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5-28 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

May 28, 2014|

Dave talks about bad weather, big steaks, and punishing parents

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As we wait on it to come here 80%. Chance. Of rain for us today but that should not keep us from enjoying. That it's. All right well it's. Powerful. Everybody views on you know throw it. The positive is your chance. A lot. Did today did you think of the -- you can't -- the hump you know Harry yeah it is an expert present maintenance -- now -- This what what people write songs like that you know they actually write these words down another piece of paper. Humpty dance is your chain. -- -- dot com the home of the phone -- Thrillers like that. You know being up or mail or maybe. You mean hey -- This. Over and over again that if you're writing about it being very him and they made it. -- -- -- -- I guess he had given the background singers. He's able with the words on it right or are they are golfers out of the song initially they have notice it now as far as the tune in a while that's another whole field. Knows severe weather at this point we -- a flood watch just in case areas do get heavy rain. In which case we could see some time being the waters of standing water in the streets. Which some people call street flooding interest that's interest and discussion what is street. Lighting what is a street lighted. Verses that are being standing water are finding water. If you can still drive through it if it's like an injured two deep is it flooded. -- good question or is it flooded when you can no longer drive through that street flooding. When it's too deep to drive through. I mean around here. We have issues with drainage all the time all the time and is that plotting or is that just -- direction it is. Is it funding is it standing water either way we could get enough right to make. Any number of those things happened today. We are not under any warnings right now. But we will see how things unfold. Megaupload watch extended all the -- suit tomorrow evening as that rain all assembly could. Someone -- estimate 787 in response to the inspector general's report finding you know -- the poorly distributing its officers. Man not properly using the ranks that it has yeah responded quickly and slam them for not happened enough you know cops opted not enough on the street yeah exactly enough responding to calls to which the chiefs today. We gotta -- -- -- as well but the attacks in eighth -- it's that it does new world has enough cops that's not a problem. Promise New Orleans has too many criminals. And kids -- as in the abstract art absolutely true. If you don't have criminals you need as many cops. But since you do have criminals. What's that magic number you know for I think just the second time in mayor -- administration they started to recruit class yesterday. Just the second time he's I think like I looked at numbers up. Takes money and struggles continue about where to find that -- the funding and qualified. You know people to. Yes that's it counts as well it was hard for them to find 32. Room recruits to put into the academy. Foreign -- that is so disappointing proper background. And a lot of -- -- -- drop out anyway I mean that's normal any police -- -- anywhere in the nation. Once they start gone through the police academy and they serve going to the training in the have to do the running in the lifting in the getting pepper sprayed in getting Toews they're you're saying out of thirty -- another -- being -- you know. At least 20% are expected to. -- But -- that as an insightful text message to New Orleans. Has enough cops that's not the problem. Probably is known system and increment the question is -- get rid of the criminals I thought that. And I you shared with -- some very interesting comments from a prominent defense attorney out today Robert Jenkins. He said if they'd go after parents and the kids are still juveniles. And take away any government benefits and welfare date yet. If their kids break the law as juveniles. That maybe they'd be better parents consequence he's -- awry and maybe they'd stopped their kids from committing crimes before it happened. Interesting discussion and other question should parents be held with the -- -- to civilly but criminally responsible naked break we'll have that discussion thank you David looked like in fifteen minutes more first days here on WW LA -- them. And dot count. Meanwhile still pouring and hammonds -- the text messages late seventies that but he and we know that. Pretty much west divide 55 now you got a heavy rains. And it's all come in this way it would take your forecast after this and have your sports for Leon WWL. It's the rain now is not only. West -- 55 but it's wrapped around and now -- pretty much all of -- well. All the way to use the Mississippi lines if you're above by twelve other North -- you're getting heavy rain here west of 555 on the South Shore. You're getting heavy rain and it looks like all of us at some point they're going to get. Heavy rains. Scattered showers and thunderstorms arrive today as we see an upper level low pressure system kind of moves slowly moving into the area highs today around 81 and we could see a few rounds of heavy thunderstorms. Also some strong to severe weather possible today. Tonight a 60% chance of rain and -- flash flood watch will be continuing through the day today. Into tonight and all the way through tomorrow tomorrow at 70% chance for a few more scattered showers and storms highs around 83. And Friday a 50% chance for scattered rain for the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- Are -- Michael -- tray right at 78 both the reporting -- and in Slidell opening Gonzales where the thought it was a thunderstorm -- 67 degrees. Sports time now on WW wells that we say good morning and happy home it is Steve Geller is how you do it doesn't feel like a Wednesday. Well not for those of you who took off on Monday those of us who work each day's three -- and once. Well good morning everybody -- happy hump day saints organized team activities have kicked off and the back field looks a bit different this year would know Darren Sproles -- Former saints great Deuce McAllister feels now is that time for -- -- to show that he can he lead the team's running back courts. I hope to receive pain your whole perceive that quarter uncle built up frustration that he's used to take it out. Every Sunday you know but -- but the one thing that I -- -- there's that -- run -- problems I want to be gracious. Well Dallas Cowboys have already suffered a big blow to their defense linebacker Sean -- tore his ACL during the first day of their routier's. And will miss the entire twentieth fourteen season. The all pro talent has missed significant time the past two seasons with so next and hamstring issues. For most folks expect LSU baseball we with the wind -- Baton Rouge regional and advance to the super regionals. But tigers pitcher Aaron Nolan says they are not taking anything for granted. He remembers trailing Sam Houston five to one after the first inning in -- regional game last year. Treasonous is not easy Hillary figured out last year. I -- you're -- -- an opponent. And so you know we got here is playing against the Yankees are focusing. And -- right. LSU coach pulmonary has not yet named a pitcher starter for Friday's game against southeastern. Russell was reported forty points and Kevin Durant added 31 as the OKC thunder hammered San Antonio 105 to 92 even the NBA's Western Conference finals up at two games apiece. -- we're also provided ten assists five rebounds and five steals and says it's important for him to perform on each end of the court. You know start -- Upon our position in my job -- to play both sides of the ball. No if you wanna. You know when it -- you don't think you have to do. And Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling says there's no basis for the NBA to strip him of the franchise because as racist statements were illegally recorded. During an inflamed lover's quarrel and which he was clearly distraught. Sterling says that these DVR recording him without his knowledge and thus the recording is illegal under California law. Today -- four and sports talk which saints player has the most approving 2014. Who needs to be productive or be gone I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. That's not confused about the told now -- thing which I've been confused about the whole thing since the beginning because that is so. Amazingly bizarre but. Last week we were told sterling was transferring complete ownership to his estranged wife right. And she was negotiating a sale of the team which is apparently still happening as well but now now we're told that he is fighting. The NBA's. Decision to force him to sell -- -- he feels he should not be banned for life because these. This whole entire thing was done illegally and that he has not this respected the the -- -- because those comments were made privately. But they went public and he denied denied them he admitted to the commissioner teammate right. So so at this point is he going to sell -- -- attack on a solid. At the great question because you know what they're saying that on the open market right now it could go for around 2.5. Billion. Dollars yet. Heard there's not going to be hurting -- anyway Tulane university's Gabe Feldman told CBS news that what he may be doing is just trying to buy more time. Because negotiating a sale like that which is supposed to be done really mine next week right it's pretty hard to -- an NBA franchise and yes. That period of time and maybe just made this filing with the only trying to get more time the top dollar for the team but we don't know. Trying to guess what that this man had. Trying to connect with a point ointment. -- what's unbelievable when you think about the value of LA clippers value to saying around anywhere from two to two would have billion. And what mr. Benson -- Hornets then pelicans now for around 300 million dollars he's like we gotta be got a pretty good -- at least. Bargain basement that yes he looked like he -- 25 minutes sports at WW well. AM -- them and that can take a look at here very rainy forecast right after I've point 6 good morning I'm game. Oh man right here above like twelve or west of my 55 viewers incidents to -- serious rain. Right now and all that stuff appears to be headed for the major metropolitan area of new -- I'm meteorologist Alexander cramp -- get ready for a wet Wednesday showers and thunderstorms arrive some could be strong to severe and we could also see some heavy rain today. Aren't we are under a watch right now an 80% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms today and a flash flood watch in effect for the entire area all the way through tomorrow evening. We're looking for possibly some strong to severe storms. And eight flood watch again in effect through tomorrow could -- several rounds of heavy rain moving through today tonight and tomorrow. Tonight rain -- is 60%. After a high today at 81 temperatures dropping to the low seventies for lows tomorrow highs around 83 and a 70% chance for rain. And even Friday a 50% chance continues. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Alexandra cramp -- It's if you didn't see the rain yesterday I think you'll see it today and award tomorrow's so get ready for folks right now we are starting our day. North of the lake at 78 degrees and cloudy south like at 78 degrees and cloudy but it's not gonna say that one because. It's also the thunderstorm right now it's 67 degrees and gave on its early edition WWL first news. -- text message today 7870. Says. Maybe LTD should move some of the officers from behind the desk. Last time I checked desks -- not committing crimes. -- -- -- So prominent defense attorney says take away the welfare checks or cards as -- war from. Parents whose kids commit crimes and maybe they'd be better parents interest in text messages about that coming up here on WW well AM at them. And count 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's may it's the 28 that point fourteen hair it's hump day yes it is indeed I know that it's raining very heavily in really. Everywhere but here in metro New Orleans right now it's a common and if you're -- -- ten. -- 55 I -- well offshore west. -- and to our north you're experiencing heavy rains so you're and that number please don't do it on to dance but for the rest of you hope to. Her chances as happy home and -- you and yours sir yes. Tornado warning until 615 for Saint -- we'll see if that's now continues to -- a good -- -- -- And then that story we'll keep you posted on WW. Yeah. It so interesting text messages coming in -- 7870. But the idea of taking welfare benefits away from parents if their children. Commit crime. It was suggested by. A defense attorney now says he's tired of dealing with all of these young criminals whose parents are parenting that. He says he sees it over and over again the parents doing absolutely nothing about their guns the drugs in the activity. In their home. Kids they're bringing in the drugs on the bring in the gunned down there committing -- others and the parents know it but they don't do anything about it according to. Defense attorney Robert Jenkins to defend -- these doubts now is John not a prosecutor. One person Texas today it's 7878. As if they take the welfare away from parents. And that's all they have to live on. But to think the parents to become criminals to. Just to get something to eat it but somebody else says take away the welfare money from parents whose kids commit crimes. Maybe those fans will get jobs may be those parents to become responsible citizens. So it's an interesting debate to pass but one that we will. Continued here on WWL. AM them and count how old little. You're out and residents -- evidence of the brits. Did a survey and found that eighty is now -- That's old age and starts at eighties you're under eighty you're not all the anymore. People in New Orleans a lot of the 73 and talking down. -- are -- comments like that some even earlier than that but why back in the day and I don't mean that far back in the day. A seventy probably seventy of them yeah I was considered old -- I don't think anymore not so much. I was Watson America's -- -- those -- ninety's pulling the car with -- heat up. It's in all old Nadal he looked cool but obviously he wasn't. Feeling battled you're only as old as you feel that may be true you know my mother recently retired. That -- and do I'll find them. Around and wait in line. Not in can't do that -- back to work its centuries she released -- part time. And then now she's re retired Leo long. But. How old is old I'll throw that out there for a listeners as well next sedate them and the brits right now old is in your he'd he's. Haiti on op again but -- Guess it depends on your health. In some people. Can be in his seventies and even their eighties. Words and men and women more than fifty years younger than at Waikiki. I would -- dollar one way and having it here yeah. And suddenly your you'd be either tired is all just got -- -- you'd be rejuvenated. What -- the through. I don't know how old it is bowl you're right use we used to be everyone retired at 65. That was old. But now. You know I don't know the people plan to retired to -- financial reasons or just because they live so much longer than people used. He retired at 65 then what he would. And I think that -- doctor yeah like you're talking about star but you crazy money can travel out if you -- have that kind of schedule you know but if you -- Rama on Tuesday. That's and that's it that's they get -- -- parties to sit around you now. And we sit around do nothing and you get old in the point of nine thank you David we'll talk -- -- -- about twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller joins us. That age old. It. Things that meteorologists say when it rains a lot we haven't had a -- -- all -- it's needed rain we'll hear more about that will keep an -- and the weather for you here on WW. And I greatest comment and they blame it for a lot of -- days ago live and direct Eyewitness News forecast that's a good morning to -- meteorologist Alexander -- expert I get morning Hawaii yes I'm good how are you I'm doing well because I'm not at La plaza another tornado warning -- them. Nasty cell that's moving through Saint John right now. Yet it really isn't that tornado warning for that area in saint John the Baptist parish until 6 o'clock this morning. OK and so what that means is there's a potential. -- and -- deformed we have an Anthony's twisters spotted correct. Exactly so no confirmed tornadoes right now but we are seeing a pretty good rotation on radar so if this -- does continue to kind of I'd keep fabrication going it is possible we could see tornado with this storm. And again defeat John the Baptist parish level plot to the northeast. That's the direction of the movement or northeast at about twenty miles per hour so appeared in that area of course I get to -- get to a safe place inside your home away from when. All right and for the rest of us the rain is that we don't have severe weather right now but there's a whole lot of rain really much everywhere west -- 55 in north of -- twelve. They're getting pounded. They sure are yet you can see the lightning from -- can hear thunder from Farley added this is a strong storm there are hundreds of lightning strikes. -- ten made -- act period six and 700. Strikes for ten minutes at this is a lot of lightning and heavy rain being dumped in that area. We had a small screen and urban flood advisory for that area as well because. It's got about two to four inches of rain so far this morning and it's still falling there and again a very strong storm with that tornado warning in effect until 6 o'clock. And for those of us not seeing the -- rain right now we can pretty much expected soon. We can and yet I think it's gonna hold off from New Orleans at least for another hour to as -- you might be and get the -- -- OK if you're coming from the east or maybe even from flight -- from the south. But it is kind of gradually going to work its way into the area you might have to wait a little while but I think we are gonna see the rounds of rain today tonight and even into tomorrow. And a flood watch being posted through tomorrow is an indication that the National Weather Service expects that we could season standing water on area streets through tomorrow because the -- not gonna let up. Until after really launched tomorrow. That's right yeah it'll be kind of waves of -- with all coming at generated from this big opera load its way to the northeast over toward Dallas. But it's kind of tracking all -- what started tracking these bands of rain and so we could see kind of -- -- -- sort of heavy rain possible as in isn't it tonight and tomorrow to. So finally Friday and into the weekend that's when it lets out. Yes Friday still a 50% chance we may have to tweak those numbers and the timing of kind of everything here and then Saturday still about a 40% chance Sunday at 20%. This meteorologist Alexander -- replies in direct from the Eyewitness News forecast senator. Deal like a nice big stake Alexandra. That you -- every now and then again. Now -- Nebraska woman. As celebrated breaking a Texas state house record. By eating a four and a half pound it. Steak on Lincoln and then another one. She 89. Pounds of steak in one it sitting the first one with four minutes 58 seconds I want to go a little bit longer. Eight minutes and fifty Tuesday. He's 57 and weighs a 125. Pound little bitty today my goodness. He 89 pounds of say I -- ninety consumer it's burning. It was easy to get to six nasty at the little petite stake. And went wild with it now think the and I think it. It is now about the fish. Let's between nine pounds of fish I don't think -- the yankees' thinking Alexander -- -- line of direct Eyewitness News forecast then. You know I don't get. The people who go for these eating record to try to eat the biggest amounts in the shortest time or even the ones that are not time. But it is sit down try to eat their hamburger that the size of medicine ball they -- -- -- pizza that the size of the a bowler. You know eating that much. Is not fun I have a habit when I go out a beating too much food. You know especially if you go to a place where they kind of bring you the bread or the chips and salsa or whatever it is before you get your meal -- -- talent down on that stuff until the actual meal comes. But then you don't get the and a hungry anymore but you've already ordered it. So you eat it or NBC television take the rest common and you have that feeling I -- too much. This woman had to have that feeling of I ate too much after -- guide thousands of it's eight. In a hundred to one team and it's. She was a 125. Sports institute gala. Tidy -- there's a tornado warning in effect for saint John the Baptist players right now which is -- call from Gary bills some months and power lines are down and there are definitely high winds. In the Gary -- area if there applause as well we've had reports of hail. So do be careful if you're in saint John the Baptist parish. Much of that weather is heading this way but it looks like we may be able to get to work this morning. In New Orleans Jefferson even eastern saint Tammany. Before the rain gets to use but if -- north by twelve and really now right on night 55 that rain is coming down in -- Schwartz diamond for that we say happy home. Steve -- -- How's it going good morning everybody one area the saints are surely working on this offseason is fixing their rushing attack. The black and gold finish ranked 25 in the league last season averaging just 92 yards per game on the ground. Saints legend Deuce McAllister feels a big key will be how many games Pierre Thomas plays this year. The biggest thing that he the due to Canaccord unquote elevate his game is pretty healthy. You know there's always been maybe one -- two games where he's made senator's staff don't know what he's going to be here. Terrible news for the Dallas Cowboys last year's league worst defense will be without their top linebacker Sean -- For the entire season after two hours ACL in the first day of routier's. He has all pro talent but terrible look. We tore his left ACL in 2008 while at Penn State -- partially toward again during the 2009. Season. Oh she's baseball's goal of making it to the college World Series is with -- grass and -- team has been red hot of late and has been named a national seed in the NCAA tournament. Tigers -- Aaron no stress is that the key for them this post season is just to keep the continue to take one game at a time. If you -- -- guy you know countries. Had to get theories Nelson and you know not to look forward to much disagrees knows because that's the -- you know he can't can't disagree else. Ellis you skipper pulmonary has yet to name his starting pitcher for Friday's matchup against southeastern we expect him to make that announcement tomorrow. The NBA's best of seven Western Conference final is now a best of three after the thunder -- the series in Oklahoma City. Russell Westbrook poured in forty points -- Kevin the rate at 31 as OKC throttled San Antonio 105 to 92. The range shot eleven for 22 in its highest scoring game of the series and says they're not concerned about their prior success against the spurs. We can't think about the past you got to focus on right now a game by game so this team as well coached obviously great group of us know. We make it tough when you look we can't worry about I was gonna focus on how we can give better. And clippers owner Donald Sterling has responded to the NBA's attempt to oust him. He says there's no basis for stripping the team because of his racist statements were illegally recorded during inflamed lovers -- in which he was clearly distraught. Sterling says beast that -- -- recorded him without his knowledge and thus the recording is illegal. Under California law -- he also says he could not willfully damage delete because he did not know it would be made public. -- -- have for a sports talk which saints player has the most approving 2014. Who needs to be productive or be gone with -- early morning look at sports I'm Steve. Miller. 553 -- -- Steve Geller with -- on your home Saturday and it's coming down in buckets out there except right here. Look at the window here and no rain at all I've got a pretty morning. As the sun starts to rise. Here in downtown north about an -- to. Maybe two hours before the rain gets to -- but it's coming it is so glad it wasn't -- when I woke up because that is the hardest for media at the bit when you hear the ring dropped just like -- don't wanna leave -- -- he had this to sell about sleep. And on the roof. It justice using it hasn't yet -- -- -- comfy zone and it's like you see from everything here is the sorry to the folks that are eliciting a -- and yes I guess this -- at the last to take their OT practiced indoors today -- with the potential for the very heavy rain coming as they practice tomorrow. You guys it's got there and see what's going -- -- media access actually more than just guys Grunow and helmets and no pads on for us of these routier's attributed. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of the young guys out there within the veterans and seeing. The progression of guys like Victor Butler how he's doing from his injury and also can -- the car of Deuce McAllister talked a lot about. The running game for the saint -- Who are who -- running back for the saints as it stands right now right now we have Pierre Thomas. Mark -- Rivera's Tibetan of course -- Robinson. And this has got to be the year. Marking improves himself for that as his last chance to prove -- -- definitely more maker break for Ingram his fifth year rookie option was not picked up by the -- about the this year he will. You freeagent. No Jimmy Graham a practice that continues to rage on its year receiver -- tight end until that's settled I guess we want to Jimmy. In the black -- hopefully they get that settled by training camp. Thank you stable -- fifteen minutes or -- WW well ability you're very rainy forecast after the as to how old -- old one presidential ails you feel my grandma's -- needs -- -- -- -- flower -- if we don't know how old you are how old would you be.

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