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05-28 11pm, Scoot/ Married priest and the Catholic Church

May 29, 2014|

Should the Roman Catholic Church allow their priest to be married; should nuns also be allowed to be married?

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Every year the San Diego County fair. It takes places it isn't the San Diego first in the Southern California version of Jazz -- There's music and there's food and you know this kind of food -- they -- one of the big things that they have if he if if crawfish -- Is the decrease -- Jazz Fest then one of the decreases at San Diego is cinnamon thoughts. Being warm. Soft. -- -- Was just juicy. Who -- cinnamon and and -- sugar -- -- -- that they're delicious that's one of the big things at the city and county fair. But they're gonna introduce something new with the county fair this year. And it could become a new food Trace. A triple Decker. Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. So it's three cheeseburgers. In between a Krispy -- blind. Can you just imagine the calories fat grams. In that one I. -- -- be talking about whether or not to pre should be allowed to get married archbishop -- talked to Tommy Tucker this morning WL. And the question came up about a priest being married as you know the Catholic Church continues to deal with a shortage of priests. And he said that it's not his personal opinion. But. He. Realizes that study showed that if there was no longer than requirement. Celibacy. That they would attract more people to the priest. Come anymore doesn't go to a place comets coming appeared just a moment also tonight we'll be talking about it actor Bill Murray. He he showed up just sneak peak for -- basically crashed a bachelor party. And this was -- -- I think he was in South Carolina. Maybe with this adamant that -- South Carolina he was at a restaurant. And it was about supporting going on in the other room and a Bill Murray crashed into the party. And somebody was videotaping with their cellphone. And he was giving advice to all the men here. Now the audio is not great because it's from somebody's cellphone but here's here's what Bill Murray ways was saying to all the men about getting married. Okay let's hear me give you all this -- This to -- yeah. It was okay. Recommends you couldn't. Okay you -- someone when you think is the one. -- do you don't do. In New York -- my OK okay let's let's make hey let's play some great parties get. Take that first flew. And travel around the world. My putting zero for the two do you travel all around the world and go to places that are hard to go to work hard to get out. And when you come back. To -- OK we knew anything Jimmy hey you still love that person's. Get married this year there. It's good advice now of course it's expensive and not everybody can buy a ticket for two and travel around the world and not pick out hard to get to places and use that as a test to decide whether or not you should get married. But if you think about what's behind what he's saying maybe there are other tests that couples can can go through. I mean I would hope that you've done a lot of traveling together because traveling. It is a very stressful thing to do. And traveling by plane traveling by car spending time in the car together. There could be some signs that you shouldn't be together. And so you should find your own test whatever that might be that -- -- be traveling around the world but it's it's going to difficult situations. Before you make the decision to get Mary. And quite often I have just talked about the the young couples that are getting married in the bachelorette two and a bachelor parties that I see in the quarter and I just I wonder. How many of these young people really know what they're getting into. And I think back when I was married at the age of 21. The first time. I thought I knew what it was getting into but I didn't mean I had pedigree bearish for for thirteen years. So it lasted for a long time but unfortunately. I changed. And we grew apart and I know that sounds like just such a cop out but it it does happen and I think knowing what I know now about life and especially about myself. I'd like to think that I can prevent that from happening again. So if you're married or he'd been married. What advice would you give somebody who's thinking about getting married and is there some tests that was here was there something that you went through before you got married. That. Really kinda convinced you that okay we've passed the test. And we really should be married. Not only will you help young people who were thinking about getting married. But you might be helping people who -- going through a tough time right now with their marriage. When we've got some really great advice tonight. And there's so much wisdom in the audience I I very seldom have guests on the show. I I like to talk to the audience. And they're just seems to be so much wisdom. In the audience. A text earlier which is something that we've continued to to talk about. Is. It's not a question. Of whether or not you can live with somebody. The question is. Whether you can live without somebody. And I relate this to to my life and at times that that I didn't relationship. And we've got into an argument. And the thought of okay cannot live without this person. And sometimes that can be an inspiration to try to work things out. A text earlier said no more about your spouse than anyone else. But not everything. And there was another -- came in love isn't about finding the perfect person. It's about seeing an imperfect person. Perfectly. To join our -- and I -- your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 8890 or semi tech's number is 878 Seve from Greg they'd show your on the -- show good evening. Good GO. Been doing a lot of times appreciate that. And and I am. I've been married twenty -- -- June 30. In my view it's warming and believe me. You know we can get like thirty years. We into the top. And everything and we get stock again that -- what you find me I'm. In -- Well I don't I -- You know. And it -- you know and the good ball you know believe that by no match and if you get cheese and meat to it in there. Did she -- she put up with more with you that you put up with our. Definitely and I appreciate that woman like she don't even know Ian. And he's not -- not because she go -- a lot early and cannot do. And you know by. She -- you don't know I really do appreciate -- you need to make sure she knows the details. -- -- -- lie and -- you know -- -- because. Now -- got that we got a twenty -- thirty years we've been equipment twenty years and we've that you. And talked to in very cheap tacky -- and Doris she grew up. Or she came over yet at like eight very soon. Mean. At 818. And nick get up and and I wouldn't change not but the war. You know it would get by -- taught me so much. Appreciate. Everything. No matter what. You know -- appreciate what you. In you know -- you know you have a good mate I get why would you -- in messed up. But you know. We get them some time and you know we Castro you know actually do catch them you know like -- -- Particularly to the text that we got earlier it's it's not as much about living with the person it's deciding whether you could live without. And it sounds to me like you could not live without your wife. Oh not even not even I don't know how we do now I really don't know how to implement. -- in note two ways about it. -- -- -- In Jack and I appreciate so much in actually. Poignant -- you know -- don't know out yet. And hopefully she won't know out here tonight -- By you know. Come June 30 two and we don't vote count count a -- called something like that you know grow old man something you know it. Pretty you know and. As grove years John I appreciate you sharing that with us tonight. I appreciate you talk that group that lead -- to you folks like that man I'll. WW OO audit people men -- out ought straight you all people man Denard they're great people here. And right and it not been data wouldn't trade but or. Joseph I appreciate that very much and now you have a great night. I'm from the North Shore Paula you're on WL. Yeah I don't couldn't couldn't. Yeah well I'll I -- call and let you know umpire that the media and everybody. China's -- the Catholic religion down the road. Would you think that that's something I'm doing tonight. Well now. That the media alert try the shuttle the patent religion. Every day -- viewed. On prop eight and everything you know they try to act like everybody in America cap lock and you look at the time. Or wake up. Call. But we that we can call the people aren't -- -- your man -- anymore because of their frustrated. With the whole crop of the Catholic Church. All they do -- drop rape and pillage their constituents. And collect real. With the money -- And you don't think that goes on with a lot of evangelist. Well because now. Problem. Aka did not that it Baptist Church in many call the church -- -- when it usually does churches. You -- -- well vehicles. And you feel excitement in your buddies when you leave the Catholic Church -- like that there are -- where they work for -- alternate law. They've been able. Over and like war should open. I told me god light -- Pretty. The book big problem with the Catholic Church their idol war -- -- and it towards church in America. Well -- you're entitled to your opinion and I do understand that a lot of people have that perspective of the church. I'm a Catholic I don't have that perspective of the church I would also challenge you. Let me ask you just do you go to -- church not been -- Catholic church and -- been -- problem that charge you. And it was different ceremony. When you got to do all that -- but charges yeah. Ceremony. When you go to a Catholic Church in saint anger over and over like the ceremony. Would you agree -- While much of video is the readings are are different every week and then the that the homily this sermon is different and you go to church where -- the sermon is more the whole service. Sure and hate -- Islam that you feel -- -- what you -- when you leave the Catholic man. You don't know nobody in the play and made happy note. Shall late show people what that well when you go to our prophet then. They have it rod did happen you meet people. The that's the -- problem be kept in religion may have notes that. Brewer knows what so well that why. In that church you know. Well I don't know 50% or leaving but I know a lot of people have left the church for a number of reasons but Paul there are. There are countless. -- dinners and fish Fries and crawfish boil says Catholic churches in. I'm Catholic churches says throughout this area have festivals and fairs in the spring in the fall that brings people together. But -- the immediate front and -- outgrowth. Everybody in America is Catholic who went. Yes -- opera that cap would wake up you're not have looked Marty noble. Want Akron so why cry. But the Catholics and crucified Christ. -- -- Think well it stolen by Christ -- -- there religion heralded. The -- media. The Roman Catholics crucified Christ. -- -- -- By -- the Roman campus just like to pay an Obama. But really it just I think Nancy I think that's your perception at all. When it. Operating. Budget saying we're -- they thought their own who had all -- I suggest that you take a look at I don't want her name names but I suggest that you take a look at the very popular. Protestant. Evangelist. And a lavish lifestyles. That they're leading and how they're ripping off their congregations. They're doing sadly the same -- Catholic don't need to go to church. I don't know where you -- and I don't half. Well I don't know where you coming up for these figures. This is just simply -- should make it up. Now I'm not making enough people -- sir you need to look. Well polished and I've I gotta tell you our conversations been very entertaining. Okay have a great night. Hope you cap would wake up again and realized that well you're -- -- -- -- -- here outcrop and wait -- until you have read. Yeah and I would suggest that you take. -- and you take a look at some of your own Paul. Take a look at some of your own revered leaders because they're ripping you guys off to. Wow. Mean everybody's entitled to the air. Perspective of things. I don't have that view of the church. I do understand. What he's saying about the the the ritual of the Catholic Church the ritual of the match. I do understand that. But it's up every Catholic it's up to individuals who go to church. To find new meaning and a new message. In every match. And if a Catholic doesn't do that it's not the church's fault. Mean that church does have ritualistic. Prayers. And and people repeat the prayers. And if you don't think about the prayers if you don't listen to the new messages. Of the did the readings in church the three readings if you don't listen to the message of the homily. Then yeah you're not getting gain anything at a church. Shame -- you. If you rejoice for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's seven in a -- -- -- 7870. Here's. Here's -- WW project opinion poll I should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rules and allow priests to marry. 78%. Say yes 22% saying no. More vehicles in Mort you're taxed right after this break but it WL. I'm getting some instant reaction to our last caller Paul. Crew had a very interesting view of christianity. Said that Roman Catholics. Crucified Christ. And I challenge -- on that he's -- Roman Catholics. Killed Christ. Here's a Texan -- Roman Catholics didn't existed till after Jesus ascended into heaven. They're not who called. Might just wanna look it up here is a text parishioners. And -- for sure needs the last rights. -- -- Is it any. Of the many special family events. I guess this is suggesting that a priest. Shouldn't be married to -- a pressure might need last -- OK again. I go back to this idea. If the Catholic Church currently. Has married priests. Who were. Part of other denominations. Married and converted to catholicism. Then how does that. Stand up to the Catholic rule. A celibacy and not being married. From Pascagoula Fred you're under the W well. Yeah it -- who's -- But we'll let you know most about did you actually Churchill like that yeah -- All. Right -- like the gap sooner. Well I know. You know -- -- I'll let. You know it's ridiculous. -- -- sure. I do understand. There are people who are not part of the Catholic Church who view it in a certain way they don't understand. The the -- they don't understand the service and it just it doesn't seem like it's something that fits the year. Their religion. In the same way that many of us look at religious snake handlers one who died recently because he was written book bitten by a rattlesnake. And now his son is recovering from a on a rattlesnake bite. I don't understand facts. Because I'm not part of it and I I I do understand that -- that there are people who view the Catholic Church is being nothing but. Repetition. But if you go in with the attitude the you're gonna get something out of it. You only get out of it what you put into it and and there's something fresh and new in in in in every mess in that I guess that's something that not everybody understands. Well you know go. Out there and also the amount. We're -- you know got to know. Well should beat the other. That will slow. It began that the mr. picnic or. Let. Then that -- more. Than a lot more. You're. -- -- A lot of little. -- You know we'll get into that discussion one night and which denomination has the best parties. Credit at all is it really -- -- in Pascagoula. -- as I was looking on radar earlier that that is gonna lottery Fred thanks for thanks for calling here is attacks that Reid says scoot to -- T hear from the French Quarter. While that religion guy seemed upset with Catholics. It seems to me. That it's important to maintain. An open mind. I hear is attacks. It reads. Paula should go to whatever church she wants to go to and leave others to enjoy their faith. That's what makes America great I'm not Catholic but I respect. They're right to believe. Their own way. We seem to think like the telethon. Here is another text that read says -- I'm in favor of priests marrying -- problems separating home problems from ministry. Parishes would need to pay for families. And all their expenses. Well with other churches can do it I'm not so sure that the Catholic Church can't do and again if the Catholic Church currently. Embraces. Welcomes and has married priest who had converted from other religions. Then what's the argument. That a priest cannot function as a Catholic priest. If he's married. I'm from Slidell drill here and heavy WL. Why don't do it. Toward safer. Thank you so much for being on the air because you really do hope that musicians -- back. About rehearsals one -- and it just there off okay well do you play. -- -- and booty play our -- with a band called the doctors do combat troops aren't sure about the long haul. On call it also -- Outkast. Guy. First -- if I've ordered that great arms if the Pope and the clergy cardinals never sinks in the priesthood -- Up first topic about it went. On sector. So that's something that that so the celibacy rule is something that kept you from even considering being a priest. Yes mom also. Our store and Lou -- the actual war so overseer in our marriage is not so much great great this year who aren't illegal shoot that dates back. On beer to middle agers when -- where cubicle at church land children like that they have. And as I said as I say in the blog -- -- -- on the earlier at their may have been some reason there may have been. A reasonable. Reason for for that rule when it came into play. Hundreds of years ago put in the context of the world we live in today is the church and society have -- evolve I don't see how it functions to benefit the Catholic Church. I agree I think that it girl oh. Pre existing Catholics to marry. And -- the clergy and I think you'll achieve target groups and membership surgeons are out. And now armed 3040 years old are on the front and -- thing it would joint project so that the Mandela are in -- But -- 21. Thing that really kind of got my craw at all that was not pretty rough cut Scopes years. The whole Milan. We are no longer -- my illegal and order in the country. We have not been a majority in this nation since its inception we have always been a -- the only place and urban majorities that our president had her. Irish or German or French or Hispanic or Hispanic. All. You know immigration and New Orleans is look at. If you see a lot about the Catholic church on the local news it's because New Orleans is as a very strong Catholic. Base same thing with what I'm talking about other cities and have lived in like a San Antonio. And San Diego. Baltimore as a rabbit when New York -- Arabic yes boss. But -- -- only Jews but open back in evidence on that if you look back at feet to score -- programs with her. Only water has ever been passed was struck and it. The majority of our leadership throughout the physical -- John F. Kennedy was that it. People don't realize how controversial was when he was running for president as a Catholic I mean he had to. He had to convince voters that he was running as a Democrat not as a Catholic. And the theory in 1960 was made if a Catholic became president he might actually consult with the hope. And before we made decisions concerning the United States and and John F. Kennedy when he was candidate. Had a went out of his way to convince people. I mean he -- -- spoke to a Baptist convention in Houston and was very adamant about how he would not allow his Catholic faith. On two. Dictate his decisions as as president. Which is something that I brought up during the campaign of 2012 because Rick Santorum. Was very open about his Catholic faith. And sometimes indicated that he was going to rule as a Catholic. Which was in total contrast to what Kennedy did in 1960. So that's one reason why it this year. You know Catholics you know it's not there at around it actually keeps a lot of excellent politics restricted they'll just do whatever countdown and realize -- The Catholic Church our control all. People would like to -- But how much. I arrived I appreciate you listening and I'm glad we can make your -- a little better. Here's a text that reads chicken on the bone that's a bad chicken on the bone. Just got finished on Bourbon Street at the old opera house -- listen in baby all right thanks chicken on the bone. Here is a ten exported downer. You have been such. You have had such lovely talk about marriage at biscuit aliens always. Have white line. So. We are so we are the best just kidding. We welcome all that struck me I grew up episcopal. I became Catholic and there's really not a lot of difference between the two -- became Catholic when I've got buried the first. From New Orleans Mary you're on WWL. Hello -- All right. And from New Orleans Mary -- this -- show. It -- -- -- -- OK about it and possibly -- the catechism and made -- is. And following believe that not a problem apparently spotted in our camp think that you can't they have popped up. And really and very adamant about. People who quit I had compliant chiropractic and they had barely quipped back upon them and another upon that the daily. Credit the Catholic and I hit it in both. I think the public relationship with gated in and responded in the Catholic Church they'll be on the content they're going to be. That the most important thing you know which way do you come to keep it -- well and because both up. I'm a Catholic that they can't get there have been. I mean captive market happened in the queen Mary in time to get into kind of -- at. Yes I have been in both ways and it should be -- that that would that the path that they should come together they're obligated not economic count -- it and. Mary I totally agree with you know -- you were sure there with us tonight. Is really the same god. There are different belief systems. Different denominations. And some seem really wacky two others to a caller earlier the Catholic Church seem really wacky did this guy Paul. But nothing's more. Insane to me. Then the pentecostals and is it wouldn't be a Pentecostal denomination. There would be among the church shared the of the churches that did -- deal with the snake handling. I mean. That's does that make sense to me to get somebody's found somewhere in the Bible what you need to handle snakes -- I just think it's interesting that this this. This evangelist. Recently died. After being bitten by a snake and now his son. Is recovering from a snake bite if you wanna join -- shooter -- -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy a text numbers 87070. Here's an update on our -- have you a pretty general opinion poll tonight should the Catholic Church change its celibacy rule and allow priests to marry. 79%. Say yes. 21% say -- This is one of my favorite hymns a lovely -- this church. Living on a prayer. Is just really in this. -- love -- the congregation gets up there just sings live on a prayer it's truly awesome. Policy haven't you haven't known that that was going on in the Catholic Church or yeah this is a big him. Almost every mess they've played it I'm student will be back. Every Catholic man aside into when they play this song people just get on the -- I mean -- -- start rock and again Leone they sing this song and and aired just cancer in the air it's it's really awesome readjusted. Why people think the Catholic Church is so boring it's. This is. I mean this always gets about Danson. Some shouldn't because they're not good but anyway it's maybe more funding you think what reminds you what tomorrow. I opened my would Angelina feel the legendary Angelina part of our radio team at WWL and she's always got something interesting tomorrow Angela an open mind wonderfully here -- have to be real. Here is a text that reads there are a few converted there are very few converted Mary priest. Catholic priest represent Christ on earth. Christ was not merit. Priests must dedicate their lives to the church. Not another. There are historical reasons as well our fleet is not subject to our opinions the church is guided by faith. Not by what its members think. -- at some point its members made at this ruled the priest can't get -- Its members made at a board the hierarchy -- that man made that up. And I think he really hard pressed to find anything in -- in the Bible. It -- three shouldn't be merry. At one point they work. -- like tonight is titled. Why. Pre should be allowed to get married my opinion nearly either agree or disagree to agree to -- with the Catholic friend is on our website. At WWL. Dot com. Here's what's archbishop Gregory evening had to say you are talking to Tommy Tucker this morning on a W -- Here's what he had to say about this question a priest being married. And see that pretty much says it all first of all it is not dogma. Does that means it doesn't have to be. Soul of this person who set this text is. Just -- -- viewing this at the right way about Catholic priest in -- in Christ on earth. So we can't be married. Mean in my rivers -- Christ on earth but it. There are fallible human beings. And Christ didn't -- and and priest -- So again I'd I'd -- I I still find it's impossible to argue that we should not be married because there are married Catholic priest functioning. In the Catholic Church. If you what did you and -- are right numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's every text -- It's a 77 in all of southeast Louisiana still -- flash flood watch until tomorrow evening. And there are a lot of heavy thunderstorms around this area along the Gulf Coast so where my -- might be some heavy rain right now most of the heaviest. Rain in this immediate area is south of New Orleans. Down and then molten metal grin on his -- south of the new world -- you might be -- right now. And we've got all the latest information constantly updated. On our website at WWL. Dot com this is another one of those favorite Catholic hymns that they do in church quite often at the man's. Personal Jesus -- This always gets them going. Place. Mean like it when the pre start rocking out to. Some really good dancers. I disputes -- -- -- it's. Here's a text that read what we do emphasis if you -- here's a -- raids as Christ himself Mays makes clear. None of us will be married and have when it's that they look forward to. The text goes on by remaining and married in this life priests more closely. Configure. To the final states. That will all be -- Look I'm sure there are people who. Believe that but again if it's so wrong. For priests to be married then why does the Catholic Church currently right now as I'm speaking deal except. And embrace you just heard archbishop Gregory -- also. The Catholic Church. Accepts any -- Married priest from other denominations. So yeah if you wanna be a priest. Become an episcopal priest. Get married and then convert to catholicism. And Europe. Here's a Texas Catholics we are supposed to represent Christ on earth. I guess we all should remain unmarried. Why are we so concerned about the condition of our priest. And not that a Parcells. Very artistic point. Here's a text where in the Bible does it say that three should not be married as far as pentecostals handling snakes. I don't find that in the Bible either I think they're attempting. God when they do that. You could have faith without being stupid. I think there is something in the Bible that is interpreted as are you supposed to to handle snakes I don't know where I'm not a biblical scholar so I don't know. I don't know where it is. Clinging to traditions. Like the vow of celibacy. Simply because their traditions. That's that's the right recent hang on to a tradition. And within our society within the Catholic Church. There have been changes in traditions. What about the tradition not eating meat on Fridays not -- during -- but all the time. And when I was in school they were Catholic kids in my class I was episcopal the time in a -- to get married. There were kids -- would we're we're always bring fish effect it was a kid in my class. Sourcing was Donald. And he sat close to me and every Friday the kid brought a hand of SARS means and it's stoke up the whole classroom. Every Friday. All afternoon. Stunt in our classroom that the -- would open up can't sort means. He didn't because he was -- And recently the wording of the of the mess has changed. I mean if the wording of the mass hadn't changed I don't think you were I would ever be using the word cause substantial. I mean where -- that word come from. So -- to stop organizing -- So there have been some changes. In the church. Here is a text. That it reads. Oh this is a continuation of the text from. -- from earlier about. That call earlier we had Paul makes it very clear. This remaining single. Allows one's attention to be. On divided. In serving the lord. Maybe he means Paul the apostle and not call the caller we had earlier. Once again. If priest should not be married why does the Catholic Church currently except. Married priests. I've enjoyed our conversation tonight we will be back. Eight to midnight tomorrow night Thursday night. If you in this so whether be sure drive carefully a lot of heavy rain along the I ten in Alabama and Mississippi. Wanna take John -- Our studio producer Jack Harris also helping out in the -- studio have a great evening bloody New Orleans.