WWL>Topics>>5-28 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Players& NCAA Baseball

5-28 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Players& NCAA Baseball

May 28, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints player who has the most to prove in the 2014 season and the NCAA Baseball Regional.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening welcome the sports talk -- to Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bad time Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program we will continue. Looking toward this weekend's regional action and both regionals in Louisiana the the Louisiana Lafayette regional and also. The Baton Rouge regional take -- look more at the regionals that they have bounced up against meaning if the winner of the band -- and Lafayette regional who'd they would face in the super region told that -- us. Is that one of the top teams in the country a logjam in the SEC west is sees his team is one of ten teams other Southeastern Conference. In regional play Mississippi State baseball coach John Cohen will be what those in the 6 o'clock hour to talk about the bulldogs as the number two seed in the Louisiana Lafayette. Regional also tomorrow the Saints have an OT that the media Keteyian will have a -- -- -- from people who oppose all day long here on WW radio with. Our professional analysis from -- pros -- guys on an occasion can and Bobby a bad at what point toward the OT gazes Jamie Dukes in at their own network analyst and former player. With the saint. Well give us his take on what's Saints play he thinks has has the most to prove. Going into the 2014. Season -- -- guys with NFL analyst. Mike of the two yet Jake Cleary will be whether he's the host on 1260 W in the radio in Indiana is it the last call. But the paces -- they must open force -- game six ability he'd do in the in. And give him arrests as it looks like we're going to seven games in the Western Conference with ball to. In Indianapolis this evening. -- Joes are Duke heart -- be -- I was rice. And University of Houston baseball as both of those teams in regionals rice in the Houston regional posting at the University of Houston. -- 44 win Houston Cougars. Are in bad route to be in the bad -- -- And puke ellenberger will be would he is covering the Ole miss regional open Oxford this weekend it's one of the -- ones. It features teams Washington and Georgia Tech in that regional. The one of the Oxford regional will face the winner of the weeks and a -- -- regional so a lot of baseball would be to Bobby and also some football as well which Saints player. Has the most to prove. In the 2014. Selections we've given ran back Mark Ingram. Had a very good start to his career at left tackle on to it could be wide receiver in the -- On my back a victim but those that choice he's -- we've given you but he also vote. For -- and you could tell us who else as well at 260 point 78668890. Rates and Bobby just from a feedback standpoint and also what we hear a day to day basis I would think a lot of people figure innings -- Well because I'm not gonna jump on that man I -- with all of the above. You know but every team has a handful question marks. You know you know when you dealing with -- injury. And who's going to be the guys are like an experience. You know -- the jury's still out I mean think about this that the money is definitely Cuba. I mean I'm almost thing and I expected him like he just came to a team. Considering though when he got injured and Richard yet and and -- Right report -- season Parys Haralson you know we got him. From the 49ers you would expect. That Victor Butler should go to beat him on and of starting does outside linebacker. Marking army guys it's either. You know what I get -- the -- I mean he has to do something. Right now now's the time for him think Fella. The you know to run arms that it I mean I I think he's gonna work out -- is like lack of experience it. How he finished the season I'm really pleased though -- he's proven he can work now not yet yeah. But the good thing about this I mean. You can use stayed at Toronto Armstead. What -- K past four games in a row. No and that's I mean. I wedding -- I would think if you talk about out on a short learning curve though it would probably be. And -- -- say par for the course buddy with you you would be getting one of those grants it would be. And opportunity well okay whose first thought is kind of what to expect the going up against Pro Bowl caliber guys that a lot on the line right first thought but then added that -- you could point towards an -- in incline in progress in progression. And production. Each performance as today at first thought he had well airline. Yes there are fit the physical ability then it becomes. How company York as a football player because if physically you could do that do it. Do it I mean that's a -- Everyone's attention in the NFL scouting combine like that at his -- I think unbelievable. So then mentally. Can and you along with -- physical ability can you handle the pressure. And I think right now he's obviously because he's played in a real game he has to be more confident. And and I think he's available on that. And knowing that the team has -- in him so I think adding that's gonna go hand in hand. As you bring up also a big -- That that's another one I -- you want the Saints won in theory. Are like any other team they want -- to to work out and net than against Marcus Colston. Beginning young receivers to work out for instance. In the vehicles in the bonus a he's had adding. He's that turned 31 either. This week next week somewhere around there but if you look at salary cap and money does come into play. That -- -- saint 2015. That he's all owed almost -- doing now but you can restructured deal and then now that's or -- but they still want. A young receiver the continued to work out kind of like -- -- -- and now we got branding -- So this is that this is an important OTAs mini camps offseason. -- -- -- To get something done. As a so that'll be interest in. You know who's going to be the cornerback opposite Keenan Lewis. You look at expectations. You know who has not lived up to expectations and -- you got to -- You know we bring a marking him consider Marty was traffic -- kind of in that same area. -- -- Robert Meachem would be you rob. Yeah -- Robinson. You think about this to Celia would be department lately in the NFL fans and not along like Jerry Glanville used to always say. Being you look at the saints' depth in the roster right now and he is the longest. Continues Saints player in the secondary. Era zero not think about it it's like. You don't attempt villages criminal Borbon he hasn't been -- -- Saints uniform a rock and it out now Patrick Robinson has played in the Gregg Williams coach -- -- -- -- the Rob Ryan does so how does he bounce back from the entry. -- gazelle like down. They're not gonna get an opportunity. In fairy you don't even know if you look in the final year of his rookie kind. There was reason for optimism from year one year too -- Sacramento clearly going to get sick and -- hear a coach. That's Robinson's second year how coach. Gregory and say you know. You can you can tell -- practices -- him Holler your name -- martz he's the easy improved a lot right now. From eleven to now where he's gone on what he's done I don't know the. I never again to about thrown into the wolves Andy -- with things like this is the NFL. And is not all the NFL teams but if you remember the kick goal of the season. The very first game everybody was torch against the Packers. Oh yeah yeah hotel on the Nike has -- -- big like oh god there's NFL I have a chance to make it no but you know it's not always like that weekend and we got a sneaky bounce back and that adversity so he knows. With the NFL and take so hopefully with his experience. He takes approach I have nothing to lose. Right you know hey let me go out there and to win the job the Saints would love him. To win the job and put the pressure on the saint whether you know bigger -- and now that his movie contract will be gambit if -- They go out bottom line is if you again at their abilities mini camp and -- in training camp they would just flat out Cottam. You know it -- get it done. Will we all blow what you but we think at times in my token I've got to do something -- out and get it done yeah I get it done now but it's not like those developments they did development stages over. Will come back -- more to take a big big weekend in sports baseball and a football and of course basketball and I candidate he punched their ticket to a fourth straight. Finals appearance there one win away from doing so this is sports talk on WW. Operated jaguar opinion -- what Saints player has the most to prove going into 2014. This season in the -- should vote online at WWL that come to the phone to go golf port Mississippi for Patrick Patrick thank you for calling WW ago. Everybody out there and then it Wilkinson. Good I wanted to comment on Mark Ingram come. You know I don't think there are giving the players make your body looked. While -- they actually thing about it he's been given a fair shake on the latter part of the season now Willie built upon -- now. What I but I am talking about if you look at it now Dallas defense on the Cowboys suck it. He's -- he's still got a 145 yards against Dallas. And then and in week sixteen had 83 yards against Carolina didn't. He ran hard in the post season look at Philadelphia at 97 yards and eighteen carries. Now he was effective against Seattle. Beginning at an early second quarter fumble when all the so we had to went down back and everybody got ticked off Adam again but you look at the Eagles gained the average. Five point 04 yards a carry. And and you know basically an average six and a half yards a carry and in the past three games leading up. It's an eagle so Woody needs to do is build on that. And be productive when he's given opportunity and I think they will get an opportunity now. Blood everywhere. Where -- -- guys are in what the numbers and that -- It's. And it was. Averaging. Or is. Three years. -- her own right we definitely yet. -- -- and while I'm thinking of what our. -- I hope marking -- works out because if he works out that's gonna help I'll say this saint Thomas even be more explosive. Looking at 78 carries four point nine average before last season. That was not the cage -- dealing with injuries whatever now now back to what what do you think. Tim mead has has not unrealistic and I think he'd be doing his job could be spread the ball around last year he had been out with 386. Yards. Wood seven needed tips so. To me I think he can be the -- cars. Running back as far as being a noble one where maybe could have. 200 carries. I that would be a shock to me if all of a sudden. He ran 5000 yards and had a around 910 touchdowns. Is Alec is getting a hundred yards a game there's sixteen games but I mean I would think the way to solve it is structured that he would be contributed in a high level. If he had let's say a thousand yards in the average and you know four point 24 point three yards a carry. And I cannot do that and the turnaround. That going to be here or -- That worked out for her and yes. You know it -- you can you can. -- Can draw some attention -- right now but I sit back in -- ball so well. The union all Matt Padgett would you agree with this all of a sudden I -- towards the latter part of season come playoff time everyone's all kind of Mandelson marking them turn the corner. We don't know how many people will come up to me and you know they wanna be negative instead of positive and were ticked off than him. Because to start at second quarter when he fumbled the ball does not noted as a fumble but just 'cause he did that negative play. And considering who you're playing we could afford to do that that after they remember. You know. They're yes I know -- I to me yet. That or. Not about not quite got off what do you think. Okay do you Alabama. Mean yeah some. Odd -- was a -- graduate. And -- Amazing how and now Padgett okay are are you to a point though. If Mark Ingram doesn't work out includes Vegas amid chants and a aunt Connie Robinson works out are you likely auto campus Tyrod is our our our Mark Ingram. Who we just got to get it done in their run game B take that approach along with Pierre Thomas. Global what is your take that Mark Ingram has to work out our our. It's not Mark Ingram has to -- I didn't hear a lot of will be the order they're going. He's ever performed did not perform. You know I knew what that was like such as the ball eight times and I don't think you're expecting to -- -- -- -- Yes -- and you don't practice hey I've -- approach that you if you look Alley closed out the season. Averages six and at the -- England I'd be at a high level just average in four at the art throughout the city I don't -- and I don't necessarily think it's it's taken on him that it didn't name in -- position is irrelevant when a team moves back into the first round. And the pick you up in your first round pick. There's a certain amount an expectation ahead Patrick -- and -- had had mocking -- may be done more all of my. I guess it's a course two thirds of the expectation of the fans he would be but right now yeah he is easy target and everybody day. On hand to be the winner when you move up and all the hype of what we -- told everything of what Adrian Peterson correlate all they want to be like do it yeah. I did exactly announced yet in Andy's not there obviously. Now the letting occupation right now -- eagle I don't notice as hard as they are runs. I mean I think Chris Ivory and curry -- what they do. Break more tackles right look at that Seattle game and a Saints fan state that the comedy tackles -- Robinson purity in -- gains in the average -- happy hour to. So ultimately if he does with the Saints wanted to do. That's all that matters now with say it is. In Mark Ingram does not like work out was like I go about what -- income until the -- -- elation almost. For you ought to care -- average that in that that's what you got and he's not how many yards he's got -- -- average. If he doesn't work out and opt out BRB different line than I was wrong because I've never I always thought it is you know discount because we know we've done and how far anyway I remember. Watching him play and I know his college ball -- he stood out. -- and he was we wanted to Bears rawness. In a long time and he he's a mechanical with some unique college football at the end fifty carries two carries -- fifty carries like you say average four yards -- Right you know what whatever you know lasted between Tony's these -- my favorite -- and running backs the wants -- and -- I don't put him in the class would make fans and those guys but I mean. As follows top tier of backs -- he was noted that you got tired I was right I was there that night college football -- dollars and -- -- -- -- on and I. If he reaches that potential in this -- Dolphins do welcome back in game mall called the BW on these times for 31 time persons who go to -- He is the case he can't embodied there I am Deke Bellavia. Operated jaguar opinion about what -- -- has the most to proof cancer vote online at WW dot com item on the program where we kept the OT eight. We'll get analysis from -- there are pros hokey and Bobby but you'll take as well be on air. 8:7 AM 1053 -- online at WW dot com WW FaceBook and on Twitter as well. Just to the -- ago can't here in New Orleans thank you for calling WW ago. Yeah I don't know -- did do a lot of but the good thing it was the same and hasn't changed since he has been the coach. What we wanted to do predominantly. We wanna pull the ball went -- out without a doubt. Therefore. Not not a thing we won't reportable. And -- hit multiple formations. And with with candles multiple formations. We need different types of backs in the games at different times if people without the bounce the third time. Third down based upon that we you'll never ever ever and ever heavy Cardinals rush -- Well okay Juliet have a thousand are -- but not like at a hundred yards a game I mean. -- -- You know would Reggie -- whoever. That I think it could giving about it if you have a thousand yards you play and you -- the whole season. That's not even hundred yards a game I think we inhabit it. Yeah yeah I think in theory that it's possible but -- -- -- have 125 Karen I think now in this offense if you have fifteen carries. That the HBO won that one individual I think that's a lot. And -- and because we've done it by committee and I'll Kim I know I you -- the thing nothing about this and I think. Joint pain level awareness. You look at last year we averaged 92 rushing yards a game. That was 25 in the NFL. Not think about this come playoff time. That was the worst average among playoff teams I don't care in MC AFC Dallas the words now. If you look at yards ranked 45 in rushing attempts prior wood to 44 per game. Now come playoff time -- -- nothing to this thing to do yes the Saints average that big win. From 92 yards to a 146. And a half -- in the post season. And averaged four point seven yards a carry if you look if we do that from the get go. What do you think Drew Brees you can almost add another year. Does because. We spreading the wealth so to speak and an overall running gas and then. Less pressure that's less and less of drew is more on those -- Sean Payton coached Creighton is are as aware of that now you look at all the sublime. I'll be finished a week like Seattle as good as anybody on and an eight -- in that playoff game now I think it's gonna come about. And the process training camp pre season games training and and start the season. And Peyton. Trust the running game because I think we get off to a great start he would and have 313031. Rushing attempts is that a 2324. If we get off to a good start now we ever have an. -- thing about it if we get off. A slow start. Like we did against the Cardinals try to run the ball he's like man and they know -- who run the ball OK now around the bumpers down now it's -- Second and nine are second and eleven. Are sickening and twelve UNICEF and I'm saying I think if -- it's a blind that we get off to a great start that we are having success like we did. In the post season against the Eagles and the Seahawks. And Alaska public gains that we are burned about ball well I I truly believe coach pays not to be that hard headed and not have. Maybe a seminary more rushing attempts is that a low I don't know maybe they don't they go. That you thought it OK step up my rookie Reggie Bush is an excellent example. Reggie put people complain that even in the outfield but yeah. But it was impossible right to put together -- you'll. And often that the things that you primarily because they use him as a companies and went back receiver. Different formations double Manuel but it wouldn't. Strange that we got physical abilities that he went over a thousand note if -- -- want I think the Detroit. Like he had you know -- he had two unbelievable games and I -- against the Bears. The two games he played against the Bears. Is like we all of the expectation it was like when he came out of USC do you look at that highlight -- gives the -- the Bears -- wanna see Reggie -- Ian thanks for the caught an acting now though a thousand yards from a Russian standpoint -- kind of like when he wins in college basketball. As is like gold is played I mean to do ending his platinum now it's not thousand yards. It's you specify fullbacks that are not in -- very few backs in the league you know -- primarily running backs. For Reggie Bush Darren Sproles all the Barroso backs is all purpose I'll per inning and -- had just a thousand yards rushing when he might not have been. Total what he had because he was sold dangerous all the -- eat eat evenly distributed. Hanson received special teams would he DL yet to look at the whole AME. I go back with the pros and Timmy envious these -- you average -- as purely as a runner. Now you know I impressive. A purely run if you get sixteen yards 2000. You'd ever like Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson not not that that's hard to do what you can't you can have 780 yards rushing and have fourteen are all provisional. That the -- -- -- -- job and that's impressive no doubt about it this is. It's all on WW. He would engage again in my BA bad I'm Deke Bellavia front page about being vote the advocate today workers -- -- Bring Saints in the capital Drew Brees governor Bobby Jindal and a former LA issues Tennessee -- New York kitten one of the best offensive linemen in. An NFL now in the last Sunday Tuesday decade or so -- -- before it can them why we play -- at LSU. -- to testify about the state it's a -- BO. 1016. Basically it was pool Bobby and said because it was not enough time. To review the deal which in essence would be a win for the NFL. Players association to give them more time to get their message across like DeMaurice Smith the heavy NFL PA totals. About ten days ago. Yet begin and not as his last a little less than it is a vote with Tom -- -- workman's -- dispute so this is like -- that next step because the senate labor committee I think they voted right went -- -- howry to advance the house -- proposal and beautiful stints are now has put a -- million. And all to commit two in Atlanta for Robert Robert thank you for calling -- -- -- -- -- They were born -- are the most of -- Robert. And man I was -- Patrick -- -- crew and it. -- Bill and had a doubt about it a little you know -- -- -- he would. Yeah. We brought in here in. Came. Practice -- in the second. All of it either -- it -- Well not a doubt you know Robert and you look at it at the show -- shall do our coach -- in the saints' organization they don't care where he's drafted if you are free agent or not. You know as the upper hand on -- Gromit right now scoring white. Yeah you know Corey white has been more accountable and now I think Corey. I think best case scenario I'd rather have them at a nickel that third of -- -- right now the number two because I think you get picked on. Deliberately played at Carolina. Not by Malcolm things should have disrupted the past like Cam Newton but they went right -- Corey white on that last drive Thabeet is a -- Jimmy's been. More reliable or more consistent and Patrick Robinson now. What he robbed and him being held the on the rob Ryan's system. I'm being abused and see bold -- white and Pat Robertson. Because. You know rob rising to show any favoritism he's gonna go every gets the job and so I think that makes is better in the secondary because that a competition. Yeah you'd Malcolm in the apple -- If you're not produce enough that there -- a minute ago. And I think them that they don't want to put this thing the local we have. And you know are probably gonna get to witness -- practice tomorrow and what I'm interested in seeing his you know -- not hidden in a one but he still have. Drills -- going pass skeleton. You know -- out really a pass rush with seven on seven and even -- team drills. Is the secondary against Drew Brees. Because I bingo with the likes of Jerry's -- can -- Carroll. But they can make plays and a ball compared to Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins so I'm expecting drew might throw a few more interceptions. In bright is simply because of the competition. And a chess match without me drew ultimately better. Where he's at right now in his career. And plus Jerry's Byrd are going to get the quarterback like Drew Brees that that's not look that far because there's going to be a pretty competitive. Come practice time when you know -- one I'll do one and out. Robert thank you so much for the call he's Bobby -- big double -- -- this -- sports talk on WW. And welcome back this board so he is -- KG camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia next -- Jamie Dukes and might be to create Jonas as well. Look toward OT gates is around now -- obviously NFL taken on ESP in all different. Shows off following OTA and in a couple of weeks we'll have a mini camp. And before alone Bob going to be the July. Point 22 point third wonderful to be on the do you really go to training camp. He had Diego -- biologists around the corner. -- mean you look even August 30 I look at I look at odd times would counsel it's meaningful I'm looking forward to. Reliant Stadium gonna use and then kick of the season would LSU and Wisconsin yeah they you know -- the atmosphere is gonna come above the airliner. A huge LSU fan base in the Houston area and -- -- plan that works right now. Mister -- Crosby Crosby tuck is planning a show and that do pregame job there and get -- issue and so. And bigbie and have a great weekend there email the things -- final pre season game in the Thursday. And indicate call a week after the Saints mean LSU plays -- Wisconsin so you know just around the corner. Basically. That's all it is a hundred days I. It's a you would. -- Melvin Gordon -- have his average and euphoria over the -- against -- -- get seven point nine yards the rest of the team. So you know when everybody talked about the you know the -- loss allowed on the defense of land in one thing. You would take. Wisconsin -- that the other power football is Opteron you win a game or you slow rundown that we Anderson to dig in and has a good test of an issue in an inexperienced LSU quarterback would be up power vs power could be. Against the BO would have by Matthew Diaz slugfest he snapped their wins in the trenches -- -- right around the corner it's on the prepare for running game ready -- we're doing now we're asking you which Saints player has the most -- on the 2014. Got several choices. On line go to WWL. Dot com more sports are coming up.