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5-29 7:45am Tommy, disciplining your kids

May 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a child & adolescent psychologist, about the best ways to discipline your children

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- -- -- WL talking about Reynolds discipline in the Santa Barbara incident is standing shooting six people killed. Doubles -- Georgia police arrest of father charge him with child cruelty charges because he punished -- sixteen year old son. By making and Harriet 23 com landscapes known for several miles. And multiple times over the three day period sometimes early is 3 o'clock in the morning. And it is only for food to I don't know much he weighs. They apparently couldn't get him to do each store's hours they get in the sampling and video games. And a pizza driver saw this alerted the police and it's on the -- again arrests and get a couple interesting text here before we get -- Allowances of care 123 pound -- his child would be Busan we should charge some schools -- the same. Some of those kids have to carry such heavy. Backpacks. Tally I'd pick up my daughter's backpack she's seventeen year old. And high school but this thing at seventy pounds. Carried around. Another win as the questions on the is touted the big advocate to carry the rock when he couldn't get into its shores which. I kinda like as well and then tie it in the Santa Barbara so we discipline our kids and away. That some it is not approve of -- They can't do anything and you blame the parent indicated kills several people with no let -- commend doctor Jennifer r.s nine. -- -- How many come -- -- that -- about this whole discipline thing with children. -- corporal punishment. Punishment timeout where he began appear there. Yeah we don't have enough time that you that I don't think summit at the problem but you know it's so hard and so -- -- now. What works here is that we cookie cutter they're treated is that every day. Need something different rate so what works for your son -- network for your daughter what what what -- you know three year old work for sixteen year old and and we you know that don't like quite a proper conditioning and physical punishment. Really teach kids -- behaviors punishment in general don't teach -- behavior. And get away from it can learn -- -- -- learn to be luckier. That we do you have to do create opportunities that we reinforce the meat eaters -- delinquency and sister currently at the start off. Doctor I got a new puppy at home and I'm not trying to be flippant or sarcastic when I say this but anti about positive negative -- Edwards and obviously a child can reason nor. You know that the powers of reasoning or not out of an adult don't give -- -- that is it that different. Really -- I wouldn't get mad because it's really great analogy. -- you don't have to put the child out in the yard every ten minutes. -- in the creek. Have been. You know. Now you know that the degree yet but the fact that you get your job. We re enforce the eight years that you line and ultimately it is slowly. You know stop reinforcing every time and attacks like -- People. And we work to get pretty we work should get attacked we work to get people that he did a wonderful job -- He didn't. Adopt a different quite frankly for the -- -- that we don't think we're ever gonna get that we're not and try and. That being said it is with -- boxer puppy occasionally she used you know SE Satan comes in and -- and right so when a -- -- company and Holdren and and like thunder -- almost since it is just relax calm down and then after a couple of seconds okay sometimes kids. I don't know about corporal punishment but sometimes you got -- get their attention right sometime after. -- each week between the from the stimulus and with it this situation. With Iraq. How -- you know the great question people get to keep it carried Iraq capital and setup the media I think that's the question of the day you know. You can -- and get some eager -- app and then you can get another behavior stopped. And punishment is important you know that they are scary and your your child is getting technical and human beings that are above and beyond what okay. Punishment is necessary consequence that -- and meet them. But when the first thing we go to actually teaching your child at a do you. Any differently only to definitely punishment and that's not gonna help them in the long term. -- and -- come on and talk about this but -- we can address what happened in Santa Barbara when we come back going to be a minute or two mortgages. -- so many people are texting me saying that you know it's all a function of parenting and if somebody had kept an eye on this guy but it seems like. A lot of guys are being kept on imminence of can be avoided so we'll talk to doctor Jennifer hard steam when we come back. Nicely deeper of child and adolescent psychiatrist right now the time for -- WL traffic into that. But at a -- -- did you ever -- David in your role as a dead that perhaps. Raising the child disciplining a child teaching in town reveal a lot like hailing a new puppy. Lot like a new puppy and a I'm never made the connection in wound doctor Jennifer -- Steen did after my. Question earlier she rejoins us now a child and adolescent. Psychologist doctor one day at a -- about before we move on -- in a -- Concerns discipline and and it says. If one cookie cutter approach can't be used for any child how would the law enforcement officials know what's. The right thing and a wrong thing for each individual parent to do. And I think it. Yeah they are scary -- Lies that prevent that I'd be the case then and it gently you know like one person saying look I got my child and that behind it that abuse and that blanket until -- barrier overtime gently but went on you know when I was a child. Many years ago is not the same typically done now and do that. The on court has ruled on and what crosses that line if -- you're having kids. Carrier rocket -- that borders on abuse is so. They they do. Look at what it was and parameters are and give them that was that was pieces acknowledging differently. I was young and this kid get not a bit. 3:4 o'clock in the morning to pitch in a bonus which was not the safest thing in the world would go -- -- it does -- the local -- donut shop we. And in -- a case could be made that night. Now welfare was being endangered on fourteen years old and -- -- bonds sometimes it worked -- ten -- twelve dollars yeah. -- draw a line on -- I -- think it's a dangerous bill to ring. Eat eat eat there. It's not -- it needs to be an impact part of the problem and it's not clear. That that. Okay and it crosses some line we can't take out and we all about it we are subjective. Feeling about it and influences actually that the weather in Mexico and call an intact. Part of the battling -- end the week clarify that leave it is clear I don't mind it cost. Com there -- within the question of Republicans in the congress to. In terms of cross in the line and parents in and discipline you know one more heartbreaking things to need to read about. Is that when something like this happens in Santa Barbara. And killers either taken down by at least -- -- -- kills himself. Would would we tend to forget sometimes that parents have lost a child when it comes the killer and -- it anyway. Justifying rationalizing what did the killers Sudanese instances. But we always looks or you know maybe mental health warnings -- in this case there weren't. About gun control center. How can you get more involved an inch counts life than these people were in Santa Barbara scenes likened. -- heartbreaking thing to me was when Nate. You know Lisa date they got the note that these -- there -- two banana and then. As a parent would that would UT again I not taken up for the the the shooter here but how do you. Where do you draw the line and what are some of the things that parents can look for and is there any way in terms of curing this. Or solving this problem that we have with these shootings stabbings -- -- the parents in. Be on lookout for. It is that's an important question and I did you know first and foremost the parent has -- -- -- -- what was going -- line. And and it goes back to that question as you know important involvement that it prevents. And that everything -- don't have -- and busting it out if you look and listen. To. Trying kind of box said that that everybody wants the daily demand of health issue with -- -- control issue -- You know it -- -- -- and should it matter that. It's still not gotten -- black and white. And we have to look at there was clearly out issues witnessed it. -- having access to the kinds. You know we made things work and its parent -- -- they could be for twenty each by the trial. Com and techniques could be different also. Kind of rules becomes different when you're an adult. And and they like being on top of it and yet we still couldn't stop it and it was their fault tee we completely blame the ultimate -- that the black. It seems like it did these things turn so intensely political so quickly and as an agenda -- was the answer it was that. It did you know he's a -- cookie cutter before with cookie with -- tell us a plan. Is Obama's name with these where we tend because of people and basically good to try to fixes so it doesn't happen again. And we try to apply cookie cutter approach -- this and and really there there is non. I think there should at a factory that he'll -- week. Mr. moment where he would add and edit it. We we tend to talk about -- a lot because they are scary and there be near near where the but the fact that -- actually. Much more accepting. And accepting. -- like we're being bombarded with these kind of an incident that all the time. But it is that they aren't happening as much as -- We get told we -- at -- event. And armed ethnic and pat I have to remember and -- went -- -- there aren't things that look similar in each situation. Yes. They're going to be angry. Bright young men. We have that at bat pretty consistent. Linkage. Does that mean every -- ago. Which have weapons and killer and people. You know -- directly captain back to look at the individual situation. And then pull apart each situation from what we can do about it. And how we can prevent it from happening again we can't get on the global answer to an individual problem and I think that's part of -- -- I'd -- seem on a lighter note very outgoing you seemed very intelligent news study ounces people who don't cats are more intelligent. People are known dogs are more outgoing I can't get a feel for -- -- our -- dog neither. I am -- and owners actually. -- has had in the past but I -- most of my life and it doesn't articulate outgoing and hope that the intelligence is still there. Doctor I appreciate your time I hope we get to talk T against them like -- they do.

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