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May 27, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good -- a look of -- -- this -- Tuesday night at if you had yesterday off from Memorial Day I know tonight feels like a Monday night but it's Tuesday already so for many of -- this will be a short week. Much needed rain is on the way you just heard -- -- -- talking about rain overnight tonight tomorrow and probably into Thursday as well. I have I don't really have allergy or or sinus problems I gotta tell -- the last last two weeks I have been waking up almost every morning. With where we sinus issues. Until it wouldn't talk about the killing spree in Santa Barbara California. Also shootings over the weekend here in New Orleans and also -- gossiping really cool to give away. We have your tickets in three ways to win for you to be one of the first in the country to see the Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. -- tonight. Through Wednesday June 4. Listen to the show at night the -- -- to midnight. Or Tommy Tucker every morning weekdays between six and ten was in for Jesus Christ superstar -- -- from the rock opera Jesus Christ superstar which. You know years ago was a very very controversial thing because oh my god the establishment the tigris freaking out because people were putting rock music. With a message. Upon Jesus. Argue about the number when you hear a song from Jesus Christ superstar. If you're the lucky winner here in a winner -- -- the eight caller you're the winner. And we're give away a four pack of tickets to our exclusive WW -- -- rehearsal performance of Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. On Sunday June the -- At 7 PM. At the you know lake front -- now there's another way to win. You can also go to WWL radio FaceBook page which is a -- radio look for the Jesus Christ superstar contest. Like us and register to win. And you can also win. I if you qualify you also qualified for if you win as well if you if you win and you'll also qualified to win the grand prize. Which is an exclusive dinner meeting meet with the stars of the show the price valued at 500 dollars for the four -- grand prize valued at 800 dollars. Jim will contest rules applied good luck from the station that knows how to love him. Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. WW well. It's time for tonight's topic to date here this topic things we like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Madonna did not show up for jury duty today at 9 o'clock this morning at the Manhattan Supreme Court I can't figure out where she is really started reading this I'm thinking Los Angeles production to New York she's got. The number of places around the world. I she didn't show up at 9 o'clock this morning they were expecting her to Manhattan a Supreme Court. -- -- would you what Madonna's sitting on a jury judging you. And they would you vote with. Judge I don't know she would be one of my peers. So I don't know this is a good thing or bad things. Have you ever been on jury duty -- talk about them this year by I'd love to hear your experience of. Being on injury number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New study from health researchers at the University of Copenhagen shows that stress for relationships may increase the risk of death. I am so glad they did this study I never would've made the connection. A stressful relationship. Problems -- relationship. And a risk of death. And then if you don't have the risk of -- sometimes you wish you were dead. They had studied a number of of couples and they determined that conflicts were associated with a higher mortality rates. Brisk. A regardless of who was the source of the conflict when it was parents who were. Our kids her or Parker. Worries -- demands. Were also associated with the mortality risk about one out of every ten participants. In the study. Said that their Parker or children were always or often. A source of demands and Maurice. One out of ten. That that that blows a hole study for me right here because I would again be a lot more than one in -- would think that your departure or their children. Are always or often a source of demand and worries. -- outlook and accused of these people -- 6% said that they always were often experienced. Conflicts. With other members of their families 2% reported they always are often had conflicts with friends. Sounds like things -- Rather -- ascetic in Copenhagen. A 6% of the participants had a frequent arguments with their partners are children 2% with other relatives and only 1%. With friends and neighbors but really it it sounds like people are are pretty much getting -- according to this university of companies study. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. US Supreme Court throughout the death penalty for Freddie Lee hall. Because the state of thought of Florida. Did dots I'm correctly determined halls competence. Days declared -- Supreme Court ruled Florida's method for determining his competence unconstitutional. And this is have a really sad case edited the vote was close it was a Supreme Court voted five to four a justice Anthony Kennedy gave the a majority opinion. And he ruled that if Freddie Lee hall death row inmate in Florida. Should have another opportunity. To argue that he should -- be executed. Now afforded declared that he was mentally disabled. In 1992. But later found. But he was competent. After he scored a 71 on the IQ test. That is the minimum requirement for competency. Under Florida law. 71 it's really blow. And what I don't like about this is the idea that. You can BM. A person who's not really Smart you don't have to have an IQ. To be a law abiding citizen. That -- not to commit. Laws I mean it's not knows not to commit crimes especially murder. So the US Supreme Court forget the death throes if you listed a shorter regular basis you know I'm I'm very ambivalent about the the death penalty. And it cases like this I could see with the death penalty would not be appropriate for for illegal. On and may be in part because it's and his spirit and his low IQ he should be punished I don't know that he should be. And executed -- you know it's always realize that a person doesn't have to be Smart. To be -- held accountable for their actions. Never five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Why even when. Who was in this so long standing dispute with the federal government over he is -- his grazing property in federal land. He was his cattle were gracing free on the land for years and he owes the government I think a million dollars. Well -- and Bundy has announced that he has left. The Republican Party. And that now he and his wife Carol are registered with the independent American party. But he said well I haven't got much good out of the Democrats or the Republicans so I decided to try a new way. I don't know at the Republican Party got much out of him remember this is the guy that did all a lot of people. Sean Hannity and may be Glenn Beck I'm not sure I know Sean Hannity a lot of Republican appointments. And -- a Republican personalities. A stood up for this guy in his battle with the federal government it was a federal government's but the government in general. On they stood up for him and then they totally denounced him. After. They heard about him saying just really ugly stupid ignorant racist things so. I don't know Clinton bunny announcing that he's leaving the Republican Party. I kind of see this is good news for the Republican Party. Because that's the kind of fringe person. Who is this kind of person makes noise during a campaign it hurts the image of the Republican Party and these -- people like -- in Davis. I mean -- Clive and on Clinton -- these people have a tendency. To make a lot of notes. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Over the Memorial Day weekend. -- -- people were shot. In New Orleans. Now they all didn't die for their -- The twenty people were shot eight of -- eight of the victims were shot in the same incident. It was just fifteen year old male was killed. Since seven others were injured. By gunfire. Twenty people shot so again let's remember the difference between being injured and being killed can be a matter of inches. It depending on exactly where the ball -- So all Tony could could very easily have been killed. So what do we do about this. This is this is embarrassing. Now it's not affecting the tourist. It's affecting. Citizens of New Orleans. In their own neighborhood it's expecting them. This is the people running downtown in attacking tourist. This people attacking. Themselves -- -- neighborhoods and again you know to about fifteen year old dead and and so often we hear about teenagers. With guns. But over the Memorial Day weekend twenty people shot. In New Orleans. What do we do about it. Number three at tonight's list of the top rated eight. Well -- defense attorney Robert Jacobs has an idea about what we might do about it he says that juvenile rehabilitation does not work. And their parents. And guardians. Should be held accountable for their children's actions. Here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight should parents speak criminally responsible. For the shooting crimes. Of their juvenile children and think about it. -- thirteen fourteen year old it's a gun kill somebody. Should the parents be arrested. It is your opinion like going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna tractor pull through out our show tonight a lot of people Rory passion about this. If you listen they showed a regular basis you know that I think parents should be held accountable. That may be one of the only ways. That we can start to curb. This insane. Violence and the lack of respect for life. So I totally agree parents should be held accountable but there are people who say what am I to do it's not my fault it's my kids' fault it's the people like it hangs out with. I understand it it's the probable society it's not my fault I try. Unfortunately a lot of people do probably try. And they don't win the battle. Their -- wins. But I agree with defense attorney Robert Jenkins probably leaves them with a tummy -- this morning. -- as a juvenile rehabilitation does it work and parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children's actions. Now we're talking about criminal actions. Again here's -- every W a pretty general opinion poll tonight also talk about this throughout the show should parents be criminally responsible. For the shooting crimes other juvenile children. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you wanna join us with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is eats every separate. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It happened Friday night in Santa Barbara California. -- Roger 22 years old murders six people Friday night before killing himself. There were warnings. That Kelly Roger was not mentally stable. He posted video on YouTube. There was essentially a manifesto. Describing. Why he was going on killing spree. Basically he was upset with women. Here's part of what he said he said for the last eight years of my life. Ever since I hit puberty. I have been forced to endure an existence of loneliness. Rejection. And unfulfilled desires. All because girls have never been attracted to me. Girls gave their affection. And sex and love two other men but never to me. I am Tony to -- a version. I have never been kissed. I've never even kissed a girl. I had been through college for two and a half years. More than that actually and I am still a virgin. It has been very. Torturous. There and and he goes off. I can remember. At least until I was eighteen. -- get attention. I was rejected. I deal with loneliness and on top of lonely site had to deal with. A very severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder at a time when win then the medical and mental health community they don't know anything about that. So nobody knew what was wrong with me I knew something was wrong with me. So those are horrible horribly high -- in in many ways I fit the profile. Of somebody that would go and and and and kill people it in a man shooting. I was a loner. -- not popular. So I think we're too quick to. To say well oh well that's that's why he did -- Everybody who's a loner everybody was quiet everybody who's who's -- these are these are all potential. Bowden mass killers. And that's not true. Rejected by girls. Old so. I mean I was. Maybe you were to. Is this an excuse. For what happened Friday night. And I'm sure you've heard a lot about this on the news read a lot about it's -- -- all over the news because this is another one of those cases where. There were signs. There were definite signs. But. Nobody. Nobody came forward and took action. Before something happened. And I don't know for ever gonna get to a point as a society where we take action before something happens. If you and join -- shooter might be your comment to our numbers 260. 1870 but you hear about the the case of failure Roger twenty year old -- six people 49ers -- park California. We hear all these things about the case. What first comes to your mind. 26 so when he seventy toll free 86688. -- early seventy. In a text number is it's heavy set and finally tonight. Number one night. On tonight's list this top rated eight. Or what to blame for Elliott Rogers killing spree. The blame game is well underway. Guns. -- blamed. The failure of our mental health care system has been blamed. A -- driven. American society has been blamed and movies. That feature -- -- frat boys getting hot girls. Has also been blamed. Cruel or white. Do you blame. And the father of one of the victims. Blamed the idiots. In congress. Now. Nobody can be upset with a grieving father for just reaching out and granting anything. To try to explains his son's tragic death. And he's right the they are idiots in congress. But I don't think. The idiots in congress are to blame for what happened. Santa Barbara California. If you wanna join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here is a text that reads stop all the unnecessary killing in America stop selling guns to people that don't need it. Well I can't Heidi you know if somebody doesn't need a -- -- It is it is so difficult for us to to tell the difference sometimes between somebody who is saying. And somebody who has borderline. Insane I mean that's that's not as clear cut issue as you think will be talking about that on the -- tonight. I screwed -- -- Tuesday nights and we'll be right back on VW well over the Memorial Day holiday weekend there were forty people shots in New Orleans for our dead but they don't could've could have been killed because they are bald shot. Here's our -- reveal project opinion poll tonight should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children. 38% saying no and 62%. Say yes. Think about it. We'd like your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com will try to pull through on Russia to be another -- coming up it just few minutes. In the 9 o'clock hour listened for a song from Jesus Christ superstar. Give up the number if you the eight caller. You win four tickets to go see this exclusive WW Altec rehearsal performance of Jesus Christ superstar -- a spectacular. Sunday June the eighth at 7 PM at the you know -- Arenas that's coming up in the next hour it's like we're talking about who or what is to blame for. Elliott Rogers killing spree I've heard everything from guns to failure of the -- health care system. To a macho driven a sexist misogynist. Male society in America. Two movies featuring awkward frat boys getting hot girls all those things are are to blame. This -- blog tonight is titled. Santa Barbara killing spree. And blame game. And you can read that in. Share with others it's on our web sites -- to be WL to count. And it gets your calls your just a moment but let me get to a few of these text here's a -- -- I mentioned earlier if you want Madonna to be -- your. When -- jury. Because Madonna did you -- for jury duty active Manhattan -- Supreme Court today. -- -- clock here's a -- reads as an attorney living in Jefferson Parish. I was on a jury panel however not selected. I'm sure it was not selected because I'm an attorney etc. I've seen that. Seems that some of the most educated people in our city are not allowed to be on a jury because of the general belief. That we would have undue influence over other jury members. If that's true. That is really. Scary. Here's a -- -- it's pitiful shame. We are seeing a whole generation wiping themselves out I think mr. Jenkins is right try something new I'm responsible for my children's actions. If you care for them step up get control hard love. And here's attacks politicians and lawyers should be held accountable due to the laws that stopped Paris from disciplining our kids. There's no law that says you can't discipline your kids. It is not against the law to spank your children. It is against the law to beat your tickets. And if you don't know the difference between spanking and beating and you shouldn't be apparent. But this is this is a widely held belief. That you cannot discipline your kid's dad is. Not true. And there are other ways to discipline -- kids other than spanking your kids and I hope that is apparent your intelligent enough to figure out those other ways those other things that you can't do other than spanking your kids. It is legal the Specter kids. I James you're on Cisco -- and every -- you well. You know and so. -- Totally disagree with you but the Olympic bewitched is -- If it's. Got debris. We cannot judge there on the hour. And not a child you know -- -- child responsibility to make -- -- variety of the burying of the art. Spirit soul about it just like the pair. You know I duel that did they should be held accountable to a certain degree but not criminal in -- me. The James you know they -- not but the I do understand the point you're making it and in children are independent and you know there are some kids who who are really bad who had good parents and I guess it's just in the -- In their make up I mean -- I believe that god made everybody I don't know why he made bad people but deserts are a lot of dead people out there. Defense attorney. Should know. Well okay. But parents. So often. Don't even try. With their cameras that may be that the threat that they will be held accountable. And can't just -- their kids out on the sweeter just can't can't just let their kids ago. From a very early age and they don't pay attention to their case maybe this would try to turn things around. Well that's so true in support of that that -- accountable. To a certain degree you know. But not currently accountable. How would you hold -- accountable to games. -- -- Don't know like you sit there are clearly no disputing. That these debate did you joke -- urged. They would you would you allow -- dangerous there and at that point you know believe it's kind of criminal. It should be you know what it would not appear in the habit of -- James what is the chuck -- -- the child gets a hold of your -- your apparent that it can and you allowed your child to get ahold of your gun should you be held criminally accountable if your child does something materially. -- -- Details and if you leave leave the gun at a -- -- it's. As you know and -- A small show not long ago that it -- it's really about blissful. You know that's a different store from a flow from the teenager. You know 1516 years old born Ingram -- in Kabul Kabul -- Well if you have a -- -- -- year old teenager and you have a gun you have a responsibility to teach that teenager from a very early age that he or she is not to touch the god. That's -- -- -- and so it has to do. -- James I'm glad you told Michelle thanks listening if you wanna join us tonight with your thoughts your comments are numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. And a -- receipts have an eight -- we're talking about the that'd be shooting in California Santa Barbara California another mass shooting although that big -- of people were stamped -- -- -- were hit by car. So we're not talking about outlawing knives were not about -- cars. But then when something like this happens people start talking about what we got to do something about guns on the street where cars on the street what about knives everywhere. I -- you give your kids knives at home there and not knives available everywhere. This point two year old -- Roger. Was. Was not right in the head. And there seemed to be so many signs that he wasn't that it's amazing to me that nobody saw anything before it or they saw things but. To see something and that to not stop something. That's -- that's two different things. And also after twenty people were shot in New Orleans over Memorial Day weekend we're talking about defense attorney Robert Jenkins. Saying that the juvenile rehabilitation system does not work. And parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children's actions. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Protect -- -- -- seven from Henry Louis here on WWL. Did you read that whole article by. Rob -- an old statement. Give -- a whole state and my buddies again and well lately audiences that the apparent about. -- -- -- don't think. I'd take gateway public assistance. Housing about Jews. What he says has been taken -- Like cut out on that -- -- -- that you think that you think that's an excuse for raising criminals. You think that is an excuse for racing -- criminals. Nobody that it didn't happen. Spot the booklet that children that they don't pretty terrible about a. Yeah I see what you're saying well yeah I mean I I read that I agree with. All I'm asking I'm asking the question there's a difference between Robert. -- The -- we've been reading it tonight OK here's here's the here's the question. Should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes -- their juvenile children. Now I disagree. And if we start on I'd like to call the show by the -- Throwing some parents in jail. Maybe it is it's gonna take a while prepares to get the message. Because of -- pelvis and yet until they realize that it might happen to them. I wish I wish we could pass a law. That would hold parents criminally responsible for their sex organs. If they have children. That they don't take care. I wish we can do that I'm not exactly sure how to manifest the current legislation. I'm skewed if you addressed I read your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- And a text ember is -- every Saturday. Mort you're taxed where your phone calls right after this break at a BW well did you issue a commercial for booting whites. A commercial almost make you wish you had to go to -- So you need to stick around during the commercial breaks here or our show and obviously -- think it's. You know you'll hear some fun commercials BS the blog tonight is titled Santa Barbara killing spree and the blame game yet it's already well under way. If you are interested in that that story or read the blog and share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com. -- after a violent day Memorial Day after a violent Memorial Day weekend in general have you ever called police. After hearing gunshots. That what happened. Did the police help you or did they make you feel like Hubert target by letting everybody know that you with the one who called the cops. As one of the things that tummy -- talk about tomorrow morning and have -- if you will first news. Tommy Tucker weekday mornings from six to -- here's a quick update on our WWO pretty jaguar opinion poll. Should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children. 45%. Say no 55%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site -- if you will not count. We're talking about their comments made by a top U world's defense attorney Robert -- he said the juvenile rehabilitation does -- work -- parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children's actions do you agree with that. -- from Algiers Jeffrey you're on this to show good evening. -- I've heard so because I actually agree with -- You know. Held accountable when it. We've been thought about it and it they're happy unassuming. Well first though. Because I don't think you're right the partisan criminally. Because of the war on competed. And it -- It -- lead but a new way he stated earlier this. Reasonably well and it is an alternate so. That you could do that film today of course in this debate -- the situation. Well it's it's it's true and they're not all in that situation and for those who were in that situation who are doing their job as parents that might actually make the situation worse. Right and what do you don't want. They they don't you know for better restricted -- did commit a crime did not -- well what you speak of them. It would it would only be fair. To figure out proportionally. What they would lose. Compared to somebody who would you lose a portion of of their benefits. From the government and a percentage wise proportionately taken away from from those storage. Right and you will people be in the light that well but I would be earned money but it used to. You can't use that again that somebody who has been it is is that it. Jeffrey what we what we're discovering is this is a very very complicated issue. But it's getting worse and it's not something that has always been around it's getting worse today more and more parents are having kids and not raising. Well I mean I think it -- story. I -- do I -- not great -- would have went and did the family they're they're by. Mainstream it. All of that we have -- -- And nothing was done -- of Russia and everything like -- -- I showed you think. K what can they -- honest about the if you -- he. Could -- where it is apparent you really do. But isn't there a point Geoffrey where if you if you have a child. And you're having trouble taking care of one child is there a point where that's the only when you have. -- well but it didn't work of more of a perfect world because -- that these these -- at the result of casual animal list XX. -- Not -- or not respect not love making but just. Just raw. Animal sex and we we can't wait we can't act like animals. But it Jeffrey our conversation once again just points out how complicated this this issue. Would agree. I mean you have. If you go to get rid of -- people -- you retreat outward of course people -- -- you know like totally one group of people here says do you know. I totally agree Jeffrey and I'm glad to -- the children's actual listing to Dirita -- night. Here's a Texan reads and now I'm not trying to be flippant or crass but really this is about -- Roger. When I was shooting -- -- or California into itself. Guy can't. Well I'll just put it this way am I gonna board the -- disperse it wears it to a guy can't. Can't have sex goes out and kills people I'm 28 years old graduated from an Ivy League university. Never have been -- dates nor had a boyfriend. And I'm not going out. And butcher any innocent people because I'm lonely. Everyone always feels like they need to point fingers after the fact when they had the chance to do something before. So true so many signs. It's almost embarrassing. How people were so quick to say well what about that we're okay what are our publicist what are some of those things are going on somebody's life right now. Are you paying attention to to the point where you could stop something from happening by being pro active rather than waiting for something to happen well we saw that coming. OTC coming to whichever responsibility to -- some. This is dispute -- if you're hold more of your calls it architects are coming up. Right after this break -- BWL should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children that's -- -- dual party general opinion poll tonight right now 45% say no. And 55% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. A tough defense attorney Robert Jacobs says that to a juvenile rehabilitation does it work and parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children's actions. Twenty people were shot over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. In New Orleans. Something has to be done. I'm -- and from New Orleans buck -- and a BWL. Maybe I'll go it. I'm listening go -- all that accountable. -- -- -- -- -- -- that the government is so involved in our lives. Yeah exactly what -- chip it out -- -- him. Well did the kids the kids need to be spank for calling 911 because you can spank your kids and any if if there's a kid it's so. So disrespectful of parents that that kid would call 911 after being spank that -- the parents to start spanking him early enough. -- -- after the same thing. But doubt no doubt about buck and. I'm glad you -- -- -- If you wanna spank your case that's fine. My son's mother and -- we chose timeout. -- timeout works. It's it's more of an effort -- spanking your kids but it is legal to -- children. Before get back to more of your calls here's a Texan Reid says how can parents teach their kids to follow rules respect authority and respect the lives of others when the parents. Don't live that way. From New Orleans Jason -- on WWL. Eight out of that point -- at that point. But. Buick and it could get worse and worse -- note that it's in the rain we'll let -- -- -- certainly maybe years. It's the same -- in the they've cracked. We don't have a cult. And a lot people don't talk about in the city and then if it can. You want to share -- -- built well. There are concerned about discriminating about expelling it has been a lot of children from school. So -- -- -- like -- at any given time we have at least four. Cute writing as well as candidate and a network to -- a crime of our. It's come on that app and that what we -- -- attack there. But as a -- -- accountable. -- wouldn't work because it was track in the early nineteen. It works well outrage. And try to put them on -- -- -- ordeal didn't call actually you know. But it that they can work out because of war bare speaker to. We you know without the patents it will probably now in the it was a -- here now granted in oracle and apple aren't that. And that -- Aren't there Jason I really appreciate bringing that up I've got to get your news break here I don't remember a time where and parents were held accountable the way they they should be -- -- parents who allow their kids to get to guns and this happens all over the country. And that they -- shoot people I think they should be thrown in jail. Because they were reckless gun owners -- astute and we'll be right back after the news.