they still feel better when they're getting their foot from the nine caffeinated sources and -- really want to limit our caffeine intake to about 300 milligrams a day which is the equivalent of about three normal cups of coffee. Maybe five. Glasses that he. But there that they do is to hydrate is that it can be anything this liquid at room temperature says you have. That preteen shangri have a fruits -- someone who juices and any of that kind of flavored beverages or a -- herbal -- these are counselors are fluid so we don't have to have just plain and flavored water. That is such goodness and you know and I like water but it just a lot of one. And a lot of intended drink more awareness flavored so if it tastes like something we tend to drink more and it. Carbonated water the sparkling water club sending any of those things and now we can get -- at. Kmart Sam's -- and soundness and in it's it's not just the fancy expensive water anymore you know. The real thing of you know what we got a call let's go to Thomas. Got out of my place in the got acid reflux real. And what you should should oh all right and also I have some I screamed out at night in real thing. Talk about it -- Internet actually. Each acerbic in particular church sermons that are recognized treatment of course. The case of for the ice cream I wonder Deanna milk products that's Anderson -- it's note cards to users who like that. I wouldn't it doesn't if other dairy products cause that same effect if you have milk or things like that if it at such as soon. Yeah almost everything in fact I gotta get up next week for that. From acid -- sports. OK so there's all different ties on an ice cream the sharper would be dead especially if you're lactose intolerance and the like and serve it would be a lacks history option. There's also a lot of options at now in regular purchasers too that are made with almond or soy eve so like. Ice creams that are -- it's on the not personal than instead and we can usually found is not in -- -- health food store but mainstream stores these days. As far as acid reflex it sounds like if it's so bad that you haven't surgery next week. I don't know that a lot of the nutritional changes you've probably artist had a lot of them -- it once and I was saying it to steer clear it's going to be a lot of the -- is the red sauces. Hottest pitchers can upset that even things like. Temperament and some people can chocolate. Line that we're just talking about alcohol so a lot of those things can really cause a flare -- but the biggest thing with acid free flexes its and individualized. For each person. That we were saying earlier that eating late at night for eating dinner say at 8 PM doesn't necessarily. It's stored more -- body fat that we are saying we do and believe at least two hours between when we're eating human laying down and that's going to be. Incredibly important for you with the acid reflux. Counsel you have to create a they have this citizenship and. In rare comic publisher are -- have that the procedure you're gonna have talks now that's no fun. -- thank you for calling on like. I've certainly known many people who -- that we have to sleep elevated and I've never heard them despite -- -- hopefully that will work out for him very very good. Let's go back to. If it's organic. It's good three or -- or. Gluten for. Or fill in the blanks Bradley -- I think. Did not necessarily sent into the with organic there's a lot of organic. Cheese -- type things and an average costs and many. And it chips cookies on these things and it and it's organic when we look at what it has is still might be immensely potato starch right starched white flour. It is obvious and crackers cookies cakes and an average is that look like if you're -- Ehrlich a whole foods are -- as they look like. Their healthier counterparts to the things we see in the traditional grocery stores when you start looking. Organic -- for artists to -- our organic cane Jesus largest white -- So we've -- relates to keep my and it just organic doesn't mean it's -- for a -- turn their currency. Same thing with -- and there are a lot of in V eating cookies and things that are still live with senator or is simply have no nutritional value. And dollars -- qualify -- -- but nobody's gonna not whistler nutritious. And so I think and gluten -- same thing there's a lot of things that are naturally gluten free a lot of our lean proteins are fresh produce. Just as it comes is gluten free. Leaking that are carved from Steve it's -- user black beans red beans. There's not a need for some special gluten free carbohydrate based products and a lot of that is out there. Potato starch Fries aren't there just still white refined cards even then there quickly free. So we don't wanted to stress that label on the front of packages really hits it pretty much any brand. -- start turning it over and see what it -- first couple of ingredients especially. Because that's what it's an economist and in the -- nutrition commissioners and hear how much fiber. You know what's the calories a serving of some of these things can be really high calorie and when you look at how many servings and -- box Hamachi -- eating it and you. Really have to pay attention to that certain to lose say they do tricks. They do tricks stay with us for talking with Molly we'll be right back and Angela Honda VW well. Well we're talking with -- Campbell about all kinds of things concerning nutrition. Give us a call 260187. If you have any questions -- so we have Peter from like view you had -- have a thought Peter. -- a quick question. I think not a piece suite is not in which one is the worst are are holding it was strictly shot sports is a terrible and awful things about esta okay. Seoul. And and I heard somebody told me that these are usually bad so. So which ones beliefs are harmful. Love that that the free splendor is really the newest and says there hasn't been as much research on -- but I would say of what we know of those stories and split never synchronize -- aspartame which is equal or -- which is sweet -- -- -- it would be an that the probably better of the three. And -- -- is linked to bladder cancer. And my cynic can also across. The placenta barrier and pregnant women and say -- that is the one sweetener artificial -- and that they definitely should not consume a sacker and fortunately is not a lot of items anymore. -- that does have a lot of negative side effects to have you know that that they're all FDA approved we have to say that so. But there's still people who -- I have I have asked him to get headaches. I feel like it's related to different muscle pains -- -- having an Akron about that clears up. There's probably something to that so I prefer the plant based no calorie sweeteners. Says that might be some of the brands that are on the market that are the common brands trivia. Swear it is one it's actually a locally and New Orleans company and those -- on the shelves on our regular aggression stores here in New Orleans. I like is because there's zero calories plant based on natural sweeteners. -- -- thank them enough thank you so much for calling people and those are also took -- -- they went yes yes at. Swerved through the end you can really measure cup for cup. Like sugar in your baking in your paint cans and I sent a lot of that's where it is politically and ambulance company here. And that is great thank you again very much for calling. You know I think people talk in terms of you know if you have sugar in your coughing on everybody does that if you do. And you don't have access to that -- what's the matter with just a wheelchair nothing. -- if you're planning a teaspoon of sugar into your coffee you're looking at about four grams of sugar about sixteen calories there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I'm the columnist Thomas to people that it hadn't either. How much they're really putting or when you're doing it. Sugar filled Serb filled coffee drinks -- your coffee shop and then also the sugar sugary soft drinks -- sugary. And flavored teas. That's where we start to get incidents. 3860. More grams of sugar that are considering -- just that little T scan here -- there not an issue not an issue that I'm glad to hear that. Other missed the bought the bother you. -- there's we've covered a lot of them. They can if there's anything household. Eggs are bad for your cholesterol that's one that's been around forever and leave. We got a lot of press when we thought that that was the case and then when they -- kind of like you're saying -- earlier that an -- today in further than the majority of the population. Miss medical organizations have given the thumbs up that this is fine. There's actually nutrients and that Yankee at that are hard to get in any other type of food help with. Our brain development are fat metabolism actually initiates. Says his batteries -- first on Dan. And why it's but it didn't get nearly the press when that's kind of reserve reversed as a Olazabal and eggs are bad and and that's good to hear that these eggs -- good. Inexpensive. Choice another -- I think that I hear a lot that I would say. I I don't agree with as following Miller fad diet ominous for anyone unless there's a medical issue that you cant process fat. The recommendation and they quote live fat diet is now dated we know that we need fats in our diet you know we talked about the plan based fats earlier. So I promised I'd I'd never recommend to someone -- fat diet we might specify what types of fat. Reliant that we definitely need -- -- and our diet for -- production for our good cholesterol production for healthy hair skin nails. Very very low fat diet is linked to an increased incidence of depression so we definitely need this -- -- I tell someone unless there's a reason they can't physically processed fats. The recommendation of a low fat diet is dated and you need to clarify what types of fats shouldn't limit. That is very important Jim and Metairie. I'm Molly Angela. Aren't quite sure what we can join me. I have a question for you I'm very closely and as -- recently had a heart attack and. As a result triple bypass surgery or about replacement and also stroked. And it in prior to the surgery that removed all of the so here now it's and you know lost about 40% of his body weight and it's very weak. Product was recommended him -- this kind of opposite problem or a product would recommend -- to -- called -- Yeah -- and to restore some of its muscle tone and body weight and I wanted to edit spots on that. Jason is great -- thing can help with the muscle Tenet's not Simmons can help with body waited doesn't have that many calories that have to. And -- seventy at the top from the habit that might not appear right that is primarily amino acids it's. A lot of dietitians to work in a clinical more acute setting. Really rely on for win and healing. Intent to prevent muscle loss. But not as much. Overall became a citizen of calories I say adding -- and several times today would absolutely being. A good idea to do it but we also want to be sure to -- and other calories and so. Some of the things that you know -- calorie dense but also I'm still soft should be comments avocado and paint Oliver peanut butter exactly. Olive oil on any things that he had. Even softer and this whole week. -- vote pasta or rice or even like -- with some sort of fat through there -- olive oil or something else things that are still. It's soft texture but then again Thomas olive oil peanut butter all things that. Healthy fats that the -- can -- quickly which isn't great for the majority of the population for your friend might be beneficial. Credit. Your wonderful friend a -- that. Thank you Jim so much for calling. We take another break we'll be right back. Thank you Molly Kimball you make our day we're gonna have her back next stay with this the great Jimmy Fitzmorris. I'm Angela under the W.