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May 28, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It seems as if the rain held out for the most part for Wednesday at the square today in New Orleans wasn't nearly as bad as everybody was predicting its. Still rain around the area if you're on the North Shore if you were. Two against the north west of New Orleans stuff towards Eric Gonzales in Baton Rouge because solace I heard today got thirteen inches of rain. And then a tornado touchdown in Saint John Parrish. So a lot of violent weather still around the area if you happen to be in any violent weather tonight and you -- Kohler show with the weather or traffic update. You know our number 2601 -- Saturday. And it -- free numbers 86688 irons early seventy and you could send us a text as long as you have a designated texture in the car. A -- averages 877%. Of VW a pretty -- my opinion Poland is something we will be talking about on the show tonight. Should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule. And allow priests to marry. Archbishop Gregory and had a conversation with a tummy tuck this morning we've got part of that conversation full stories on our website at WW dot com. And we'll be talking about this on the show their interest -- questions about -- about priest being married. And I wrote a blog about this he will be on our our website tonight. And it's about how some traditions. Should not be maintained just because their traditions so we'll talk about this on the show tonight. It's time for tonight's top later -- -- the top eight things we like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. -- -- award winning author poet and activist doctor Maya Angelo has died at the age of 86 he died at her home and a South Carolina and so many different thoughts in words will service of beacon through all of our -- And what are her quotes that stands out in my mind is. History. Despite its wrenching pain. Cannot be on lift. But if faced with courage. Need not be lived again. And here's another. Famous moment from my Angela. -- I'm convinced. You must be careful about -- youths. On -- -- should not to be using your house. India protests in minutes. -- tone in Genesis -- in the beginning. Was alert. And the word was god in the birdies please god -- intends. Cloning people. Using recently generated and social conservatism of don't do that. Some -- we'll be able to measure the power of words I think BS. Everything they get on the walls they get in your wallpaper then getting your birds and your upholstery and you know. And in the end you. Yeah I've seen their words on bathroom walls were -- -- in my wallpaper my -- -- what a classy. Iconic lady there was of the story literate earlier today on the Associated Press to describe to receive modern Renaissance woman. And. This may become a new food -- the triple Decker. Crispy clean. Cheeseburger. Yes it's three cheeseburgers. And the blind is a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. It's gonna make his debut with the San Diego County fair. In a couple of weeks which is a San Diego's version of Jazz -- They have bands in the food and one of the big traditions and I guess if our tradition would be something like a crawfish bread that's a perfect example if our tradition at the Jazz Fest is crawfish bread. I wanted to be traditions at the San Diego County fair is -- cinnamon bonds they have huge gigantic cinnamon buns and that's one of the the -- -- they're. But this is an idea that suddenly introduced and it could become a new food craze the triple Decker crispy cream cheese work. Can you just imagine the calories and fat grams. In that one item. I'm not released her about mixing -- don't know what I hamburger. I mean I know that there's this whole thing about bacon. And on sweet things like bacon and on -- Europe. On on that pancakes or or waffles and I guess I remembers acute dipping their bacon in -- in the syrup. And then there I think it was Burger King but I'm not sure gripe I believe it was Burger King but at one point was putting bacon bits. In their in their sodas in their Sundays. Like -- green Sunday had had bacon it. So I know there's there's this relationship between bacon and sweet things might. I don't know. A doughnut Biden for a triple cheeseburger. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Or has apologized for a sign promoting its beer. By comparing beer. With domestic violence. Scruffy defeats in Plano Texas that's outside of Dallas. Put up a sign on the chalkboard that read I like my beer. Like I like my violence. Domestic. They apologized. The manager was fired. So is this another case of the manager losing his right to freedom of speech. He certainly had a right to free speech -- right to put that up. But what he put up -- judged. So I think this is another classic example of how we have the freedom to speak. But we are judged. By what we say. And something that was importation like I like my beer like like my violence domestic. At people reacted to that. And the bar manager was fired now tactically I guess you could argue that that was creative. And it was protected by freedom of speech but again people judged. What was said. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It really is on the famine probably heard this in our newscast just going to be if you -- a sibling trio. A suspected thieves confessed to stealing items from target. TJ Max Urban Outfitters and other stores along I twelve court. Apparently different from Baton Rouge but they went all the way to -- to Slidell. They've admitted that they stole items and sold the items for fifty cents on the dollar. And they made a career. Out of selling stolen items. In a less -- in the show we are talking about. Whether or not parents should be responsible. For their their kids at their kids commit crimes. And I can only imagine what mom and dad -- like for these these siblings and what kind of parents with these siblings make. Mean I guess we should be grateful that they. They confessed. That could save a lot of time and taxpayers' dollars in the courtroom what they did was they found a way to. -- too deep magnetized the the the magnetized. And things that are controlled the items and electronics for example. They figured out a way to a deep magnetized that compromise it's so they were able to walk out and they were just walk right out of the front of the store. With these items. Again what an interest -- family. Number for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Your Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party. And offered advice all the minutes the party to be heard as -- gonna play you would bill Morrison a little bit later in the show Bill Murray said that before you get married. You should buy two tickets. And go around the world with the person you're thinking about Mary. Go around the world with that person. And even go to places that are not easy to get to. Then if you get back and you still wanna marry then you married him right there at the airport is an issue land. And I I think about. I think about what he said and I think about traveling with. Your wife your boyfriend. Or girlfriend your partner traveling with the person that you are in love with. That really is kind of a test of her relationship. Traveling. Especially going in and out of places that might not be that easy to get to of course it would be rather expensive to fly around the world. But but in theory bill Murray's right and if you can't afford to fly around the world. It's really good advice to maybe put yourself in situations. That might be uncomfortable. Situations that you have to go through that you you only go to overtime put yourself in difficult. I don't separate yourself in difficult situations. But think of something that would would be parallel. To traveling around the world with the person you wanna marry. And going into places that are not easy to get too because they're there or inconveniences there are struggles and that would help define you. As a couple. So -- early show what advice do you have for couples thinking about getting married. Based on your experience based on your current marriage passed marriages. Based -- your experience in life. What advice do you have for couples getting married. Then I see it every weekend downtown especially this time of year there are a lot of bachelorette parties that's -- parties as well. And I also see a lot of weddings. Going in and out of of hotels. The did the second line parades with the bride and the groom and all the people in the in the wedding party and -- the gas following behind them to the French Quarter and through the streets of the CB team. See it all the time and I talked about this on the show quite often I I. I really wonder about these young couples are are they just getting married because it's it's a rite of passage. Are they getting married because I know they love each other. But -- the getting married because it's what they're supposed to do. Because statistics say that many of these couples are not gonna -- together. And I guess it does it mean any particular couple shouldn't draw. But I just I look at these these young couple yeah I read into what somebody I know who's a wedding photographer. A Saturday at the Starbucks on canal street. And he had just come from a wedding it was gonna go to another wedding. -- -- -- -- -- these these young couples that get married this is ultimately we talk about are all the time we talk about whether another gonna make it -- this -- never gonna make. -- this couple might make it and then I've also talked about how. Couples today it seems like they get married with the idea that hey if it doesn't work out which is get divorced. Which is not something that past generation started out. My parents' generation. And even my generation. I mean I guess we knew it was an option it was very rare my parents' generation but to force was an option and in my generation. But it wasn't something that I really entered into -- marriage thinking it was an even the back of my mind -- if it doesn't work out. We'll just get divorced and yet I think the convenience of divorce is something at least in the back of the minds of of every young couple to get Barry. Which is really. Kind of -- If you -- to and assure the comic to -- our numbers 260187. In total free 8668890. Point seven. And our checks and receipts revenues have the to the shooter right we will talk about it some advice to you would give I got couples thinking about getting married. Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Bill would allow legislators to Louisiana to carry concealed weapons -- all public buildings except the State Capitol building in Baton Rouge is getting close to final approval. When I find interesting about this is wording that would have required the lawmakers to undergo a psychological examination was removed. Was -- because somebody was afraid that not enough of them could pass the psychological exam. I I guess. I still don't understand the need. For. Legislators to -- to carry guns. And apparently it was and where this apparently there's a big threat. True. Two to some legislators like attorneys and and judges. Who also are exempt from the rules that affect other people when it comes to conceal weapons. But I've yet to hear anybody really explain. The true indeed and I haven't heard that much about threats to legislators have me. And they show the only criticism that we have of legislators is to some of the idiotic legislation that they percent but. You know that is again and buy it riled up to ago two bodily harm to to a legislator. So it is this another example of just looking for ways to advance. Gun ownership. When gun ownership is perfectly legal and totally open a throughout America. Again join -- -- with your comments tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. A tax receipts of the -- are returning to its objection we'll get to those here just a moment number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Joe The Plumber. Got that name during the campaign. His name is is Samuel. Were shall -- He's running for congress. Samuel were a blocker. Joe The Plumber. Said in a letter to the families of the shooting victims in Friday's killing spree in Santa barber. You're dead kids don't trop my constitutional rights. He's running for congress. Don't judge gun owners. By. The harsh. Cold. Statement by Joe The Plumber. In fact I think it's fair to say we shouldn't judge plumbers. By the comet by Joe The Plumber. You're dead kids don't try my constitutional rights this is an example. Of the gun happy mentality that we so often talk about on the show. And I'm not gonna be afraid to criticize these things with respect for the Second Amendment and gun rights and responsible gun ownership in America I respect all of that. But I'm not gonna be afraid somebody's gonna take it wrong if I criticized a gun owner like this and this kind of mentality. To be so. So brace -- With your comment. Two of those who have just lost a child. You're dead kids don't try my constitutional rights. That is absolutely appalling to me and gets a bad name to gun owners it's a bad name to Republicans. It's a bad name to plumbers. If this was the message that he wants to give. How EC wouldn't have been for him to say something like. I'm sorry for your loss. But we have to remember not too. Submit to pleas for new gun control laws and apparently the California legislature is already talking about new gun control laws which I don't think you're gonna work. I don't think new gun control laws are going to stop. On people like -- Roger from getting a hold of god and doing what he did and let's remember he stamped a couple of people his apartment he used -- knife. Billy's talking about banning knives. Again. Gun owners should be sensitive enough to understand that they they shouldn't use a tragedy. To advance their agenda. And what Joe The Plumber is doing is just trying to appeal to the Neanderthal mentality. Of gun owners. Who. Who don't really think about the Second Amendment to just to abort their garlands. And I don't know that these people were pretty -- bright. You're dead kids don't trump my constitutional rights. If you enjoy and are shorter and -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here -- Saturday and a text number is 877. And finally tonight's number one yeah. On tonight's list and Tommy John -- senior producer has a job when it Tippett. All right after -- time. Should -- be allowed to get married. Facing a shortage of priests the Catholic Church continues to deal with the question of syllabus. New Orleans archbishop Gregory even said that studies show to match with -- the follow celibacy. The Catholic Church would attract more meant to the priesthood. Here's part of what he said -- talk and Tommy Tucker this morning Debbie WL. I think it's important factor in the studies which show and I don't know that there have been really are very complicated studies with the studies show that if there was not. The discipline of -- -- That we certainly would attract more. Men from the priesthood but the question is how many more. And what is also clear is that in our world today good health being what we called helping professions. Like -- the priesthood like ministry who are there some of the other helping professions. Or not to professions that -- most popular today. And so for a person to become you know -- social worker for a person to become. An agent out there really guiding people and helping people. As a psychologist. And many other professions that that would give hope to people. Those are not the most popular today and I think that says something about our world -- -- something about the values of the world. So would it would it give us more priest -- yes. How many -- is really a very open ended question. It's. Patricia -- Gregory -- interesting conversation if you're if you're Catholic. Would you be comfortable with a priest who's married. And if so why are you as you know when we have such accidents or weather to report we break into the show right away and wing joins us with a with an accident report Wayne where Arian what do you say. I draw a little orders probably. Or call Apollo police are being. Recovered and -- -- the left playing that -- -- -- -- -- -- later though the correct but it -- -- -- -- while. Part of secretary confident -- -- thanks a lot to that effect that this is like radio so if you see an accident if UC. Something with the weather that you're report instantly we love to let everybody know. What you see because your eyes and ears when you're out there on the road a so westbound highrise. -- down slope for car pileup on legal please open so you know that's going to be backed up for awhile Safir. Heading into the city from the east. Epic about an alternate route if you wanna join -- -- with your comment tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- 7870. Here's our double W a pretty -- opinion poll tonight of the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule and allow priests to marry. Right now 70% say yes. Only 30% say no we'll talk about this on the -- right also. What advice do you have for young married couples I thought about this when Bill -- I've crashed on a bachelor party at a he was at a restaurant in South Carolina. Maybe from movies for something he gave advice to all the men about marriage what advice would you give to men and young women. Or even those who were older when it comes to there which is is this -- show. Your comments your calls are coming up next on WW I'm getting -- updates on the accident on the highrise apparently it is eastbound not westbound on the down slope for corp pilot police are on the scene. And only the left lane is moving his text I'm stuck at it now. Another text accident disease downtown highrise. I'm on it now backed up to -- I -- attacks and 36 and single because women expect so much from then. And both of worship in New York socket. This is beyond scary to me. Here's a text and we're talking about advice that she would have based on when your life in your experience your marriages your current marriage whatever. What advice you would give. Two people who were thinking about getting married whether they're young or or or -- We're talking about this because senate Bill Murray busted into. A bachelor party at a restaurant I believe the south carolinian. And he gave advice to all the men in the room and basically said that you should buy two tickets to travel around the world go to places that are not easy to get in and out of and see if he's still wanna marry that person that you married him as soon as you land back at the airport back in the United States. Here's a text I suggest that couples must have the same goals same attitude toward life. Have the same majority of things in common if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text of receipt 7870. -- talking about Joe The Plumber that guy who got some attention during. The campaign. He sent an open letter to the families of the shooting victims -- in Friday's killing sprees in a barber. It said you're dead kids don't trump Mike constitutional rights. He's running for congress. How can this mentality. Even be tolerated. I mean disposal has the right to say what he said but don't we have a right to judge what he said. And also we're talking about what they're not -- should marry this is become a top eco once again it's a continuing topic in the Catholic Church. It's a W -- into the W -- -- project on the people tonight a should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule. And allow priests to marry. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com -- for -- Charles you -- on the -- show good evening. The world -- -- 28 on that matter export our ears. And my wife and I have been together or let. I know are there still and it's -- stage by. Are you that we ever successful -- speech. Feed. Openly talked to each other we don't hide things are Chela where we let each other know and I think that is one of the biggest. That helps. Just. Now I would in the bunker out there. -- I think you're wise -- beyond your years. That has been it may be it's a fault I think it's equality but that's been something that has always been part of my life. And again it hasn't always worked out for me but I've always been honest about. My feelings and do what I felt to her what I thought it's it's just I think it's really good -- to talk it's a very very important quality. I also recommend living together for short time or at least a year so that you know. Saying that will -- -- about year it turns out. Can you think back on this look at you you've been with your wife for eleven years should marry for five years. What did you guys go through early in your relationship. Because you don't maybe think things were weren't bright. What we're doing what we early challenges. We had a distant issue which you know she was a school look good distance away I actually give each other all that. That was the biggest one. And a school in general was difficult because we were together -- wanted to stay together but we were both. Kind of absorbed into school and I made -- decision. To what goes schools in. Start and clean that talk about it college. And build my career. Outside of college without finishing do you have any regrets about that today actually we have -- we have a two year old little girl. My apartment and -- job that pays well I don't have student loan so I think we're a good position. College is not necessary for. For everybody. For some people it is for some careers it's it's necessary put. Sometimes it's better to learn what you're going to do it apply yourself to doing that rather than spend time in school ultimately taking a lot of things that are not gonna be applied to your career at all. -- little a lot of the story I've I appreciate you sharing -- If you wanna share your story witness and through the story we're giving advice to those people who -- thinking about getting married. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 877. From Alabama RV here on the -- showing WW well. They get in the take -- -- -- about the priest but Spain at that point three elements to it which is talking about Joe The Plumber for the volume talked about the candidate that you have a right to invoke or not vote for any reason. Even if you don't -- the -- prepare for that matter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because that they heated point with that. But probably what. OK I understand our RV I understand the point I understand the point is valid but you would respect somebody who would put it that way yeah. That's deplorable and. Am openly complain about partition line and the and. -- an automatic teller Alcatel on -- There's there's it again there's another way to work it and I don't think freedom of speech it tactically check stop it hurts more political. Well I don't think he would have phrased it this way if he wasn't running for office which means that this is what he's trying to do to get voters which scares me because some people. And you may be among them. Applaud this guy for the way he worded it you're dead kids don't -- my constitutional rights. You -- -- hit -- -- kids what about knock up I would've handled were probably a bad -- somebody else -- trying to play that intermediate. Content -- what would you like of these people and him anyway it is an answer that question without just trying to dance around in circles the one that way. How is always how was wording it in in in such a way it does not include you're dead kids how was that dancing around the issue Marty. Because they're you don't first budget you're transit and somebody questioning trying to manipulate an argument to profit. -- Second Amendment position. For that question. Well -- as far as I know he responded to a father who blamed the idiots in congress for not doing more after sandy hook. So -- has it wouldn't. -- Similar to other Al follicles so you would volunteer that you wouldn't you would volunteer that to. Two grieving parents you which is there a few days after the Clinton. But. What about the degree what about the other two grieving parents but he gathered together to kids who were killed. What about them. Joseph Joe The Plumber real Barack and Joseph Joe The Plumber volunteered the information are the sounds to me like Europe. It sounds to me like you're very cold hearted and certainly have a right to be. You know on the that would pretty quick comment on the -- thing which is a little bit more of a free speech. Buying in the -- there with the bar I would apartment to -- and because he did it directly in -- a functionary of the four. There were I would have -- defending this gap ever. You know -- actually looked photographed by third party with adamant teacher. And particular had to -- department policy that -- have. And an RV is referring to so that we talked about in the top -- Asia Texas bar apologized and fired -- manager. I scruffy Duffy -- in Plano Texas because -- They were promoting beer and they related to domestic violence with a sign that read I like my dear like -- my violence domestic. What he won the problem out there is it. What you do on the job it's Clinton should certainly be the other direction and approval of the employee people want to do away from the outside. You should not be far -- political or even. -- Misdirected user. Statement -- weapon involved. Meanwhile it is cute humor should be considered humor -- departure thank you so considering that then you wouldn't think you would agree that you borrow -- for. -- you would agree with the NBA punishing a Donald Sterling for his comment. Tech and I hate to -- point. I don't think that should have the -- to invalidate the player contract -- human players that interior. RT you've expressed your freedom of speech -- going to color show. -- -- You first silicon you know not to listen to you want and -- So. Thanks for listening to an Alabama. I disagree because I'm not gonna support Joe The Plumber for. An open letter going out of his way to. Tells a grieving parents of the kids who were shot Santa Barbara Friday night you're dead kids don't -- out my constitutional rights. To join a show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. Texas a 7870 astute and we'll be back on WL and this is something if we do an issue Maria every night's. -- -- I'm still glad to -- night there's a big accident eastbound on the high rise down slope. A traffickers have built up back to at least -- at this point four car accident got a report a net earlier still some traffic sneaking by in the left lane but you might want to keep that in mind if you or eastbound. Adding to the city. On the higher price in New Orleans east already get your chance tonight to win it appear action appear tickets to pair of tickets four tickets. To go CD Jesus Christ superstore arena spectacular. And you'll be among the first in America to see it because it's four tickets and you are gonna get to go to the the detect rehearsal it's a special W Fuel Tech rehearsal performance. A Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular Sunday June the 8:7 o'clock the you know Lakefront arena. Sometime tonight will play a song from Jesus Christ superstar when you hear -- give out the number and the caller. Wins and then we got a grand prize which tell you about here. In just a few minutes we've also been talking about the death of -- Mya Angelou. And an extraordinary woman who just sent so many important things and if there are some things that she said that you really worked at keenly aware of then maybe through her passing. We can remind you of some of the incredible things that she said in maybe if you haven't been paying attention to her wisdom may -- -- pay attention to it now. One thing that today she said was we may encounter many defeats. But we must not be defeated. I mean it's a really simple thing but it's. It's really important to remember. And there are so many things in in my life recently that. Cause me to relate to -- about not being defeated things happen to your life and and you are faced with challenges as sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. Sometimes they happen as a result of relationships can have a for a number of recent sometimes things are beyond your control but no matter what happens. You should never feel defeat. You may have lost a particular battle. But he never lose the war. If you wanna join -- show the comic tonight -- numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- a receipt 7870. Here's the text that -- say is the question celibacy or marriage. There are very people who are celebrate. -- usually those who -- married for very long time. A problem with priest having sex. Is that they are in a position of trust and confidence. It is akin to a doctor patient or attorney client relations. We are removing sex from the picture adds a layer of safety. And securing it security to the confiding. To that person. Notifying an agreement that. It is the discussion of -- appreciate it Barrett is a once again as once again come -- I'm Gregory -- archbishop of New Orleans talks about four new priest tour. I'm going to be welcomed into the church. And he was asked by Tommy -- this morning at WWL first news if pre should be allowed to get married. We'll continue that conversation that's -- -- of your party -- -- opinion poll should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule. And allow priests to marry give your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. This is the script shield. And we'll be right back on -- WL welcome back to the -- showing this Wednesday nights on -- VW held again for those of you had Memorial Day off it seems like a Tuesday and it's Wednesday already. Here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule to allow priests to marry. 78%. Say yes 20% -- Give a -- -- by going to our web site WWL dot com we're also talking about actor Bill Murray crashing a bachelor party over the weekend. Offering advice to all the men at the party. Murray said that before you get married you should go around the world with a person that you're thinking about Mary. And even go to places that are not easy to get to. If you still wanna marry after the trip to new Merriam right there at the airport he mentioned JFK but he medicine usually in back of the united -- you marry him. Right then and there at the airport. Will play would build -- had to say that -- which videotapes were played the audio from the videotape at the that supported coming up after day's news at 9 o'clock. And so based on your experience in life the current marriage passed marriage is what advice do you have for couples thinking about getting married. And we'll continue to talk about whether or not priest should be allowed to marry. History has shown that traditions are not always right. Traditions are sometimes very hard to change and there are a lot of people who cling to this tradition the -- can't be married but is that. Is that a reasonable rule for the Catholic Church to have our show continues right after the news I'm scoots on VW well.