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5-29 6:10am Tommy, Santa Barbara attack

May 29, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about the UCSB shooting and stabbings

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I -- I won't -- -- right here when you. And radio what. Do that a lot you know it's introduced some audience Johnny and tectonic. There's been again and Johnny were inner. Davis. I'm just trying to straighten me out Gloria I will street -- -- exactly as it comes time. Where you have to realize that the people you're hanging with bringing you down. And you need to shed yourself and like a snake shedding its key absolutely. Dominant the best analogy and -- -- -- I come here every morning you know 430 just full of wide eyed wonderment. I'm excited about the new day. Feeling blessed and thankful for everything and have you really do and I got that news draw. On an. I hang out with you and -- and the eight other people that are in there though hard boiled news people and -- wind up. -- Cynical -- bitter bitter yeah angry angry. And there's got to start paying -- out to tell everybody else in the aerogel in the others I'm sorry ideas. Don't take it personally -- -- starts at -- Morales is an hour and a half of that. Is cool breeze disillusioned. Diesel thank you David nice sarcastic. Guy earrings or that it mentions article now. I don't know what happens to you news people but I guess because you cover. Did the seamy underbelly of life is that it Dan because yet politicians tell you one thing on the record and another thing off the record and you -- wondering is anything real. And I trust anything and I put my faith and -- -- Is wide and again Nagano happy about the day you are bristling. We one in the numbers this morning everybody do expect him like me like cheers. And it occurs to me that says. -- -- Tommy about the different stories in the news. -- don't keepers coming in Europe as it usually now. The start out past line. They're talking about today's -- these Santa Barbara shootings. Slash standings as you don't hear him. Talked about as having six people dead in its tragic three by gun three by night. Not parents. Of one of the children of the guys the young students and young man that was stamp. By his roommates at this proves we need tougher gun laws in this country. And I quite make the connection because that seems to me at their child was -- exactly. It seems to me if my child. God -- was stabbed by a roommate. I might have wanted her haven't gotten is that you know ideals about you know -- and I tugged on I think that might have been able to save somebody's life. Sarah talk about that Ellen yeah and I think we come back the rest of it needn't tell me and I -- Think as a right or wrong here but I think every time something like this happens. The anti gun crowd jumps on it. Whether it makes cents or not and even -- -- she got to blame the media because. So many people unless you read. You realize it's almost like an -- with -- in through remains Stan what but. -- that is about -- -- guess three as a man shooting but it's more mass murder if you think about it because three against him 993 by gun. So I guess one of the questions that like you answer when we come back nine you David but the audience it's 60 wait 72038668908. Stephanie. You think when something like this happens first -- does this have anything to do with guns. Oral law enforcement. Or. Randall guidance. Deal about it and we come out did you know that you can buy a samurai sword at the local gas station here in town. Nobody gives me another reason to stay out of that newsroom and -- rather ego more talk about them combat roles to talk about dog and -- people. A new study out says that dog people are more lively and more sociable at owners are more intelligent. -- dog owners so whereas you know ready gentler and people -- cat person. -- dog person and talk about the president Ford's policy coronal punishment more. There's a plan for Ian thanks for seniors -- -- and what Jesus Christ superstar tickets. Yes children tells me yes to get away as well back in -- Tommy -- evidently. Tommy Tucker let's talk about these -- Marbury shooting slash standings and I don't think you mind a lot of people referring to is that it. And read about this and -- I'm going to be honest I try to be honest with real time. When this happened it was a Memorial Day weekend and -- -- -- attention -- because like I think these things are unavoidable and occasionally happen it's partly living in a free society. I know if it's your child you feel differently about it for example one of the fathers. Of the shooting victims said. Com don't -- condolences. If you wanna do some and changed the gun laws of nature this doesn't happen again and as a movement you know point she knew was gonna happen to do it is. Joe The Plumber. If you remember him or not but he's again and it. I think it was the present. Stumbled on in 2008. And he became. Famous he said. Wrote an op Ed piece saying you know what Huard did did -- exactly like that I believe. Doesn't. Indian Ocean and into my constitutional rights. Certainly -- could -- -- our whole -- better but. I think that's a concern you know this this is Richard Martinez one of the one the fathers of one of the shooting victims. It's intolerable the situation we all know it's not news to any of us we know what's happening here and it's unbelievable. That we're at this point too many people would -- And it shouldn't be that should be not one more. Now. As strange as it seems my find out that three of the victims were stabbed the roommates -- stand before it is. This miscreants started killing people with a gun. My thought was. And again god forbid this should never happen any of our kids and whenever you talk about this people make it personal it never becomes. Hypothetical theoretical exercise it's always a what if it wage your -- And I gotta tell you if it is my kid that got god forbid EO is at -- say that they get -- I would hope that she would at a gun. Because again it goes back to you know -- bring a knife to a gun fights so. Some of the parents it to the parents of one of the of the young man that was dead by the roommate said. This makes the point that we need to do so open about guns in this country. And they needed a gun control argument which for the life of me I don't get considering. That their kid was stabbed to death they told AB CTV the country needed tougher gun laws to avert another man skilling. Value we will know a phone lines here -- here from all I think this as a lot to do with law enforcement because. You know as they delve more into the story we find out. That a family member. Woodland hills California saw the guy that did the shooting. And -- standing. Weeks ago. YouTube videos regarding suicide in the killing of people so the police showed up. There's ADR idea donated got a mental hospital right now you know and left. And this mystery -- -- murdered left the notes and you know the police search my apartment Gestapo orders but they didn't because you know when guns in the ammunition. So when we come back Melanie or from the -- 1870 toll free 8668890870. Whenever anything like this happens. Is it. War on guns whether that has anything to do win it or not and why is there at the war on guns because. I think when someone does happens everybody wants to do something so immediately lets -- this let's -- that without looking. In this case I think you got to point the finger at law enforcement you tell me when we come back 61 and one time -- -- traffic and that would get a Terrell rocks. 646 Tommy Tucker on this Thursday morning I'm hesitating a little bit because when you're off on Monday like a lot of this work. Now from Memorial Day in and you come back before you know it it's Friday but it's hard to get the right state because sometimes people think it today at some times people think it's dateline. People think a lot of different things about these Santa Barbara shootings. And some of the questions I have -- and I like you to think I'm going to argue with you it's your chancellor the entire Gulf Coast from here to Florida area. And west about Lafayette -- -- in nonfarm regular people looking for an excuse to bring gun control back up. -- more gun control and actually done anything and is is about gun control. Mental health -- something else I'm in some texts and response here. They're pretty interesting. One of them says they talk about harder gun laws but anybody can get a gun on the streets. I don't know of all of these com. Man shootings I think most of the guns are purchased legally but I don't know that for a fact. Allowances I think Tommy the point is that if a detector can detect the gun it would detect a metal knife as well. And I get that but where do you draw the line and where would you put the detector. Another text the country needs better mental health laws not gun laws. And for a long time when ever sent them like this happened. What we always mention when you know what is there any way to spot is before hand. And I'm I'm chuckling because the his family called the police after they saw YouTube videos. Talking about suicide and killing people and how frustrated he was. And sometimes. You know week after something like this happens when you know indication -- as happened who knew. But if you go back there are signs and I was in the police went on to his house and and they killer left the notes and -- now. If that the police were here but if they had searched my home they would apartment and found everything I and I would have been able to do this is before he. Went on -- killing spree. And I get a -- so now you'd think the option of infringe on his rights and searched his house -- needed award no judge would have given one. I get your point I don't know if a judge would or not it would seem like in light of the mass killings we've had in the country that if somebody gives him that he's gonna do that. If I'm a judge -- would be probable cause to at least take a look inside the apartment. Tommy this one says the deputies at all Likud under California State law when they did a wellness check on Rogers. A mental health expert even stood up for the deputy saying their hands were tied. They could not commit Rogers that day. So I guess what we're saying is this is completely unavoidable. Because if a guy in my opinion post a YouTube video about killing people and suicide in his family is aware Brittany called police. At a police can't do anything legally and announcing and that was the case but it if that's the way it plays out. I don't know how you stop this because. Other people have said we need more mental health awareness in this country. They -- did the sandy hook shootings now like to give any mention of the name of the people would it is because they're looking for notoriety. He had his own mental health counselor and high school. So on and -- give any more mental health attention event other people's you know what ban guns. Well I think if somebody's hell -- -- and and the law allows has got to -- the YouTube video. That'll while his family members so that they called police to check him on the police in quotation marks can't do anything. Well and I think there are no laws that you can pass that are gonna prevent. Anybody from -- gun or knife in his case and killing three people by -- three people with guns. And another question I have is why is everybody's so quick to jump on gun control what. What are they trying to accomplish here what is the ultimate goal because when you have. Chinese immigrants family members whose child was stabbed to death in a room by a crazy roommate aren't evil roommate -- a look at it. For them to come out and say this proves the country needs differed gun laws. There either terribly in my opinion has guided as far as the cause of death or somebody got Tillman told them what to say. So you tell me 260187. Neitzel free 866889087. It like to hear front. Tommy Tucker back in a flash talking about the Santa Barbara shooting slash standings right now. Time for -- WL first news that would go to David Lee thank you -- to get people hanging on and talk about the Santa Barbara shooting slash standing in ninety issued actually -- standing ahead of it because that happened before the shooting spree. Again I get a taxi comes in and says can anything really be done to prevent mass murders. As apparent -- what did you think in initially when you saw pictures of those innocent kids who were killed and that being said you can understand. That. Dead there was grieving Richard Martinez. Plead for his son Chris is death to mean something and what he said is not one more. Of course the parents of one of the Chinese roommates -- three -- more Chinese its owners say that they were immigrants. -- for tougher gun laws in the country which really confuses me because their child or their son was stamped. Sigh I don't quite get where all of that is coming from Steven Gramercy good morning -- on -- WL. -- Art in the city. So well. Oh. It law and even though the actual. Like you chill at the street and then you ought to be it actually intentional you predict. Know when you say Tony people in a week your time of crime not. Mass killings ranked. Yeah I gadget edit it. You walk eat eat it that they. The -- the. Let's yet thank you make a good points Stephen does over the weekend we have -- four people killed. And six died in this and I think. It was six dead in Chicago. So it seems like when something like this happens. -- she'd used the phrase innocent people but. If you look at what happened with that that poor little four year old girl I think she was during the birthday party couple years ago. It that is terrible is one avenue here. That it. -- in the didn't vote Chara and -- There are. I'd blow off all sure that people are. -- -- -- -- Shooting happened in the in world country. -- -- -- -- I lived here were standing. Even standing -- even. Know what the law. -- Or are. All the -- not mark all -- didn't -- bat suit marked the at all or is it. But again keep in mind before we make this about guns and the people killed in his -- and a so I don't -- you -- anything as a weapon. You can use. It here at the net you assume that kill people -- reached its -- All of people trouble reading it. Because our job -- -- -- a girlfriend because he was rejected my girls ball. Well now don't be cute that you well. Street. Thought our shot -- well you know the answer. Well but it didn't. We can't control. And -- money. And I'm glad you called thank you for taking the time and and colony and a holding as long as you did and what this means -- -- is. When the family members see the YouTube video about killing others and suicide and they say in the police over because after anything like this happens we always talk about warning signs. Well if for whatever reason because of the mental health laws in California lawyer. Lack of did not warrant or faulty police work what ever it was when it comes and concerts in the apartment and we know now. That the killer left the notes and and out the police answered some place they knew they couldn't stop all this. Then that tells me it's hopeless there is no way you'll ever stopped is because. Every time something like this has happened before we always -- -- there were only any signs. We need better mental health in this Coca care in his country if there were only any signs we could act on. Only got posted a video about suicide and killing people in the police went over Leslie you know get a pretty much man. Iowa win win undertaken a mental hospital right now Anthony -- -- -- morning on -- WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- to the -- but the thing is that we can't. It's got to be appearing. In it and that it is not something that you two -- 1617. Are open you get to order opposite. You can't -- your children's. -- that you gotta -- repair. In the thing that acute injury early age not late now an. Early. A lot of the open goal. -- -- did back in the day and I understand this guy's father was. And assistant director and Hunger Games news and BMW I think he had a brand new BMW which like -- -- whatever category one. But. There was an old saying it's that a good days were cold glass of water and something else would would kill this kid because he was raised so soft not this specific child but just about people in general when. Hey is it maybe see in cases like this are they all isolated and different is there anyone catch 01 fix all for this and forests are taken right away from somebody else did you look at that. And secondly the as far as parenting. How do you know windy giving kids enough and when it's too much -- it seems like if he had other things to occupy his time maybe he wouldn't have had. The freedom to become so upset or maybe it's the parents had been no more. Attentive they would have realized that that he I don't think he just snapped that has come for a long time. Yeah I agree with your -- all that it took its. Optimal formally -- and it that you reap what you and so in -- you rate your children right they still have bad you don't -- -- -- McDougall thank you. And they're going broke and it may be upbeat -- mobile world. More child and not. You're injured you're chip on your part lull in we get crazy people acute rolled up to. And we are looking to bring my cool and cute show and children are gone. What. But do you ever worry about money due to deflect -- technical and try to get runners with a. Anthony I'm glad you took the time that calling semi doing something stupid like taken and -- and trying to kill somebody when it. The thing that drives me crazy about this is the family member sees the YouTube video. Also police and says something's not right here so they go to the police don't search the apartment don't take any action and then. This happens meanwhile in schools yet kids at home their fingers up and go bang bang -- another detonated sent home for three days. Talk about mental health that's crazy we'll be right back Tommy Tucker that W. 650 and tummy -- who continued talk about the Santa Barbara standings -- shootings because I don't think a lot of people realize six people. Were killed seven died because the killer died of a gunshot moon in enough it was self administered or not. But it seems like you know Russell Long and he's a guy too which is saying is most attributed says don't tax me don't tax. Don't tax you don't tax me tax the man behind the tree. And I think -- paraphrase that when it comes something like it is don't blame you don't blame me. Blame a guy and I -- three. As a statement comes in for the killer to make that statement attacks rather for the killer to make that statement. If police had seriously could have stopped all this he continues to do damage by apparently successfully. Managing to pass the blame on to the police. Nobody wants to be responsible when something like this happens everybody wants to blame somebody else. And everybody wants to rush to weigh -- I guess it's human nature. To fix -- the problem is if you pass laws. That infringe on somebody else's rights. First off did is there enough. May hand to justify that in. And Joe The Plumber is back in the news saying you're dead kid doesn't from a constitutional rights which is terribly insensitive but the underlying point is. Where do you draw the line between pass and a new laws that. That protects people. Or that takes rights away from other people -- -- draw the balance there any other one is estimate. And about it wants a Russian pass laws but if they don't wanna do if they don't do any good and they take away rights from people. That's seems like the worsening in -- world Steven Vander -- n.'s -- I can start to take and if we run out of time. I'll have to come back I you do one. -- I'm gonna Stephen I -- toward the lake Stevens. A lovely body but I have managed this waksal portly in the man to regulators and okay. I don't -- hang on 653 finally traffic. Sunday. All on -- After that we go to -- Robinson I Tommy tiger is 659. Name one before a seven revenues come announce some nasty than anybody else. On hold to stay there you can listened to the news through your phone and get the weather that traffic everything else and and even on all the while I wanna want to hear everything you have to say we're talking about the Santa Barbara. Standings. Lead shooting six people killed if you don't count the killer. Three album were stabbed and Joseph the plumbers back in a news of you remember him he said you're dead kid doesn't trump my constitutional rights after. On the father of one of those shooting victim said I don't what you're condolences until we do some than. About guns and and it becomes not one more than I don't hear from anybody. And then the family of one of the stabbing victim says we need more gun control which makes me say. When he --

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