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5-28 7:15am Tommy, NOPD Academy

May 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Commander Kim Williams of the NOPD Academy about the new recruit class and what their training is like

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Recruit class 17 he is under way. Sort of with I don't know let's get him Williams right now to join -- commander Kim Williams commander of the you know PD academy good morning commander. Good thank you for taking the time -- on the video we usually in a white shirt that I saw. Tactic. Tell me about the recruiting class in the last time we spoke you're trying to -- at the 32. And a -- 31 has won different recruit dropped out already. Drop out yet to see that -- personal reason and now. -- like that to resign. As I was watching the video. An and I have been talking this morning about the boot camp tactics and and if that's appropriate for a police officer and we had a former police chief on talk about best practices and said it seems to go to waves where. Sometimes there's scream and in the phase get down drop and give -- when he and other times. There are. Periods of academies where it seems like cycles run where they. -- kinder and gentler blood a little more. Of the thought based -- rather than getting you to react to without thinking when somebody tells you to drop and give me twenty like boot camp in. And services the boot camps like Marines and army and so forth added. It is they focus on -- -- running those kind of things. Just tell me how the NO PD academy works and some of the techniques that you use and why if you would commander. Shall absolutely. Lee they're here on Asian and that is apparently there in the eaten so -- Trying. Well. Toward military China basic China. We teach all. Failed on XP yet they need to they'll independently. Outlet but when it actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and all are responsible. Thing and pointing at the bank in the situation where that you got it -- and Eleanor. Eight intentional. Act Whitney and the need to I would order it until. And you know I try to be honest with myself and and as some much in the video. Yell on TV and some of the things that are being done in and realize that one recruit dropped down and think in what may -- You do need to do a little bit of that because you wanna find out who. Who wants to be an officer and who is really committed to it. We are based on -- only physical challenges. But. They really want the police now say -- -- it there at it to blow in Japan. Themselves and land and they shall make it to these. And in terms of physical conditioning you know I get a text that says. That. They did police Jim something about a fee to use a police Jim is any truth to that at all and an -- just goes the next question I'm asking about. Officers and conditioning after they get out of the academy. Yeah added that he -- released yeah it's an animal. Believe that Al Ahmad. -- Dallas the year. End. All right people to seek him gently opened one thing we let -- electrical crew and all here. Are encouraged. Japan and -- that. It at a -- police department. And implement. It implement it at home grew more recently -- To be commander and you came on a talk about the academy and I got a text about this in one question I've often had when you see the the footage you see a lot of officers seemingly seemingly standing around when there's been a shooting a -- than. And -- response times -- just in terms of police practices. That many officers are needed at the scene of the shooting procedurally. To what secure the scene. Absolutely secure bowl major advances despair we -- with -- -- the below eight which is there. Well I -- enact a ban on -- So when it comes to this class a 31 people as it stands now. Recruiting class 17 how many do you think will actually. Make it to graduation how long is the process. -- like it before there and these. I'll. Fortunately it tweaked it only one week compared to that went out with -- that we actually do it it's really challenging com. Mentally. -- it it can't. So in general. And move people to -- -- and they expect apple. And in terms of actually haven't offices on the street. An and being able function on their own you come Tony time weeks get out of the academy then they want rides almost an internship like they ride with a seasoned officer. I would call -- the he'll try and help the program that actually excellent ball. So after sixteen weeks are. Graduates of the class 17816. And 25 weeks they should be able to guard and patrol on their own. -- that -- -- fortune and now I'll update for the generated document in. It now that you're able they'll get released on the program and -- still the point yet but the people who patents now. Mom I appreciate -- your coming on and your time's limited to what I would like to deal if you candies join us. Throughout the 2.5 weeks and give us updates on class 17. -- Beatrice and thank you have a great -- say to -- Event.

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