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WWL>Topics>>5-28 8:45am Tommy, NOPD staffing

5-28 8:45am Tommy, NOPD staffing

May 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Eric Hessler with PANO about a new Inspector General's report on NOPD

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kessler joins -- The president of a panel to talk about the attorney did in. Inspector general Ed Clark drew those reports and and LTD's top heavy with management morning -- you Dylan. I'm Arafat you don't goods -- -- to -- Well I think the report. It is is a bit scary in in many aspects. And it bank also misleading I mean first of all that it only focuses on the offices that are assigned to the district or lack of the amount about assigned to the district. And down meanwhile let's do it didn't take an inspector general -- that out. Would it doesn't address is that. Inspector general -- basically telling city that. What they need to do to just get by and and that's a good decisions and has not good enough they they need they are better. And you know I think that the report is suggesting that the department. -- rob Peter to pay Paul that is take people out of the detective bureaus and other bureau that that -- vital function. And and have an answer -- -- and in at that occurs all the gonna have a ninety OIG report about six months later. Discussing how about the assault rate of violent crimes -- that has drastically plummeted. The -- general -- said they did the NO PD needs 300 officers and to use -- Nevada stopgap measure not how many do you think -- -- -- and his panel think the city needs new officers. I would say at least at least 300. And and I think the problem is that the city is never. In my opinion. Fully committed to an obesity -- just tried to get by which which whatever they could they could do he did. And it's time that in the. You know time and time again in the city officials tell tell the citizens that we want the best that copd -- we can have the best officers. And interest to them to put that money Wear them out -- that's what they want and they got it. Not only say they got to commit to it and they have to did done. -- panel and chief surpass agree on this. On their -- of view of the inspector general's report. From the comments that covered the superintendents say I would say that certainly accurate night and. What would you say though -- to people. You know a new -- ones that are waiting 45 minutes away now or given up on a police -- shown up. That are saying OK well maybe if you get your -- sooner. We would need as many detectives or. I'm sorry about the about the unsolved murders and crimes but. You know I need at least right now and and it's 45 minutes do you think anybody is going without. And a -- is sufficient. Response time from officers when they handle legitimate emergency. I'll bet that that I don't think that's even questioned there there is a big response on is certainly. Far far too long races. On emergency call and that is because staffing but again. You know these officers should do more than just -- -- -- they could do proactive patrol. Which might cut down the nature. Four for other. Other detectives December. But to -- to the add to the average citizen. Hearing a police officer object to the and a call for service to -- the average citizen -- with the police a farm for my knee in my column and come out. And we and and. And I guess simply put. Despite what the attorney general's the inspection reports that we'd all happened -- we -- you know the department could cut down. Homicide unit they could cut cut down Robert -- And you're gonna see a decline in those Serbs is to. And and that's arms and the that the city needs to. Make you know PD with a -- claimed they wanted to be -- take a look at these days I'm there I'm trying to its financial it's money they need. They need to pay the options that are here they need to pay a salary. And. Allow recruitment. And get off seductive get on the street and make them do the work that it needs to be done and god knows it's a lot of work that need to be. -- Erica appreciate your time thanks to call thank you.

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