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5-28 8:15am Tommy and the Archbishop

May 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Archbishop Gregory Aymond about synod consultations the Archdiocese are holding and comments by the Pope on priest celibacy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- age sixteen and we talked archbishop name in Nevada I. -- an oddity don't know that is to find out. And and and I keep getting stock archbishop payment for -- good morning thanks to take in the current army could be written thank you -- techie didn't stock on Pope Benedict and hope France's but I think the reason -- Normally when we get a new hope there there's the period of mourning and so forth and services I think in this case and have that that's why. I keep saying the wrong name. On T ever and there's. They handle it well due in two and he's only been in office to move over year so that that's a good excuse as well. It normally takes me about three to catch on. Tell me about this -- archbishop and what what it is and why you haven't. That the that the courts -- the -- -- -- you know the words and it means a gathering of God's people and the reason for the senators to. Assess where we wore -- as a local church in the archdiocese of New Orleans and to see how well we will fulfilling. The mission in the ministry of Christ. And in order to do that we come together in groups. And we prayed together and discussed questions what does the church in the archdiocese of long ones doing well to fulfill the mission of Christ. What is it that we doing that we could do better and then certainly would we not feeling that we really should be doing that -- would expect to -- -- through those discussions. And they will be seventeen consultation sessions -- The archdiocese. From that will gather a lot of information. And through prayer and discussion we will come up with our three or four priorities. With goals and objectives and the real the real focus of this is not. What is mine plan or what is you know the planet but one person to the next it's what is God's vision. And his priorities that we should be working on over the next 3 o'clock news. So for people who wanna get involved date date go to their parish early go to different meetings hasn't. We will have in fact we struck tonight with Amber's consultation sessions which will be seeing more merry in us what -- We have seventeen consultation sessions is one in every team so this one year -- home. Everybody in the archdiocese has won in the street we have -- degrees. And they'll be some one for priests religious deacons youth and young adults the Hispanic community that it was a more specialized. But that is one in every -- -- and that is listed on our website at socialistic clarion -- and you know we're saying please come because we really wanted to hear your voice when you're you're right he has. -- what we can do his church to full. You know we always Ireland you know XP should be nine goof around and I'm not trying to be disrespectful here we've been talking about. And LTD in recruiting classes and and I see where it you know I don't call -- a recruiting class -- -- ready to ordain. Four new priests one of whom deacon man I know very well and did did that doesn't even come close to addressing the need for new priest doesn't. Well week in there's still a number of priests two or 75 or older who or retired but they're also a number recently -- -- -- course to working. So it doesn't it doesn't feel -- -- the needs but that as an archdiocese -- or doing well. In the weakening vocations and getting young people come forward however there's still a lot more we can do. And a lot or we can do really is. You know on the individual level of families of fostering -- and also in -- of being able to. Identify. Young man who -- interest in the priesthood and to encourage them. Which -- being brings me to Pope Francis. And his statements and this Pope you know I don't know if he says things. Because they're -- top of mind or he's purposely. You know -- in a little bit by low bid to get people accustomed to change but he talked about priests. I and celibacy in not being married and anyway -- in and they married about it not being dogma but I believe. That would have to believe to be some outsells the cell disease IMO within the context of marriage. And so -- -- what effect would that hands in terms of attracting. New priests and it has a church ever done any kind. Studied is C. How that would affect vocations or does that even factor in office. And I think it is and factory in the studies which show and I don't know that they have been really are very complicated studies but the study shows that if that was -- The disciplines of and so focusing. That we certainly would -- track -- more. Men for the priesthood but the question is -- -- -- And what is also clear is that in our world today they're helping -- what we called helping professions. Like and the priest would like ministry. Some of the other helping professions. Or not the professions that most popular today. And so for a person to become you know -- social worker for a person to become. An agent out here really guiding people and helping people. As a psychologist. And many other professions that that typical people. Those are not the most popular today and I think it's is something about world so it's something about the values of the world. So what did what did give us more priest yes. How many -- is really artery open ended question and I'm not -- we hear what the police -- -- -- anything. Official on the -- you would have. And there was a bishop from South America who who had a conversation with him and he says you know this is a problem in my diocese and I think the pope's response was something like it's. That's something we need to talk about you know that's something we need to look at that. I think he says the duel was in close because no matter dominance why ranch Hewitt does with -- and analyses. Sometimes says things but yet assailants and we got. Liquids on his mind -- does speak about what's on -- mine and and and I think of course in this cases in which true it's not it's not dark -- in fact we have married priest and in the Catholic Church. Because if a person is a Protestant minister and they want to leave that denomination and come to the Catholic Church. And they are minister in that church. They can be given permission. Not only to join the Catholic church and to be a priest but also obviously to remain married so we do have married priests in the Catholic Church right now. If this happens many draft -- he generally -- -- -- where the octopus things had a good day mission and could do that preceded this time you've been.

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