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5-28-14 10:10am Garland: on healthcare in N.O. East

May 28, 2014|

Garland talks about how the BP settlement will affect healthcare in New Orleans East with Stephen Bradberry of the Alliance Institute and Cyndi Nguyen of VIET.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back busy Dade today. Though we're gonna have some fun. Where you don't show the other day where dietitians and -- from law and have come and -- -- made a mistake the boaters OK day in the pastoral care in the low cal diets don't work in their -- a good idea. And a gentleman called movie. Who are being I think Merrill problem rumored iron -- And apparently. The extreme actors -- -- doing. Called some sort of implementations. And I think currencies -- -- viewed video girl. It ended up with a pacemaker. And a number of other health problems. -- deuce ad changes the -- And -- -- -- and called the you'll lose that dark cave man. Of -- -- about them than panels submitted by a prolonged time cause he has a deliberate thing she's forty years ago. That has started. An actual blog all of this from we have ED. That has tens of thousands of people on the blog every day worldwide. To learn exactly what is. How to you. For Tuesday you don't lifestyle and -- and more importantly doesn't work and that the law. Whoever talked. I think paying the bill last -- of old news coming up in the play -- renewed attempt. To assume -- he -- an oil company legislature. Is debating and today. And we'll talk to veto author of the leading group that -- filed a lawsuit. And a couple of -- people. Should. Are talking about something which totally unaware of a reveal the recruitment reading about. The potential BP's settlements in this state in in -- coach -- can mean people -- can mean businesses. And a -- on those headline and says New Orleans -- that receive a portion. -- -- 105 million dollar BP settlement to increase taxes helped. -- and what that -- well. And to do that gonna talks even bread -- executive director of the alliance include tootsie and welcomed the show. And Cindy -- one executive director Vietnamese initiatives. In economic train. And I'm not good morning aren't -- Is via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In me and it should. Sell out mission is due on occasion and -- poke at at least. And Stephen what is the alliance institute. -- -- -- Institute is an unpopular position. Diplomat community of mentioning. That across the -- now. And -- -- with the everybody with -- hand daughter everybody waiting for everybody fighting for. A -- pinned to the BP settlement. How did you get voted and how huge your gut and or or you promised a certain amount of money or -- just indication you might -- -- Other Stephen -- Should -- a -- In that. Basically what happened. In the that -- when he -- And it gives me. Alive and that -- hope that it is poor across the region Louisiana Mississippi and Alabama and art to communities. Including. One in the east. And coming out of bed. Rather than you know darn close. Of the organizations that work you know crime -- -- -- elected Democrat and I bet that all out war. Some type of destitution. We looked -- -- needed to occur and what would be the best suggestion. That was in the fifth. And what -- what. Spoke to realize -- People well indeed. Six. Bill the problem in terms of the medical professionals. Being able to -- weapon the services network one of the -- caused by the that. And so we put together program. That was picked up. -- -- -- -- What BP and the type of the community. And they put that completely gotten with a number it is considering whether -- -- regional outreach program. We've survived the hunt and odd million and all the abuses. Seventeen count in the possession of the crop. Louisiana Mississippi Alabama. As to -- it could have been charged. I would saying that this community involvement in that program which includes primary care for the middle behavior. -- meant little. And help that is viewed programs of the community worker program. And so we've been able through this program to. Issues that -- Community based organizations that in this state expected the could sit there and ensuring that people doing that. Now in the -- and participating in two. You know the best way to make sure the people receive the -- So as -- does that mean you have a moment. We have received them payment. That in its programming note weighs seventeen. We are really getting -- getting strongly with the community engagement question -- debt. Then people -- We have to use. Good idea. Was -- -- up by on line are the involvement program. As well. In -- and and and not yet. And in the this girl that was helping out in in. Who's. Camera. And and Cindy wood group were. Members of the community. Affected by the BP's bill boat business was and help pauses seems to be up focused on health. -- correct. Of course even before the but you know with the could change and typically going to be peace settlement. And then about community about it suffered greatly from health issues resulting from the beat people of stale. And so we're very pleased and excited. That does the primary focus to the initiative focuses on community felt. I -- in the East Orange and many many years and finally east and north of Atlanta from the Loeffler actually the first leading the charge. What what is and Revere the gulf region health outreach program where does that. You have to -- in this program top of the program funded by the deep background in medical -- of its class action settlement. Got -- department about US district court in weapons on January elect deporting thirteen. And it ties. Yeah primary about it the economy and a little bit earlier the primary care capacity as -- looks directly. -- -- -- Little bit ago project being. Complete network program and they -- it and -- -- and literacy program. There will be. A coloring how in New Orleans being in the seventh victory -- Italian objections in the -- state -- on the Durham. -- -- limited break curable Conroy director those -- viewed loosening in New Orleans who's running veterans. Questions it sounds like a 105 million dollar would be peace settlement. Coming your way you and help cure and various benefits. One more details -- -- we've got -- experts to lose that zero. 170. Told free anywhere in the country music cents rated nine and you've grown so. Where were they can then talking about the BP's so when New Orleans needs apparently is gonna. Get a piece of -- five million dollar BP's settlement. And the good -- good to increase access to help yours talk about it Steven Bradbury. Who's executive director of the alliance institute. Cindy knew and executive director of Vietnamese in their shoes in economic preening. -- -- and if Cindy and -- if you know mama and we will bring you more liberal listeners with a question. -- you are on double up our preacher talk. Hi all first -- clone. Let's shoot. The first few minutes and I didn't hear about chips are urged. It is -- include. Incidentally -- you know. That. The plan but it. Would be the media. I -- -- the directly in India and tan. -- And which -- didn't -- But it. Would be agency to expand programs. But it is time. Businesses to do about it -- -- -- And I wouldn't get into. -- -- -- -- Start at young cause of the mine. Which you will help. BP clean. -- is not yet not jewels all on his neck and back. And the person who was right next on cleaning not yet. Right. Okay. Why -- and and fortitude is soul. It's no time to be loose and -- -- specially. Especially when he witnessed as Mulder. -- article refusal. Oh. And give -- orders and that. And and but it's -- I'm sure a lot of people listening that used their question. Houses and spread out dues every -- versions on the Louisiana give these sub room doctor outside. About -- the album deplorable. So -- tool. Yeah. And now. Evidently I'm looking counting in connection. That was -- By the court. And so will be at and get prepared wondered they're -- -- and -- an adjustment in OK but not lack and then you lose about Cameron parish. And India. In Mississippi. Are applauding and now now. And and I understand there have been no issues and they will get new initiatives. Under worried already -- troop funding you've got. And you got to community helped -- to out there Sunday bulletin board the projects in and one under way it's being fund. The community health workers project which is actually funded by Tulane University which is one of the partner and that there. Call for -- and health outreach program. To what we did with apple can't miss and we actually hire train. Local resident and I change by by university of of Alabama. To be employees now community to ensure that there is accessed. In an effort -- house so we started a coupon initiative. So we worked with a lot of working families and getting. Cutting out coupon at Indy you know clock eating healthy is not cheat at all. -- and so I -- what -- but I do it because that would make sure that my children are healthy. A lot about the image don't have that currently sources so what we have done that we started the coupon initiative but we make coupons healthy. -- -- items Cooper if possible to the end and then that wade -- encouraged to buy healthy food and you know and cost effective price. We ought to do FaceBook acting because this market everybody obtained information in many different ways they'll media outlet is often. So we want it happened south FaceBook would be even now -- we also created a comic book for children. Because healthy communities also includes healthy children. And we want to make sure about children -- engaged at very young age of eating healthy. Police started accident. Helped collect them enough for McCain because these -- summer camp in laundering and -- Expecting 240 kids out for McCain until these Cilic -- will go to a -- collegiate curriculum. To ensure that they have access to health information because it's so that the community health worker program. New Pope and at least diet out of the -- can help which -- and missed that chance they can interpreting services and language access. Is a major issue and learn English speaking community. I to communicate that I serve so. Many about community event and speaks in -- And so when they code to playing except when they go to hot it'll. Most of them did not speak English now that we want an excellent -- -- they interpreting services are available. And it is not the part -- capacity building at the local nonprofit organization. Consisting operation because we wanted to make sure that outdoors -- mean call that. -- at the community. What going to be hosting fame and the day. Coming up in September and those engaging in the ethical. I thought about is because many term as encouraging -- and eat healthy but I'm reminded that parents of the one tactical purchase the food. And that can't but the one that actually happened these elected to provide it Cilic in the that the parent -- not fully engaged in. -- the initiative. That count Cilic it would have access to the police sources. We wanted to make sure that I can't investigate and to how to how to eat like final -- connect twelve salute and excited. About some of the new indicated they came up a coffee can help outreach program for -- community. All right if you don't mind let's bring in you know there. And on the Euro -- Stevenson. At least pull it. We got a problem with the -- colony called back to you and please -- -- wrong with those students and. And yeah. -- Oh. All right but -- have little trouble with that. Should go also but obviously. Think you've been doing a great job. A bit of a got a number of all the questions get him road you're going to and news. This this is this is gonna be working for the uninsured in the medically and underserved. Writing. Does Obama -- -- not take care of the movie uninsured and medically under her. Well you know the gap between and it certainly more people of them. Prior to the Affordable Care Act will be able to access health care as an -- But -- ended. For the state that it covered by the settlement did then lack of. Expansion of Medicaid would be a good and I am a huge number of them that are going to be out of that opportunity. But even. Then the you know active -- we -- -- -- what look at -- This program. -- -- that they they -- it to that they go to. If you if you can papal it is no where you could go doesn't help the situation so that program -- -- to increase access to add to help it. Not that the health insurance. All right it's a break for news here and come back we -- that no number of people. Try to question there of phone signal broke up hopefully though Gibbs called if you just joined us. Were they get a better way BP and when money looked like portion. A 105 million dollars. 40 here maybe going to New Orleans cities that number -- -- them revoked its. Will figure out exactly what it means for those in New Orleans -- -- -- -- Well -- 26017. Are welcome back. I've been saying that you'll use guilty pleas. And five million dollar BP's so and and so -- you -- in -- it's seventeen. Counties parishes. Album will be important use of giving -- -- -- again you'll. Dvds -- -- And we have Stephen Bradbury what it's executive director of the alive. Institute. Executive director of Vietnamese in the nation in economic provisions -- the -- and and we'd be -- that is. -- -- Your owns the rights and. -- -- -- -- Under a lot of the -- DK and -- That out there of people still well so what. Trading welcome all and like -- info on. What they are cheap and people. -- -- Stevenson in the -- All right cute she says the hospital I think who's still on the open and or U -- your money you -- health initiative. Going to be doing anything in the -- side of a broken norms and costs. Good grip on some of the money is gone into the and the only. It's gone to but do you know and -- and -- I'm -- at it now. I'm surprised. In them and who. Committed to a -- and -- provide services. Part of ago. To me that people it would he's had a trial. You know no doubt about it it will impact it. -- That is that would normally be. By. -- And duplicate what. An increase in their capacity to do so. -- dues and he wouldn't would you talk about. Programs to help people you'd better understand their diets that are. I'm -- -- I've become a bit about health note myself over the last three years. But. Every world look in your even -- did the good food. Is very expensive and S win and you can find it. And on top of that -- I see more bad people and several walk round and follow born brings -- -- there haven't Buddha help problem saying to me boy lost a lot of weight look to explore. Those who did -- BC. They have no interest in particular kids. We we talked. About this all the time in the -- will throw one element of Euro manure and analysts and you. Would -- the show -- before yesterday. Where the -- division government and saying -- it's a building margarine and and then on boardroom lips do bother them back to Boller. And the -- that stop. That's a bad idea now would shoulder. It is duplicate -- -- worried where will just so overloaded. And we don't have the money to you bright in the first place. That would just say they're aware that in. Give -- some provision this year. Sure when you know different than in any community we -- like every day. Light and right -- -- -- current defense help -- help educators is not helping me. But -- invite for the past forty for a unit of my life. And I am I don't become -- week. I don't see too many bad Vietnamese. You'd be surprised. Alan fine but actually. He's eating played the -- well now I've always believed that alibi he's he's -- differently from other people. And -- the fiscal activity also come into play. At is -- the -- what -- parents and gone back to a question about eating. Eating healthy is costly but what he has done is that we actually created. A float far as our mind on now communities and a the reaction -- -- he'd take it separately and -- -- -- happy that -- owned by the archdiocese of -- -- used to be diplomacy in the church in eastern Long Island. And so -- -- actually secured thirty UB with the archdiocese Nolan and reform the pop -- back into the light at the correctional. And because of that. Unity -- late in the -- about how to eat it up community could be eating at the old and in doing eating healthy all the time because they're not our. -- Eat -- healthy all the time because application. With burger and French Fries right at what I do that a monster exercise into other step back there in -- -- So we created approved it's because now that we can't be expensive as. And so we've painted over it people street on property and what looked to me. More -- On property can make food access to our community residents. We have a senior program -- -- exercising every Tuesday and Earth Day exercise and played a major oval. And -- too little help elect staff. You know we make sure about -- has been active in the -- because you know what happened. When the school adored the post my comments are the key -- indoor prepared that apple iPad. On TV watching TV but what -- -- if able would get him out outlook exercise well. In this being active throughout the farm. We've built. Community. Cut them play in -- enormous technically in the Asian community. We have to leave Athens square feet -- now. As they only have accent to play without children because they complain I have -- -- -- now. And they'll play at one -- -- keeping to keep my kids healthy beyond apple want to attack the one making. Armed access to that helped it like now in addition to eating but encouraging people maybe we know it is and because we have a budget deal. That is being intelligent people. And engaged in people to sort it that are available out community. That they can have a healthy life. All right looks like no break QB -- a fuel induced. We're talking about two settlement money from BP a 105 million dollars worth who would be distributed to. Seventeen. Depicted coastal counties and -- Alabama -- would you -- -- to Mississippi. And more -- we're concentrating. On New Orleans shield portion of skull through suits you rule one eat so. It looked like a 105 million dollars worth I think in August this Borough by Obama gaffes. Is gonna go to a number of agencies. Dealing with help in the going to be. Everything average seventy infected coastal counties are versions. Obama always general Florida misses that he and one of them that inning -- that this is New Orleans east. Receiving Bradbury with the executive director of realise it's institute. And sending new and executive director of Vietnamese initiative and economic front and Cindy and I know you said about a miss that. How much. Do you expected to. -- -- -- Top of the -- saying it is receiving the five years. Round for the millions. -- -- giving. Did you doubt about it grants to organizations. Such attendees. At the region -- -- the -- go out and took it upon in this program and you know a hundred million dollars. We're look -- -- in -- is it not my mate saying and about the particular. That the two. I attended -- most good point that -- look -- organizations but it can create the good. You're quite the region for communities to the about it these type of an outcry. And would be you know -- and natural. It's been able to go back to eating healthy. -- -- it's still there about. You'll injuries and what to do -- at a news community. Use the best -- market I have ever seen is that still there. Org or number of talent though. After the barely large market goodness loses. Do you things that are in the and you -- out. A -- orchard but it's still not -- up to. -- very minute loses. Well now that as a parent and definitely -- they -- that coffee can help outreach program began to be able to. Can navigate in encourage more people who live -- eat healthier. You know one of the that they about that meet Sammy and done it and actually go to jail desperate in an adult content and in the back of their house. Let the ball execution now like it and blanket -- tell. Coffee can help outreach program is to promote health access it and and encourage healthy lifestyle but we also want -- -- mean capacity to take ownership of their help you might as well. By doing some of the simple paint it I mean to this and ethnic issue them. And so -- the market and on and played so if you haven't been out out market it's unbelievable. They wanted to -- it out about it all grown food right. It would not eating at prominent state. Pry into they have got to remember my grandmother she was living. And that would supply. I mean she would make sure it had it was about people cared so she can go out to the market. And south of the national to the community accident. You know get up at the Indy and a nation union panel also promoting. I'm healthy lifestyle. Grown vegetables and I think that's so but we definitely think in Asia was in our community. A leaked out community which not to talk about the Vietnamese community. Talk about and we've body but are diverse in ethnicity that would definitely encourage everybody. It's a healthier way of living by either technical issue -- the national. Capital into these sources that are available in the community. What's who's remember him 9000 group would save of the art facility student. If you talk about India and I'm sure that probably been out there -- guys who lose. You can. Through the primary care capacity to project in our troops and their ability to better that in. Don't do that that's not part of the -- people. -- At the tip of it and debt. That is being funded by a different projects. And baptism. -- communion that's working. Without him and yet. And you mention in here created jobs now. Well I'm ready. Not simply that he'd been I mean workers jobs have been created. And -- Could. Capacity and that it to go back it. Some of them have been able to bring. -- haven't. In. A big enough time employees that they would bring. Bad you have doctors. To comply. You know back to commute. With -- and that means that they increased capacity. It was that they had to do agree that it's well. And Cindy sells like you bring -- very good news we appreciate what you're doing -- for joining me that we agreed to. It. Bird ticket broken government that you're listening to think tag. And big celebrity -- five to read at. Our incoming objects cultural we're gonna talk about the lawsuit against 97 oil company legislatures. Still debating. We're gonna Jon Barry and -- unit turning it is and involved in this flight. And of course we go on to descended through them Yeltsin mobile to balloon patients who have come -- the chosen more than welcome. If there's staff listening. And beside him would be part of the discussions. That are in pursuing -- users would -- root for you. The State's coastal protection program. Gathered a little bit more information there Alter have a blog that. Rendering pretty heavily in number will be reading. And will have an update on the blog itself. That's something that affects each and every one of these businesses. Rich people poor people. Raised the houses on its. It's a threat to each and every one of -- we don't have the money to study here looking -- Come right back about a.