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Scoot Show 5-27 9pm, Parents Accountability

May 27, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: Elliot Rodger, 22, murdered 6 people Friday night before killing himself in Santa Barbara, CA. There were warnings that Rodger was not mentally stable. Roger posted a video on YouTube that was a manifesto describing why he was going on a killing spree. Basically, he was upset over being rejected by girls. Who or what is to blame for Elliot Rodger’s killing spree? Guns, failure of the mental health care system, a macho-driven society and movies that feature the awkward frat-boys get the hot girls have all ben blamed. Who or what do you blame? PLUS: Top New Orleans defense attorney Robert Jenkins says that juvenile rehabilitation doesn’t work and parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children’s actions. Do you agree?

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All right you have heard the rain is on the way but we do need some -- in this area a lot of pollen and a lot of dust all over the area coming up this hour. Listen for a song from Jesus Christ superstar. And I remember I mean I was even in radio yet yet this was even before -- got into radio. But I remember the controversy was Jesus Christ superstar because it was rock music associated with Jesus in the message of Jesus in the like that he's only got rock music with -- we can't have that. Well right its course it's nothing today but it was a big deal back then the establishment was very very upset. We're gonna give you a chance to win some tickets to go see the Jesus Christ superstar arena spectacular. The -- -- dress rehearsal to special exclusive WWL. Performance Sunday June the eighth at 7 PM you don't like -- -- -- So this hour listen for the song from Jesus Christ superstar I'll give -- the number. -- -- -- and the prize is valued at 10500 dollars is a four pack you get four tickets. And the grand prize is valued at 800 dollars and that includes a meet and greets with the whole staff and I'll have all the ST two story coming up so that's says sometime this hour. Here's a quick update on our -- W a pretty jaguar people we get back into the -- -- should parents be held criminally responsible for. The shooting crimes of their juvenile children. 38% say no 62%. Say yes give issue opinion by going to -- QL dot com we've also been talking about. The shooting took place at Santa Barbara Friday night. -- Roger -- are killing spree I've heard gun deciphered the failure the mental health care system I've heard a macho driven sexist misogynist society. Is to blame I even heard it. Seth Grogan Seth -- movies. Featuring awkward frat boy types who get hot girls the movie sort of point. Seriously. All right we'll talk about it also the -- blog tonight it's on our website at WW overcome. Down the right column under our opinions its title Santa Barbara killing spree. And the blame game you can read that in nature with others over Memorial Day weekend to forty people were shot in New Orleans for our dead top knew it was defense attorney just -- in our news. Robert Jenkins says that you and I rebuilt -- doesn't work we did too soft on juvenile offenders and parents and guardians should be held accountable. For their children's actions by withholding public assistance. If you wanna join -- show with your comment tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seven Texas State Seve -- -- you text are coming up here in just a moment let's go to -- Donald -- on the -- show good evening. -- you doing stupid to think that can column. All I gotta go on and put on the off the -- accountability. Situation here a bank and ball. -- open -- wouldn't call a broken home they're still together that -- -- certain -- -- Our whole lot of terms American kids and -- about an alcoholic and it was just sit and debate will be reported -- much everything. Political program on about how much -- no matter how much you know little girl who would ever. What was going on Obama that are always -- steal everything and even when I was brought -- or whatever. That would come get him on the outside or twenty minutes and then biblically you know Monday give me about the proper proper would have mattered. Do you put into -- This has -- bit. Don't worry about going -- meet my somewhere else we're gonna hamburger restaurant and let me get together. Like almost already he would bring it back to whatever. Well don't give a talk they taught respect they total. Respect for each other ourselves. Everybody else our elders. -- -- I don't know I think I love this I love this story you to. By the honorable man. Army about demand for the second down. My first wife had to -- Now undergo treatment and our people a little. Bit of the Bible and a step -- I have a little girl whose camp. Myanmar expired didn't get all that's who matters. Are. Today even a bit on the -- -- Whatever. The two. Not the main thing you have to do. It -- about it -- No matter what go home where he would he would just or did you have a whatever -- -- -- -- want you had the port. -- respect. Full or ever been -- that China. But it will be drawn about Obama gonna have a -- Obama capital on the first that was pretty. -- -- OK at the bell as. Can go on and kept the ball well our -- chapter one or two. Bad news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would take -- addition to go on to appear on the as well we do dollars. They knew. Not at all it's not showing you is gone the opposite of -- Chill out for this to a shared respect that they are somewhat. But they have respect for human life. But had to respect for themselves that respect each other. And after that -- -- more. In all right now on to them I. They've it put him out in which is. Accountability. Is -- Something and have to be. But there you have accountability. At a little bit. -- And and if if if your kids or step kids. Get a hold of your guns if you allow them to get ahold of your -- and if they did something at a at a young age if they did something with your gun should you be held accountable. -- I agree on a per share but it should be held accountable. I have all the confidence that -- my -- or. Between statute now to statutory -- I have one -- entrapment they would never do it marked because of the guy who knows me and about. I can relate I can relate to a lot of what you're saying to be my parents fought. I was I was I guess you could say the bullied physically and verbally when I was when I was young. My -- Dan had a -- I knew -- government has gone on but at some point. And I young people started to use -- to two to vent their frustrations. Our -- probable it by remote. People. Leadership and knowledge yet because they're big kid in California did charity goes bowling game ever. Had a girlfriend and I was. Solid part that maybe about -- got it. But my bad. My mom and the I mean this is why you gonna build and keep -- -- -- It would. About a (%expletive) around but you know it impossible Tenet and it's what happens. Don't -- about. You know. I don't know how to explain not. But tell your story is inspiring and I appreciate you sharing your witnessed tonight and I know it it it touched a lot of people and it's just important to know that. -- guns can be around and it's never an excuse when kids get ahold of guns and they'll use him and twenty people should not be shot in New Orleans with Ford dead. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. That's exactly right people should. And its parent malveaux. You know electors and only have been reporting you'll have to agree Q. Well I don't know about two and three that let's say -- eighteen -- three. And I mean it everyday in my life downtown arena but but they were -- you know what I would maintain -- More about -- and -- -- secular non elderly crime occurred in the gravel outcomes they bought. You have spent it would have an op opt out it still all about -- -- Well Donna good luck with your your second marriage and good luck with all the step kids over everybody gets along and thanks for calling your show. Aren't I -- and I appreciate it crop nationalistic -- attacks and reads parents that are crooks race crux. Opera Covington Griffin your understood showing Debbie WL. Should say Powell yet. And emotional to each. Okay. I'm can't that cage hitting by your comment about. Cars means different. And eat and you know Tony people and -- it here and -- Chela I think the problem is. -- -- Step did she didn't say thank you don't cut all stand down and write my. Second Amendment. All gone by dealers and absolutely they should go out. Most on restricting dialogue. Killings in the last few weeks -- and -- -- eat everything. He can take care. When you're saying and indeed take -- Ringer here. Gun dealers said gun illegally. It got better. -- May -- Law pay taxes I. And I respect. Angle. Illegally. Aren't that different and and. Well and that's a case of we don't need new laws we need the laws upheld. -- are deriding Griffin -- I've I've talked about it you know you don't have to you don't have to touch anybody to kill somebody with a guy and it's it's a way for cowards to kill it's it's a partial. If you -- somebody you've got to touch there warm body it takes more fortitude. Stamp Simonyi into sheets of bodies source cars concern. I guess that would be more equivalent to a two of guns and then to a night it would be more personal but -- still. You still would have made I guess some kind of vicarious contact with them if you were in the car. Just think talking about Scotland this problem that they can not -- as well I'll let let let's set the record straight -- not talking about -- -- want to bring enough. The question about. While we talk about -- in the same issues I'm gone in cause and now. You'd gone in the questioner and hopefully the next. And you got a shot and and religious you know trying to invoke some calm conversation about that issue that you optic question about guns and not being part intelligent people will go around the pot. I just felt compelled to come about in. -- -- -- -- but it is something that we occasionally mansion on the show -- -- guns provide very impersonal way you killing and that makes it easier. Of people killed that might speculative to -- because they don't have the courage to. Griffin a political Michelle thanks for listening if you're on hold you stay witnessed. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. A -- -- receipts at seven this is the Scotia on Tuesday and I know it feels like a Monday to him yesterday off. But it's Tuesday already and will be right back after this break and interview coming up this -- you gonna have a chance to win four tickets to go to the special exclusive WWL tech rehearsal performance. Jesus Christ superstar Arenas -- I can't wait to see this again because I do remember controversy was when I was young. And I was part of a generation established totally bash. My generation supporting rock with with Jesus. And today's establishment is very critical a lot of stuff going on with Tunisia generation. Anyway when you hear a song from Jesus Christ superstar BD eight caller I'll give them a special -- the call and you've got the tickets four tickets valued. And it's 500 dollars here's an update on a -- -- project opinion poll tonight should parents -- -- -- responsible for the shooting crimes of their children -- children. 37% -- -- 63% say yes they shouldn't be held currently responsible. It was your opinion -- going to our website WWL dot com. And from Texas Howard your -- actually this is this is Matthew knows there's no -- to look at the show. But the that credibly about civil over these kids. A -- -- -- upscale subdivisions that perform these clowns that just mountain assistant welfare parents. And -- the tentative until this year -- an ultimate dog goes to money. That insurance company you know in the recent certainly think it and eighteen years -- goes up in some money wouldn't that the issue be sued simple insurance. Don't know what it what do you do if if somebody doesn't have any anything to give -- Won't it will proceed people elected from a steel vault built as it was goes on some. OK you've seen the parity in insurance company. It was like that pulpit so much while after that insurance company -- suit. That topic sure to put these people -- -- mortgage insurance so. I'd like to out skill players and when it goes up from -- eighteen years old and it should be civil patrol Sobel simply insurance company in them. And actually lose this year than it was -- mortgage trust that the kids. You know it was right you could possibly ultimate solution. Howard I'm glad you called I think it's just important for us to continue to talk about. What can be done. What can what should be done to hold parents. Accountable. Now there are good parents but can't control on relief -- I love this text the parent should be held at fault if the crime could have been prevented by the parent. Now that could be a very lengthy process determining whether or not the parent could have done something to prevent the crime. I think it's some of this ties in with did the shooting Santa Barbara California Friday night which were also talking about. -- Roger 22 years old. Was it was I thought it was a good looking kid said he couldn't get a due date couldn't get a girlfriend he was still a virgin had never even kissed a girl. Driving a BMW apparently a run their privileged life. -- so frustrated that he goes on -- killing spree. Stamping hitting people -- car and shooting people six people are are are dead. And I am wondering did his parents failed to teach him to deal with rejection. His father was an assistant director on Hunger Games. And this this young person letter rather privileged life. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your -- Amber's 77. We're thrilled have Angela -- part of our radio family here at WWO she's always got great stuff and tomorrow on her show eulogy inspector general. And clock to vote at 1 o'clock and at 2 o'clock wire so many streets in New -- full of lumps bumps and potholes and wire so many lights out shall talk about that. And then -- later in the show I'd do you have an evacuation plan. It includes your dog your cat or your pets in the event hurricane cups and she'll have some really great information if you haven't thought about this. Unit and write all this down -- used to Angela tomorrow an open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow -- weekdays one to forty -- of behavioral. From Metairie Brian you're on the -- she'll. Basically -- a lot to say about that Elliott what is now the mainstream media it doing an absolutely. Terrible job reporting there. The problem started when you about a year ago. And great element Thursday its Marvin product it's a really bad argument. And pretty much. At -- -- -- but mark to the point well and it was. The model issue or am -- bet they each other and other. We -- them out of the divorce. -- and in this new growth and -- got. Rather quickly to get the speculation they might be enough there there. And if we control it probably sent. I don't even know what happened to the -- you don't ever hear anything about the mob story. Well did not I thought the -- was who was on the way after she got a call from somebody alerting her about an email Friday night I thought the mother and the ex father. Were in the same car heading up towards Santa Barbara -- to try not to try to stop their son from going ahead with this plan that he. Talking. Point with the page and then to this point and I can't pick up women that -- And obviously yeah. Right in. The and he -- at TP usually movement called. -- It's the movement -- -- I pretty much. -- these guys that go out. Topic women and babies be peaking -- about their experiences and many have written books columnist content material on it. So he's espousing. Hatred for. He won't eat something on the on the -- people want to about wanting to release oxygen. Content. Immigrant to kill. One and week. You know -- not tolerate that kind of that's out of and eventually been. It is. He's turned. -- women because they look at them again to. So the guy he thought he wouldn't -- -- -- both men and want to kill both. And he's pretty he's been killed him roommate so -- on the right treatment the treatment. Well you you know whenever guns used there are going to be people who are gonna get sensitive about that issue Brian. Why -- it was a complete different procure an extreme. -- can say that this is an opportunity kill him and to limit and. Children -- down and Betty it was because of the contents. He is manifesto. On YouTube. It is led a lot of people including. TV pun -- to say this is the result of much showed driven their male prerogative. Sexist. A -- defying women kinda society. I think is better failed I don't think that's where -- come. And DDoS is another great opportunity Bryan -- call tonight that another great opportunity to talk about how. Parental failure. Exist at every level of the socio economic spectrum. Not just at the bottom. There's this parental failure at the top as well with very wealthy parents. It happens in wealthy neighborhoods right here in the greater New Orleans area. -- places right here in this area. Where there are will to do families. Who are doing no more of the job of raising their kids properly. That parents who are having kids. Just because they have sex. They have no intent on taking care of their kids either. So this isn't a problem that transcendence. Socio economic boundaries -- excusing got a text here personally said he screwed something serious is happening on West Bank. -- terrier and expressway. -- closed. In every direction. Jefferson Parish sheriff's office already blocking everything off could you advise and what's going on -- I don't know what's they're going on its first ever about it. -- from the West Bank terrier and a video. Yeah yeah every great empire must fall school. And that's where at the United States repeated probably. And 4050 years. People -- children were extremely materialism. And not act. Anything back. Kirk materialism in itself that that they have but what I mean are marketed in in there about the boys and trickle at the scene like when you. Grew up using it one way or act as a boy double fault. Literature out to perform in an irritable and everybody -- -- everybody get epic thing and get one. It hit its all Obama even -- -- act -- -- be weaker great people. Wolf upset because they'd get. -- at the football games this Super Bowl right. Outlook expect that the people you know they went all the -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Harry you bring -- -- -- bringing up a good point this is part of the entitlement mentality. In America materialism. He thought. -- You. Know we know these people. Make. And in life we all need to learn to deal with disappointment and the things that we don't have. -- entered the game he had a technical. While it hello all more than. He'd mention. Well. Sure anybody else. It -- -- -- everybody is more well into why they can't traction -- because of the fact that Robert being subject it is. -- -- black you know -- participated. In the -- -- At some location I'll probably Tripoli where doctors take -- of people absolutely positively. But. I mean it is our society. I mean when people come back from the global bank and -- -- -- If you figure that treaty in the country -- and so why should we. -- -- I mean we can't go what should we want Kabul. Well I I agree I I thought the city was gonna get it and we are a great city to host an event like the Super Bowl but there are other cities that have done a good job hosting the Super Bowl was well and you know we're not when I heard about all the talk about what we need to build a new stadium now. I don't hear that about Miami I don't hear that about every seven hit that about San Diego of their other cities that are really good cities for holding Super Bowls and you know people are always looking to -- dispose of something and while the dole might not be. The most state of the art but technically. And don't facility in the country it's still a pretty darn good stadium and we are a great place to host a Super Bowl and I'm sure we'll get more. What we the week and if so well now. To be here would be got the stadium to get two or three more culpable. For. That amount. -- -- Harry I love I love that you bring up materialism. And you know the other thing that we have not been tested. With as a nation is is our resolve to pull together and I thought about this over Memorial Day weekend and talked about earlier Friday night. We were so tested in World War II. -- did this nation came together and we haven't been tested like that we have you know I guess that the biggest test was that following 9/11 because we were attacked on our soil. But there yet we we've we've kind of had it easy which had an easy as a nation we haven't struggled. You know -- outlook in the shop -- that the amount of mentioning. In this little boy look for -- right and you're able Rasheed and if you look at what more do you walk into it and what. -- now do you want them. And repeated throughout the country took these. Hey you're still here in the in the boy -- -- fiscal. The ball has ample. All all -- act won't let go up. Think that there are all. -- -- -- -- not that way that they're expecting. The crawl on pill popping up all out war. It -- -- an ambition. It is hopeful I entered and it. It won't. Help. A school in order -- -- sick she would like you you look at it now Koppel on what we pray in public. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- center area and it's it's very frustrating to add to those who realize that these are parents who are just doing a tremendous disservice to the kids they think they love. It is more important the -- that -- -- collection and people pick. My child that was shot -- And very glad and I'm glad to call the showing that you brought us some really good points -- thanks listening to UWB real indict. Here is attacks nothing going on on the West Bank expressway they are doing a practice. An accident for training. So it's good read in my still inconvenience you a little bit but it's better than that and something bad happening I hears it takes the reason I'm 75. Got a 22 when I was seven. I took it. Every day a ticket everywhere including to school. First thing I ever killed was a sparrow. I was proud. But then I had to clean and -- it that was the only reason to kill a living thing. And that's from Phil. That's a great lesson. To -- -- Any lesson. Is a good lesson to learn the problem is is far too many people don't take the time to teach their kids. Lessons. Are right here it is if you bought a four pack of tickets to our exclusive WWL. -- rehearsal performance of Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. Sunday June the eighth. Seventy regularly -- arena pick up the phone now here's the number to call 26 so wins. 260. 9467. Feet caller is the winner. Huckabee do well. Hi we have some rain on the way tomorrow and Thursday and in some areas it's going to be heavy may be three to four inches of rain over the next couple of days. We really do need and I opened as it -- your plans because we do need the rain. A state and Debian -- for all the details on your -- to our congratulations to Adam Lee from uptown. And I'm just one for tickets for pack of tickets to our exclusive WWL -- -- performance. Jesus Christ superstar respect factor Sunday June the -- 7 PM that you elect from every. To to -- 500 dollars -- -- every night for your chance to win this week. And you've got a chance to win the Tommy Tucker in the morning from six to ten to listen for a song from Jesus Christ superstar in the defeat the eight caller to the number that we give out. And then your winner and don't forget to you have until until midnight Wednesday June the fourth to go to WWL radio. Our FaceBook page look for the Jesus Christ superstar contest like us and register to win the tickets about a way to four tickets are valued at 500 dollars. Three lucky winners will be picked at random at midnight Wednesday June 4. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster and good luck from the station. Who does not a lot. Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. WL. And I remember that song and I mentioned this on the show before it's on my divine element I don't know how to want him. For Jesus Christ superstar which was controversy. It was controversial because people the establishment of the time interpreted that. Meaning I or how to make love to Jesus. I don't know how to love him in a sexual way. There were people who added that meaning to it. And I thought that was ridiculous because it's in the context of that it does that the rock opera it was. It was just such an innocent ways that I don't know how to laughter. And that's a question that many Christians. Have -- -- realized here's a quick update on our -- if you project -- people and questioning your life for him but sometimes she trying to figure out how to best showing your love. Here's a -- RW -- -- -- opinion poll should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes other juvenile children. 36% say no 64% say yes. You wish your opinion by going to our website WW dot com -- are -- talking about tonight a top New Orleans defense attorney Robert Jenkins was on with that Tommy Tucker this morning at a VW offers news. And he said that their juvenile rehabilitation is not working. And -- parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children's actions withholding public assistance would be one way of holding parents accountable. But then a couple people have brought up well and it's -- point what do you do about the rich families. And there are rich families. Who also don't parent their kids. They do as poor job parenting because they are rich in their distracted and they don't pay attention their kids any more than. Then many low income families who were criticized for not raising their kids it look a lot of low income families to take care of their kids. And do raise their kids and it is a struggle it's harder to raise kids in some neighborhoods than in others. But this needs to be fair to everybody. And if you could figure out what the withholding would be in public assistance. Of the average parent on public assistance. And figure out the proportion. That. To their lives. That is the proportion that you would have to take financially. From a rich family. And I I think holding parents accountable to a really good idea. If if greedy selfish. Self centered parents. Who are more interested in their cars their clothes. Their clubs. Then there kids. If they. If they lost a lot of their money. They might consider doing a better job raising their kids. And this is something that does happen in wealthy neighborhoods as well. If you wanna join -- show with a comet tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven protects Amber's -- 7870. Oscar but -- -- title Santa Barbara killing spree the blame game a lot of people are looking for who and what to blame. For Elliott Rogers murder spree stabbing people hitting people in his car. And shooting people. -- -- -- -- We'll talk about that coming up you can read the blog and share with others it's on our website at. Having appeal to account I'm astute it's a Tuesday night feels like a Monday night if you brought yesterday and we'll be right back on WWL materialism. No respect for herself for human life. Education. Dealers who sell guns illegally to people. These are all the reasons that have been mentioned for. The just that the disproportionate about a crime that we have in the world as it ever in America not not just 200 speaking in New Orleans but since we're into war once it that's what we're talking about. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend twenty people were shot forward -- -- but again they the only difference between being. Shot and killed his is a matter of inches salt when he could easily have been killed. Including a fifteen year old boy. And if so what do we do about this. Robert. -- good. You know. -- -- No parent should not be out there -- and people it's pretty fair to the -- up with. Well -- song and you're -- I'm guessing you were just breaking up a little -- so would you use that Paris should not be held accountable and until they were you set after that. -- -- Payers should not be on the -- Because technically out there need be he would keep -- mall right in not only -- But going to be up. But a lot of you would agree that a lot of kids don't listen because they've they've just they've never been taught -- they're good parents but -- their parents never taught the kids two to. To understand their consequences for bad behavior. Well. -- don't think he has the consequence on what logic here bill. In all the parents are being nobody knows what he is only enough. And we what he would want you know -- beard -- it -- goes not into all -- -- And we generally. Yeah but you can't compare some of the things that kids do today were some of the things that you do when you were young. Right now I'm on the part and I'm you had an air. Not a aren't cute -- does it not because their parents don't need jump. Because speak only as they wanna do what you -- do and we are trying to hold me responsible for what -- seen it is bill. -- -- -- It starts before their teenagers Serb leaders to Washington you know -- -- the teenager that is on cruelly. -- in all likelihood was a teenager who was never talked. To be respectful -- never talked consequences for negative behavior when he or she was young. Yeah in certain Kate I told -- which. Well we gonna save our parents and in the right there and you can't do. If this is definitely a complicated issue minister Washington I appreciate you calling a show I've got to get to a news break here. I here's a number of viewers join us with your thoughts and your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. A text Amber's -- 7870 -- get right back -- your calls and Laura your text and this could block tonight is about this. Very very confusing case in this Santa Barbara California added they're killing spree. And the blame game who's responsible for Elliott Rogers actions will continue to talk about that in the next hour under the W.