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5-29-14 12:10pm Garland: on the wetlands

May 29, 2014|

Garland talks with Val Marmillion and Sidney Coffee of America's Wetland Foundation about how rising sea levels will affect the wetlands.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

True story in 1970 govern as a brand new television anchor. Would do it covers soared to legislatures. Sat next to a guy of the name would get -- and geologist and engineer. And it happened after word from and I Saddam by who raised and walks behind his columns and -- What do you think about loss to the -- like and I said what's a wetland. Durbin back to talk hoops in the show bitty. Some of these ski areas YouTube bulldoze these with the spy plane back news that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was breaking up like a -- or or slice of bread on the goldfish bowl. And as it could read what is happening and he said we're losing 62. Square miles plots. Every year and explain why. And throughout the years I did documentaries. All over the world I mean reduction in China and -- -- and all of South America animals on. On wetlands laws. And sixteen years after a ninety -- six the manager's decision and ambiance. Are. We spent over two million dollars you've been all over the world people think you're gloom and a rumor. Venture a maniac on this wetlands thing. And no nobody enters agreement that card we have a -- What would this week alone I'm getting reviewed the reports show on loss of wetlands. Rising tide subside and all the things we talked about 3040 years ago. And it. I would love to sit down with the psychologist slides psychiatrist. And say. Isn't about the human animal. That it is living on the railroad for a and it was told -- -- to get hit by that trades and that for income. Pay no attention no interest. They get destroyed by. And they did. On the railroad track and at least this round of the whole Lotta people on the side of the trucks saying. The trains -- league again in this it's not call -- -- gonna be even worse. And and today you are trying to get the that the board to we're going to be grateful. Develop more million managing director America's wetland foundation. And Sidney coffee who has via senior policy that by user group with the same -- and belts at new book of the show -- Well Garland a beauty got in on budget -- I just stripped him with your -- that. -- -- A -- only. Should they are -- -- cots. So you guys can sleep pattern and we're gonna make the broadcast of member of the broadcasters union. -- -- Died are a little and -- be boredom would period -- the martyrdom in the -- Rising seas. Woods or three minute it's State's most cherished historic sites. And try a little things likes that true liberty. -- and now parole. Ellis Island Everglades and Google and -- -- him on there thirty. Major. Locations of the national monuments. It's. And in the -- Recent summit in New York you right there in the financial district regret speakers saying well. Were -- a lot of danger. You -- sort. Well I was that. That'd be on Wall Street present in our case from so we'll read gamma. We had a lot of people listening or change Garland. And the reason that in this news because they waters. Is a financial district. Which shut down the United States are all pretty good time and I've visited some friends who were in the lower our man. And maybe in light of their their houses -- a couple of weeks and it's -- a got a taste of what we go through out read out the good news. That we some colleagues now. And we -- -- -- the axis of vulnerability now stretches from New Orleans all the way to New York City. It should be your your good remote psychologist with the -- and I remember years ago and not once but many times. Watching -- you pseudo documentaries. On the site and channel talking about. Agreed hurricane comes in and in each New York the subways were going to war electrician who -- And I. And I -- -- people boy actually I had and they it's now and and that we're gonna happen what what is it you look at it this long time when you go to these kind of things like a Wall Street to your bullying by all of the side and say. -- wrong with the human and more. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody pay attention until beard -- -- actor and -- man. In the in the teacher -- went hat and right now he can't keep our I oh my god. All the right things and I think it. And -- really -- and and here on. Not just -- -- expectations and people who literally. Layered -- And -- off our far -- generations. And -- now. You know Garland but what might talk withdrawal. And he said that is your point is. Mike talk was called not being here is obvious. The end -- began in the eyes saying we head. Over twenty. Names of places kicked off the south Louisiana. And look what we're facing. Pains like New York in Coney Island. And -- -- historically. Facing the same light if we don't get our arms there. All right under you got the blizzard we're gonna take our purse break but pulled chaired the I can afford to have you leave me at the board. Coming right back we're continuing. Well once again because you finally seem to be intrusive. And little things like loss of Louisiana and also be used coach law inflections. A New York City -- of United States monuments loss of economic. Did finally it's seems to beat these Celtics coming right back. Are welcome back leaders warned of the during were thinking about it. And rebuke of first paragraph well. -- patrolman my hands at recent summit New York's when central district. The news was for an -- pay you much more a little little -- regret of speaker of the shoots scientific evidence of content -- -- disasters. Due to the sea level rods with the enormous -- should assure hoopla of the new reality of disaster brought about. By more costly storms. And two of the -- of this problem and they have done to people who -- so much. -- Bozo boy is there a later. -- more million. Managing director wetland foundation Sidney -- -- also -- -- -- fell offshore reviewed you'd removes speedster. Ole what was it was a really coincidences were there any ideas you've not heard of -- what do we do. Yeah well it did that consensus is we better get on planning for what they called adaptation. Riches. Become -- resilient community we hear much talk about well. We shouldn't be living here in the first place in New York they thought they were -- rightly should be. And so quickly the discussion goes from not move it away but how do we become. Resilient and adapt to these probabilities and there are some ways that the federal government and state governments can plan. Better for at least that Wikipedia predicted it. 2010. I think probably all on the net borrowing will be released those reports was longer -- Larger footprint storms like -- in sandy. So you have to begin planning and creating adaptations scenarios. Particularly. In south Louisiana because we have. The largest -- subsided. And he -- rises in the world happening right now. Door that they're -- and these goes out to -- Urged the new boom boom we talk about we got bigger wage terms sustain what we ought. Article. I think last week and publication called little insert New Orleans. And what did reveal was or team and have billion dollar wall built around your organs in each round and there -- shoes. In order to protect us from the plot it's. Was supposedly going to be build to a 500 year capacity. When Katrina hit kongers front goes back both residents and businesses. Said go ahead and build it at 100. 100 year. Statistics. And now it's completed. And they've said that's -- But -- quoted corps of engineers or experts and all the -- and engineers. That say this this is in the era and -- this isn't going to work. If we spend fourteen and have billions. And it's not ignorant of who we go to where do we go to say move move move move on. Well I owe you money money just right there yet. We got Jack and equally -- and Larry. We eat that part of the equation and it went down at. And natural. Infrastructure. It protects doesn't. And captured in week we're going on. -- you know what. They'll they came. 198. Become increasingly. Clear he lacked. And many -- that what airport here in and out Louisiana Tech package. Portable didn't you Lil the in Dexter King entity. Who are -- It in testing in. How projects -- actually in pretty. Well yes right here. Which one which it likely that there when he -- Typically. All I mean we. Looked after and India where -- at -- dollar and the reality is that 100. Billion dollar government won't be able to fall back. We got you can. -- -- -- -- Eager to. Tried it in -- from other quite. Content luck and how. Nice flight help and I apply strict bankable would be a big part of restoration. And I went out. -- Valve is -- who's gonna come crosses in Colorado oil and it's not. Oil companies have have been very good doubts. They have their shirt -- also benefited the end their. Shareholders. -- -- one for show would drug wouldn't have jellyfish and imports from very good people in very good organizations. But I've always been fascinated. We're we're still losing a football field in a war or were not in the work and it's. Well I'm not a real good engineers. But if you apply natural and something called the -- And the current is subsiding. Dropping. And disappearing at a football field and -- war. Have you ever asks to represented an oil company one or -- lobbyists in Washington not lobbying. For that fifty to a hundred billion dollars would they not be one of the main beneficiary. Well. You're correct and that's why our foundation is take that taken the position. Working written and -- he has -- -- sector companies. Try to come up with a balanced solution to protect its infrastructure. That they use. In their business plans. Did he just mentioned a more pride oriented. Restoration fund and that's what we are promoting. So that everybody can best and make business sense investment and turned their lobbyist. In -- obvious sparkles and sustainability. Are -- 84%. Maybe 87%. Of the Louisiana voters want the energy sector to use -- obvious on the epochal restoration. So we have some meetings most recently. Talk about creating -- that we can have mitigation. Up to a larger scale. Right there and shipment to our. Can't upright the company has gone out and raised a 180 billion dollars. To build -- -- and rage and they had stretches out there right now restoring the land and it's -- like -- all right dollars. First time ever something has been on this scale. So we can work in Washington that the federal agencies say. Let's come up with a formula that can track these people these investors these large -- like Chicago university Chicago. -- who want to invest. Environmental sustainability projects. But attract bet money Louisiana. To build -- speak we get the largest department need in the world. Our record breaker you to Oregon deserve the -- long bomb itself Orton now. I'm into orbit would be parole on a notes -- -- -- probably able cruel treatment bell -- -- -- -- They will become a ride back to go and -- that we call -- the thing. Are welcome back where you're talking with two people didn't. Are prodding and have been crying for very long time. It's elegant and admiration but twice this week we've been talking about and -- the -- in New Orleans -- We via. And I said to be experts -- them now on. Tell me if this is an exaggeration. Of the problem doesn't get it. Don't live here in order to your businesses. And it's an Olympic qualified. One man and one man's opinion. The catch to that is so if you level and -- on the report that's always going to be your -- like a business. Everything else goes -- you wouldn't find some answers and posted Tuesday. Had better be rich in order Tuesday so I think the majority of away. And all the Regan says no there's nothing written about that. -- million. Bolivia Americans. Wetland foundation said the call -- and condition. The important for decades and make sure you can stay in its basic. -- about what's important to break on. On new ideas new ways to raise money and he'd talk to mitigation. And one of the shows we did this week -- Cold War. His -- around race and win when they don't need to be even the state says they don't need to be. Talking about. Seizing land. -- Keeneland and some people. Finley for a couple hundred years. An eminent domain to make up for. The mitigation. Credits needed for the building. Of the port to -- billion dollar -- a Pulitzer -- -- is mitigation. War. Well well yeah it. Well. I I don't mind people are far questioning that -- Yeah jets are -- saint Mary. I'll let. You. And not -- neck and actually get my life. She is going to be part -- -- there a part of the next. And on they are already. Out there are already make an issue. But we're talking now on my screeners fail and making sure that we're -- How we -- change and the projects and try and yet he got investors can be hard act. And even more that he is -- Of restoration. Bob Carrey -- that well now. We want to that matter into. -- -- individual. You know what. He -- tricky to. You. Do you are. You in the areas where. Beanie. -- actually are not top wild party at our client money. For population and what ever ever -- He dairy -- could be addressed Dick you're the perfect way to start ranting and and people a little bit. -- transition to our when your top outlaw security law a plot. Parliament Regis -- mitigation and a lot of people they. You know wonder what is why is mitigation always talked about well. It was a term that is intended by congress originally I work. Separately to. John Breaux. Was it was intended to begin it valued the ecosystem. So that we could places value on it and move into the time we didn't find it. Mark would began to meridian to say -- wetlands. Could stay up her star potential. That -- may pace. And so it. This mitigation is rich too -- -- -- -- your wetlands which could be. -- Monetary way in week agrees monies through some more subdued. Market. You know it's complicated. But just the tip of the iceberg to start to happen in in when that happens. We have more environmental. Land to be saint who mitigation. And through these banking. Certain areas in anybody. So this is going to be happening in the future and. We are very much in wanting to broaden the scale of these mitigation efforts so that private sellers in chase these environmental projects. Do own them you know we're talking about this few years ago and yet that nobody's seen the interest that look. But one of one of things I wonder about as you mentioned both -- -- mention. We're no longer alone. Nobody's selling if we live in the wrong place from Rio moved. Because it's dawned on Miami the entire East Coast jurors in Maine New York. Everybody knows -- in the same boat and all the way from Vietnam to Bangladesh. Are all in the same boat. Both were small and were politically weak with the all the pots that one mitigation. And investment dollars. Why would it be arts. Well now that we have a written an area Michael. Wooten. -- it's. Me. And you are. There every point it out people coastal -- at history and culture in out net. He can't even put a price line. -- -- -- And -- Tremendous -- each directed education. You know our. Economic. -- and would you addressed it. Or cars or what the actual negligently. Not injury which -- -- Not yet a lot like habitat. In the marine habitat and nurturing and -- the island. This year and -- our court system the largest in the world. To measure manage and what your country's best interest accuracy. -- -- government about got to take a break in the funeral of tools used to work. Take a break with comebacks it would mean like -- that would mean for the six -- ports. Once again we're talking about look yeah it's during no longer we gonna have Dillard's and Florida beaches and merger the man Newton. So forth and so -- billion wetland foundation and -- call. Have been fighting the good Boyd for a very long time making some in broad. Rescue boat. Sydney over the years I've been told figure of two billion over the years and now we're hearing not from -- but many others. Could be more like on each year and whatever maybe you were taught in about hypothetically building -- goes in dollars a year. And wanted to know exactly blogger or the numbers and this is what we got. This state tell those don't worry -- we've got to eighteen billion dollars but sixteen. Was spent on the blood around New Orleans so we don't have that that's what we've got. 2015700. Million -- 2006 and 500 million plus. 2017400. Million plus. It's stinky question but do I don't want to abuse every hit to the point where you say. Maybe you will go to work all and kind of a retreat. What would happen if we can't sustain what we've got. And where would we go and how would we do it more but the cost but he does. Is that even part of the conversation yet. Wish she had stated. You know -- it it did reality is we're not the end identical. Adding that -- reality. No matter why. And scare -- me. A simultaneous. Effort. I think wheat field and an -- and it talked about it trial on John. Getting. -- the community there -- possibly -- not making it. Actually -- period. You know. Wall everybody had to help flight ticket and he dropped the federal government in there. Of course the state well. And we got to do what he can actually people were -- It happened. You can never into -- EK. Between your -- a lot when you're trying to train engine out of lively -- Nice name to children -- little. -- -- as saying that he injected a life. You know a tornado like. People ought to try to BR it would be when he actually matched -- -- and and we got and adapt he had that back what would rather -- We heard round match about their effort and and you look at right. You idiot college now in new while he didn't see. Eight major city there and coastal. Console there. And I had shunned from liquid water. Right. Exactly and the planes are being wide right now. Are trying to eat right -- you Alan are truly out where the water about living with water. Actually acting. Without. You know how much work it out with Entergy on the -- and that the construction lost well. Yeah well our our survey works -- -- strategy showed that aren't economies cannot keep up with what speed. Loss of infrastructure is going to be the rising sea levels of the storms. In Garland I -- say something based on your earlier question about the court engineers. You know everybody thinks that we have had -- mistake in the court did meters duties projects. What we. You're involved in anything that apple. Extensive period and the cost rise enormously over time. The private sector company isn't taking these project private investment dollars. Can't cut the time. -- a reasonable amount of time that we can get the job done and much less -- you do it and. Because private detectives were out in the heat on restore -- -- we're pretty. Let me you don't give one -- and brought court. Literally of the group got a terrific producer talents and got deleted it was a leave it all there limping on the -- PP it's the get by Akron and wrong but. International organization talking about global warming and it's -- credit. And -- at her I'm looking at report from the center for climate change economic and policy. Right and the researching institute on climate change. They say quote unquote. Stopping climate change is impossible. In China that can't quit cold. And when -- look at the numbers or huge. They've got construction this year a hundred million tons of new coal production. That's just from this year. India and relying on 55%. Of their. Coal for or and there are increasing their consumption. That's why as the question should we. Transition to how to we get higher ground if it it seems even on a worldwide basis. And unstoppable problem. Hit it seems that way but you know we see EG enormous change. Forced on countries. And our own country to stop what -- uses. You know predict it is Wednesday. Art technology in our growth and technology and nations such as turning pro in biomass crops they can replace coal. Doing things differently Apollo wins and so -- Being our opportunities to break that Detroit is a new generation. Law however. As our chairman king at Indy in the program law and says. We are and where I'd say we debate numbers are the last generation you and turnaround this coast restoration problem. And that's our actions that and we'll do. And that's why we tried it solutions. Financing and speaking about our coast now not just aren't that these. But those wetlands that action we support all of the -- and art in our coastal regions and -- Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Unfortunately Rhonda -- couldn't keep his six hours after all but I just I don't wanna give me the opportunity appearance Sydney. Have reporting Bruins are businesses -- shoots and you're needle like Nadal and it could make it to where people can really enjoy it. Well you might want to give me -- -- if you. The double. Of that -- as you'll like it they'll. Because that next target. Now. That you would -- do upgrade pollution but -- on me he. Far out along. Or can it. Thank you again -- Don't go away -- -- going to be asking should parents be held accountable for criminal actions of their children. Talking about the twenty shootings over the weekend in New Orleans food wondering shot stay with us. Governor bill brigades celebrity -- five to reopen.