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May 28, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: Should the Catholic Church change its position on priest getting married? There is a shortage of priest right now…do you think if men were allowed to marry and have families that they would be more inclined to become catholic priests? What about nuns should they be allowed to marry as well?(there numbers are dropping also) PLUS: Actor/comedian Bill Murray gives some advice to some young guys having a bachelor party at the hotel he was staying in.… we’ll play his advice on how to find ‘the ONE’ to marry. What advice did you get before getting married? What advice would you now give to those thinking of getting married? AND: Joe the Plumber says to the parents of the students killed in Santa Barbara – ‘Your dead kids don’t’ trump my constitutional rights.’ Is he correct? And does his statement help or hurt the image of gun owners in America? Can we blame the tragic death of these students on lack of tougher gun laws or on the gun itself? This guy STABBED his three roommates to death first then got a gun and shot the other students…so do we blame the knife for their deaths or the person wielding the knife? Why is it different with guns?

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The rain was not nearly as heavy in the immediate New Orleans area as we were expecting if you were in Gonzales signed and that whole part of this state you're just pounded also in the North Shore. So very very heavy rain. A tornado touched down and say John -- looking at live radar right now and a Franklin do it just got some rain right now this rain and in -- Very heavy rain around golden -- and to the south of golden at -- if if you're in some though and maybe it is not the heaviest -- now are going -- there's more coming. Most of the seemed to be the -- to the south also on the Gulf Coast it looks like -- on very heavy line of thunderstorms is just move through our Gulfport. But if you're on the I ten of the fortieth year if -- if you're in the east heading west and you before gulf -- you could be some very heavy rain between Pascagoula. And Biloxi. So drive really carefully and give yourself a lot of extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you. But right now most of this line of thunderstorm activity a seems to be to the south however. Southeast Louisiana does remain under a flash flood watch until tomorrow evening. And we're gonna have the latest all night long on our website at WW real dot com as a we're talking about was coach -- night. Joe The Plumber the guy who got attention during their campaign because he was like this average American. Who became part of the campaign he's not running for congress. Joe The Plumber. Said in an open letter to the families of the shooting victims in Friday's killing spree in Santa barber. He said this is not to the families. Of the kids that we're stamped. Only to the families of those who were shocked. And one of the fathers we talked about a -- here last night. I was very very vocal about congress not doing enough. To. Stop this from happening after 26 -- were killed at the sandy -- elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. Joe The Plumber in this open letter to the families of the shooting victims said you're dead kids. Don't -- my constitutional rights. Now while you might think he has a point. Should he said at that way. Is this the kind of rhetoric that should come from a politician. I realize we shouldn't trust politicians to be honest that this is not something that should be even acceptable. Now don't judge all gun owners by the harshness. But Joe The Plumber. And I would also tell you don't judge all plumbers. By -- harsh comment. By Joe The Plumber. But just to what you know how he might have sent. If he wanted to respond to the father who was so outspoken saying we need stricter gun laws that congress didn't do enough and that's why my son is dead. I understand the frustration. You lose a child as I said last night. I would never blame a father for just reaching out and grabbing at anything. That might explain his son or daughter senseless death. -- record criticize the father for reaching out for what I thought was the wrong solution. But I don't think it's the idiots in congress that are to blame. They call them idiots I agree with him there -- -- in congress. But I don't think -- anything that congress could have done to pass a law that would stop the shooting from happening fighting in -- barber. And I just don't see law -- new laws on the books it will stop things like that because we're talking about mental health and and what is it about the knife. That is exonerated. When it comes to a weapon. That he's used to kill. Nobody ever talks about nice. And you know we were -- we're given nights working -- we're trained to use in night our parents train us to use a knife. Maybe in a -- to -- is to use guns in the properly. But my god nicer everywhere we were kids we we have modernized. And I -- I guess you could argue that the I guess you could argue that a steak knife is a gateway ninth two a more serious knife to be used in a standing. But it's interesting that knives. Don't get product in this conversation. It's a ridiculous money with a knife it's the person did it. But there are still people in this country who believe that if somebody uses a gun kills about it's the -- fault. And it's not. However let me just tell you how Joe The Plumber -- set rather than say your dead kids don't -- my constitutional rights. If you were to say something. He could've said. I can appreciate your loss. But I don't think you gun. Control laws. Are going to stop this from happening again. But instead Joe The Plumber running for office. When out of his way to be so. Harsh. To try to capture the attention of voters. And if he does get the attention of voters to me this is really scary because that means voters are responding to this kind of mentality. You're dead kids don't trump my constitutional rights. If you -- join our show with your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. At a text of Marie's 87870. Here's an update on our -- give you a pretty jaguar opinion called once again this is a debate and it is and become a debate in New Orleans atomic Tucker this morning was talking to. -- world's archbishop Gregory -- And there are four new priest who are going to be welcomed into the church and the a topic of celibacy that came up. And the archbishop said. That this of this was not necessarily reflecting his opinion but he talked about studies. That. He talked about studies that that indicated that the Catholic Church would attract more young men to the priesthood. If they drop the celibacy rule. So here's -- WWL pretty general opinion poll should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule to allow priests to get married. 73%. Say yes. 47% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com here is sent text that -- -- Joseph the plumbers comments may be blunt but he was correct. I understand it I understand that it may be. Legally correct. But why should anybody get away with saying it that way. That is only going to be rewarded. By the far. Fringe. Gun nuts. Not all gun owners think that way. Most -- in America are sensible sensitive responsible people. But for a politician. Somebody running for office. Two to make a point of of saying that. Mean he is desperately. Trying to appeal to fringe. On orders. And if he gets elected. In a free and open election. And that means that there are enough people to share that mentality. If you and enjoy an issue of the comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. To all free 86688. Ninths early Saturday a text -- -- 77. I noticed a -- tonight was still still still trending from from last night is the on the blog about the Santa Barbara shooting. And the blame game and it's still WW dot dot com and the new scoop like tonight is why priests should be allowed to marry. I'm Catholic but I think we should be allowed to have to get married and I explained in the blog you'll either agree or disagree. Read -- Sherrod you -- comments if you like it's on our website at WWL -- top. Also actor Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party and offered advice to all the men at the party about. About getting married. We're gonna share. Bill Murray's advice with you when we come back after this break. Under WL the iconic an award winning poet activist stand and author Maya Angelou passed away at the age of 86. -- she sits so many incredible things in the it for passing reminds us of those things then that's that's a positive thing. Here's one thing that she said that we should all remember she's and I've learned that people will forget what you sent. People forget. What you do it. But people will never forget. How you made them feel. And we get some more comments from the financial coming up on the -- -- Here's and chelios were talking about it Joe The Plumber. Running for congress considered an open letter to the families of the shooting victims in Friday's killing spree in Santa Barbara you're dead kids don't trump my constitutional rights. I just think this is very important to denounce this kind of mentality. Is important to. Denounce that's my opinion. Yours are numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 86688. Nines here we sent him -- a -- 7870. A father is arrested for forcing his teenage son to carry a 23 pound landscaping stone as punishment for not doing its shores. Is that really child cruelty. How did you get punished plus do you think parents are losing their right to punish the kids as they see fit. That is one of the many things Tommy talk of talk about tomorrow morning wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow and we -- mornings but six to ten. Here and having a -- well. Actor Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party gave advice to the men in the party about -- -- we'll have that tip for you in just a moment from Slidell change your own description. James. -- -- the regular. First in total over its Buick. Dynamo. Spotlight. But like that -- -- up there. You know. Sort of total -- but he. You know Allen although. Well. Old TV question about that Don there's no better or worse the person writes it's true. You know. There. But what a story or what politician to count when they are better at. Is that it gets more. Yeah well I am I understanding and that's why I think it's important for those of us who totally disagree with that kind of rhetoric. That we -- announced that it but -- -- as a society we -- up and show that we are too civilized. To even more tolerate. That had a comment. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're they're not Brooke but urged the rule ballots vote total Oprah. But just to take but it. Took to run for all too though. It's been. It. Starts at the urged the it's been a little better for you you'll -- that it's. But you know that brings a bad -- all plumbers. She that you called the show. Here's attacks. Joe The Plumber is an American Psycho psychopath. -- -- sociopath. I'm obviously capacity sociopath and has no empathy for the victims. Here's a -- last time the plumber ran as he Republican. Candidate. He was stopped with only 30% of the vote in spite of being a Republican. Running in he Republican state. They saw him for the -- that he is again. Approving that have to be the case. What do heartless inconsiderate four -- Condit. This has nothing to do with gun control. This has nothing to do with not supporting the second and and this has nothing to do with the fact that. If somebody tragically dies in an accident. Is something tragic happens. That does not take away our constitutional rights. But it's the point of saying it directly to grieving families. You're dead kids don't -- my constitutional rights. Why would somebody feel the need. To say it that way. At that time. Here is a text and -- -- and you leave extra space between you on the road. As soon as I get in the space between you and the car in front of view someone cuts in between you liked the guy in the mustang in front of me now. He must be compensating for some shortcomings. A lot of guys do that yet they've got. -- is shortcomings. And they had to compensate. By driving macho and compensate but sometimes by the rate -- car. Is an extension of their manly hood. And yeah I see that all the time Juan you know these are not -- necessarily the brightest people well on the road -- I guess we should. Have sympathy for them by two it's just it's amazing how people -- richest. Tries so closely to each other on a highway it's it's totally unnecessary. Here's a quick update or -- -- give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight. I should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule and allow priests to marry. 72% say yes 20% saying no give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. And the -- like tonight is -- -- -- on our website it's titled white priest should do. -- allowed to get married and that's my opinion read each year it's on our website WW dot com. Actor Bill -- Crashed to bachelor party. He was at a restaurant and talk about supporting going on the other from the crash the party. He offer advice all the men in the room Bill Murray said that before you get married you should go around the world with the person you're thinking about -- Now this is not the best audio but this is audio from a video it was taken obviously from somebody cellphone. So here's what Bill Murray had to say in this impromptu advice to men and about support. And let's hear me give you all his life. It's true it's the it was okay. Recommends you OK okay. If you haven't someone you think is the one. You don't do. -- know -- ordinary I'm OK okay let's let's make hey let's play some great parties get. Take that first flew. And travel around the world. My putting easier for the do you travel all around the world and go to places that are hard to go to work hard to get out. And when you come back. To -- OK we knew anything Jimmy hey you still love of that person's. Get married this year there. So what is your advice. Are you married. Have you been married. What would be your advice for a young couple or even an older couple. This considering getting married based on what you know about marriage what you know about life. What would your -- If you rejoice with comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy at a tax receipts -- and here's detects that reads. This is that this is an interesting text on the topic of whether or not someone should get married. I know that nobody's gonna like it and probably no one's gonna follow my suggestion. But here it is anyway. Trial separation. It's not about whether or not you can live with some -- It's whether or not you can live. Without the that is really profound. Because I found in my life that. If I'm dating somebody. And I get into an argument. I start thinking about what things are going to be like without that person in my life I mean it's it's an argument to the point where well you know we're gonna break up. So I really actually start thinking about what it would be like to live without that purse. And I think that's a very interesting point. Here is another tax to I think if two people cannot date exclusively for three years. How can they expect to be married for life. Yeah I mean if you wander around if you're looking at other people if you can't be faithful. Then why would you buy what you wanna get married. Here's another text to -- on the topic of whether or not someone should get married. I know and oh yeah it's a -- -- just the route that the guy just repeated what he just what he just said. Here is attacks at recess dude I have just celebrated my fortieth anniversary. And I still remember the advice too old guys gave me at my -- support. Saw and they said. Always remember that women are as different from men. From the shoulders up as they are from the shoulders down. That advice. Has stood. Here's a text about Joe The Plumber. Joseph was definitely one plumber. That needs to be flushed down the toilet. If you wanna join our show with your comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- it's happening -- -- interstate 7870. I'd toilet you're on the -- showing WWL. I don't so good -- All you Obama. Forty years. And play well or congratulations. Plus. Here you. The biggest in the streets you automate and Obama. I'm writing that down marriage. Has to be believed in the mystique she made. Their charge them particularly if you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He might not heard anything can happen. -- the word network -- -- for -- that there -- four. -- That's good advice Doyle was there ever a time -- you. If you really question being married to your wife. They'll put down -- to -- you put up what -- I can look back on on samarra systemic early July ago I guess I can I can say that right now about about people in my life under the put up -- Well I'm glad you called thanks for sharing that we receive congratulations to you when your way if you really have beaten the odds. Guide to join us so which your story of what advice would you have for a young couple of once again there are numbers 260. One a seventy toll free 8668890. What's happening. At a -- received 7070. And I think on my two failed marriages and two very long sixteen your relationship outside of those two. There inner or in addition is efficiency in addition to those two marriages and I think about our relationships and I mean I made a lot of mistakes. And I know that I'm not an easy person to be. And anybody who works with me can attest to the fact that problem not a very easy person to to live I mean I know my mistakes. I mean I have mine I guess like I have my issues that mean we all do. I'm very very open and I got a call earlier from Simonyi who who talked about being open always talking about things. And if things don't work out well they don't work out. And I don't see that just likely that if things don't work out they they don't work out. But its report to be honest and I I know people who have not been honest in their relationships and they have lived in the miserable. State. They lived in in total misery. Because they have held so much inside they've just been so suppressed. So there has to be equality and honesty -- in the relationship but I really like this text we are just a moment ago. If somebody -- to start whether you can live with somebody. It's whether you can live without. And when you get into an argument think about that in your life. When something comes up. A you've really meant that the person you're with and really mattered. And you ready for things end. Are you really ready to live without it. That really is a good test. About the relationship. And on the caller we just head to the marriage has to be bigger. Than a mistake you make. I'm screwed if you wanna join us for your -- tonight on numbers 260187. -- total free 866. 8890 semi tech's Amber's age 78 said he Mort your text are coming up from Slidell Lester. He earned -- BW well. These are all good Lester. You know just all. Where are there but it's war and what are married. Somebody on 020 this -- for. You make a list. Of triple. That she. Just at -- skewed to or where you just -- well. Am every. Sport for China. What you have to do news that acts. You know sort that won't go all the way down turn actually don't that you have to think about it -- their outlook for Q. -- can make the lists. Throw away. And that sort -- you know or anything Shubert has the trust. Or. -- at all on what works and how he got -- So what you would be right on the list is is that a way of accepting it. It's away just excel -- I'm accepting this job -- on the list. I'm I'm accepting this about you so if you do this I don't like it but I'd still accepting you. Bride and then you can make an equity shall. They do all that they -- But ventricular neutral as basically. Good and they do that. I. Mean. It's from being a partner summit a year. -- -- -- Lester was there a time before you got married -- and there was a conflict or something happened and you thought about it not marrying dispersant. Yes they are by. I mean it would not and actually it all ordered by there was a situation where kids where. Asks. Pretty deep dark secret and we actually go -- well -- -- rated triple on call code in the gulf war. Recommended -- And probable that also -- so well and also all. In all it to -- well anyway it has to do what. Something happened that crashed and -- -- -- April or may be called what year. Our armed salute couldn't call on all -- -- that you can understand. All -- -- -- that at first. There's no way to deal. When you what we -- When you guys were broken up when you're apart. Did you start to think about what this this -- a moment ago that I read a brings up and that is. Living without -- There -- crossed any columns. Picture. And I think that's why it actually. Worked through it got -- at one here. Seventeen year old lawyer -- still -- Great let's I appreciate you sharing your story when it's. Priceless into it to be a regular night. If you gonna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. X numbers 87070. So we're talking up what advice she would have for a young couple getting married. I talk about it all the time I IC. Young married couples. With their their wedding parties in their second line parades in the French Quarter and downtown -- in every weekend. -- bachelorette and bachelor parties in the French Quarter -- now freely throughout the year. That's a very this is a very popular destination for bats red and and that some parties in wanna meet its. It's New Orleans and there's the French Quarter. But I often wonder about these young people who get married debate enter into the marriage with any kind of realistic attitude of what it's like to to be married so what advice do you have for. A young couple getting married are numbers 2601870. Total free 866889. Certainly seventy protects -- receipts have B seventy. Here's a text of advice. If you -- marriage to last this says hide the boost in the -- This is the -- show and will be back after this break into W well we're getting some really great wisdom on marriage on the show tonight. And I'm sure you've noticed is I don't often have guests on the show very occasionally. On the guest but I like to talk to you. I like to how to get reaction from the audience because I think there's a lot of wisdom in the audience and whatever show I've done. There's always a lot of wisdom with the people who are listening here's a here's a text the reason I agree with the previous caller. This is something that I really hadn't thought about at least not in the east in these specific words. Agree with the previous caller you marry someone not in the hopes that you were able to change them. But with the resolve. That you will be able to live with their character defects. Here's a tax bill Murray's advice is dead on good lord I wasn't able to go between rolling and they had to deal with somebody. Let alone around the world LO Willis and Tracy in Covington. Here's -- text I knew bill Murray's first wife. Maggie Kelly. He was a lousy husband a lousy father. Getting marital advice from Bill Murray is like getting the virtues of celibacy. From Hugh Hefner. From New Orleans Johnny you're on the -- showing their VW well. -- -- -- The two -- myopic the first one quit. That's followed that that the account will be cherry trees in there yeah that the character -- not because they don't want to share. Our community -- exits with with why. Because they don't want. Priest or anything between a lot to -- about -- want that money. If you can't wait you know more like a part in the US first day. I'd -- as it sounds like you think the church is very greedy. We all know that but. That the real commitment c'mon -- Not -- Shock and even. Should -- -- into that because sole many people -- this. Wedlock. And the Lebanon and and it is -- That was the issue with the top of -- commitment. To it. -- on -- commit to one person to commit to you'll get much. Two of them we commit to want. This particular. And and and Johnny how many women today how many young women are totally disrespect it when it comes to sex and that the nailed doesn't care if there impregnated because. They're gonna walk away they don't care. It gets even the young men and women in a minute of it because they -- that if -- man. The child demand in the house all get help when you. Particular. -- So get light for a commitment. For their children to an apple. -- not -- so that's a recipe for disaster. Johnny your perfect example of what I was just talking about and that is the wisdom that comes from the audience appreciate your call thanks for listening to him via view well. From Nicole -- on your -- -- -- -- Yeah. Relationship. Sixteen years. That married. -- that point one years and one of them -- YPMAG. Acted on that Asian. Man we. Tango that marriage again -- should be -- -- as. No matter what what would go to bed. Jail pray as. We -- as late detonate Mon we can't batted. Whose job it. Steady resolve it before you go to bed or do you do you sometimes go to sleep in resulted in the morning. So I'm down -- virtually and I love it on and vote with no it didn't say it we heard bad allowed view. And most the -- moment. That's really that's a really great thing -- and. Because. Meant -- -- marriage. A guy of twenty years older model right. And that two of the signs that say you know. Big bad because what goes through quite my you know partly you know now -- -- life. It did go right let me live it made his issues and -- traditional on. And I -- my -- I love my children and that -- And that he year debt type mentality. Then you know great relationship. Leon I appreciate the wisdom and thanks -- list. If you -- joining us with Europe bit of wisdom tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. At a text or -- 77 I really like that idea because sometimes in that ended the the heat of the passion. Heat of the argument and sometimes I mean honestly sometimes people that a couple of drinks when they argue it's a bit alcohol plays a role in net. Sometimes you really can't sell it right. So what do you just agree OK I love you were gonna go to bed we're gonna wake up and we'll talk about Dennis. This is this -- show. And we're coming right to academic -- well tonight when you hear a song from the rock opera Jesus Christ superstar if -- the eighth call or at the phone number that I give out at that time. You're gonna win four tickets to go see a special exclusive WB Rel -- rehearsal performance. Of Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. At the you know Lakefront arena Sunday June the eighth at 7 o'clock listen for. A song from Jesus Christ superstar sometime tonight. Jesse I told you win and then you stop listening now he just told me we give it away. Somewhere to keep you listening. -- -- -- But I did he hit. We did do at this hour. We didn't -- -- the first hour. And we're not gonna do it at 11 o'clock. This is this crucial when WWL and from home -- Gerri welcome to our show. Man in the but you. But I Obama. Gave it to pieces of advice in the pre wedding. And I opted out through boot -- yeah we were married. That we about two and a half years ago. It happened -- -- and we weren't a best friend. I don't ever. I want my son bill at the other data room. Org we. That -- would want marriage and not get beat it. It's 10100. It requires all the all the participation -- all -- And also that marriage. Requires. Total commitment to both parties. You commit yourself and your partner. Mitch and shall be you and that worked for thirty odd years. And -- -- But Jerry is great device I'm sorry you lost your wife but I'm going Japan sent on to those who are thinking about it being married now and -- by talking about successful marriages and things that you would tell somebody if they're thinking about getting married. You know we we also. Are talking to people who may be having trouble with their relationship now. Yeah. I added I had a job at one time that I had a lot of young people. It. And contact -- then you know the -- talked about their lives. As there is no way in the world that I talked about like I met late I mean that sport and it's supposed to be your best grand. They'll realize that part of it one. Talk about -- -- person. The jury again sorry for your loss but thank you very much for your advice we'll continue to talk about this into the next hour also if you're just joining us tonight. -- Joe The Plumber said something. Very very brutal on to the families of the victims in the shooting in Santa Barbara we'll talk about that next.