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05-27 11pm, Scoot, Santa Barbara killing spree...

May 28, 2014|

22 year old Elliot Roger went on a killing spree in Santa Barbara, California; who and/or what is ultimately responsible?

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We do have some rain on the way we we needed -- say it's dusty there's a lot of pollen out there I generally don't have allergy problems -- -- -- the last. Don't the last week or so I'd be waking up every morning and I have been stuffed up and I've been sneezing -- I'm looking forward to it to the rain and not much. In the media world Syria but there's still some in southeast Louisiana. And to the north into -- area. The we're gonna get some rain tomorrow morning and today through Wednesday and also into Thursday. There's a new study from health researchers at the University of Copenhagen. It shows that stress for relationships. May increase the risk of death. While I'm glad they did a study on this because I would have never made that connection. Stress for relationships increase the risk of death. United. Might also ultimately to the affected maybe you wanna die offensive it's actually too stressful so again I think that's money wasted on another study. -- we have a -- talking about how over the Memorial Day holiday weekend Tony people were shot in New Orleans have four or did are dead. But again the difference between being injured and dead when it comes to -- shooting it is a matter of inches. So this was to have a very. Violent weekend. So what do we do. Teenagers with guns. Adults with guns. It's not the gun's fault. Can't blame the gun. Gods might make it easier to shoot and kill people. But still can't blame the gun. And we're also talking about the Santa Barbara killing spree. Last Friday night twenty year old alien Roger went on this this murder spree killing six innocent young people at the university of of California. As cinema -- They're really doesn't make sense to -- up there any murder spree makes sense. But there's so many things about this that they don't make sense. Why why it happened. It seems as if that there were. There were so many signs. That this is what he was gonna do. And it's what he wanted to do. If you wanna -- Russia with a comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. Our text numbers 87870. Here's a Texas says says -- I listened to you occasionally over many years. -- you have this ridiculous notion that parents have absolute control over their children. We do not own them we are only raising and guiding them of being as responsible as possible. Does not include. An absolute results. I know you'll go back to this. Specific. Horrible example. That your generalization. Has no bearing on reality. I understand that this is very very complicated. And I understand the -- -- truly control their kids. But in the great majority of the cases. If there's a fourteen year old is not a control. You can go back and see how that child was treated and a child was two. And 34. You don't own your children. But you have an absolute responsibility. To teach them right from wrong. And while there are good parents. Who can't do anything about some bad kids. Some kids are bad. I don't know why god created bad kids. But he did and we wish to figure a way to deal with it. While it's complicated to hold parents accountable. For the actions of their. They're juvenile kids. Something needs to be done. To encourage more parents to be parents. And do their job. And there are so many problems that we have. Better -- direct result of parents. Not even trying. I I see it at the grocery store. I see in public. And I know you do too. You see Paris who they don't even have a clue. And it doesn't mean that you have to be the perfect parent. But you have to be apparent. And then I I see. Teenagers. With more than one baby. I mean how does that happen. We know how it happens obviously didn't know how it happens they've released is a coming from how how how is this happening to me. That needs to change. Defense attorney New Orleans a robber chickens said that to we have been too soft on juvenile offenders. And he said -- Parents and guardians need to be held accountable. By withholding. Public assistance. Welfare for example. If their kids commit crimes. Is that something it's doable. There's at every of you a pretty general opinion poll tonight should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for Memphis Chris you're on description. Absolutely skewed and do agree com yes I think I think. If you had a -- responsible. It's a real quick afford it -- points. Here in Memphis -- -- prosecute juveniles they were down there before Memphis and robbing people of their cellphone and wallet. And yet -- able prosecute them. And so yes I believe that it you can stop there. I'm making you're spot or parents responsible. And being held accountable when it is an example OK it -- out -- intensity. Is under eighteen and it's as simple traffic violations straight. You know run to stop -- or whatever. That parents have actually signed a money order or check or whatever -- kid cannot go on paid the ticket themselves so. Anyways let my first light up like Gypsy. It's amazing committee. -- This god put this video. Off the Internet. And I would like in the were the authorities contacted by anyone. It. And said the on the Internet claiming he's gonna come into mass murder and he's giving this. -- -- -- so we're going to do it I'd like to know it actually happened and it stated or ignored. Because it's amazing to me that one of the speaker. At its potential that they. The president of the University of California. -- -- polyps note the Homeland Security director in you mean it -- That somebody who was so Warrick about this country in the making this country it was never looking on the Internet to see if somebody was gonna commit -- crime. And it -- university. Well I don't know if that is the responsibility. Of anybody at the school to have have been. But there cruising the year the Internet looking for this but there were obviously there were people who who saw this sin. Nobody would I mean his mother was alarmed his mother of god to. Got an email from a therapist saying look this is what he's gonna do and apparently there were other things that -- Posted publicly about -- his his frustration with women and what he was -- intending to do. So somewhere along the way a lot of people missed this. They'll well a lot of things sort of and it's just amazing to me. Bet. Unity -- you know of the flag somebody -- state. I'll let let's just not making any regrets that that they haven't made any threats that they. And -- eat their weight on same sex marriage or something like. You know it's red flag but -- got -- -- I'm gonna go out and commit mass murder that. And yes there were a lot of things it will -- as I definitely agree and you brought. One of the paper reports that I like the boring it's not. It's not poor person. Do you know it's not a rich for its in its an all around the room that that we of people who are out of control. And you've brought -- beach yet in Texas who ran over the more people into them. And record what it's just because he's rich and he's never had any disappoint in this -- not any excuse period. Yeah no ski. -- How. Bad is it also -- double question enemy. Well we see this and I think it sends the wrong message you look at these. You know look at the sports guys that have been in trouble OK good good good. You know some of these high profile people. And you know here's an example Lindsay. Gets away with. I'm in time and time like you know and breaking probation and everything and -- -- these kids in this window of a sudden get away with and get away with it. Lauren and they also obvious obviously a lot of these. These kids see things within their own families centers make them feel like they can get away -- doing whatever they they they wanna do and in her kids have been empowered by a society that is try to protect children and children should be protected. But -- children should never have the idea that if somebody spank Cindy called 911. Well that and that is the case saying that though we have created this. -- -- What you say they're fine line okay EG crop this slot and you're in trouble if you became. Didn't you know if you -- this flying your trouble so you know what do we do. Two cents. Instilling. In two people that you need to respect the life each. You need to respect not only human life but I'm just gonna -- cannot -- Michael. I'm sorry. Somebody good -- animals. I'm just. I'm appalled that anybody could torture and animal -- torture human being. Just have no respect for life period. And it didn't end when we have a problem leader in in Memphis -- we are actually more kids short. It's cool with loaded. And -- Better or whatever and be kids that are getting killed. Because of Iran's apparent to do not put a lot on that it take -- ammunition out of our. And so. It. Could be point. -- -- Stability has got to beat the number one trial were key in this society and it seemed like people just don't wanna be responsible. Put themselves. -- the consequences. When somebody gets harder. Chris I think these are good points and I've again whether it's. Whether it's parents who allow their kids to get ahold of a gun in an urban area or. And place like to Tennessee I believe -- a state where a five year old got a hold of his or bad to get ahold of but he -- is given -- territory to -- birthday he'd got it while his mother wasn't looking in and shot his two year old sister and I don't believe charges were filed. Does this all goes back to -- it took all our prospective parent. Whether -- actual parents of the grandparents or whoever. Whoever's in charge of the child if it goes -- it's not easy to be apparent. But it's having its -- very early in the life of of a child. Here's a Texas says while -- god created bad kids. You've been slipping for awhile. I don't exactly know what that means. I believe the guy treated everybody. Says they're bad kids. Did god create those kids. God made those kids. I don't know that he made a bad but he made those kids who are bad kids in but got to figure out a weighted to deal with. I hated what Michael Vick did. And I don't know what's in Michael -- heart. But I have gotten the impression that. He. Served his time. He got out. He's contrite. And he changed. And that's more than I can say for a lot of people who do something wrong and they never seemed to be sorry fort. If you enjoyed our short and right with your comment on numbers 2601870. It's all free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. Don't predict you can be one of the first in America deceived the Jesus Christ superstar arena spectacular. It's gonna be Sunday. I June the eighth at 7 o'clock -- very special double WL tech rehearsal performance. Just for you. And you got a chance to win tickets. With me every night this week on the -- show and also with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning for six to ten -- -- if you listen for song from Jesus Christ superstar. Will give up the phone number if you -- caller. You win tickets are valued at 500 dollars because it's four tickets and then you also have a chance to. Win the grand prize valued at 800 dollars which is a chance to meet and greet. The whole crew so keep listening to -- bureau. We'll be right back tonight on the show we've been talking about on Tony people being shot over the Memorial Day weekend right here in the New Orleans area for a dead -- Again if you're shot it is it did you could have been killed it's just a matter of inches. And very high profile defense attorney new world is Robert chicken says that parents and guardians should be held accountable and a W a pretty -- opinion poll is. I should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children 36% say no 64% say yes. Give is your opinion by going to our web site WQL dot com relishes and hosted NCAA regional game. And the excitement starts Friday against the south eastern lines of how great is this L issue in southeastern. Pregame starts at 130. This coming Friday first pages at 2 o'clock you'll hear it right here on WWL AM and FM. If LSU wins that game that they play Saturday at seven. And if they if you lose Friday. And they play Saturday at 2 o'clock we will be updating you on that but the next game LSU plays at NCAA regional. Against a southeastern that stadium is going to be packed and rocket. And again we've got to coverage beginning with a pre game at 131 pitch is at 2 o'clock into the WL AM and asked him. Last Friday night 22 year old -- Roger went on a murder spree. Killing six innocent people near the University of California Santa Barbara. It doesn't make cents. A good looking toward a two year old with the BMW. Whose living in under -- alike. Area of the country Santa Barbara California. -- killing spree last Friday night. Because he was angry that no girls would pay attention to. And he was still a virgin. No mass killing makes cents. But Elliott Rogers murder spree last Friday night seems particularly senseless. It was apparently preventable. -- Paris were aware of his mental state. The Stanley attorney said that -- it was was being treated by multiple professionals and was the victim of bullying. Now here we go again with being the victim of -- -- mother received a call from one of the therapist treating her son. About an emailed it contained his rant. That he was about to embark on -- killing Rampage. His mother went to YouTube and discovered video her son made about killing people. And he was very determined to kill people. And a very angry with women. Because he would pay attention to a believe be there are girls out there that would pay attention to you if you had a BMW. No matter what you look like -- this was a relatively good looking guy. So his mother alerted the authorities. And then she and her ex husband immediately. Left Los Angeles. And drove to Santa -- While driving to Santa Barbara they heard on the radio. An announcement that shots had been fired. Around the University of California Santa barber. And that someone was indeed on a killing spree imagine the horror that his parents felt. When he realized that they were too late to stop their son from fulfilling his threats. To kill others. You know instinctively is human beings we we demand answers. Following tragedies. And we hope that if we if we come up with those answers we can prevent future tragedies. But quite often the question for quick answers. Turns into a blame game. In her article on the Daily Beast dot com website. Silly kind. Blames misogyny. In America. And believes that -- Roger should be labeled a terrorist. She argues that the hateful act of targeting women over being ignored by women. Is an act of terrorism. And the failure to designate Rogers actions as terrorism. Suggest a politicized use of the term one interested in defending Judeo Christian American and values. And not women. Now our government has defined terrorism. As an act that. Is motivated by either political or. Religious. Motivation. I don't think that applies in this case. Other TV pundits have blamed the reasons for the killing spree on on our society. -- society object defies women. And presents them as possessions for meant what -- on CNN today I heard him blame the killings on America's. Rape culture. Washington Post critic and Hornaday. -- -- -- Rogers discontent with women on movies. By Seth Rogen and Judd. Judd -- -- -- because you pronounce his name. She writes. How many students watch oversized frat boy fantasies like neighbors. And new movie it's out. And feel as Roger did unjustly shut out of college life. That should be full of sex fun and pleasure. What did they suggest that when the the show be arrested adolescent. Always gets the girl it becomes confusing in real life when those happy endings constantly allude them. The father of one of the victims blames the government idiots for his son's tragic death. Richard Martinez whose son Christopher Michael Martinez who is gunned down by. Roger party night. Says enough about passion filled addressed to the media. But it was congress' failure to do something following the mass murder of 26 children at the sandy -- elementary school. In Newtown Connecticut that led to Friday night shooting that killed his son. Doctor -- tableau foxnews.com. Contributor. Wrote that guns were not to blame. And the focus should be on our failing mental health care system in America. According to doctor a blow fixing our broken sorry excuse for middle health care system in America is -- rocket science. And it can be done a few years without huge expense. Doctor apple blames a system that since police. To conduct a wellness check rather -- trained mental health professionals. There's no guarantee. That mental health professionals would have been able to determine if -- Roger was not mentally stable and that he was gonna actually act on his. Brain gets to two to kill people that he hated women in his frustrated because they didn't pay him any attention. There's no guarantee that -- health professionals would have been able to determine that he wasn't. Of a sound mind during a wellness check several weeks before the shootings. But it should not be left up to the discretion of law enforcement officers to determine the mental state of an individual. That has proclaimed its desire to kill people. So I agree with doctor -- apple. There's no guarantee that the health care professionals would have been able to figure out what was going on with this guy. -- it shouldn't be left a police officer this is not discrediting police officers. But it's not their job to determine whether somebody is. Is mentally stable or not. So. Often following on a mass killing by an individual we hear that there were no warning signs we did know this was coming. But in the case of -- Roger seems to be many warning signs that we care. And that causes has all the question the system. The parents. The police. Know health professionals. Can can we can we have a system that can actually detect violence. Before it happens. Sure it's if it's quick to say well all the signs -- there. After the fact. But we have to learn to recognize the signs when -- -- year. I think it's ridiculous to blame. Comedy movies. We're from -- frat boy types get hot girls. For -- Rogers actions. Immediately this was a deranged act of revenge against women. I think it's also wrong to. Use what some describe as a culture based on male privilege male prerogative as an excuse for manifesting hate inspired by. The rejection of women. No one can blame the grieving father. For reaching out for anything that might explain his son's tragic death. For failing to focus on the real problem -- his father Martinez who lost his son. I don't think he's blaming. The rights the right people. He says it's the fault of the idiots in congress they didn't do enough after sandy I don't -- that grieving father for just reaching out and looking for anything that might explain his his son's death. But I don't understand how the idiots in congress are to blame. But they are idiots. The line between sane and insane is not as definite as we would like it to be. After something happens it seems like it was definite but it's not always that definite. -- Roger documented. That he was afraid police would discover his plan. Before he can carry it out. Well that means he obviously knew that. His state of mind was just was was open to the public he he was making his state of mind known. And perhaps he thought it was obvious to everybody else because of what he was saying if he was afraid police might stop his his plan. And he was obviously very vocal about putting his plan out there and apparently watched. You know I've often talked about on the show that from an early age. Young males must be condition to respect girls. An early age. So when they start dating there's no question. About no meaning no. And males should never submit to any instinct. To use their strict. Overpowered a female. In anyway. I've also argued on the show the young people need to understand how to deal with rejection. Whether it's rejection. From my job projection from another person. -- part of life. And when I read about the privileged life of this 22 year old -- Roger. I can't help but wonder. If he was ever taught how to lose. If he was ever taught that life is not always go his way. And if he wasn't. That his parents can be -- for that. We and I say we meaning all of us. Should try to be more vigilant. When it comes to the warning signs that always seems so obvious after a tragedy. I can think of my -- my life growing up. And even as an adult. Before I knew that something could be done about what I had. And and it when I was young nobody knew what it watts. And I told the story before my parents decree to a psychiatrist twice. When I was a kid 'cause they knew something was wrong with me psychiatrist -- -- be wrong with -- ball wasn't until I was it to do it wasn't until. That was until the mid nineties. But I realize that what I had had a name. It was torturous today. Obsessive compulsive disorder. -- -- horrible life. Mean I had fun at times but I was miserable. I knew how to hide that condition. So it's not always thought there that this is a condition that would lead be due to do anything quite like this. -- It was something that it was a it was a middle disorder that that that I I I hit predominant Paris disappears from the for the most part I hit it pretty well. But you -- -- all come in contact with with family and friends and coworkers every day. Without being overly sensitive. And understanding is something truly are a joke. What you think we should take more seriously behavior that could be seen as a warning sign that somebody needs help. And with the many public displays. If Elliott Rogers willingness to act on his middle frustrations with win. He may actually had been hoping that somebody would notice. So he could be stopped. Because he realized. He couldn't stop himself. If you run into an issue with a -- tonight our numbers 260. 1872. All 38668890. It's Saturday. Protects -- -- 7870 scoop like tonight is titled Santa Barbara killing spree. The blame game. And it's on our website right now -- -- dot com you can -- -- and share with others I hear -- attacks in our society. It is what it is with the violence. It takes. Vigilance on everybody's part to stop violence. Take 911. As another good example all I -- be disposed B nine a laugh at midnight moment -- 9/11. That's true. Looking back on on everything that happened before 9/11. It's obvious what they were doing. It's obvious what the plan wants. But we didn't connect the dots. And so often people or not. Connecting the dots. But after something happens it's so obvious that the dots. Should have been connected. Here's a text is. Does everybody get the feeling that claiming someone was bullied is. Getting to the point of crying wolf yes I I've written blogs about that we've talked about that quite often on the issue. The media has. Has elevated. Being bullied. To a condition. That is an excuse for killing somebody or committing suicide. When in reality there are a lot of other issues. They contribute to somebody doing something wrong. And bullying. Is part of life that doesn't mean I in -- condone it. But it's part of the human existence. And if you -- not taught to be believed. What if you're not taught to deal. With being -- Dead and that's a problem. Here is attacks that -- another underlining issue. At least a rich kids. Reached lets kids for leads a rich kids to bad behavior is this liberal mentality. Where we teach kids from an early age that there are no losers. Only winners. We start giving them the trophy just for participating. And escalates from there. I agree with that. You're not always going to be a winner. And maybe -- Roger. Was not taught how to lose. He was it taught how to deal with with rejection. I -- rejected. I fit the profile of of of of the loner type. I I was I was a loner. -- worries. And insecure. I'm young person. I was dealing with my obsessive compulsive disorder which made me feel like it was different from everybody else. I didn't have a tremendous amount of friends I wish boldly eight. And yet there were no excuses for anything that I did wrong I did something wrong that was my fault. But I was taught to be responsible. So yes. The media has and this is what the media does. The media feeds into. Two preconceived ideas the public. And the public is buying this idea that it bullying is a bigger problem today than it's ever been. And I realize that their social media and things are different today. But bullying has always been part of life and kids have always been -- That doesn't excuse the ball in. But -- to teach their kids how to deal with being bullied. Because you could bully in the workplace you could bully throughout your life. And you need to learn to deal with it. And it is true that we have as as a country we tried to make everybody winner will know not everybody's a winner. And sometimes you learn more from losing than you actually learn from winning. And everybody shouldn't get a trophy. Between the times that I face rejection in my life and I'm sure you're the site. Those for the times when I learned to try harder. Those with the times that I learned. Debt. Nobody's gonna give me anything. I have to fight port. So there's a whole lot. That needs to be addressed. If you enjoyed a shorter and are numbers 260 when he seventy. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text Amber's age 77. Is -- -- she couldn't -- said it better his generation. Had not learned to lose everybody gets a trophy no matter what place every one gets ice cream after losing game. You can learn to lose withdraw right you can learn to deal with rejection. Because that is sick human reality. And yet some parents. So protect their kids that they don't ever want to be rejected that are born to be sent. That a reality. This is -- -- show. And will be back -- WL well Madonna was a no show for jury duty at 9 o'clock this morning in New York in Manhattan Supreme Court. She didn't show up. Yeah I'm still trying to decide whether or not I would want Madonna to sit in judgment of -- Which you want Madonna to be on your jury now also here's an update on some -- we've talked about of the show's been in the news a lot. -- Bundy is the that Nevada rancher. Who has spindle a longstanding dispute with the government over his cattle grazing on on government property. And he owes the government money and there's been. A big did dispute over that and and an armed militia -- government officials when they went out to confront -- Clive and Bundy and I've Sean Hannity and a lot of people applauded him an -- in -- had something really stupid about slavery and and and race. As Sean Hannity and those who had supported him said a note you know we don't we don't condone what this guy says at all. Well -- and Bundy has now announced. That he has so left the Republican Party. He and his wife Carol. Are now registered with the independent American party. But he says well I haven't gotten much good out of the Democrats or the Republicans so I decided to try and -- -- And I think that may be good news for the Republican Party because when. Went French people like Clinton Monday speak out and inevitably they do. Day they don't help you know French -- the writer of the left. They don't help the party that stadium. Are representing for the party that they claim to be part of for the party that. Supports him so I climb in a Bundy I don't know at the Republican Party and much out of you either so it's probably good riddance opera Picayune -- you're on the Scotia. Little group -- coli. Oh well yeah in these underneath. The -- can afford -- you know bottom. And that injury. But here you know this should not be well you know I respond at that point do you not acute. Over. Well that's that's true at night I guess it's inappropriate for me to call the kid but today it's. It's totally discredited this kind of generalization. You know what even been realized on the -- I mean. There's other you know he's -- -- gone all the have been. But what -- garrote around via. Without being mean people -- or well in your uncle -- and it is it's only people that. -- -- -- It is Sydor and apparently there were very. Obvious warning signs -- -- yet there -- you really seemed to act on them. Yeah -- -- -- -- pretty -- from the or eight people shot up pretty you know -- is that beer and and like you are you elaborate. But I agree. Grand ball. Well and do all we written in the 1990. Minute walk squire. -- -- And then go on and score that would be a block. And here. At the corner. You would walk discord. And the day Obama looked -- and bring him in. Wayne -- I've heard this from other police officers as well this is something that news has changed. It it was not it was better win. The neighbors news the police officers in the neighborhood and vice Versa. You know these people raise these kids with these current and everything. A bit and what are prepared to look at that they are being being mural -- circle -- should think you're taking a -- all she's been -- or -- it -- be out is that what it. You know giving -- you all these people you know like you couldn't care. Nobody but -- when you get to the point of being sixteen or fourteen or fifteen I mean I understand that you. Stated that points like Paris -- not really that responsible for for the actions of their kids. But it starts really early in the kid's life because there are a lot of single mothers out there. Who were raising very respectful six senior roles. No doubt when will go up the wrong I mean look at look at the movie. Gran Torino to walk to school -- the day he had no choice but an ankle on -- every day. Well report more people need to to stand up well against bullies and there are those who see that happening need to need to come forward and need to. To try to stop -- partly. We have police Britain to Wear a body blows and I -- wrote pollutants like more Walter Walden school as. Update -- it would be -- you think it'll work and -- don't grow our -- your name. -- and opened a -- the big -- but caught. An anecdote that caught the -- also what sort. Duke bubble -- And he's got to pick -- -- they'll be illegal -- that would coordinate. -- a lot of. Rain I'm going to called and that's the way it used to be on the streets here's a text agrees on behalf of all Republicans from the state of Alabama but he be the first to say good riddance to -- and Bundy. I'm -- will be right back into the -- -- well looking back on some of the things that were publicly posted on something like YouTube for example it came from. From -- Roger in the Santa Barbara area. Before he went on his and killing spree at at eight ER I got a text over to go reminding us all that he killed. A three males in his apartment and that was either -- with a knife for a blunt object so. Even though he hated women need be killed three males to me that this was so -- was just. Not mentally stable and the things that he said were just so so obvious. That he was going to do something. That. Again I I don't know how. All of this slip through the cracks so we are in our lives as we go to our days and interact with people let's do the best we can to. To try to be alert and vigilant. If we see that somebody. Is saying something or acting in some way that thing -- still seem to be right. Here's a final update RW you appreciate my opinion poll tonight should parents be held criminally responsible for the shooting crimes of their juvenile children. A 36% say no 64% say yes. And the -- like tonight's is set titles. Santa Barbara -- killing spree wasn't just a shooting spree killing spree -- and the the blame game. So you know the blame game is well under way we'd love to find out who's to blame in hopes of preventing something from happening in the future but it's. It is not always. That easy to determine who's to blame what's to blame. The bottom line with all of this is personal responsibility. And that goes for parents and for young people. When things denied John wicker. What Peter --