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5-29 8:45am Tommy, dog or cat person?

May 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Stanley Coren, a Prof. Emeritus of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, about dogs and cats and people

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning all 849 Tommy Tucker on the big 870 WW. Having that conversation about -- all intents. And the people little either. Which are smarter. Which are more intelligent and mature more outgoing. And since we're talking to doctors and -- -- professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia. I thought I would use my prop -- to make me sound even smarter. Doctor glory in the author of the wisdom of dogs. Well good morning doctor however you. Good morning Tony it's very early here in Vancouver. It is and I don't know -- we played British music unless the producer only read half of the area. Tell me. Tell me about the the wisdom of dogs and studies that -- cat people or more intelligent dog people more outgoing and I think a bigger question here's what makes people decide whether get a dog or cat. Well you know particularly on drilling. Controversies which. This was happening you know. In the same way that we talk about with -- talks exporters and that -- Tend to think about whether. Talking -- people have different personalities. Since missing quirk about all -- this that is there actually more cats in the US than there are talks 86 million acres 78 million. But there are. More dual peoples and kept people. So -- that's because. Mostly -- to many many more households that have more than one intact. So it turns out if you have 39 million. The 39%. The population have a dog but only 33% of the population have kept. Other -- numbers studies which have looked. The personality it'll have owners. And in some respects I mean you know -- -- with the they keep saying it. Maybe the dog owners group is more like -- certainty cattlemen's group that went like -- Because you find out that the the dog owners tend to be much -- agreeable. And much -- Sort of warmer personalities. And much for extrovert as the outgoing. And tell people tend to be a little bit short term gain. They didn't do. A number of things which were associated with higher intelligence in that you know. It'd be much we're likely to the associated with. Things like kid going to the arts that kind of thing. -- come to cats are the people know that don't think people associate back. It concerns me their resign dot net in the. You know well you know I mean you know like that somehow or another I don't think it. -- toaster captured don't to justice turn on the culture channel that the ten. Goods could scratch at the paintings was my main concern. Are you lose of mango because a cat decided decline of the ceiling. Let you know -- bit -- the there is an interesting difference in the intelligence. Talks in catch me. The dog really has to mind which is equivalent to be human to treat your world. And attacked as an intelligence -- the equivalent to a human eighteen months. 22 year old so there's some overlaps -- sort of thing. I'm trying to we're running out of time but the question I have to asking is this common dog you know people at a cat people. I always say when it comes to a nine million the author of -- the wisdom of dogs. You show me a cat they can lead a non sighted person around or smell out a bomb or drugs and and I think we'll have a discussion. You know well I I I I think you're right I mean you know one of the things which you never hear our police -- Search and rescue. Yet exactly and -- -- that particular has less comic tests found somebody in rubble after eight days. Well there's the talks were really extremely. Sociable as well it and as -- more work. But you get more out of them. Doctors as a money that owns a new puppy tell me that eventually they move beyond the three year old stage but they don't. Told bill that -- you know industry -- But you know three year old is is is starting to get into control. It'll if you -- -- -- -- you'd have to understand that of breeders were honest. They would save you two. They'll deliver the popular time. But the brain is back ordered by about eighteen months. Well listen did tell me that so I think he was on this problem is took some stuff on my truck. I have a great day -- Tamil people find your book. You can get a vehicles the usual. Booksellers online Amazon -- thing. I'm gonna pick went up today thank you sir over talk -- again I hear you that doctor Stanley Koren. Professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia fascinating indeed.

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