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5-28 5:20pm Sports Talk: Saints 2014 Outlook

May 28, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NFL Network Analyst Jamie Dukes about the Saints upcoming 2014 season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NFL analysts and NFL network and a former NFL on Jamie Dukes Dodgers now Jamie thank you so much for the time how are you. -- -- Don't win OJ does this time a year and of course the Boston -- -- 47 now but. You do this time a year to make sure you've got to. Like you -- TV you media stuff rolls off feet on Obama is a certain things is is they're regiment you go to a certain newspaper you pick up on you look at numbers. How do you stay so so in tune in rehearsed and everything you're going noble there. Well that they didn't -- you can look at it because people that I know what's going on whether the truth about it and that would be a week ago work in the studio and there's just more about them you know kind of stay on topic. You know -- that are hitting. Obviously picky and I have a mini -- -- -- of the you've revealed she gave you can't you want on there lining up with them that they want the bad news of the -- -- -- -- -- would use the collection on the and and you know they just you know it -- take care of itself I was. Jamie now when you look at the New Orleans Saints so what what -- one -- two questions you have there the last time we talk Q you mentioned about Darren Sproles. What is something now says is that the media can attend OTA the first OT tomorrow what do -- to question marks nothing -- look at of the Saints in this offseason. Well I mean the question becomes you know we've gone that the guy. You know attack. You know can he get the job bill. That that one question I have how quickly do we find a way to get Murton called you know in the starting lineup did not appear awkward. You know who can impact player. I think -- you know he was you know I think steal the first round do you think about what I believe he -- ask. I love you know at a hundred at wide receiver kind. No bets you know at different than that -- Eight get out of that -- -- -- who would be great young player is in Egypt -- I like hundred block it barbecues. Now Jamie you bring up Armstead at left tackle and yourself. Playing the center position at a high level. Oh what do you think as far as the Saints approach. Then maybe they would go into the season with Taylor lead till we start a couple of games at guard when Jahri Evans was -- but never had cinema you could he considering. On them both sides you -- being Grubbs who's a pro bowler Jahri Evans is all pro. So what does break that down and also do you think they should bring a -- go in May be on board later. I think I couldn't see them because of what being that you want to make sure you got to bear down and in the war. And you know I don't know with a good anything left in the tank. But if he. It's certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. And he knows our offense and he goes off yeah. There -- hit -- mean any harm coming from potentially. -- -- you wanna bring young along and see that until he had I think you make that decision pretty quickly that. The most important that you you can drive that was -- at least quickest possible with a Armstead again I once he didn't put on it more you know you've got the -- of local. I think you don't do bigger athletic enough -- put weight on grade and he still should be you know really good football. Now I Jamie look at net and I guess I take the approach that he's part of the free agent class a this year simply because. And he got hurt last June in OT sessions at being a -- Butler. And it was a Rob Ryan guy. You know we went right before the season started I -- and Harrelson. In that trade -- though with the 49ers -- look at if he's healthy and ready to roll that. A big to Butler on the rob Bryant can have an impact on the outside elements. Well you know the thing about it it is what I like mode it is the fact that. While. He's like you know the kind of -- all over use free you change the culture. A little bit. And that and evidently -- -- ball. And so what do we don't get it in there and we haven't done a good opportunity to play he knows he -- become. As you know and obviously what does that kind of you know there's there's a bit out there the question -- how much. But you know how prepared you're gonna need impact kind of -- until I campaign to see how he trip. Now javy -- to -- translating and come to a new team and you know sometimes. And I -- -- that'll do it anymore and NFL felt like old Jerry glad of these. When yeah inside drills and and you know the savior that knocked the crap out of people remember Eric -- -- I don't know but you look -- -- a structured now I'm interested in. Is the competition and a chance to match even. You know it's that's -- it's a team drills but even seven on seven. Like Jerry is burning -- the Carroll of vs Drew Brees. And and in my games and what's gonna come LaMarcus. It stands to reason that would -- winning it's about -- -- a Roman harbor. Both at times you'd beat them. But -- -- now with the likes to Jerry's verdict in America because I think. They right up there as far as play making ability when you look at the Seahawks. And and and and their two safeties so that's probably apart we get to witness practice tomorrow. But I just would Jerry's verdict came apparel that comedies to work together. What anniversary of the mine is you know. I'm aware of -- group look at group of them and threw goat him and it was great you know try to make plays. And so I I believe through different and you could be group from that standpoint that he will be put these guys that you have to take advantage. On the opportunity to play -- a very good quarterback. I was able translate back. -- -- successful then -- but a lot of you know we don't keep it real understand. That. The opportunity that could make each other better the other as a -- iron -- an honor. I think that what would it would happen that -- I think that's what we're seeing with Seattle. Is that because. The defense is so strong Pro -- hosting it actually help -- be offensive side of ball in the top this year for the -- that. Ballclub. Now Jamie. I don't know members team this -- a witness of players progression in eleven of expectations. In the player -- bring out. It is is cam Jordan and I would think that you are -- cam Jordan and and now when you're looking Calley wasn't noticed that a guy against sacks -- -- embassies maybe at four but he is ever down Davidson man now you throw an accommodation. But the development would you would you go in about a lot of -- -- -- you don't even realize this. But this thing to -- all in one way that you guys. The bookends like you know what over twelve -- and you go at twelve sacks. And you throw in that cam Jordan. I just like we're Camden yards and not being Natalie. Pro Bowl but eventually. You know all broke what he's done and lived up to it -- -- -- The thing about it is -- I've football I actually kind of guy that you know we that was. -- Smart guys great ball player. And we you know how to play this game you know -- fortune game as a whole it can help you look at -- on example with Johnny football. Sadly you talk about the Moscow on -- I mean -- one characters act after -- -- if you've got a lot of they act like you've been there. -- let you in the bars that about it. -- every ID not that I told B Jamie just puts more pressure on himself. When he's -- about hanging out a Gradkowski and laws Vegas. You know so hey if you begin handle it -- gets it done but if not of people always -- reflect back. -- aware -- you don't have his priorities in our. Can be handled when you think about OK everybody appropriate. You know there are other -- in the draft choices that were quarterback. You know I think they're done and released but it might have been a Bradford at fifty. Are at that -- -- that was the point Andrew look at them iriki. You know somewhere and Eric did -- to appropriate. The water and good day trillion blog picture having incompletion a ball go in the ground and the other. They're gonna he's party to. And totally took it took it good. The Cuban National League everybody stroke -- and it felt bad about you going to. I won't be here and you don't we talk a lot of people in each other and I think we all agree that particular Drew Brees party. You know what that particular probably Peyton Manning and you. It. Again and everybody that he's such an -- this year and he's got a your picture up there -- -- -- people all of. NFL analyst former NFL player of the NFL network Jamie Dukes -- always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. You're right Jamie -- like to be to be on his time -- 533 time first and to go to Donnie.