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5-28 9:10am Tommy, City Park golf

May 28, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Bob Becker, the CEO of City Park, about developments concerning funding for a new golf course in City Park

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got a doctor Bob Becker now CEO. Said he park about something that happened after Katrina from which I don't think. We've yet recovered and I think a lot of people. That live in the area used to play golf at city park on the north south east and west course is only one. Corso and are now. And they have some things going on legislature and it concerns the funding. Of the new golf course -- a lot of people been waiting for a long time in in city park and seems to meet you come down to. Protecting the TPC at the extent. The expense -- city park maybe I'm wrong doctor Becker good morning thanks taken time are your good. Tell me if for people that don't know and only pants on -- is there any other streets in city park and see what used to be. The golf courses that you used to have a lot of people plan on him -- -- what what's happened since Katrina and how did we get to where we are now. Well armed prior to departure -- -- at the park board adopted in -- master plan -- Decided to reduce the number of golf courses that -- in the park. In order to make land available for other uses that people were asking for an because I'm. -- abuse and usually golf had had gone down didn't didn't justify having four courses and Katrina get. And how are. -- on the idea to -- was made before Katrina. Yeah we in fact we. We close out of course I'm the fourth of July weekend 2005. Katrina actually get. And actors are Katrina hit -- that we work to get to work of course open which begins in September 2008. We took a look again tactical plan and decided. We difficult complex city park should be to go to golf courses in the bargaining arrangement of course on the engine. Clubhouse facility at soccer player and that's one of the golf courses we. Did you monitor how good a golf course which is what -- golf courses and one of them were the first class golf course championship golf course that would. Not only provide fooling Google experience for people who want different experiences and -- that would also help. Drive revenue in in the park golf has historically been an important source and operating revenues. -- park -- That -- with that we began to -- -- -- financing -- in the golf course. Which included corporations from mistake after mistake in the capital like process and a community damage claims from the golf course. Through the process. And took us. I'm along trying to get the value of the. Creek claims from Katrina to be what we -- -- damage actually wasn't supposed to what was originally awarded department that the there was the familiar with Katrina damage claim processed -- now and understand it takes a lot of times it's not doctors they never will be. -- a -- aggregate value you'd be that you value just through the process and so we get there. Same -- the state. Unpopular and plans for the new golf course construction plans Lisa Johnson but golf course architect for the yeah. Out for the new course and so the plans were were completed about six months ago and the world and preparing to. Have distinct pop -- that beauty of the project construction bids. And -- -- at this point has not -- that can happen and while we've been hoping continually hoping it. Doesn't remaining conscience shouldn't -- priority. In the capital process would be. Will be awkward and we we understand that the state. Had significant contributions in that -- it is difficult but these were instilled opening hoping that the state will. -- the construction of the of these core course and we basically double play. Which brings us to the Zurich classic and TP CN. I guess is Regina Larry ON -- we invited him to come on and we didn't get a response. Where does all of that factor into the city park golf course what -- the on TV see in the Zurich classic has to do with any of that. The sort tournament would -- moved at city park and that is substantial investments in. And local government had made that can turn it over there but you know would be lost and so we understood that that concern. But for -- of course we don't we don't need a golf course now so do you know the total destruction and determined movement around -- -- that the relevant attempt at the moment we can have a golf course. And then determine committed over there for a number -- years and they do a spectacular job well over here. And drops at city park -- has never been a part of our consideration. In building -- that championship golf course it's just never an apartment with these interest again. So. That apparently the legislature wants to protect. The investment that it has made over there that's the reason for the introduction of the language. In the in the capital partly built but again for us we we -- you have a golf course yet it will be years before we have a golf course you need to start construction tomorrow. If -- -- years the term is committed over so. And you know we're we're we're we're happy about that this is simply the legislature. Wants to protect the embarrassment. Over there and you know we totally understand. So the state as it stands now hold it pays a yearly subsidy to TPC in exchange for some energy out there works. I did not and I do not know how that works that is done. You know they made substantial investment to have that. -- bent over -- essence you know drug for the for the west bank and and -- it's been very very successful. In terms of the golf course and I'm not seen the plans that that Rees Jones designed as listening Rees Jones. Re yeah. I guess I'm wondering doctor is. To host a PGA tournament this would have to be some kind of golf course and if that's the case of what kind of green fees would you be looking net with the average. Person a new -- ones below for that. We you know we looked at it expensively through the last number of years and certainly if you have -- championship golf course you're going to pay more to played -- And will to play -- on and on -- -- golf course but that was strictly do you try to -- four residents and and for people who visit who visit the city. We will have a moderately priced golf course which he which we do right now. That. People complain that we play. -- over 30000 rounds of golf and I'm not golf course we know it's affordable and people are are are are playing it now for those people who want. -- better experience at at golf and who were willing to pay for better experience will be able provide data in the course. I'd so -- Is agreeing a seven million dollars and again you can't account for every penny you got six points at six million promised by the state. So are you arguing about 3.3 million or will what's preventing. Ground from being broken majority had the plans. How much money in and would city park have a problem agreeing to I don't have don't have the PGA tournament here. Well that is assembled in wanting the 3.3 million. Still needs to be released by the state to. Finish out the full current construction package so we do need to 3.3. Two million and to the released by the states the -- as far as the tournament is concerned again it has never -- factor for us. And as far as you know national terms are concerned there's. Many different kind of a turn and instead we could certainly go after these terms and try and there's. Columns unions -- adopting some of those things but that tournaments have never -- Com and they're driving factor for -- sell arms to stay -- believes it needs to protect it. That investment that that they made over their week completely understand it as it should really doesn't. It really doesn't act. Driving factor icu two did their doctor driving factor golf course I get it -- people don't know historically the tournament was held that the PGA tour. I'm tournament event was held at city park for a long long time and moved to Lakewood in English turnouts at TPC. Let me let me ask you about the so much ground that we see overgrown it used to be golf courses and the -- uses that people wanted day and in terms of the location new golf course. Just in terms of that ground being maintained in and turn and then some and then people would wanna use it for what are the plans as far as it goes. Well you know and in the area where ideal outcome of course as we have already converted that into the. -- -- scarier on the museum and festival grounds that. It is in back of the. Christian Brothers senate sovereign getting. Tremendous you respond -- all alternate -- regarding perhaps walking exercising biking and those sorts of things and we will build and you -- sort of family water parks small a lot of park. In another part of the -- golf course in the Children's Museum as likely to move him into action should not -- usage in the area between secretarial work. And feel more which is what -- east and wild -- golf courses where our armed. Between tech killer and Harrison were -- -- to have -- there anymore and we're going to. Everything that we didn't -- the character he could be walking talking sports fields. The growth directly. India urban farms on on exactly technical -- a lot of really strong things I think that are going in that area. So the new golf course will fit between Harrison and feel more so it will combine portions of -- -- in each course to produce the golf course there. And of course you that we cut that week we cut the grass distract and to keep the grass talents and to. Keep -- critters in -- of things from being there thought. You know we would very much like to build our our new Gulf Coast -- has -- has the great advantage besides producing revenue from party recreational opportunities for people like golf. Also would maintain a a big portion of the -- of the park. And would certainly help our ability to shift our maintenance people are the portions of the park and improve what we do their. You know real quick before early to go and I've heard this from a lot of people what one of the best things I say I think Citi card has done. And in terms of its just perfect in -- location it fits perfectly is a morning call lineal casino building. Now we're we're very pleased with that the -- we tried for years to find the right fit into buildings and still we operated facilities we -- had -- injuries there for percent years we you know we looked and looked to try to find something that. People would enjoy that because I think that morning morning call has managed to. It's only 47 in case she just -- something late in go to. A city park and have -- some venues and coffee at any time especially during Christmas in line in the oaks. -- -- -- whatever college now seeded let me go to you real quick because Steve had a question Bob about that the new course go ahead Steve. -- -- He was ordered. The player and and of course our money anywhere to look at you can you can see if you go to. -- web site. You'll -- -- dot com. And scroll down to the master plan. And then open that opened that in looked through that you'll see a lot lay out of the holes. And their relationship to do. Two to even go out golf clubhouse which we would be difficult to build folks -- it'll keep -- rough idea of where the problem. All the holes are situated at small and also not get. Completely -- -- -- but it should give you an idea. Thank you very black and I'll speak for you know much belt and a lot of other people that city that we really can't wait that happened. CG -- at city park. I did Taylor and I got the courses confuse those confusing north and south and south was -- short one. I really I've usually played east in the -- like I like that he's -- you know what not all out in yet to come back only back. That -- you know there was -- turn. -- was a -- kind again but that's a nice at a world thank you Steve. -- -- -- -- It's obvious -- a -- between. The equipment. Why I appreciate that -- name. -- who came up with lifetime green fees of that happens. And you know -- -- articulating clearly got him out -- -- -- the city and I'll -- the first leader. And Ernie thank you Steve and very much I think in quickly before we let you go about the putt putt course is that. -- turned -- in what you thought it was going to be our. It's been every bit of what we hoped I -- we page. -- 124000. Rounds of miniature golf questions and the first full year. It's been opened and it it's been everything we hoped it would beach continues history the tradition of having miniature golf at city park. And that's been very very important for us from a financial point yeah. Ice and heavy on not that everybody plays golf but I think everybody loves city park. The C that was accidentally cut down -- seems to be growing in okay -- Now that I mean that was. Sort of the bushes spelt out city city park and we were we prepared and it's it's going back. He just put some liquid bush on it and corrected and came up front yeah. Thank you sir appreciate I.

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