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May 29, 2014|

Dave talks about swerve or hit? Breathing in Lebron's ear, and bathing in Slurpee

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL offers news on this 29 of may 2014. Fair it's the day before Friday gives -- great honor and pleasure to wish you would -- happy Friday he hands on Friday that it denies we celebrated twice in the early edition of WW offers news. -- remember everything that. Yes it's it's -- nice. Life. It just makes. Some private man. In pots and I'll read -- My instincts. Today. Don't soar. Ago. Mind. Fingers hands arms. Fat. -- -- all wrong. Uncle is a parked car. Who to my old boy and actually I think I've missed the target -- because it. May have just been playing -- awesome because it came so close to. You know now it's stopped check out the condition of the pox as a sort of -- being wise yeah man that thing. Somewhere in this cute you know you have half -- second to make a decision here. And somehow my mind you should hit it out it's so big it could damage the vehicle. So. You know. It's war. And other amber grew with for many years with the master control. And it over a thousand dollars that I remember that from act curtain. So adamant that went through -- you know it happens so fast but it. What do you do if cat and upon them not to hit the rules are totally different obvious -- sure. Enactment that. Keyed. Upon it should have just kept going because I realize I -- have. -- that the -- the whole. If there had been apart -- what does play out right into it. You whether animals rank lower on the -- You know look like a bird bird or squirrel you'd just come just going bad. You know I almost always -- even though like. You have my. I know I should just keep going with even a -- And they do that thing with a dart out in the dark back yet out of line hate that you know and that's Fossum did that he and it turned around kind of kept going so I wasn't sure which way to -- -- Are you were walking is that -- your partner on the side 1 am now in the air bag would come. Luckily I think I'd miss the and night knowing missed hitting -- -- the side. That urge to -- is so great. -- just what you wanna do it whether it's. Bird I'm usually okay with. Because somehow they magically it was -- -- fly away they always -- amid all this revenue David C in the get so close to your bumper -- -- up under the carpet and fly out you know crow or pigeon and amazingly in and it blew out that there earlier this week the blue day and -- -- think it. But that's ponson does it was -- like that today I don't know that there must eat real good around here well it was. -- -- thrashed out that you riots. Yeah audience. Today and that way it went about it. -- -- -- -- Out of your way but you'll see actually nutria is coming in and out of the -- that stormed her -- Other improper. And that you know there isn't fear that you might you know -- point. Do you sent into improper -- or glider god knows what. And risk my life tries -- -- With this but the right should not I don't. But it's of attacks estimates that it's not driving right vehicle killed if reckons it's not a scratch a family. That's what it's. Yeah. -- -- After the the risk your life in Europe to reevaluate what. Two years side -- -- -- -- Beagle rescue me was not driving right here but the -- evident that a massive truck and I'm not but this big enough made -- cuts -- them. -- -- facts -- academic policy into the spotlight that it had a party line low line around with the that's a more rain is common man not most would be. As some others -- -- world and for by the -- Doherty and that your you know -- -- -- about one. Why we have this effect so often wind storms come. Right now and then -- ago north of lake south into the gulf. Early yesterday everything was going north it would come over saint James Saint John. And shoot up and it's in Cuba and almost none of it and that here raised hell out there and then doesn't come and get out and that we really had very little rain during the day yesterday. I'm almost no and then last night most of it was come right at us. And that it did definitely went over -- Never. There are few rounds that the -- we got a protective screeners I don't know why that is why -- More and more weather after the music I've. We'll get a quick forecast right after that sports with Steve -- when -- -- an animal run that party your car a possible -- world bird. He swerved. To keep. -- -- -- -- -- Possibly rise. By fifteen. Before -- -- nineteen Gabe Cohen thank you so much for joining us here in the early edition of WWL. Burris -- -- -- -- creativity when you do way it did deer that run different view and going 45 miles an hour. I think he -- I don't. I mean -- -- a good thing about it at the expense of your vehicle. My goodness other persons that are. Thanks that it that it that it -- I swerve to hit snakes. You can see as -- that our hand and swear to try and more power to via my wife hates snakes snakes in the things that scare more than anything in the world -- Jesus snake on television fueled. Lift her feet off the ground for fear it's going to get hurt even though there's no way to among the TV -- -- text that is coming up right now forecast. A flash flood watch continues through the evening temperatures will make it to around 83 today and we will see the rounds of showers and a few thunderstorms possible all the way through the evening hours. Then late this evening and tonight rain chances drop to 40%. And our flash flood watch -- finally come to an end it looks like for tomorrow with 60% chance for a few more of those showers and thunderstorms highs around 85. And by Saturday still a chance for some scattered rain through the day and highs around 87. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- You have light rain reported in Slidell all in Galilee down though and several other places on -- using heavy rain now is right along the coast Venice booths -- grand I'll get some of that heavy stuff. Otherwise it's cloudy at the airport in -- 72 degrees also 72 with that light rain in slide now. As far as I'm now on WW well. And I am going to swerve right out over -- sports with Steve Geller good morning sir good morning and happy Thursday in -- to date before Friday Friday -- the celebrated. Yes again ready to head at the saints camp soon we'll around this time last year the saints' loss Victor Butler for the season due to a torn ACL. But the linebacker is back on the practice field ready to earn a spot in rob Ryan's defense. NFL analyst Mike did so yea I'll -- butler's return means for the liking gold. Did you another. Chess piece. For rob Bryant become a move around and I certainly believe he's a major part of this -- defensively all woody can do because -- flash -- when he got that opportunity at Dallas. Pulled George scored 31 of his 37 points in the second half as the Indiana Pacers held off the Miami Heat 93 denied the to force a sixth game in the NBA's Eastern Conference finals. George hit 53 pointers and he's what six steals and six rebounds he also accounted for 21 of India's 294. Quarter points. George was asked about his teammates Lance Stephenson new approach to defending LeBron James. Stevenson. Was blowing in jeans is eager during play -- reference wasn't to. Wasn't too who who brought. Well it worked LeBron had a miserable game while plagued with foul trouble shooting two for ten in 24 minutes in scoring just seven points. Tiger Woods is withdrawn from the US open has he recovers from back surgery that kept him out of the golf for nearly three months now. It will be the second US open and six major he's missed because of injury over the last six years. Would -- a week ago but he still not taken a full swing the golf club and did not know when he could. And the Williams sisters have been eliminated in the second round of the French Open top seed Serena Williams -- earliest exit in the Grand Slam event since the 2011 French Open. Losing to unseeded guard being as a -- of Spain. Venus Williams was eliminated by nineteen year old and -- -- Today -- four on sports talk here from saints head coach on patent quarterback Drew Brees and more following organized team activities. Which in addition to the black and gold are you most excited about this year. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports beat the Serena -- the Williams sisters her big guardian that moves garage of Spain and Anna Schmidt low. I love what tennis makes -- you know exactly. Schmidt over that was not you know exactly -- -- burden. Yeah exactly that that's not a perfect a lot of obvious that a right because who knows how to actually. Congratulations. First of all the NBA player. They feel like they've been going on for about a year. And it'll be another year before they crowned champion right and these these things go on for ever and at a really good numbers of these teams not in the obviously but -- -- since the pelicans played -- analysts NBA continues. Slowly cards to play routes but. Is it legal to blow it -- players year. I could not believe when I saw this and I'm surprised LeBron didn't Beckham but you can clearly see. Like they're just they're -- probable and Lance Stephenson dispute kneeling blowing in the bronze a year and I I just give believe that yet that's I guess it's a loud it's not in the rule book. -- file would be defined as clutch. But no lag is breathing and that -- In his year. And apparently -- another distraction but you think it complained at some point to the bill okay c'mon -- that's who in my heater is to watch it right. Won't play it on yeah. Arguably. One of the top players to ever play the game become an -- complaining guys blowing in your view that. Always blow it. What's scary though is LeBron had the worst playoff performance of his career some wondering now -- it's going to be a new former defense in the NBA you double team -- and have one guy at each side blowing -- a year from now. -- now to Justice Stevens and I guess is that cheating isn't it okay what do you think -- -- -- 87870. It is that. Violating the spirit of sportsmanship. Or is that a brilliant. Play that throughout the game Lolita LeBron here -- a horrible game. He's been duties Stevenson's we tried this entire series to get under the bronze -- an -- -- obviously yet yet. Into easier instead of under as you navigate to get into his head but the idea of my opening in his. -- -- beyond taunting that this. The year. Thank you Stephen well what you. Most of or sports -- years coming up at 25 minutes WW well. Am confident that come up -- him more about these saints OT that you ago take a look at. This morning and on line drive and gave -- the early edition of WWL first is. More storms may be blowing in carriers will take your forecast that the via text messages today that needs them right after this text me is that cheating. Blowing in the bronze here. Demands of -- -- that you're doing a game but first Texas that's bad sportsmanship another says it's amazing numbers that that's not talking smack at the blowing smack. Is it cheating -- tax rated 7870 your forecast. Are wet rainy pattern stays with us through this Thursday in fact a flash flood watch continues all the way through this evening. Some scattered showers and thunderstorms kind of rolling through that area at the -- of the day today that's what we're looking for. As 70% chance and a few heavy downpours will be possible highs today around 83. Then we -- the rain chance to about forty per cent for a late evening and into tonight lows tonight around seventy then tomorrow as 60% chance. Picks back up with highs around 85 and even Saturday a 50% chance before rain chances drop to 20%. On Sunday. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexander -- for them. Heavy rain along the coast elsewhere it's light rain here and there are 72 cloudy at the airport and tanner light rain and 72 in the -- now I'm Margaret text messages on you swerve or not when and and welcome to win a story about -- and had no choice swerving was not an option. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's may it's the 29. Its 2014. And it's the day before -- -- last. Friday eve of may wow June arrives this week it is beckoning. Yes and credit -- is -- ice who celebrated twice here on the early editions so. We will call today Friday he had people taxing and it's 7870 that told the story about almost hitting. A possum on my way to work man does not being able to stop myself from -- yeah -- to swerve. I just couldn't willingly and intentionally. Run right over this ponson is go right over one person tax says dear. Hit it took -- -- and -- has also armadillo. Speed bump with a test every part of and in the you know at least you could recognize it you know because all of that happens so fast. You said it was a big and so I am no doubt it White -- you can you can -- early mistake apostle CIA isn't what it looked sharp there's no enemy. Don't hit. So why didn't I swore I think you know if I got -- -- -- its -- can I couldn't relate to know that happens so fast. Put in with a possibly -- laid out and act like they're dead even when you get hammered out. You know it is currently and even uglier -- of modern enough well in Illinois. One driver had no option had no choice had no control over the situation. Where maddening counter with a year and. The -- suburban Chicago woman so she's grateful that she's alive and her family is safe. After a -- a lot from an overpass. Landing on her minivan traveling along an interstate. Old. Heidi Connors says that that did -- arrest in the middle. All of her Steffi. Minivan. She and her four children were traveling about seventy miles an hour on the Jane -- hole away. When the Deere fell from the sky you know. And police say it jumped off the overpass went clean through the windshield peeled it back like it was it looks like a book opening up. -- -- gaping hole almost the entire windshield law wanna mess and the DO lands in the middle of the van and comes to rest there. They -- -- the last line of the story. Police say the animal died our tank. With a cut a. But Eric calling it a miracle that. Aid that the blame the deal landed just right on the vehicle that didn't hit anybody. Just went to the windshield right in between the two front seats. And then as the bank it is to move yeah did did the dieters. Movement there are a lot of swerving. Right into the center of the -- in the middle of the backseat says. Everybody was fine some minor injuries -- glass maybe you know that by -- but it. I can imagine doing an overpass well. I grew up in that part of the country -- -- happened and they don't like him on top. They've -- allows some archers to go out trying to in the population but it's nothing Netgear re not -- garbage cans in your backyard but you know everywhere that to be -- they don't like to hunt them in the urban areas. Ends. Oh -- cousins actually grew up at a place called Deerfield. And in Deerfield you can do in the backyard and they are scared of people with AD. So there -- Every dollar dinnertime and I've never heard of one jump off not seen jumping across the interstate like eighteen lanes of interstate and make sure can jump to -- going well. By I just can't imagine that crash coming down on top swerve was not an option for mr. doll not even a thought you know. Just prayers are yes you can bring that mass -- thank you David -- Less than twenty minutes or Portis Chris Miller joins us he's actually reporting from the Jefferson plaque humans line. Because Jefferson Parish president John young and black woman's parents president billion on gestured at two of the leaning leading candidates. For. Lieutenant governor -- as a result of the -- we just want -- and there and we'll find out which side of the line has the advantage I'm Dave Conte will be back right. I've seen plenty of rain. Luckily I was advancing -- listening John Snow as we go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good morning to -- meteorologist. -- read the lady in red this morning Alexander Graham. Like -- -- now why yeah -- -- REN I'm doing well we'll the rain still coming down but not like we had this time yesterday. Jackass and I was talking yesterday man a fighter of all kinds of places -- the and you know just really strong storms and got tornado warnings what an active warning yet yes. Today he'd been wearing that red dress you -- match the radar because of the red all over it. Thank goodness the red is argued today not on the -- Breyer and Elena blended and yesterday but yet today things are a lot better than yesterday morning still hasn't scattered showers out the -- but. The whitening really isn't there yesterday we -- we get hundreds of lightning strike her little you know five and ten minute period. This morning I count -- one over the past ten minutes that that's -- not as active. Yes and then not as even as much rain to the metro area dry actually. Maybe some drizzle and missed but not seeing a lot of activity over as far as -- -- those most -- the -- short sale. If we are looking at rain this morning it's over eastern sections from Lincoln warned. East into Mississippi and up portions of southern plaque in Paris to. -- more rounds of rain coming today tomorrow and even into Saturday. Yeah they are -- kind of getting a break this morning I think we'll still see some scattered out kind of showers and some heavy downpours possible today so we have that flash flood watch. Going the -- today and it has been an extended. All the way to tomorrow evening now. It's until Friday evening last flood watch continues yes there we were talking also there was a tornadoes skipping across the Mississippi River in Saint John -- -- read that this morning neither right yeah. Yeah right no yeah I yesterday we have that tornado warning and it was felt warranted for sure as that EF one. Touchdown in Gary bell but this morning we're not seeing that -- -- -- threat so we see anything today I think it's mainly going to be. In the form of some heavy rain. -- I am no meteorologist. And I've never even played one on TV or the radio but I have noticed in doing this for a nearly twenty years that it's not uncommon that sometimes we see these big systems and in our way towards New Orleans. That they -- laughed at them at the lake and go to the North Shore where they -- right at the lake. And go down into the golfer along the coast and it's up both of that yesterday morning most it was going to the North -- last night most of it was going down south. There's no climate logical reason for that is there. You know that's a good question I'm -- to be honest I'm not exactly sure you know I will say that when I worked in street sport we have the same bingo and people would say -- go to the north -- at this to have -- how good it's not coming right to Streep where I think it's just wherever you are if it happens to miss you. You know I noticed that make note right we'll have a big hole -- -- -- office that that goes either way and I don't know if the -- has night and to do with that but either way all right so we're ready for around the brain today tomorrow. And on in the Saturday before maybe we drive out just. A little bit I'm meteorologist Alexander transfer line but right from the Eyewitness News fort. Imagine you're working at a convenience store which actually did want to worked overnight and convenience. And a man comes running into the convenience store runs up to the -- -- machine and starts spilling his shirt. With Hawaiian punch icy or slower -- as the case may be here. That. It actually happened in Grants Pass -- again. Where police say a man with in a fight with some other men down mistreated a home. And had a hot grease thrown on him he was suffering from burns. So he ran into the convenience store and started slather -- they say it was slower pee all over him to try and sued the game. A partner. Now. And that two other men apparently come running. And try to get into the store the workers bar the doors that they can't get to the guy apparently they want to continue this disagreement they were. And I just don't know if I'm burned. And I have been burned pretty badly before I had electrical burn once my hand and did feel great -- to -- them. Big picture of ice water to like it -- -- get to the -- But I wonder what made them think hey there's a 7-Eleven on the streets I'll run down there put -- -- all over it make me feel better. Cota thought that they like ice bucket in the in the fountain drink machines and the Catholic and I can get access but he apparently he gets filled his shirt with bulging with Hawaiian punch work. What's your favorite flavor -- I'll get the one other -- cookies you don't like it out. Look fine I like cherry on another kind of exciting personally seen now. My kids get them makes -- a little bit and every suicide IC does -- -- this cleverly that liberal on this labor. It what do you like best. We like. A scene now. -- likely that a big man that's no bongo for that yet. -- -- -- Alexander Yankee Alexander current climate director is forecast markets with Steve Geller coming up after this will Margaret text messages about blowing in the Prague a year. Several people -- -- -- 7870 saying it's not cheating if you don't get. A whistle that it is -- needs if it doesn't violate a rule it's not cheating says one. Another person says it's only cheating if you get called for it we're talking about. Blowing and LeBron here and we'll continue that conversation after you tell us more about sports on their feet up. Good morning everyone the number two quarterback position opposite Keenan -- will be an interesting battle -- keep tabs on during scenes practices. Fifteen year -- Champ Bailey is not a lock for the -- Leaving the door open for Patrick Robinson and Corey white. NFL analyst says those two need to seize the moment now -- for rookie -- Jean Baptiste gets comfortable. Gabriel is 36 years old Billy -- best piece in time will be the guy is not ready for prime time game once. If your core white and -- Roberts and yet it sure JS don't let it. -- -- Well India has sent the NBA's Eastern Conference finals back to Miami after pulling out of victory in game five. Paul George scored 31 of his 37 points in the second half. As the pacers held on to beat taking 93 denied these. LeBron James had a miserable game while being plagued by foul trouble shooting two for -- 244 minutes. And scoring just seven points -- king was asked if this poor guy was due to Indiana's Lance Stephenson is -- new style of defense. Which was blowing in the bronze a year. We knew more -- to file for us that's my only concern you know I -- you know we put ourselves in position to win a lot of extra. Whatever Lance wants to do we don't really care about that. Aaron Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to seven charges in the July 2012 shooting that killed two men and wounded another. Those charges include two counts of first degree murder and come as the former patriots tight and already is preparing for another murder trial. Prosecutors say that her name is spelled this respective. Factory stranger bumped into women's spilled his drink prompting him to follow the man and his friends and then opened fire in a car at a red light. The upcoming US open at Pinehurst will not include Tiger Woods. He's withdrawn from the second major of the year as a recovers from back surgery and has kept him out of golf for nearly three months. There will be the second US open and six majors he's missed because of injury over the last six years. Today -- four on sports talk here from saints head coach Sean Payton quarterback Drew Brees and more following organized team activities. Which do addition to the black and gold are you most excited about this year -- early morning look at sports and I'm Steve Geller. I was thinking about why you're gonna sports walking out of my studio -- theaters studios are glowing interior to see if you can continue to do sports while I did that but then I thought nine might -- And then we might have a problem because to be partly to continue to show if you knocked me cold note that we now with losing -- job over it now but I think it would have distracted you. And kept you from doing your sportscast but the bronze as Maggie and do whatever he wants Davis and wants the blow on my -- fine. I think it I don't think I would have taken that approach. I don't think -- -- so agreeable to I think he's taking the higher road as well not want to -- the army just to see what's gonna happen now Friday night tomorrow night in Miami what you will LeBron and unleashed now on Indiana. On Stevenson. Guess it's okay with a -- some bonus here again at tram ever know or another horrible game maybe the pace is all adopt that philosophy of be blowing and all the heat ears with the flow into the -- to do with laughter. He's very funny if they did -- the water turns into a schoolyard game better than the eight years ago when these people do you get to get to the saints practice that OT eighties today what. Is the most important thing you'll look in the -- when you get out there what are you most concerned about right now since they're not going to be in pads just in helmets and shorts I wanna see the health of some guys like Victor Butler. Like Patrick Robinson. Kenny the car oh that's going to be the big terrific to see if they can still cut me you know the running okay hunters is going to be -- -- -- the drills yeah that's another good one you'll let us now and who's playing Qaeda and. And Jimmy grammys that there right -- announce the we're gonna have to hold you up for at least fifteen minutes we'll see you back. And about that time with more sports on WW. After giving us some more thought I did get nice he usually -- -- So what text made 87870. Says that this phenomenon where the storms go above or below New Orleans when their heads this way is it called the urban greenhouse effect. The heat generated from a large city pushing moisture away from the outside areas -- meteorologist but. I don't know it may sound good to me I've seen it happen over and over again have a great Friday.

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