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Scoot Show 5-28 10pm, Priest & Marriage

May 28, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show: Should the Catholic Church change its position on priest getting married? There is a shortage of priest right now…do you think if men were allowed to marry and have families that they would be more inclined to become catholic priests? What about nuns should they be allowed to marry as well?(there numbers are dropping also) PLUS: Actor/comedian Bill Murray gives some advice to some young guys having a bachelor party at the hotel he was staying in.… we’ll play his advice on how to find ‘the ONE’ to marry. What advice did you get before getting married? What advice would you now give to those thinking of getting married? AND: Joe the Plumber says to the parents of the students killed in Santa Barbara – ‘Your dead kids don’t’ trump my constitutional rights.’ Is he correct? And does his statement help or hurt the image of gun owners in America? Can we blame the tragic death of these students on lack of tougher gun laws or on the gun itself? This guy STABBED his three roommates to death first then got a gun and shot the other students…so do we blame the knife for their deaths or the person wielding the knife? Why is it different with guns?

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I am looking at live radar right now and there is some rain along the Gulf Coast rain throughout much of southeast Louisiana and it looks like most of the rain is on the South Shore right now. And you get down to golden meadow and grand isle during heavy rain -- -- going through. Well a bit of light -- now -- more heavy rain is on the way in this this whole system is moving slowly across the area but it's trainee soldiers a lot of rain moving up. -- through the area and it looks like we're getting some arena in downtown new world's -- artsy because the lights are in the studio can always see everything outside but we're getting some. Rain on our studio windows here -- -- it to be sure drive carefully and if you if you like -- gates on May be don't do it tonight. Actually don't ever do it but especially don't do another night like tonight. I huge pressure with a comment on anything we talk about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. In a text numbers 877. If you're ever gonna get an update on what we're talking about two on any show if you tune into late. We start our show every night with the top eight at eight. Every post that sits on the -- page go to WWL dot com at the top there's aboard air shows and schedules. -- click on that and click on this two page. And the topic to date should be posted -- year every night and it's an update -- of the things we're talking about it even if you here's talking about it at the moment -- if you read something in the topic to date. And you wanna comment on it you can certainly caller -- Joe The Plumber. Samuel Wilson blocker I think we're also -- rules -- -- these species name. He set an open letter to the families of the shooting victims in Friday's killing spree in Santa Barbara California not those who are stamped. But the families of the shooting victims. And in the open letter he said you're dead kids. Don't -- like constitutional rights. He's running for congress. Do not judge all gone voters. By Joe The Plumber. Do not judge all numbers. By Joe The Plumber because that would be unfair. I think it's important to denounce. This mentality. This is fringe. Mentality. And the scary thing is some people respond to it. Now. He's right. In what he says he's right. But he's not right. In how and when he sent. You said this on Monday. The shooting was on Friday. He's responding to the father of one of the shooting victims. Who blames the idiots in congress. For not doing more following the shooting as sandy hook where -- sixties were killed. Now I would never criticize that father. For just trying to grasp anything. That would maybe help explain in his heart and mind his son's. Tragic death. But I don't agree with him that. Something could have been done by congress that would have prevented this guy alien Roger from going on this -- shooting spree or stabbing spree people with this car. It's it's not about guns it's about the person. But this kind of of hateful talk. Should be denounced. And not tolerate. And just to show you how Joe The Plumber might if -- he wanted to say the same thing they're Cilic you know how I might have centered or how you might have said it. To say you're dead kids don't -- my constitutional rights. That's a horrific way to put it. He -- said. I can only imagine what you're dealing with. It is unfortunate. That. Tragedies happen. But we should not lose our constitutional rights. We tragedies occur. So the message about what he says he's right but how he said he should not. Be considered acceptable. -- -- Who was described it an AP report that I read earlier today as a modern Renaissance woman. And award winning poet. Author. Activist. She -- some amazing things. She's passed away at the age of 86. And here's. There are a rare moment with -- -- You may write to me down in history with him -- -- -- -- you may not -- in this they're readers but still like dust. -- -- That's my thing is Vanessa Stanton why don't you listen removed and just because I won't look as if I have oil wells. Pumping in man living human. Just my sons and my movements. Within certainty. At times. Does and I hope springing out. Still -- Does democracy mean broken. Bow out of hand then lowered it's so this frowning down 92 drops. We -- Nevada -- social class. -- is manifest in mr. fix it didn't. Know big answer and I visited that lab at. As if I have goal mouth. Digging in -- only banking. You can shoot me with you Wear it you can cook me with here denies. You can kill me with your income less than just like life. Around its. She was an amazing. Amazing lady. And with her passing we will be reminded of many of the things that she says many of the things that that people don't pay attention to. It's really a shame that they're quite often when it comes to artists. In India in in different disciplines different mediums. But it comes artists sometimes we don't really pay as much attention to their wisdom their words. Their creations. When their life. As really pass away. Mya Angelou said there is no greater agony. And bearing an untold story. In -- you. That's true. She also said history despite its wrenching pain. Cannot be on lift. But if faced with courage. Need not be lived again. We have also tonight and talking about the words of actor Bill Murray he crashed into a bachelor party you may have seen it says in video and producer or on line. He offer some advice to all the men at the party he was at a restaurant and then it was a special party going on any other -- -- questionnaire given to advise a -- his advice was. If you wanna marry somebody before you -- buy two tickets around the world he easy for him this is it but but but but in theory. The point that he's making his very -- -- he can actually do this think about what it means to try to do something relative to your life it would be similar to -- He said before you marry somebody. Buy two tickets to go around the world and even go to places that are hard to get to. And if you go through that -- indeed go to the heart places and you go through the difficulties of that trip around the world. And if you still wanna Merriam. And you marry him as soon as you land at the airport when you get back in the United States. And I I've fought that Lewis just. Great advice. And we're getting great advice from from people who are listening to our children. And it's great advice in the wisdom of this audience. I want to tap into the net. If you're married. If you were married. What advice would you give somebody's thinking about getting married. And -- talking about the advice that you give somebody who's thinking about getting married. Were also giving advice to those people who right now might be struggle. I think one of the most profound things said tonight was -- attacks that I read earlier. It's not what they you can live with the person. It's whether you can live without them. And when I think about difficult times that I'd been through in relationships. But always comes up in my mind the defining question is. Can I leave the dispersant can I get through this. Cannot leave without them. Or would it be too difficult to live without them. Somebody else called and said marriage has to be bigger than the mistakes that you make. Somebody else suggested that if you can't if you're having an argument. Sometimes you can go to bed kissing each other say I love you but we'll talk about it in the morning. Because sometimes especially if alcohol involved in -- an argument. That's not the best time to try to settle. So maybe in the morning is the best time to settle. True it was an interest in text. No -- more about yourself. Not to know more about your spouse. Than anyone else. But -- everything. And I think that's I think that's important. I think it's important to like Steele have this little bit of intrigue. About each other. At this immunity dark deep hidden secrets are -- secretly that you're doing on -- so on the side. But the things that attracted you to each other in the beginning. Were. Kind of the -- the mystery about it learning about this person. If you feel like you actually know everybody through and through it totally predict everything that they're gonna say they can do. Isn't that boring. So maintain a little bit of the mystique. And I also think it's very important. For couples to always. Want the person there width. To still be attracted. To whether people. You still want other people to be attracted I don't mean in terms of hitting on him but you want whoever you width. To be attractive to other people. Because isn't that one of the things that attracted to you either that person the first place. If you're. -- pressure with a comment -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- or were they 77 he gets RW WL pretty general opinion poll tonight should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule and allow priests to get married. It is your opinion by going to our web site WW don't count that's something else we're talking about tonight. And -- blog tonight is titled why priest should be allowed to marry. It's my opinion you can read -- share with others especially you're Catholic share -- Catholic friends. And you can give us your comments you feel like it's on our website. WW real dot com and we'll be back aboard the Scotia oh. Like for New Orleans on Wednesday night. Under -- -- -- this hour this good show is almost half over sometime this hour you're gonna have a chance to win four tickets to go see an exclusive WWL check rehearsal performance. A spectacular Jesus Christ superstore arena spectacular it's going to be Sunday June the eighth at 7 o'clock at the you know Lakefront arena. Now we also get a chance to win by going to W dual radio or FaceBook page it's every WL radio on FaceBook. And look for the Jesus Christ superstar contest like us and register to win. And if you win you're gonna be qualified to also win a grand prize which is an exclusive dinner meet and greet with the stars of the show. Now the four tickets are valued at 500 dollars the grand prize is valued at 800 dollars contest rules applying good luck from the station that knows how to love him. Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular. -- if you -- so when you hear the Jesus Christ superstar song from Jesus Christ superstar. Then just BV caller on give out the number at the time and you win the tickets to become eligible for the grand prize. A doctor Maya -- a passed away at the age of 86 today. Peterson disappeared she said that it's I can relate to personally in my life -- something that I've lived by and been tested with this recently. And again it's just enough water for great to great quotes. She said you may encounter defeats. Even encountered many defeats. But you must not be defeated. In fact it may be necessary to encounter the defeats. So you can know who you are. What you can rise from. How you can still. Come out of it. Because of things that I go through in my life. In recent years. I I'm I'm happy with myself and I know myself more than ever and I can totally relate to what she says. -- talking about. Marital advice. Here's a -- reads don't get complacent or take for granted be the same man you were. When you were dating site I so agree -- that that's essentially what I. I was talking about earlier. Win. I said you know he always always what that sparked a still beat this year. And that spark is they -- by. Trying to take care of each other taking care of yourself and always warning that person to still be the exciting person that they were when you were first attracted to them. Here's a text on married ten years. I teller that I lover every day. I still Coughlin that are open doors and thank her. I'm make her feel appreciated. And that goes a long way. Here's a text about doctor. Angela. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have lived in a world with such inspirational people like doctor Mya Angelou. And Nelson Mandela because of people like him I learned a lot about not only the world but also myself. I hope future generations have such great people. As them to look up to as my generation did if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven your text oversee 77. And calling a suffered Houston David here on the -- show and to be WL. -- do so thanks. Pay them on the mayor thing that's real quick. I always this. Just some track operator -- the situation I wanted a person that feel like they're getting a good deal. Is that all echo a lot of what Florida did that that's it's Carol and I are going about it all this that's you know Alec yeah that's more about giving. Yeah now I just want to appeal like the -- doing things in the -- we're going about things I want them looked -- amnesty. Mangled ordered in a good deal like you know you're putting her. Interest in -- this figure considering all what they think about things when you're drew wants. Please don't do not able to -- rip -- in her. Right right. But any NBA -- -- that marriage is not a failed to fair deal for everybody and I don't mean in terms fought a financial stuff but. It it emotionally. -- is not a figure deal some people give a whole lot more. -- then. They get. And that'd be a -- yeah. And and also real quick on the attractive thing. We left the wedding Saturday in your progress stressed coming -- -- -- won't stop your pain and quietly. -- we -- -- that they plan. Trouble about whistle order to compliment. She says the media. I think those Vietnam -- artists or agree to a. Yeah I think that's a compliment and you know David there are. There are men and I've known men like this who no longer want dear wife or their girlfriend. To be attractive to anybody else it's almost like the person becomes a possession and and they don't want her to be attractive to anybody else and and I think that takes something from a relationship. Well let me get him monogram -- told me -- you don't want something nobody else wants. News. And and can't we all look back and think the person that we were first dating. One of the reasons that we were attracted to them. Because other people were attracted to thank you. David I'm glad to comment thanks listening over Houston and from Slidell Greg your artists do show good evening. To Greg. I home. And network and now we're but the many years ago. That was our bread and art come on Greg Orton -- in and BB baker with the it would. Get to. That event Garber and and the bridge you played. And older -- -- -- it was. Probably tell me I'm. But that was Cabrera inspirational thing or. Everyday people feel it. If you don't use me I'm useless. After. I love that. We're up -- think it fiction written and -- It should be your vote. Hang on to second on -- writing it down now if you don't use me. I'm useless like I can't remember everything and I don't I don't do shorthand. Underwriters and I appreciate you sharing that -- -- get Netflix hosting two WW Illinois. Here's a quick update on -- W -- pretty general opinion poll should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule and allow priests to marry if Christina were talking about marriage and and what it takes two to make a marriage work. And if you're thinking about getting married I hope you're listening to some of the wisdom it's -- coming from many of our listeners tonight. History has shown that traditions. Or not always right. And it's not always easy to change traditions. Many Catholics cling to the traditions of the Catholic Church. As if there the support beams. That hold up the church. -- established through history. The tradition the vow of celibacy for priests. I think continues to be an active debate among Catholics -- clergy. And it's time that it was resolved. Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry. There are reasons that many have given for priest. Not being married and being -- but and that the reasons range from the mobility of priest to their devotion to the church. To the issue of financial responsibility. The church would have to a -- spam. But none of those reasons really support. Celibacy. That really it's really comes down to the ultimate question how would married priest negatively impact. The Catholic Church. The church currently has married priests. So the argument cannot be. That a married priests cannot function. Because the church has married priest. A basketball priests. Who are married. Can convert to the Catholic Church. They're welcome to the church. As Mary preached. -- married Catholic priests. Often with a family. So he's being married conflicts with. The Catholic church's view of god. But God's wishes where the function of being a priest and how could the Catholic Church except I'm married priests from another denomination. -- ME TV this is. This is that that that the telling moment. Wind and the church is actually accepting. -- -- At a church continues to face a shortage of priests. And new world archdiocese is preparing to welcome four new priest into the church. Archbishop Gregory Hayman said -- their studies that show that. If he were not for celibacy. They would be attracting more priest. To the priesthood. Tommy Tucker talked to archbishop Raymond earlier today and here's part of what he had -- -- I you know what John would just get to that in just to hold -- to continue -- -- just just get that set up and moved -- to that moment. The vow of celibacy. Is about a never marry. And since having sex out of wedlock his decision. The vow of celibacy is about it never had sex. But isn't sex a function of the human body. And it's a sex part of a loving relationship. Sex. Is the physical manifestation of two people becoming more and and to deny that human experience. To priests. And two nuns for that matter. Seems to defy one of the emotions that separates humans. From much of the animal kingdom. Pope Francis says it's implied that. The requirement of celibacy for priests is open for discussion. And that was unsettling to a lot of Catholics around the world but why is the idea of a married priests so unsettled. If you're Catholic what aspect of a priest duties. Would be adversely affected. If a priest was -- As a Catholic I can't think of any. If you're a Catholic would you refuse to accept communion or go to confession. If a priest in your parish was a married episcopal priest who converted to catholicism and who's been a married Catholic -- would you not want to take communion or which you know -- -- here you confession. Clinging to traditions. Simply because their traditions. Into the because -- accepted an established it's not the right reason to maintain any tradition. Within our society and within the Catholic Church. There have been changes in traditions. Mean recently as some of the wording of the mess. Has been changed and if it hadn't been changed I'm not sure how many of us would ever have the occasion to use the word -- substantial. Which is now part of an icy -- I respect many traditions in in society and in the church. But it's important to reassess some traditions. That no longer fit into society or the church. As he continues to evolve. At a time when a manmade rule of celibacy. At the time it became part of the Catholic church and maybe it was more reasonable. But in the context of the world in which we live I don't understand how continuing the requirement of priest remaining celibate. Benefits the Catholic church and Catholics around the world. Celibacy disqualifies countless young -- Who have great talent and expressing spirituality. And inspiring congregations. And in my opinion as a Catholic. It's time to remove the requirement celibacy. And open the door to many young men. Who should. And could be priest in new leaders in the Catholic Church. However I also think it's very important for us to remember but it's also very important for us to remember that. No pre should be forced to get married. Because if you force a priest to get married. I'm thinking well that might make them Wii shortage even greater. If you wanna join us for the -- not -- or shooter right on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 -- seventy and -- ever. It's 877. If you work for tickets. For tickets through our exclusive WW will protect rehearsal performance. But Jesus Christ superstar Arenas spectacular I can't wait for us now we get a chance to go it's Sunday June the eighth at 7 o'clock at the you know Lakefront arena. Then -- -- the caller right now at 26 so her wins 2609467. -- caller is a winner. From WWL. Welcome back to -- show it is a Wednesday night for those of you who had Memorial Day off Monday it feels like a Tuesday night but it's -- they already still a lot of rain throughout southeast Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. He might be somewhere on the -- and it could be re very heavily so be very very careful out there we wanna congratulate John Collins on shell met. John just 14 tickets to go see our exclusive WL tech rehearsal performance. Jesus Christ superstar arena spectacular. Sunday June the eighth at 7 o'clock you know Lakefront arena. Tickets -- values 500 dollars. Ellison to -- show every night this week for your chance to. Also listen Tony -- in the morning from six to ten for a chance to win and don't forget you have until midnight Wednesday June 4. To go to our Debbie WL FaceBook page which is WWL radio look to the Jesus Christ superstar contest. Like us and register to win. Three lucky winners will be picked at random midnight Wednesday -- on Wednesday June 4. To destroy a seal right now Ticketmaster. I can't wait to see this and good luck and a station that knows how to love him. Jesus Christ superstar robbing a spectacular. WW well if you wanna join -- to -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines -- it's every text numbers 87870. The -- like tonight is titled why priest should. Be allowed to -- He might agree you might disagree you can read -- -- -- others it's on our website right now. It WWL dot com here is a text passcode if you watch if you want Mary clergyman. Just go to the episcopalian and Lutheran or any number of other Christian churches. Well it seems to me that this particular person who who would suggest this. Would not be comfortable with the Catholic Church accepting. Married priest from another denomination which the church does. Dale you're on WW a good evening. Or I'll call outlets should -- you electorate thanks dale. -- Was ordered by. You know the chartered jet boat so bill what about this. Religions but on a bridge. Air all about because. It's all. You know I think I'm -- -- sometimes we need to remember that it's the same got. And and go it would all be could be dropped the ball so maybe I ought to. Richt. Your typical Google. Could be to be so. Are -- are totally agree I totally agree that there is nothing in the Bible that suggest the -- to be an element that was him that was a man made rules that at the time that it was made in the church it might have made sense but. And as the church and society has evolved I just don't think it makes sense anymore it's not run. To shell out to throw it out. Don't. Stop to help her but it took you so upset or tortured. I understand and it's it's it's there it's a beautiful experience. That god has blessed us with. And there are not many animals there are few but they are not many animals in the animal kingdom. It shares sex SE pleasurable. Event is as a as a sharing of love. Surely humans do bad and -- to rob that of the human being I think is is is wrong. Also to all. It. -- Beat thirty years all. -- OB -- aren't wired. Look like they should -- -- certain that the but it will be huge J. Crew Group but. We don't we. Go we have -- -- I also would marry go. Out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- church to step and a bar for federal workers orders retrial or -- Disagree that great. Old. Wrote -- to go to war or to do approach. And it got about breeders'. War or urged entered the got that little bit -- just to so -- -- them. -- Treat each -- like to be treated. -- No -- or. Don't work you think it took to go to -- cards as predicted growth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's more. -- Couples. -- work out cars or. -- Oh yeah or choke. Out -- joke and -- church. A church. Don't. -- that. Sort. -- -- There's been. A little. Bit. -- it a bit depth and everybody. I appreciate you sharing that story -- it's it's it's a great story very boring. You too thanks for listing and a major first time caller and I invite those of you who have never called the radio show before. To be an FTC first time caller never called a radio show before parted the people all the time is as good the other night when the call you but I didn't. Well listen I just pick up the phone call -- a conversation that that you and I are having it's it's as simple. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Late Saturday. 77 here's a Texan -- marriage and life is like riding on the streets of New Orleans. Many have potholes. But it's how you're right through them. That determines your outcome. This is the scale of children will be right back and TWO -- salaries are quickly coming to it and coming up after the news at 11 o'clock I watch -- here -- the division the audio from the video Bill -- crashing this events of party any advice that he gave to all the men they're. His advice was. Buy two tickets to go around the world before you get married -- around the world would this person go to places that are hard to get to. And if you still wanna marry the person after going through all of that and you marry him as soon as you land. At the airport to a play that week coming up in the next hour after the news and we'll continue to talk about some of the advice we've got any advice that you have. If you married you've been married. What advice you have for for young couples. And with -- -- -- -- -- -- equivalent to it would be equivalent to traveling around the world but if you can't travel around the world with -- person you wanna marry. Will be another good test. Three young couple. To go through before they decides to get married. And we're also talking about would appreciate be allowed to be married this conversation is a conversation and debate that continues in the Catholic Church. -- blog tonight is so why pre should be allowed to get married. That's on our website at WW -- dot com. And we'll be right back with more after the news under WL.