WWL>Topics>>5-27-14 3:10pm Angela: on scams

5-27-14 3:10pm Angela: on scams

May 27, 2014|

Angela talks scams with Sgt. Nick Manale and Lt. John Gardner of the state police and Cynthia Albert of the Better Business Bureau.

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Well I can't tell you how uplift denying him after spending a whole hour with Jimmy Fitzmorris. Literally a living legend. Just a remarkable man heart in all the right places. Will now we're gonna shift gears to people whose heart is not are not in the right places that. And those are scam artists and let me tell you at the scam artists are out there and they are so ever loving brazen. We're gonna find out from our guest today and we wanna hear from -- as well I'll give us a call 2601870. If you have ever witnessed a scam or been victim of the -- them. Joining us is sergeant nick -- of the state police. And lieutenant John Gardner also the Louisiana state police in the investigation division. And symphony Alpert vice president of the Better Business Bureau wonderful friend of the station and appreciate all three of you. Being here and and I don't use that word -- and often but as I read this -- the pretending to be used it makes me crazy so I -- must make you crazy. Well certainly you know we work very hard to maintain our reputation and and our little professionalism and have you know these fraudulent callers calling victims and calling our citizens and I'll pretend to be odds are returning to pose as. Other law force agencies is very disturbing and that's what we're here data try to spread that message so so. -- now forming what exactly they do well you know recently we've seen complaints from across the state about citizens receiving calls from callers. And actually having a phone number appear in a caller ID that appears to call from either Louisiana state police or under the law -- agency. And that caller proceeds to identify the potential victimized name. Possibly give identifying information about that victim and then proceed to say that they have an arrest warrant in their name or maybe a family member a close relative has an arrest warrant. And in lieu of actually getting arrested or you know as a process of taking care of that warrant. They gonna have to make a range missile Simpsons -- financial payment you know they asked for on them to call another number and give credit card information or being information. And basically just negotiating payment into the rest because of this supposedly weren't that. You know and our biggest messages that it is very very variations of this of course. But home you know the Louisiana state police is never gonna call someone with the arrest warrant and negotiate payment for network you know we're gonna handle business person. Home you know -- corner -- in any you know expand on this Jason Fabini be aware of that when I can handle business that way over the -- But -- intimidating because you know. And you know I would say well I've broken the law and slam the phone but all of a sudden they know my name they know something else. Right using their their prey and on the fact that you want to do the right thing and include your name and people who are willing to go forward and get their information think they're doing right finger taking for the month. And it is the shame that the people are out they're doing that but we just -- in like people let them know anyone representing themselves a state police or the other law enforcement agencies. Don't go about what they're telling you on the phone is being the gospel look into it get a phone number asked for name has for a call back number contact agency that comes up on the -- being -- -- for detective whoever was that you were speaking with. In nine times and continue to find out that it wasn't actually a person. So you'll have gotten calls -- people saying I just got a call from a tennis on telling you say he doesn't exist right. And then and then what happens how can you possibly try to find this. Awful person who's doing business. Well I've actually seen where online if -- going in Google phone number that Koji can come out where other people have been on Better Business Bureau and some of the other web sites reporting that that number. Called them asking him for this information in lieu of an arrest removal warrant. And you see that that is something going on if you actually do fall prey to that we relies -- gave my personal information out there you know we we ask that you contact your credit card company. They should detect corners either closed down to your bank and let you know formally charged my becoming. But also if you can contact the agency in which he lived area and let -- know what's going on they need to come to report it to the incidents occurred. I think it's important to document it you know if you actually have been the victim if you suffered a loss you know let your local law enforcement knows that we can document and we can't we keep a record what's going on. In these calls coming in costly civil -- where these different schemes that are happening in its dearest more -- -- also other ones that we can hit upon okay. You know I think the overall general message and as we duties different schemes that we -- aware of is remember that if he doesn't sound right it's probably. If this angry with Caroline who true or not. And home and just have verified information you know is gonna pay you often dividends to do some homework you know verify that information through third party source you know asking the caller to. To verify things obviously -- not give due for completion begin with but you know do your homework you know call agency -- -- -- investigating officer to ask questions and and hopefully you can start poke -- -- this story you can see guys who doesn't add up to its list. And -- in many cases weekend third call's. Per day all in what we call spoofing. And there's different high tech things that can be put on talent it's emails. And it actually looks like the call list coming from the place that they said that in their calling from. In many cases. Recently it was IRS. It could be that -- Entergy asking him that we all have heard of that you have to pay right away. All our you know our electricity will be turned off in this system businesses. And we heard from a owner of a restaurant that actually one and gals were new in there. And she says no if it's turned off we can lose ally a business tonight so she hurried up and she paid what they do is they ask you why aren't the money. Already get a green dot -- more like from CVS or Wal-Mart or any of the stores like that. In once you give that number on the back of the green backcourt they hit your money wiring. Is a lot. Tough for a I would say if a law enforcement to track keeping -- read in different sources so. This spoofing is very big on telephones and email so just Buckeyes juicy IRS or even BBB with -- people's day. Businesses call up and say. Did you do have a complaint. But it's not at all the type of complaint that we send out in this has been going on for some time. So the right thing to do in the case like at of course is to collier BBB verify it. And also like you said call the source you wanna make sure. That it's not legitimate and and 99.9. It's night. And what we've heard is in many many cases it's foreign sounding individuals. In from out of the country in many cases it's from Jamaica. And counseling and yeah so the state police. Unless it's you know it's -- you're not looking into salt thing you're just into protecting people from getting caught. I think right now that mixed messages awareness you know be aware that these phone calls are happening people are receiving them. We we do you know bottom received -- complete the citizens when a caller verify which is great. And innocent housing investigations can be can be difficult to pinpoint a source in the past you know that the caller and and the source of the scheme. And you know there's are certainly things that we look at and we're certainly investigating different companies I think overall message is to be aware of it. -- out there and be smarter. The state police if he doesn't own will knock on your door. Well right IRS will probably knock on -- to -- a face to face this that's for Caylee back and conduct its us you know over the -- -- Her you know -- the podium if it's -- that he's taken care of Egan and it's going to be. Stay with -- every -- gonna continue our talk on scams and give us call at 2601870. If you've ever been a victim. I'm Angela under the W. We are talking scams with that lieutenant John Gardner at Louisiana state police investigative division. And sergeant at McNally also of the state police with Cynthia Albert vice president the Better Business Bureau. And they're just always popping up in some. Part of my brain person and how creative can you guess the other parties please. Leave us alone aborted take a call Victorian Algiers you were aware of a scam went. It. A lot. That is all about that it would spill. And that's great but it meant -- -- state. Hello. I -- When you're at a bit of collecting and stick to the call. It is it your license plate. Paper it. They can -- more and I think India so it addressed they. -- time I don't. -- That. The I'll. Be OK. That they because. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- Kolb or. Call epic day. Like you can't. People bought it. You know -- it's been it was. OK let my man hello once I hate about. This Louisiana state police site. You know all. The -- -- And apart. On the probably. I could get. The stickers. You talked expressly or -- Eagle. Registration. And exactly familiar with it advertised and -- should we advertised. Itself that's -- on site. Com monitors used variations that just like many women dressed as if you miss -- space and missile letter -- punctuation is. And that. What they thought and action and sleeping. -- Some. Sites that -- get -- straight and and I want to. Portray. Them as. -- age. -- It's a jail if it can -- It's. It's -- great in the but. It. -- And -- love and appreciate. He's trying look at it right now as a matter of fact. I know I appreciate Victoria very much your -- obviously upset -- should be and and they're gonna check into it right. Now I -- yeah. Are we think how many people out there all day everyday. Yeah in Victoria but even. Levys said he had a hard time getting into the BBB line. Actually today was first day in our new office. In our phones would you know and they should be up and running back Amara our new address is 3421. Causeway boulevard Metairie. In -- nine -- still is viable fourth 22936. Surgery. I should or should it get there. And you. Yet we'll certainly look into exactly sure -- approach you know I appreciate and I hear your frustration. And that's you know world being made alert. To these various things and seventeen dollars and seventeen dollars and she -- That is curious I've just never heard of that but if they get calls all day everyday. And I know Cynthia will be looking into it too but we do want to remind everybody that's Better Business Bureau did move today. Yes did move and by golly there going to be out there on -- boulevard with the same number. Very very important. Let's talk about some of the other. Other scams that you all are aware. I'll grind can actually. We are getting a lot of cops following government grants. It's the same type of thing whether it's email all our. It's telemarketing. These people are calling us up saying and it. Well I got a call from the government. And you know you're not gonna get a call from the government and they told me that because I was a good citizen and pay my taxes on time. I mean it sounds ludicrous. Today in many cases people do believe it you know it's hard times now. In -- I can understand how they feel. And they said that they're going again like 5000 -- 101000 dollar orient and they can span did to pay their bills to news. You know whatever they need to do on their home on their car remembered the federal government never. Call human now way you have to go through a lot of red tape to get ingredient number one. And -- I have to pay for a so called free Korean. Government Koreans. They won't -- your email. There's no processing fees. And if you really wanna check out in I think it's very important. 22 homework first. Knowledge is power like I always say that visit grants dot gov for information. And that way you can check out. To verify that it truly is an. Good call into if there were free grants to nice people they they millions of fragrant I agree that there are a lot of nice I agree I agree religious holding on to that they'll. Well maybe it's for me this time maybe this is seen answer to my Prius. But -- -- and they call all. Because if they don't call then again -- get caught up in -- whole thing giving their financial intonation credit card number around and go through the whole thing. And believe me that I. And I want everyone to stay with us give us a call also if you had been a victim or you know of any scams to 601 point seven day. When we come back we're gonna talk about the identity theft also. Sweepstakes. And grand prize is that another one. We all want to -- that power. Stay with -- we'll be right back financial into the W well. Will we are back talking scam scams and more scams and we go through college let's go to than John Barry. -- -- -- It's -- -- I'm not a prisoners treat him on the association. In the time the year is very critical look at a lot of -- market. Claimed to be contract fiscal around neighborhoods. Doing work on houses. And the but he should be aware that the -- easily isolate its contract cycle in the state right in toward their numbers. Right phone book can also check the web site could see coming home builders you can you can -- registered conquered it in your area. We took a quick thing nobody did any contractor deposit and that it was the contracts aren't. And it would be it would look really official open on on legally. A lot of people. Like this country it will not take a case deposit it looks like he checked. It's something you do your paper trail to achieve god you can be in court to scam the situation like. Great great suggestions like I liked to -- -- feature on unlicensed contractor. Our own content diversity came -- and -- -- it -- -- pretty good work but the problem with that you have something done. But only contract yet. And I'm -- to build -- deck and outside deck OK you know and I can do that but you're insurance company may not. Recognize ticket can actually it's -- before it goes to lead the all. It's very very critical that you do a polite country to work or how should -- -- the code correct. -- something. Problem but that is great if somebody says they're -- is there a piece of paper they show you. Yeah bon -- needs to have insurance for a particular job mr. Bonds for your job to do kind of the general liability. And you were in cop. Go to teach art you know if you go to hire this person to do particular project in your house it would not. Which -- -- billed as the race goes to a score covered the hole. As well pretty ancient Japanese -- and remember what it's going. A licensed contractor. You know court safari could proceed extreme people -- the tree out every security -- every day so. Conflict as. It has in -- -- on the pickup truck and its secretary usually shouldn't look for trying to cut corners. If you -- ticket go I'll let you know where it will probably at all. I agree with you Farrelly Akron and said it better myself actually. That's so important check with the Louisiana State. That's right that's right to see if they are licensed. And of course she can check with the secretary of state house and you can find out how long they've been in business check with your Better Business Bureau. To see if we have a file and how long they've been in business if they're taking care of their complaints. If they are credited business another thing that might be really important to art is very important. Think get a -- and performance by a -- is if the company does not pay for the supply ice. That you water if they go pick them up and they don't pay form. Now you can get a lien on your house without even knowing it in when you go to sell your house and you find out they have lean. A performance -- is. When they are going to start the job approximately. Win they think they're going to it in net job. Weather permitting so that's very important because we get calls saying that. You know I gave him this tremendous amount of money up front and they stayed two days and they haven't combat. Now after Katrina we check with C Ellis obesity the licensing board. And they indicated that if you know your contractor. Is legitimate if you've done everything you could possibly do to find out. You should not give more than 10% upfront. Yes most countries like it's it will be Buehrle a payout schedule that the we could match contract. Say what you need to work could be concrete and music he -- -- group of former spot you know. I myself idea of what's -- -- Weaver at the end of the jobs every subcontracted it. It's been on your site to show that yes the deciding compete for the -- been paid for and believe that's been paid or didn't do not always one. We -- it might be shoveled here besides you project. So no I'm not all of our communities -- typical for performance bond which judicial court that they could chipotle labor. That is covered by his general liability and also his work good cop to ease the -- -- -- -- EP. Yes the country -- that you colorectal that people -- very. -- -- -- Yeah John thank you very very much for this call. If anybody has any of the questions don't -- called -- tribunal goes association or. Are you won't -- -- association got about anybody. Okay thanks so much are very going on to Michelle. -- -- And -- -- they. I'll call eight apparently. -- -- -- -- A call coming from wash our. Gentlemen. -- on. How rule. -- I and I are. Calling a lag. And I grabbed me forty -- I EG. An -- pat -- I. You know. What I realized. -- you. -- any money -- Bellini patent. And a link to write -- KG. And and -- -- -- I caught on him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Every -- -- you really great Culbertson real life example. -- -- Los Angeles -- dog. A I. Tactically that -- And I. Only call. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And says whoever gonna come to your house of 45 minutes is a while have a lot of coffee -- -- actually put. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know an off the Internet in let me get this number around. If you -- anything like then of course there's a lot of people getting calls from foreign sounding individuals. Out of the country. If you have a question now about that you can contact the treasury inspector. General. For attacks in ministry hidden. In -- gave the -- 1800 number. 1800. 3664484. War. -- -- -- -- And lean and mean and oh rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- ED. Think. You. Are out. In the I don't know. -- dollar and Michelle I really appreciate that and I appreciate the memory. Bank for your right now. Will we welcome me back we're talking about scams with the state police and the Better Business Bureau Johnny you're calling about identity thieves. Good. -- The contract the people and get it clear that our problem is with that water. Look at the the penalties are severe enough but not that Tibet a bit of bureau this irony. You have to try and people like that would get to get they do want to Detroit how the legislator and had been -- them out Beatles. Which you -- -- -- account so you get -- today. To you and you put it on a public deal -- just like they do the effects of let the register your kitchen table. People people call -- deal -- them because they can easily change in -- and equity company to continue it would be canceled with the people law. Some -- extremely Libya what it. There. In jail no hesitation. So you'll an insult of being that it ought to kind of not exactly what we do. Well because it -- well listen. How desperate they ought to. Is when they walk a lot more media station to take questions. -- you would they do. I'll do that Johnny I really appreciate you calling it I appreciate your enthusiasm by our. Own -- That goes back out. A long time ago thank you Johnny -- it always call Roy income enough. Today very good thanks. Seeing the surprise call about two weeks ago. Workers directed to graduation. To your -- winner. Of it is -- -- publisher square outs. You want to point four million dollars. At Mercedes there. At where it OK. In the eastern you don't sound very excited that I gave it to your product yet. How you get harder now. Do we wait to the war Tokyo electric going -- And that belliard came up. It is. So. Oh that's that's great way to do well writes. It is Saturday and a couple of days later. -- great policies -- You do what you -- trying to. Humorous story aggressive you know my electric Bill Mueller -- it's. -- waiting -- -- -- -- from my bank account did deposited 2.4 million dollars but we. Whatever god -- for -- he gave up. Want to you have more patience than most people put. US all the right questions via. I didn't go to -- because in numbers -- we're not all right eight. And they said that it was a first stroke or daughter Oprah gets lucky our. That was just -- random stands for so where. Hot I think it's important remember and people get caught up with the excitement of a community thing that you wanna sweepstakes or or maybe something that you don't remember entering or you thought you may have -- Yankee -- Maybe a business card in a fiscal somewhere -- don't remember it. And down as some -- I think people get caught off guard because these callers may have a lot of personal information about them in the may have your name your address -- your email earlier you know -- like that. And down when even though they have a lot of information that it would you would seem surprised by it he's -- -- add up you know they're missing elements of it and and that's when it's -- morality. Asking for your bank information asking for -- with a specific to you. He gets you and home and we see with the sweepstakes grand prizes and and -- -- -- look at give it a T was a lot of work from home scams you know all we have caller caller victims insane that we had this amazing. I'll offer for use you know opportunity to be to work from home and get great salary -- benefits but. Now we need information for Adobe to now we need your information for direct deposit and -- given some money your name of security number or bank information is just as bad as any of those games that we're talking now. There's so many I just hope you enjoy that 2.4 million and that got big Mercedes. -- Roy thank you so much for calling. Yeah out. You're sitting here in my garage and sure these. I want to -- I want to thank all of the a lot of thank our wonderful state police and certainly better business through -- always hear forests and we appreciated. Bottom line is. If that looks too good it is to go and access. It just have to be vigilant because they are getting sharper. And -- year. And I'm with I say put him on billboards and shame shame shame thank you all will be right back thinking -- It's been a fun day I've enjoyed all of our visitors and I appreciate all of our listeners. And I hope you'll join us again tomorrow. Now let's go to the newsroom this is Angela under the February.