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5-29 9:10am Tommy, Pres. Obama speech

May 29, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS military expert Jeff McCausland about the President's foreign policy speech

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's series now talk about the president foreign policy. The president was at West Point yesterday. As saying that the united in the military will always be the backbone of that leadership when it comes to on the world stage American so easily on the stage and he also said America has rarely been strong relative to the rest of the world. And we -- we've -- military expert colonel Jeff cause went on. Wanted to talk about this morning currently -- -- could talk to you again -- I guess basically. Between the lines what the president was trying to say yesterday in the agreement. What are -- trying to strike a balance between rightfully his and her story really moves toward or. Or one you know recorded. Some balance between those two -- Ukrainian. Scored the fact that there aren't they -- remains the so called indispensable. Nature under caution against so called a -- military adventure talk. With that -- the terror remain a direct threat to the United States. And perhaps the better synergy. All through all the policy in trying to deal -- not -- military diplomatic negotiation building coalitions that are. Hear that being there were content of the detail about where to go. Get there. It was a great discussion that additional news. A new and train people around the world of the characters and their -- details this particular. I doubt very seriously. The quiet the president detractors who. You know it's -- ball is not structured not well thought. At a moderately political. You know it would we found -- seeing as we're trying to read through it in and -- and what exactly he was and -- -- an ambiguous. But that. Advocate that prepare -- I think you get the very first statement orbit as expected you know to a degree it like out the week -- where. The president was there in Afghanistan taught in -- that we have a speech you're you're a very specifically. About what we're gonna do it in there and bring more slow down about -- hundred in all throughout 2016. Like their expectations that this -- speech. Which set clear goals and have a bit more substance to it. I gala -- like these you know more -- -- local clear continuation. It would all over the days and weeks and it will be -- those blanks being killed it. That did not appear in the speech at West Point as to the detail that the balance between isolationism and immigrants. One thing he said that I did -- specifically ask you about he says that. Al-Qaeda has been the leadership's been decimated -- Border between their region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Osama -- line is we don't know is dead. -- is well the principal terrorist threat today no longer comes from a centralized al-Qaeda leadership he says it comes from a decentralized al-Qaeda affiliate and extremist. Many focus in the countries where they operate lessening the possibility of a large scale my elevenths style attack against the homeland. But the danger now is the US personnel overseas and in Ghazi Nairobi. And other areas. Got a that -- partly true I mean -- receiver decentralize. -- -- -- But like you -- -- called in Somali culture we keep local. Nigeria but a lot of problems now. -- out of the rebel pocket there about Syria. He really thought about here anymore counterterrorism problem then it. You can answer. People are out people killed in here they have it now we've recovered. Organization. Fighting against each others other fracturing. Outlook with a more centralized try to threatened to outlawed. Make him let injuries particularly recently that -- hopefully. Because they have more polian focusing their rebuttal that attack on the there. I get ideas I think people in college it's terrible that it comes down to politics getting involved. In matters of club -- defense of the country national defenseman inevitably. Colonel I guess always they have been. Absolutely I mean politics has always go to Washington policy -- politics politics of a broad policy. The regulatory. And push back against his detractors. Do not leave -- policy can have its have been very critical for example about Syria and knocked and a above mentioned that -- -- call -- all the red liner but it would appear a more and more about it Eric. -- -- of the speech as well. Google comment on such -- you as Russia and China the entire speech errors were foreseen that kinda. Devoted to China which is probably import poppy -- that you look to the future district century emperor of China being probably the major issue. -- you know where you're. Coming off what 111213. Years of war. Lost track honestly and I know -- disrespectfully you know but I. I just doubt that the American public would really want politics aside and disagreeing with President Obama when the United States again. Involved in military action and in Syria in Ukraine of all places and how common is it -- you know what starts is may be policing the sky Zora. Bombing mission here -- there to quickly escalate into something that did the American public doesn't want I would presume the military does someone. The American people that are award winners the US military group involved thirteen years actually. In the war in Iraq it in the longer war in American history -- equipment certainly sensing that. At the same. You understand yet the leaders well well opinion and that's what they -- you know need to be careful about -- Application now that we -- -- sure you know terror network at the rhetoric on the world. -- -- -- go forward because -- ball and that we weren't the candidate. In Rockford pervert the record. We've been reported by other troops and trillion dollars between those resource all in one spot those resources and not being. And hopefully the plant that bail -- spend more time actually training equipping and organizing. That character or is trickier than it should not have US fully draw and term or is the way. Not to grab any old ground among just DB one more second but not to bring up any old ground a -- politics and of this but. Among the people that our military historians and you know the old saying if you don't learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Did did Iraq have anything to do with. Terrorism all in terms of what it accomplished it'd help in the fight against terrorism and and if they did was it anywhere near proportional to what it cost in terms of lives treasure etc. You know write the date of and ultimately were too soon to tell -- -- that thing is going to be in fifteen year old calculate. Which we you know we do know that video locked it federal election. We know that they're trying to build their regime in Iraq is that it leads to a large -- about that's earlier except that Saddam Hussein has whatever preparation. Obviously -- those rather cover you acquire a nuclear weapons that did not happen. But the same we we created a situation in Iraq which brought the forefront all the underlines historical epic in him. We -- read your book is speech about the search -- you and your opportunity and it. And -- a global problem sadly it is you and that the carpet I believe that where the pilot now at the current. Now that is for the complicated problem and quite -- -- Syria where now we see that unrest. Allowing al-Qaeda affiliate organization to use Iraq anyways the springboard. Then -- there lecture. Colonel always fascinating and talk to appreciate your time early do. --

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