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5-28 6:15am Tommy, what happens when you call 911

May 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Chuck Drago, a police procedures & practices expert, about how the police respond to 911 calls

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Drago Draco joins us right now police procedures and practices expert a friend of Meyer's former police chief and resonant of Drago consultants morning chief. -- Leading tummy -- if you like -- I don't that's fine you're go 250 of a thousand available field offices answering calls a seller right do you afford. 250. Accordingly inspector general's report of about 1000 available officers. -- assigned to district platoons. Those of the ones answer calls basically. That's our top heavy with management views from the numbers. It doesn't union they're the primary function of any police department is. It's patrol as a unit fought -- -- the officers responding to call patrolling to protect the public. That's the primary function of any any law enforcement or police agency. So you it if you don't have enough officers. Their first responsibility. Is to deploy. They it to whatever amount you need into that control uniforms service. To make sure you're you're at least performing that most basic service of the -- -- which is that there wrote patrol or shouldn't we -- be trolling street. And when I read that it is Ronald surpasses since statement here must agree. That itself defeating -- police department around responding to calls because the more yours -- and more people are gonna call. As this and the introduction is that is that -- not necessarily a bad self fulfilling prophecy where it means all people realize and I don't wait and dollars and and actually gonna get a police officer out when they call him and that's one more people start Cullen as opposed to give an -- That's true and that's what the community policing philosophy has been so successful wherever it's been seriously used. Because the more you get involved with the community in the mortgage community. Trust the police department and believes that the police department's going to. Actually do something and protect them and respond to their call and salt their crimes and handle their their problems the more people are going to call. So usually when news story community policing. Armed plot being an agency -- do you you end up getting way more calls than we did before. But then actually it died down as you start solving problems in the in the in the polls get reduced because the problems. And any mail it made me really wanna get you on because it was in some audiences they heard gunshots in their neighborhood now two years called 911. After 45 minutes they called police back the police that we send somebody out. And persons of luck in looking out the window. Which is probably not the best thing to do if you hear shots fired in your neighborhood but I know and grow but it right -- I mean that's that's true and and then after 45 minutes they call and police say woes and somebody that in seems Otis and somebody else out and it takes. Jordan what of the email saying how long did it take in the cannot the second time you know. About thirty minutes maybe. And when that the blue won a police officer it was an hour after that after the call the second time and police officer comes out some. Basically. He questions of people nobody knows nonchalance. And and they -- amounts of people across street selling drugs Heidi you know they're selling drugs blah blah blah blah blah. Then they call of people out of the house shine a spotlight on him in essence to let everybody know who would was that called the police after. The unit arriving in front of their house and go talk to some of the different neighbors who had nothing to do with this. Is at best practices at the way you handle a call from somebody who says they heard gunshots in their neighborhood. The first call 911 call those -- priorities so big you you've got to drop everything respond to a 911 call. So would some aren't you say in chief and I mean and -- Cuba and you time and it would somebody saying. I hear -- Chad's shot shouldn't be a priority call. That would be your priority yes and you respond to that emergency because somebody to -- obviously getting shot it could just be some shooting here could be a lot of things. But he could be. Somebody being shot certain that your respond immediately to that type of the 911 call. Are you drop all your other routine call our delayed shoplifting -- goes into things respond immediately to that. And when you're on the game and when he called tickets are on the telephone with that. The caller. They talked to them a little bit do you want to be contacted do you want that police to come and talk -- been many times people say. I don't know I don't want any officers my house just go handle it and let me know. Call me back on the mile. -- said get there information let him know who's calling inches I don't want you to drag me out of my house and their buddies do you call. -- didn't want to -- on anybody you know they are doing and being gave me. Information which sometimes they they will they don't want to drag him out exactly. Right you know they get that swatting thing that goes on and I can understand your heaven and give the police sure information. So so you're not taken advantage of them resentment among some kind of wild goose chase but what about. Bring -- of people out of their houses that put him in danger and and when somebody tells a police officer. Heard gunshots you know people are common and on all hours over there it's new people in the neighborhood what what would be the best practices thing for a police officer to do at that point. Well it's it's certainly a case by wasting and they and they need to talk to the person who calls. And find out what they want is some people's I don't care what that'll come here I'll talk to him. Sometimes they -- -- bill so that that's political ticker need to ask you what you all should come by. And talk review and find out how -- person feel about that. If you're concerned about it because in in many cases like that especially if it's a crime a high crime area where it is and people are afraid it's. To repeal the factor called police. That that inflationary notepad and they don't want to go and drag them out political ticker should talk to him about that and asked them. On the telephone and -- don't need to give their name matches that they don't want to police department shall take anonymous calls. And in good intention in the -- and you can't people can't elect to. They have to be repealed so you can tell -- don't you carpet in your name and address but we want him to contact you obviously we called back. So it it it's a case by case space. Chief one more thing before relate to go and -- -- police academies -- manual ones and I don't know what -- a recent thing and police academies but. It's a lot of scream and a lot of it to boot camp marine drill instructor in your face stuff and I just wondering in terms of the importance of that as opposed to knowing how to shoot known how to. Correctly write a report something with which we've had a lot of trouble with NO PD. On the the drill instructor boot camp mentality is that a recent development and is there a reason fort. It's it's to cycle dominate they -- they've done that for years the boot camp site and go to a more salt. -- -- -- and some agencies go back to the boot camp site again. There's pros and cons of course. But you know you mentioned some of the things that are really important to be taught and sometimes. While the safety of police officers. Obviously extremely important officers are trying to protect themselves as well. A public where we niche but you know please can we don't keep jobs just try to communicate. We don't teach them how to write reports. So early we don't teach them how to talk to people. We don't teach them how to communicate with people to -- to people to talk to people and then officers sent out very often and the academy's. Almost like robots where they're they're they're they're trying to be scared to death that -- -- gonna try to kill. Whom exactly and chief -- in a rough around the time the let me tell you. That's exactly when I'm trying to say I'm all for self defense training and -- on how to protect yourself and take down somebody that's bigger than you. I did that but the military in boot camp was -- -- ideas teach you not to think for yourself just do what people tell you to do and and that seems counter intuitive as you're saying just now to be good police officer. It is and and you need it most important skill players this communication and -- they don't teach it. It keeps them B so rate of people they are going -- and because are taught that the other big and kill you -- trying to -- shaker. So that they've become like robots and people loans and -- -- or shall coal. But they're expedient to them these academies I would leprosy academies take a lot more attention to teaching officers how to communicate and talk with people. Chief were terribly laid appreciate your time will become on again. Well thank current.

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