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5-27 5:20pm Sports Talk: Duece McAllister

May 27, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Saints former Running Back Deuce McAllister about the start of the Saints OTAs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we're talking about the New Orleans Saints who batted in to give an opinion from in the -- and the -- -- Saints history of a huge part of our community and one animals -- in -- Members of the black and goal always has been always will be deuce McAlister joins us now -- thank you so much -- -- how -- -- -- -- -- a real good news just take us through the first I was seven Bobby you could start detail. That game in 06 that there was excitement because one -- change a lot of excitement in his new -- -- present but. What was it about that that all season -- date date you guys or maybe you took away -- it it may be says you know. Did this could be a good team the green that went on rotating six -- division James with the toughest time. Well we are excited but I mean that was a lot of unknowns as well at the door and I don't know. -- -- -- -- Not eating and would Devil -- -- thirteen or just coming off of ratios are being you know look at their situation or distracted. -- -- Really really -- arms and being Reggie Bush and number two. And no one that was positioned at a place you know just a lot and there. India and when you talk about Drew Brees. A lot of -- because. You don't know how he would know coming off a shoulder injury and remember just. You know talk with coach Payton and in and later on just you know. The -- you know probably. Two of his better players. Beating him arming him being going to rehab it and are not going out a would come back from injuries you know there was obviously try and a lot of books uncertainty as well. Now those looking at that season and obviously post-Katrina. And to be in the NFC championship game I can remember the reaction of fans. And how those -- really an emotional play where. The second playoff when you got the Eagles in the superdome in just described it that one it was almost a rugby type a touchdown and I said I might have been. The best pure touchdown run in Saints history considering it was a team effort. Andy was gonna gash how you just follow on the offensive line. And I wanna say it was about 67 yards on you're just pushed the Eagles back -- -- -- to get hands on that you -- I'm talking tomorrow. I you know Allen -- and that should give it enough so -- mean it was just no one gap intimately -- rhetoric if you keep a late movement and keep shall award in the towel on the move and no one really -- in regulation then you should be Aybar dropped out. And with the weight in the purse or firmness and on from the alternate allotment related religious movement and you know the -- note you know Kosovo into the end zone and that that was special you know meet the game played that game I've never been in the play you know and I'll I'll tell a guy you need it at any point. If you wanna be no in and -- -- and you wanna be on national player. Make plays in the play. People will -- is wanting them make on Monday -- -- to make it but there's sixteen games. You know -- They're only going to be a -- there are only going to be two game. You got the wild card you know what you eat eke our divisional playoffs so the bigger and Utley is the bigger the playoffs are. More opportunities you'd care to get Null and -- pull tractor and you know at that scout where I want to try to make a mark. Now deuce it would last week and I think this and you had a few comments on. Deduction -- this induction to come about with both John -- And now when you think about the Saints hall of fame in and Aaron Brooks very special fraternity. Described an offense we knew it. You know really I guess breaking down Aaron Brooks in a sense where. He would say he's probably learned the most polarizing figures in the last three decades and you look at Saints history that you just elaborate on that. Yeah I mean. Obviously. We feel like as players we didn't let our potential. -- and -- on you you granola so you know all -- great numbers always great to break records -- you know you're not in playoff games in what is suitable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is not -- success that you. You know -- -- -- change it immediately you know years pretty much winning the first. Playoff game in -- history you know and -- Really worst record. In the franchise history. That -- have a lot of records that and Brooks and Drew Brees and Archie. And you know for a long long time. It was normal you know and I understand the frustration. And it's important. So like if you didn't you at all you know I don't understand how. Walked off the field -- on east -- and you know it's not that normal motion. That kind of mean you wanna see that each individual player. He'd be compresses and his all -- it away. And net out a -- -- handle it in you know he couldn't win or through helmets and jump up and down and you know already in in curse picture. But I don't think it would make a difference because that. Not how he reacted to negative stretch you know and so I think that -- the tree and they're so frustrated about because. You know one game could be 400. And hundred yard Russian in the next game it may be. -- interception and a fumble and you know there was a lot of negative emotion. From you know that the screen and salt and that they actually award the disconnected this. Came enemy before what he did in the community you know on the things that we went through and that change and being a leader. Of that squad you know what they keep track handle at the bit. Now days so looking at the president team and and obviously. You know you wish you could play forever. But you look at the contribution and you know -- Reggie Bush and what he brought to the table Darren Sproles and now. Branding coach is more receiver that can run reverses and all that bit. And you look at the opportunity -- this. Running back group by in his right now yet to see -- -- by committee. -- is just take my thing is how -- -- opportunity. Marking him you gotta do summer get all of the pot so to speak. Because a lot of fans fan favorite -- Robinson almost like Chris Ivory junior. And you look still always a fan favorite Pierre Thomas but just break down the running back position right now but the Saints awaiting their. Our computer sir you know are still going when you just look at. Look at where you look at here -- into a little bit of everything really really do you know he may not be a force Ford he may not have. She should -- yarder. Pick up the blitz forties or protect. Quarter there Eaton got church or you you know you get administration and he understands the coverage as he understands how to get open you understand. How to work -- really where we're true he's got small -- you know three more spot article. You know -- tell you the biggest thing that he would do. Two -- a quote on quote elevate his -- -- year Eddie you're -- in your career. Is estate LP. You know there's always been maybe one or two games where he's -- And as a -- don't know -- he's going to be here you know also Pierre can be -- all sixteen and you know he appeared under pressure also under -- -- play all that power and that applies. You talk about Mark Ingram this is this is the year mark you know mark -- it is. Hopefully under and helped you know that bit. Of this whole year to an offseason. You know he has to try to -- as much as possible. In season you know it's still in a 100% responsible. He had a lot of little an injury that count. Part -- -- you know but hopefully. When oxy more Ron this year are our -- -- anger or to see that quote -- built up frustration EU should take it out. Every on -- all sixteen different appalled you know he gets to figure out you know a new opponent every week you know but one thing she. It and he's -- problem I want to be patient you know I don't want to feel like he's Russian. Because as he can help at all and aligned so much more just by being impatient about being impatient and let those holes yet this -- not a -- They're the more -- -- out of the -- you know everything he can. Eat -- it to -- -- -- -- star. He takes time -- to key. Well we play here -- out of our. Carrier -- are entirely you know and to to not go to the shifting your. Are the slope is concerned. When he noticed you teens are. -- you know so now -- -- peak of his game. Now you know. You've got to figure out okay what we can set was you know here and you know whether or what it's about. You know acute -- this year. Now -- -- don't know what he'd like to do you know like Pittsburgh or like to go east and west. -- can see that out scouting report is going to be out and now you talk about a bit. You don't have to go be there. That's the role you've got to try to quote -- quote. -- -- and coach that can Carrey character role or Eagles were to do we want to the team develop. As write about it because you've done it for two years now start late you know pretty much a completely. Ever think you all those. And potentially do what they do street altitude and so. Do some really -- basketball social media not to folks following you. He's a count to 26. Games in the -- to do is always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. Oprah Pritchard tried all right -- medical much more overcome all the difficulties with ESPN Saints -- might trip this time is 531 to have a first and we'll go to Jim Hansen.