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May 27, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: Elliot Rodger, 22, murdered 6 people Friday night before killing himself in Santa Barbara, CA. There were warnings that Rodger was not mentally stable. Roger posted a video on YouTube that was a manifesto describing why he was going on a killing spree. Basically, he was upset over being rejected by girls. Who or what is to blame for Elliot Rodger’s killing spree? Guns, failure of the mental health care system, a macho-driven society and movies that feature the awkward frat-boys get the hot girls have all ben blamed. Who or what do you blame? PLUS: Top New Orleans defense attorney Robert Jenkins says that juvenile rehabilitation doesn’t work and parents and guardians should be held accountable for their children’s actions. Do you agree?

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Well you just heard -- it our newscast he result with Tommy Tucker this morning and every WL first news says defense attorney in a world says Robert Jenkins. -- juvenile rehabilitation does not work we need to be on tougher with juvenile offenders. And we should withhold public assistance welfare and things like that from the parents and guardians. Of those kids who commit crimes. What about the rich I mean that would have to be a plan for the rich. They have to be playing for that that wealthy family. You know maybe take away they -- our country club membership. Arts so they like now -- a series that would have to be something equally proportionate. That would hurt the rich. Because again there are wealthy families that are not properly raising their kids. You enjoy pressure would you comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's Saturday. -- Amber's late 77. Ross is talking about this case at Santa Barbara California. Where there's 22 year old Elliot Roger. Winona -- spree sending people hitting bee was started shooting people. And the blame game is well underway who's who's who's to blame somebody knew -- to force to blame Seth Rogen movies. Because it shows. It shows from -- frat boy tights. Getting hot -- And so if people don't have that happen to them in real life if that's not the -- in real life. And they become disappointed. And they get frustrated. The -- parents. Fail him the warning signs were certainly there -- -- tonight is titled Santa Barbara killing spree. And the blame game. And that's on our website at WWL. Dot com you can read it and -- others and we'll give -- an -- -- wanted to be a -- project of people coming appeared a few minutes and here's the poll question. Should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children. It is your opinion it to -- well dot com abort your text are coming up Henry Euro astute showed good evening. I think Henry I turn your -- down in just a listen on the phone otherwise you'll get very confused. Like go ahead. There are you're. Saying that ours. Iron -- on would be. Here they adopted it it particularly if their parents what -- -- not pain or anywhere on you. -- In -- Eat the way they would rate similar area it. Well what it. What if there was evidence that. Again I don't know how you would look into this if you -- are now on a case by case basis and I realize that this is a really confusing. Issue but something needs to be done and there should be a way to hold parents were not raising their children accountable. There should be a way to punish parents. That have children that they have no intent on race. Too many kids of not understanding the way you light the way to chip -- not the way. That other people don't say. Yeah. I mean I think it's a good point Henry I'm glad -- call. Hears it checks the -- there he scoots. How would you know. How well wait how was just -- -- -- how would you know when to give there with holding back. I mean it. They start parenting their kids right. Honey you know and get well -- that's and it's interesting how would you know when to give -- I don't I don't know there's there's still a lot to be discussed in terms of how to hold parents accountable. But I like that the conversation is now coming from others we talk about a lot on this show parents should be held accountable. We've got to find a way to hold parents accountable. If you can't just. Have a child. And not raise a child. Then maybe fewer repeat maybe -- people would then. Have kids. The right people. Having kids. Is correct. If somebody. If something happens and somebody wasn't intending on having a child because they're young. And they have a child any. And they take care of that child. That's a blessing. But if you have a child when you're really young. And then you have another one. And then you have another. How can you possibly take care of three. If you really couldn't take care born. And it's not -- if you don't have control over whether or not to have children you do have control. Or. It should be instilled in every young person that they have control. I'd. David frogs ever Cisco you're under the WL. At Princeton you know a couple of different things I think Phil Hester missed his opportunity to talk about what is it. Not a profligate child with -- famous adage we're. About the rambunctious child let's -- in the Bible the this son chronicle articles -- as -- that's what -- all about. And and the idea there are laws already. In place in every state in every culture and every nation. Let's say that parents can take responsibility. For prodigal -- up to the age of eighteen. And then after that that's you know there on their own. And some hope and pray you know that there prodigal children -- mend their ways and come home. And live happily ever after. But you know that's what laws are or there's there's no question there's the. -- and David when when I hear parents say well will you know nobody should be responsible their fourteen year old goes out and does something of their fourteen year old -- dis in disrespectful. Well chances are that fourteen year old was never talked right from wrong when he or she was really young of course you can't start when they're fourteen. Well I'm glad you raised an issue about this super rich. Because I you know just going through a quick list of the super rich you remember the underwear bomber. He has -- there was very well -- -- number one of the richest arms merchants in the Middle East. This guy was so rich it was unbelievable and the fact that he had a kid out there climber playing with an underwear on. Made it look all the more suspension. But that you go in the future and you find out that the kids stand was supposed to meet with the World Bank the next night. And very cute in this -- the theaters and in Denver and north to answer them about an -- Premiere movie. His dad was also supposed to meet with the World Bank like. These two guys in state and then. Of course you take. The university is Santa Barbara this -- when the kids fairly wealthy. And now of course you know this. So. That bush. You've got Prescott Bush. That on me it's yet. You got Prescott Bush that finance Joseph McCarthy got press got pushed its clients Nixon. You got Prescott Bush probably sought to that Kennedy was assassinated. It's seen as a whole bush recently from them and go into the CIA and create the site savings and loans crooks and the -- that the Iran Contra the weapons all over the world with Oliver North. Using the super rich family. Over there in Houston it's acted like a pack of traders. Yeah they've become presidents and senators and congressmen and -- that the CIA. You know -- got a real problem with not you know we say we're Americans and we say that we're proud Americans are able to stop any kind of fight. But when it comes down to it we're having a real problem being able to stop just the bush. Well I think that it's an interesting point I've. I'm not not is concerned about the bush family is. As you are but I understand that there are a lot of people concerned about. About the ability. To. Manipulate. People and institutions and think so I understand -- David I'm I'm going to called her expects a listing his hair Cisco I've I've been doing another thought there. Here is attacks that reason California has the toughest gun laws he meaning. The twenty year olds -- Roger. IDs -- legally please tell me again how gun control is supposed to work. Well I can't answer that question because. I don't think gun control works in the situations. And I would understand. That -- you can't do anything about it. About guns getting into the hands of people who are perceived to be the right people in our society. And it's it's not as easy to detect a -- when we hear a story about. The Santa Barbara killing spree. We hear about this guy Elliott Roger and things that he says in things that he believed in his his thought process. It was very very. Open to the public because CP posted the east peace deal he signed on FaceBook and -- When we hear about that it just it seemed so obvious that this person is is mentally deranged. But it's not so easy to detect. Mental instability. And society. Every it's not as easy as as we would like it to be. Up for battery Troy -- under the W well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's been cases went somebody's son has hurt somebody else saw or enable the public courts to have been one financial. Report that doesn't do it -- child back but it there's a way to you know what you want to publish rich people where their kids. Well -- that but -- but the that the law would do it as opposed to somebody having to go through the court system and do it. You know. Actually picture. At W you do it you do agreed that there are there are rich families. Are here this area who who don't raise their kids properly. Oh yeah we know what would you do about that I continue talked a kid. And decide that his parents are all paid paid your audience that -- to repair a certain -- they chew on eBay. I mean on the lessons -- medal the. Let's think about the really rich family and a Fort Worth, Texas. There's sixteen year old -- had a problem an incident when he was fifteen and then when he was sixteen he was drinking and driving. It killed four people and he was given probation. -- court I just I understand but that. And and that the the excuse wise he suffers from influenza. Which is a condition. That you you gain from being raised in a very rich family. But here it is important accepts it just like the people used to use all the -- -- -- all responsible. And dumped in a few minutes. It teach you try like -- -- person and you put away like -- burst because. You know -- which I think you better. Yeah. I agree with. Our society. Every stat like like he. Everything it's -- the situation comedy -- -- they always Arctic -- people. When -- murder committed. Economy on the Opel and and you know we we work for troops out here. What -- in Chicago the poured troops and Detroit support troops in -- out there. People who currently are police or people back at work who -- bullets or or war like any real. It here I think -- -- -- -- fail so it. But at least weapons to shoot people in open on Wall Street with Alford. -- -- Nice to like I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a neighborhood where you're fear for your life on a daily or nightly basis -- I'm going to -- gonna get to break here. If you're -- -- witness our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And it takes a receipt -- seventy here's a -- -- chickens for speaking out if a white man did this all hell would break loose. I agree with that. If somebody white. Sand we should punish families by taking away their public assistance if their kids commit a crime. There would be terrible backlash. But as we always talk about on this show. The messenger matters the messenger is part of the message whether that's fair or not. That's reality. But what Robert -- said should not be seen as something coming from a black defense attorney. It should be something coming from an attorney. This is the -- show and we'll be right back after this break and have a WL BI Harris I like this city just takes me back to the really early years of MTV. August 1 is the anniversary of MTV August 1. In 1981 I believe in TV first went on the air. -- great memories of that so August 1 on this coach you know if if we're on the air that night. We will definitely be playing all -- do that early songs from MTV. A -- gets a couple of these text here here's a text scoot a couple of years ago and Austin, Texas. A rich girl who was well connected got drunk. It was it hit and run and killed someone she got a slap on the wrist yet no one cent arrest her father why. Well I think we only incidentally. Here's a text my wife and I raise our kids to never be a problem for you. I wish more parents thought this way. And here's attacks wait a -- up until last Friday everything. Wrong with society was because lazy unionized no good teachers -- educating our youth. Tony shootings in one weekend and now we're realizing it is a parental problem. How would you like to be in the classroom pouring your heart out energy. And money into making a difference only to lose your job because test scores weren't high enough. -- guess that's something that I've I've said so obviously dispersants picking us up from from somewhere else. But I have always believed it is it's a parental problem however. There are problems. With some teachers. I said some teachers. Not. Adequately. Teaching kids. And I don't think there's anything wrong where -- fairly holding teachers accountable. But teachers can't do anything. With children. There are not raised by parents. That did live and house with an adult or a couple of adults. But they're not being raised and again this is something that also goes. For rich parents because there are some rich Paris who are. So -- -- touch that they're brewing operation accused are still self centered and focused on themselves. If you'll enjoy pressure of the comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Terrorists every text amber states have -- -- -- you're on the Scotia equity. And about it always like the point saying yeah -- like oh come out solutions to problems. Now maybe -- solution to the problem might be not -- best but. Like I always say action at least naturalize. To make a difference in changes somebody maybe some might at all. So what I talk about. We change in the way we do it. I'll always stated we we got -- on where. Being aware of that it is -- have been nobody came just who port Chichi. How to be parents HMO sector education. Will come -- all of the class of but no one to Toronto where. School for teaching them how to be there and get people crossing located how we teach. Each BP would be greater -- on the Bible. I heard a -- that stated you know most of instructions in the Bible teacher about everyday life. That then went on. People -- -- will EC. You know that -- and then it also stopped in the Bible's been then. I don't know how would. Arafat people that -- -- good outlook they haven't a school. Will we teaching morals. Pairing would be stopped. Yeah and and and and who would teach him I mean that is definitely -- right. But -- I I liked this idea but I would take it one step further. I'm an all -- I don't mean I don't mean this in terms of sex education but it is astonishing to me. That so many young people don't understand. That they get pregnant from sex I know that seems like it's an unbelievable thing to to to say. But it's true I mean I've I've read this in in. Countless studies that there's I don't with the percentages because I don't have in front of me but there's a higher percentage than you think. Of girls that don't understand that you can get pregnant. From having sex. So battles where the education really needs to began and then ideally a school that would teach people how to be parents. -- in the military units in the we need to think about. Not everybody -- live well. So some people there that people there -- to be taught as true. So we gotta look and we came bringing the key it's everything that they've been. From this person's. We will live and so another person we -- I teach -- when you leaves me you need to -- does it mean at. He's absolutely. Ricky and that's something that. You know I I I tried to instill in my son it's something that. I feel responsible for with my parents that even though they weren't around I was still accountable for my behavior that somehow I would be. I would be. I would be held responsible if I did something wrong even if they were around. And you'll be empire is. No I would be as some have much wind is -- a lot Claudia. How would be more frustrated that. Like anger rattle must -- -- be frustrated because it seem like the teaching. He you'd you'd know what would be so I want kids love a lot of things they -- gains and everything else. But it would -- some politics that's what I agree with some of the policy electricity can't blame. It all on the parents if they're trying to teach their -- Yeah notice and then that that the tough problem is trying to figure route which pairs are trying and Brian were they trying but he trying hard enough. You know theoretically jail like the idea of holding parents accountable but from practical standpoint that's not the easiest thing to implement. We can't. Isn't that like us say they have people that as a reason which is that not even their key. Ricky and let's call the show interesting thought thanks for listening to WW Illinois. From mobile David you're on the -- So. It holders. Accountable. There it but the other. -- Is -- The current event there. And they which -- Out. Of the child on the in the windy. -- -- pocketbook you that was. That would. You know gun control. You cut. Yeah it. -- -- the air but it still in the wouldn't do that -- so great that. -- it convict him to remain. What that. The good of others illustrate if we can hit the ball. -- a -- on the and of course. But mentally ill and not going to call that. -- no. Doubt about -- Bet I beat the -- is an. Try it like that in jeopardy. -- federal database. The writers and all the reports of the local government. Treated. Entry yeah of course secret. Yet but the these perspective but -- Make. Like that the background. -- -- -- -- Like the very very eclectic exactly agree why it be they have that background from that but in god. It comes back up and there's a questionable. -- there and come back you'll. Put more in the back. It is to notify. The the -- and prevention. But back at the patience tried -- -- weapons but that I think back in April I would play in the that the front page. Yet you're here in the wouldn't call it but it out there but he questioned the kidnapper. Talked Ali. You've been able. That question would. But when it -- Equipment maker -- -- -- others -- it'll be up in April. -- Well but the problem is sometimes it's easy to disguise how mentally ill and you walk. And and and an I went you know -- I went through my struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder realize that that's it's it's a little different. But I was tortured its side and struggling and I I hit his best knighthood because. It was interesting what people know something was wrong with. He I was so it's a -- treated by therapists what you don't get a gun. It like -- that it the at bat with a bit -- you know back but this. That I you know that that it was going to buy weapons legally. -- put up epic struggle with the entry and the there's a hoot about them -- notebook from the date of the here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it got a lot of that there -- That that I really believe that it isn't there a danger to them though we need to have a instantly that it that we arguably part. David I'm glad you called the show tonight it it does seem to always come back to this idea that before they were there the demand shooting their before they wizard that mass killing. There were signs. And yet the dots were not connect it. And what are we gonna start to learn to connect the dots. And I talk about that in this to blog tonight which use. Title Santa Barbara killing spree and the blame game. Part of it is about recognizing. Those who may be really crying out for help. Those who are telling us in so many words there's something wrong with. And yet we as a society. Don't pays much attention as we should. Because they ultimately. End up going on their way. And committing via the the crimes that they were so obviously. In their heart and in their minds. For a new world stunt your own description. -- -- you don't have good help with the -- that it is today. The -- now -- days but it'll have. We took them to be checked out there and I receive. But not the people that where I had to -- the -- in my -- -- -- -- respected. And me held himself accountable for what they did it. And it wouldn't do it being in a problem child though. But appropriate. Told you have all you bet I grew up where. You know all respectable one respective the most important thing yet he passed on so. A child and -- it will respect yes ma'am no ma'am yes sir no -- You know what shouldn't respect then. A lot of self built from there. And die when it comes to something like sex parents can't can't be surprised if their kids are I treating sex like brushing their teeth. Because that's the way they treat sex and their kids are witnessing. -- having sex maybe nine. Literally witnessing but they know what's going on and they they see the lack of respect for sex partners. Exactly and -- fault with that equipment -- be -- -- -- that -- in it it must be okay. You know it's it's been like -- -- it about having to. So having so what it can't it be -- Old people -- why. There have been acknowledged that have been the respect that and vote in oh. -- here's happening in racing. And done these are the real solutions but these are long term. Solutions and I'd like to come up as as we all would. Come up with something that's gonna start working right now while a long range plan is is implemented because this idea of teaching you respect. That's that's a generational thing and it's gonna take awhile for that kind of planned to be implemented although it's it's it's important is a rainy weakened due. Right now. -- vote that because you have in mind that but the change the mindset that it would take which bit and it too. That they that's a leap that they -- It is located -- Buick slide me. It'll keep on me to drink our smoke -- heard the front but -- not respect my parents. And yup it is the mark what below that there. Could be marks -- much. I don't -- first the. John I I agree with you -- to -- to break going to -- if your -- stay with this if you wanna -- a site with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. Texas 87870. Will be -- to love their booty large commercial we did we just -- -- -- Commercial break. It makes. You know. Going seem like it's so much so it's fun. Louisiana house has agreed to exempt lawmakers from gun limits if this passes and becomes law. Legislators would be allowed to carry guns in public buildings. Its citizens are not allowed to carry guns. What the hell is a legislator David -- for. In a building that you are I don't need to go. I don't understand it I think this is ridiculous it's this is another example of of -- flaunting them. The Second Amendment a -- like tonight is title Santa Barbara killing spree the blame game will get to born to this it just a few minutes. Here is attacks. Says -- so obvious. In their hearts and mind and I'm -- just a moment ago. -- in the case of this guy from from from what I've seen from this guy is pretty two year old -- Roger. This senator senator Barbara killer. It seems so obvious. What he wanted to do and yet. Nobody was able to stop. So I said he you pay attention to your kids and and it in some cases obviously not in all cases but in some cases you you you should be able to read what's in their hearts and minds. And every case. But sometimes parents don't pay attention to what's in the hearts and minds of their kids because in -- be bothered and that's rich people to. To this Texas is so obvious in their hearts and minds. This is what you said obviously you have no children otherwise you would know that the statement is ridiculous. The hearts and minds of any person especially teenager is not a constant. You also have a false notion that you were a better person and you were. That you were a as a teenager. I'm not exactly sure about that that last part I don't know I I was a pretty good to teenager. I didn't getting in trouble that I'd like to think that of a pretty good bit of citizen now but I doesn't mean I'm not perfect. But it -- parents. Quite often do not take the time to try to understand their kids and sure your your -- exchange. But if it's up to YouTube. To monitor them that's your responsibility. It's a -- to try to figure out what's changing and it doesn't mean that you're going to be 100% of the time be able to stop something from happening but you know once again with this 22 year old shooter in the Santa Barbara area. -- -- -- doors so many obvious signs. His parents even knew his mother even do. He was under the care therapists. And and yet as much as he was crying out in promoting what he wanted to do but nobody could stop him from New Orleans -- you're on WWL. Yeah okay I want to talk about cup is that the pathetic and it could be done. It would take in relation to do this. But it Sony bomb -- but the dictate it to what it is about. Kid debt backed deal and you know and as these kind of thing to not that Mandel and and about I think is that picture of the parliament. Psyche unit -- new. He was sealed that that that they will. He should have been the proper permanent. Psychic war that grandpa talked about the announcement that the began not a way that related pretty soon. But I think that the -- that evening in accusing him up like it. And -- in the comfortable pocket at eighteen I think it is and thought I think but it that there aren't. -- go to jail with that children now if they can that. -- -- bottom of the that this we hit count that would that. That would be to their credit. Okay -- they -- pulled apart my town campus apartment Tower Group that has become problematic -- you -- you can't help but. And the town that the Mercury onto something and the -- Car and put the -- There. -- and I'm glad you called I don't totally disagree with that but then you know what if against the point with the Paris took the child to the therapist. And it -- still does it. Within the arrest that the therapist. And look this is done and an easy solution. But I would like to figure out a way for us as -- society. To hold parents accountable and to make everybody realize at a very young age. That they are going to be responsible for the children that they bring into the world and I used the tone down day on purpose because. It's a male and a female. And males. Have their fun and walk away. And that's not fair. I don't know what the alternatives. But something needs to be done to change. A culture. Of parents. Who don't raise their kids. This is the -- shield. And believe decorative WL I just checked radar and there are some rain showers in southeast Louisiana but nothing. Really significant around their greater New Orleans area but we're gonna -- rain tomorrow. And on into it to Thursday who or what is to blame for Elliott Rogers twenty year old. Who went on this killing spree Friday night I've heard guns are blamed I've heard failure of the -- health care system is blamed. I've heard that a macho driven society. It features. Misogynist to command. Men who -- women or resentment that are have a grudge against women. That that's to -- I even heard movies that that featured the awkward fractal. Getting hot chicks is to blame. It is so so. Who what you believe that. And it does seem like they were were many obvious signs that something was wrong and this this guy -- Roger. Promoting it -- was gonna do. And yet still nobody was able to stop. And apparently he led a very privileged life. His father was assistant director on the the Hunger Games. -- got a text here that says the shooter in Santa Barbara and his family lived in. Calabasas California. -- the Kardashians injustice and Justin Bieber. Maybe which just build a wall around the city and not let anybody out. And then over the weekend in New Orleans Tony people were shot. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend too many people shot. So. This tells you that there's a problem at both ends. Of the socio economic spectrum. Now I agree with defense attorney Robert Jenkins. Who said that parents and guardians should be held accountable and that might come in the form of withholding public assistance. But they need also have to holds. Those who are wealthy enough on public assistance or those who are nobody notices -- -- wealthy but those who were not on public assistance -- -- a way to hold them accountable. And I also agree with Robert Jenkins said. We have been too soft. On juvenile offenders. It's gonna take a long time to to change this problem but. We do need to develop. Less tolerance right now. For. The attitude of of having children. But you're not going to race. And again that goes for the rich as well as those who are not rich. And any teenager who doesn't know that you can get pregnant from sex. Has not had parents who are good parents. Because that's a basic lesson that should be taught to every -- And I don't be you know I donated -- to be taught in the -- -- -- in the school if you want -- but that should be taught -- every single -- This is the -- -- And we'll be right back with more on this Tuesday nights -- -- WL.