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5-28-14 12:10pm Garland: on the paleo diet

May 28, 2014|

Garland talks about the paleo diet with practitioners Clint and Monica Bravo.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back there should be applauded and I think very interesting show little and -- this came about. Don't show the other day and -- latest dietitians. Upwards expert for around the world. Or reversing themselves a lot of our diet is always into them the water that was in the Julia. It's better than the margin for the border. In the middle in that area -- the blues club. And honorable format do gathered in his purest form and it just contradicted. And how he -- who have been told over the last forty years. And and we don't so it shows on hell than -- -- and we missed. Verifying. Searched that goes in to these leaders from the food industry from. Help the industry you -- -- -- And I got a call from one of our listeners saying that. He moves on -- illegal that they die. I've heard of -- Pico with the -- man -- From what I have read important there replies that it's it is currently people that lived 1520000. Years ago. This of what they eight. And the feeling -- That we've we haven't evolved. In two beating all the processed food. That we. What our bodies are setup -- is what we -- 1520000. Years ago. And he mentions that he had been an Iron Man -- out Foley mess are. He called to corpus and that its nod. And he ended up with what's called old government -- and good friend of mine have been saying things happen. Oh -- -- maker basically says it and and argued latitude to girl a few years ago. If you are not new year doctors' services. Recently called it would have maker. You -- can be your window very quickly there's very little time to have this happen and survive. He had 9% or two or -- blockage. After the widow maker at sports events and now as a pacemaker. And you're with them being with all that practice isn't all about that discipline. That he could do the thing -- He changed his -- to the daily news that the and and this is where to me. It's for real interest. -- daughter. Mark. And she -- struggle she and on March shoes. Our -- -- marathoner. I'm. That father. But those -- three years. It's it's Alaska economy incumbent and choose only the well Victoria and only the homecoming queen. Now choose a biology chemistry premed major. With a four point oh grade point average. And interest in your shoes they're good about -- and -- walking working towards -- doctor. And has a web site with -- about 5000 views and -- And she's focusing. On food as -- medals and moniker you're much more importance -- say hello to you forward while there they do for joining. Thank you for having me I'm excited to be here. -- good idea and Clinton welcomed to show thank you go through all the papers -- -- really a pleasure to meet troopers. Our Monica. It tell me about what happened in the dead board of that that I haven't you. And how old was she when you have dissent and -- Let's see -- said five years ago some honest about fifteen putters of the Euro get in forested. In -- you'll Olympic after what happened to your day. Well I guess it's it's it's really part that sees them as important man in your life and it is something in. And have a weakness when he's -- and the strongest -- and it highlights and help me. Michael and get believed in everything told -- Hackett do you ever hit. And once we get it how scary it was obviously really -- honor him in and and that weren't. Once he got out hospital and we -- -- be active about. Try to change his -- -- make him all year I got into it and we start reading other. And earned it became -- -- and we are cooking together. And I wanted to legally island -- batter and and get caught on like. Do you June discovered this before your father. No he found it -- -- at reading books about how is. Track is -- -- basically and reverse the plaque it is artery and then. He found that I. This way or lifestyle and and I I actually made that -- while that man you an undercurrent. And for me I'm a little skeptical earth and it took some time. You know it's hot it's hard to get keep it high school and you know hired you you're going out there and Canaveral in -- -- Eating junk -- all at -- time. And so it took a little more remain and then once I really guys this is what I need it is the -- Change it for me and make me feel better. That's why I changed. Yeah I accept it took some time. All right we're gonna take our first break Monica and our order. We'll talk to you for 53 minutes -- talk your Perdue as approved and -- happened so I think Max he's that old -- and where adrenaline. Governor ibex they would -- to be just joined us. We're gonna have to explain to us in and you do what the results or some -- -- little -- thing dot. And of people removing in the structure and statement. Aren't welcome back I think ago one of the more interest in truth we -- brothel with former arm and absolutely -- to honor. Physical fitness not aged 49 to build -- -- purse and -- true blockage. What they called widow maker when grueling part it. If you don't to -- the boy as a -- On now has poor students and a pacemaker. And his -- and something called the Olympic guys that we have our emblem this moment. Who knows goal is for a in its a web. Odd thousand views more on talking about -- in the side. A plan and can help you ports to be difficult to do those. And what the -- is. Well basically Garland. You know I looked at a guy named -- Davis -- cardiologists. And -- started following his blog devised a -- line. He -- track you plaque in and late the last book he wrote it was a New York Times this week they'll. And in the blogs and on the line on line the research -- did. Kept coming to the -- with a guy. And I heard about it -- -- Cross it but never really paid much attention to. And then really -- an -- from the that really health standpoint how to really stop inflammation. Which is what I believe really happened to me through the standard American diet up to this point. The exercise it was great actually say my life because. It built that my vascular system. So I did not -- fatal heart tactic to spoke. But I went that next step up and down really. Went out to change that we -- in that's really what I think happened to me. And some people just develop inflammation I think I'm one of those people in it manifests itself in play and that's that the clogging in the arteries. So with this diet. I'll end up losing like you 35 pants. Didn't want to lose weight didn't think I had to -- weight to lose that board that's in pursuit and no intention. And woody told me. We see interstate you know I spoke about this. That if you feed your body when it's meant. To be fit you fueling the proper way you're gonna get ten natural set you're gonna get to a lean weight that you meant to be. And so the paley that the -- the concept. First of all me just describe it real quick the timeframe is starting back 2.5 million years ago. Up until like my -- the 101000 years when we had agricultural revolution. And we were home owners and campers that. And and so in this last 101000 years we've become agrarian an even more late lately now is the -- and processes to which I really believes culprit. You know we have -- from the -- grains dairy products. Vegetable oil refined sugars salt you know speaking at the -- we didn't have domesticated cattle back in the -- stone -- count. So there was no. In regard to but it. Really all things I described here you know. Like Monica -- Sammy percent what we consume two guys who we radically that the modern period guy tries that mimic. Basically how the cave man eight. In the modern world. So you eliminate all process issues. You eliminate all sugar. Just by doing that if we can agree -- With everybody to do that your -- flu -- that won't just change dramatically for the. Monica you give me an idea -- described. One meal. Did you would be of this -- Olympic. Okay well I you I like to have a little bit of -- and -- -- you know and my card come -- either but look there is. Now pretty much any actual entry and then -- that would he. Either. The -- no. Spotter. And things like any kind of healthy back and -- And and then my routine would come from easily an animal so. And check in accord fish order. Got that speed. And like -- I like it I think it's really important to get that pop. Line of like you need to spend more money under it now and -- -- and on your -- later. Now I don't have a problem with spending money and getting cracked and -- -- organic -- symbolic and things like. Now you're twenty years ago during college. You grow with a group of friends and news today no she -- thank you know coax -- -- -- yeah. No processed foods that they give erupt on. Yet they did and when expert at it getting it -- high school I got. I'd. So I'd hate about it at all my friends are calling legally in the and they would make on in the outline because they is trying to beat battered and every line and that trying to get to look at it and everywhere and the only way. By now I think a lot of people. Once they're in college stake China had been -- -- learn how to cut an activist I don't -- what they wanna be and a lot of -- look at me and and I -- very high on what TE and and or interest and it says they don't. Like this this master and actually and it are one night -- month my party getting a million where we all bring it and talk about out and China. Try to eat battered. No I think I think a lot of people do that. Do you think I'm just trying to be like and it will be sent a about -- -- -- amounts to be that you and want -- want to eat out way out. Made 5000 people moat that draw and block. I would -- people from all over the world. We. Looked -- them. Actually I guess and then in the united eight I've -- at 85 or under different countries. Howell and eyeing me from. Almost regardless of the -- A young people in particular all over the world are looking for a better way. -- -- They are and that's actually blogging on Tumblr dot com. And I get started finding other people that we're tracking. Batter and they were talking about acting and and eating healthier and I figured it was about please. As our and other people and once I made myself available in interest in eight and all different there's some media and it is. We find each other. Drug abuse -- wind. Moniker just mentioned something. That. Struck a chord with me. I assume you overlook continually Olympic -- -- -- -- and -- and -- like in -- were trying to. Adopt. The result from Watergate -- -- going to be some stringent exercised in this scores of Palin Olympic mania and -- ran moved to all the time. That's that's a great point. There's been one of the biggest guys in the industry is -- -- avenue marxists and and -- mark advocates. Lifting heavy. Not doing the endurance what he calls chronic -- you know. -- ask you work -- that traditionally we've done on treadmills and in Enron's that I've done my whole life. He advocates walking so right now just to give you and I -- I'll walk in the woods. So I get the nature aspect of trying to reduce stress. I'm privileged to live right across from the benedictine abbey in Covington and -- walked back there there's 12100 acres of woods and trails in its parent. You walk like who's mentally. Ill looking. Upon -- mean Olympic Walker's Napa. Now I'll walk. And it and very nice pace I don't fast walk. But I lift heavy lift heavy things and I used sprint work that's once every couple weeks. But that's it 85%. This fitness wise for me now is the and now I'm very strict on and but. It really is. It's been five years and what she get overall the carb cravings and all the problems that are associated with. Sugar is as addictive as cocaine and so it's in everything so if you're eating processed foods it's there so you have to basically like an addict. Remove yourself from it in that that can be a problem on me you'll go through a week or two up to a month of really not feeling very well. Until you get to that point to you feel too. All right lipstick our first break take your news straight come right back. If you're just jaundiced in the will open up blondes to secure wondering terribly. Talk about a Palin who -- the diet. And bill I'll ask Clinton -- about them when we come back I don't like the word dot. Diets to movie or or something that says you'll do this year will not fluctuate -- world. Do distance of blown forever. And I think a lot of people just fall all of it because it's so damn hard. This looks like something that. Your jaws do because. We we originated eating this Conway what do you think -- at 01 -- -- Told Fareed -- in the country you're districts victory ended nuns -- rule pizza. Are we think about something go called Palin cool liquid diet. Funded. -- that he could basically and and we Brooklyn rubble with the -- Monica Bravo. To order. Two. Told -- and so polluted puke like everything -- says but fortunately you're state when we were perched. Coleman and you know 10151000. Years ago this is the food that we this is -- we. Clued -- if you would give people an idea of just like Monica do -- what's from the you'll look like you and we -- tribal how much of the problem is when you go with friends who ran for them to -- Well -- Let me just step back the second really. It really begins with food preparation and and number one is when you go to grocery store basically. You know walked in those middle line house you basically go to the perimeter of the store and that's where you vegetables more that we fishy is between you meet so far. And down in that middle Wallace all this process who's who we try to avoid that now we make it happen. On a Saturday to go to farmers markets we -- we -- that you great wanna comment and you got a great one here and it warms and Crescent City market. And basically that's when you get real food I should be able to ask you name five people prepare your food and actually grow your food. Back in named -- Okay that's. Where we want to get we wanna get to where the farm to table movement which is a very popular movement in coincides with the pale movement. That we know the guys grown food I know he's not spraying pesticides and no -- -- come I know -- intently blue harvest farms and coming. Who grows organic blueberries and go pick them every year. I know those -- in so a typical meal from me is. Is really it starts in the morning it's would be an arm and really it's late morning I'd do what they call in -- minutes past where I don't. Eat from eight in night tool after you know mid morning to even launch. In the regional have to use because I don't hear of these carb cravings have to keep place. I eat a lot of fat a 60% in my eyes with Monica mentioned a good source that. Of condos. Cooking coconut. -- heart patient. That -- Coke and handle which is high saturated fat there it's gonna shock people it's a lot of great things about coconut. -- -- All on -- on -- so there are some land mines has some traps. We do a lot of omelets we do. Fresh four yard day -- -- We make on omelets. We eat a lot of fresh fish fish fresh meat. So. Always never -- My good friend music music cajun boy Michael -- Which gracious enough to let me in his deer camp with his. Now might start this stuff its way in peace he puts it sample these occasion. He says look Clinton. If it if it's swims if it flies if it runs. Eight. If you could pass it through my driver's window. Or comes in a bag or box I don't touch if it rose in the ground. Scrutinized. And that's basically you know very simple way of putting how we eat but it is a very fulfilling way to eat food. And it's it's easily maintain. Monaco. -- -- putt though -- people most -- applied for this. What are some the main question -- you're over and over to. The people challenge you'd -- they say businesses. You know that the thing I hear all the time it is. I don't know anybody that's on an Atkins Diet anymore I don't know anybody that's on sugar busters diet anymore I don't know anybody in the grapefruit diet and more. These are all the ads that come in and out. You get that question how do you respond. I Q8 questions about it at the I had it my parents aren't they usually. Get the real news. And it means not to tell you what to do that worked for me -- I've gotten. And and activate on -- -- All night and conveniently in different people contact means a territorial air. And died -- I'll read it at any Eva or not they've gotten and then make that decision. -- I bigotry is how I feel an 8888 event and action. In high school and think about it today and I eat cereal for dinner that he would. I'll are I didn't eat chicken nugget and here I didn't practice actual and like when violent act now -- Was struggling everyday with anarchy. And economic problem. And that we would fluctuate I'd sit and count. And now I have to clean energy. And I feel so much matter I'd like Mike Green -- patter I'm port -- And it -- overall the year when -- he batter and when I went right straight -- -- that she is like. The record started I would I would think that tied it -- Uh oh here one that we as -- did not mean it doubled and it would be straight -- out there all week and I -- couldn't. I couldn't get normal I'd be. Battery. Matter at all and also -- it's good not have to worry about actually being a college girl and and obviously a lot of and they could meet -- constantly out violently. Or you know I. I wanna act besides being enough for me like now if you can eat better in these. You don't need to be in the -- -- the way you really do need parity for patent. And non. Yeah I can't. I don't get any challenges on the I. -- many people because I really I think. Younger people on the Internet -- using right there and people I mean art is a entry -- succeed and I. I don't like that -- Really strong opinions on man I tell them how I knew it and quiet and it's right and let and that I've put themselves. There are introducing it would take a break come right back -- and I said well no we've been holed being called on -- couple minutes -- country into the conversation. Right -- predicts. Do just Jordan do slow word talking with the Oakland Bravo. Former firearm and try out the lead marathoner. The -- for this bill advocate whose whole life. At age 49. Here -- what are maker not pursue a short period or blockage. Ended up with force students and pacemakers. And crawled from the narrow lipped about it is healthy and athletic as you possibly can and he says he'd turn is like Rome with the and who -- the diet. And Monica -- dollar crucial laws and beautiful girl. Twenty years old and -- issue Freeman. Was belted two room homecoming queen and so forth and so on. She Eagles who went the way and writing -- with 85000. Dollars a month so. There's no where you could say this and something is pursuing that those -- -- -- should take a look at Monica book for a forget what she worked her blog. It -- about my last name BE RK ET Al Gore. So far Haley. ET Al -- -- on the board Ilia. Give them for you. Are dual role in -- you're governor of Oprah's future. Yeah it didn't die you're out and out and -- diet was identical that it. -- -- -- -- -- Well there's several. Issues on act kinsey is truly a low carb diet. They tried to really for sure body into what we call it's hostess. And I won't get into that too much but basically. This is not a low carb diet we we are not restricting carbohydrates now. We get a com hydrates from fruits and vegetables as opposed to simple carbohydrates so. Just by that nature of the amount of fruits and vegetables that you have to eat. To get up to high carb diet would be impossible so. Typically in a macro nutrient base is about 25%. -- and carbohydrates the other thing is there's no emphasis. On grass fed meets with Atkins also they abdicate their own. All ours that our actions approved there enough in the process foods we don't do we eat real food. It's set up -- for here in this in this. Louisiana area with -- hunting and fishing. There's not a better place to eat. This died then in this way is lifestyle would like to call. Of Monica. Wal-Mart and I've been on. Using for years and has been tremendously. Beneficial. But for me in a very good 24 -- shore this up and mom why do the same every day is about 500 dollars a ma. When you show up on the outside. Aisles of grocers -- like through your father doing at some very expensive courier. Do you ever have brings it college it can be you'd say. How do you but I assume healthy would regional dialogue group born again involved but I can't afford. Yes I do you actually have a lot and I mean and and I actually. Without biting I didn't get to -- street pilot I need that we eat. And looking pilot back on the past six months and I and between Cuba under at which you later at B dollars on an online permanent well. Wage is actually less and -- the right brain because they might and there eating. Well almost like two -- return today and they eat. In some way your -- there where accurately. Nazis and spent a lot more money on it and I am a bit about -- -- in planning out trying to -- in Latin. They dated and up spending more than I. It definitely doable -- and I I dial nine. All hikers that -- suit which is unnecessary don't -- it and you can buy. Some of these other than not at Wal-Mart or. Or route and there rapper. But. I think it's better et -- it better by -- ball so it I'd buy me -- -- I can save money. Or Hahn and back side apartment market actually cheaper than a lot of baker street or out. I didn't understand how are you go to 85000. Viewers you wept like every month. -- -- Give me your view your analogy you're talking about Drew Brees football for you because I think. For somebody that balances from some religious hearing about it. There's this is the part to me. That makes comments. Exactly. Just like de -- the last caller said about actions. And and we hear about all these diets that are France in and Caylee has been accused of so let me get the analogy you walked employed to street I have to -- Reece beach in from the superdome. He walked Shannon the US start won hands down. And you walk. All we -- and other friends. -- percent 100 yards correct OK so we think of the Palin -- take time. A hundred yards and use the analogy of a football field rappers at that time for. This last 101000 years. Of human beings being here walking on this -- And what we call -- neolithic time which is post Palin effect and that's when agricultural revolution took place. -- and see if we took a ruler of twelve inches and put it on the island and go back to -- Leo he represented for. 11212 inches meaning that. We basically aren't adapted to these process for news hydrogenated oils to high fructose quotes here all these things they are making us sick. Making -- obese obesity now as an epidemic 34% of Americans or beats. That's 30% BM. I mean it's it's it's getting paint. The problem is calling -- so much mixed information. I don't feel sort. I mean they're there they're so much of this is there's no money in this market. You know there's not a whole lot of money real food so you don't get advertising value don't get that publicity in regard to it. But it just makes them with a major problem absent. They're virtually. No market more of that right -- -- up point on the fad dies it's this is the longest running dad died history. You become -- Monica. You when you're out with friends. When -- go on spring break. -- weakened. It. Florida or whatever. Do you do you ever break what to read do you ever grab a piece of fried chicken or and then we'll. You know. No not anymore. I've been doing it for so long and I think people need someone -- look up to edit I would. Cheating every time it got part then why would anyone want to follow what I ill. Well we don't do is again hard at this sport intolerant. Now I can prepare for Atlanta I went to spring break last year -- -- -- it and brought it up and but enough for it and -- know how like EPO I have. Tax on the end of my record and and if I wanted to gutsy unite and as I. I can only aren't a good thing. Whether it be you know -- chicken breast and maybe maybe. Well now I know how to -- -- -- -- and -- that -- -- and I went out a little bit. Jump into that and -- on vacation and target date chilly out -- really Ian Kelly your -- Well have been you alluded to -- to Alter or wondering how Monica doesn't -- you want to talk to work. She's got a website with 85000. Viewers a month from all over the word in the world and with the news WW. -- For example war. You BO BL. Yield it's you or video at four. A L yield dot com and Clinton and Monica you give me hope. And the problem and you probably help some people today thank you for coming in from the north shortened Monica thing for. Taken down and talk to. I appreciate -- great -- of Columbia. I don't go -- Angela hill this nexus governor bill brigades celebrity more than 53 yeah.