WWL>Topics>>5-29-14 2:10pm Angela: on violence in New Orleans

5-29-14 2:10pm Angela: on violence in New Orleans

May 29, 2014|

Angela talks with attorney Robert Jenkins, criminologist Dr. John Penny, and Dr. Peter DeBlieux of LSU Health Sciences Center about how best to solve the city's crime problem involving underage assailants.

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-- the numbers for violent crime in New Orleans are down. But what difference does that make when we hear twenty people shot four dead in a five day period. There continues to be something terribly wrong. What can stop this madness. I'd love to hear from you give us a call 2601. Point seven. But in the meantime we have three people in studio with very specific thoughts on what is happening and what needs to be done. Attorney Robert Jenkins well known in the community for his defense of alleged murderers. To the former mayor Ray Nagin says we need to hold parents more accountable. He joined by criminologist from southern University of New Orleans doctor John penny. Who says it's going to be a long hot summer filled with bullets flying. People dying. And parents crime. And doctor Peter W. Professor of clinical medicine and director of faculty in resident development in emergency medicine at L issue Health Science Center school of medicine. At the interim LSU hospital he's the director of emergency medicine services. Acting chief medical officer and director of quality. And patient safety. Busy people and I can't thank you enough for being up here pleasure being here we. We sadly have had this conversation many times to you what can be done. I'm talking decades what can be done. But the reason we're doing the show is really because of the comment that Robert Jenkins made earlier this week and I happened to hear on radio. Where you literally said that parents. Need to be more accountable for the actions of their children. And even with some of their benefits being eliminated where the housing or other types of benefits. I'd like you to pick up on that moment. -- -- I said that because I think that you know we can have as many police hope is that we won the -- 3005000. Of -- I'm gonna help us. So we have to make parents become accountable. And outsourcing it and that's the ultimate effect of the -- -- -- -- -- we have to -- we crimes. At one point it was discussing any and putting -- do -- weakened when maybe the parents. Go to jail they don't. Have a field jail so we came up with the idea that at least I thought about. Lastly to McConnell civilly. Even for feeding season and that's money whatever because that will get their attention and what they do that. You won't have these -- crimes we have to make him do that ties him. And and what has the reaction been from an agreement to -- been overwhelming partly because what we're saying is that. And the calls me coming is that what we're doing is that working so. We need to parents to step up into this supposed to do. And we don't have to have the kids about it what Tim Clark Democrat over car car. Even to during the morning because if they do what they need to do we don't have that juvenile gateway escalation of crimes. It makes it sound simple. While it is simple just we can do it but. We have individuals whom they want that wanna take that approach because of the politics of voting and being an office we can do this in there to be tough. You have people say about what about people being evicted well. I understand it we're not happy about it but that's the only way we can solve that that people will get to -- who knows that we don't do this and -- -- -- And this is tough but we need to do to that the other things that work. Doctor Peter W. For thirty years or so you have been at charity or LSU interim what do you see. You know we we see. A constant influx of young men dying daily on due to -- And this is rampant it is a disease it's a planned disease. That this is expected this is what we see this is a culture. Of our society sadly. On and so what we see your number of shootings and and and number of retaliation shooting -- can almost set your clock so. As a thought that we would be seeing escalating crimes surrounding. Gunshots. Is not a shock. Fortunately. We -- we're known for being able manage these patients. And we have been for decades. We we attract people from all over the country to train in Russia. We attract people from all over the country to be nursing staff to be physicians to be respiratory therapist to be Thomas surges to be emergency medicine physicians. Because this is where. We learn best we have people for the military that -- to train here before going to Afghanistan. And Iraq so that they can see how to manage. Penetrating trauma. You know when you look at our community. On the benefit of a level one trauma center the next nearest level one trauma centers. Houston Birmingham Jackson Mississippi Shreveport so this is a jewel for us. Because it manages not just penetrating trauma but when you all go to your cars today later this afternoon drive home if you're in a car collision. And you're unstable you'll be brought to our shop. Good for you and good for the community. But you know that this can be debilitating when you're taking care of babies who'd been shot yes oh my gosh. And hasn't that been. More in the last 45 years we've seen children I mean real children. I wish I could tell you that it's only been for the last 45 years and so. You know in my experience in the eighties. With the advent of crack cocaine. This. Is something that we've seen before. OK doctor. Idea -- -- read your comments and I I wanted to put it in the Little League and their because it just it was poetic innocence. But bullets flying people dying parents currently. Angela. You know I've I've looked at the past history. Of violence and affinity and and with summaries and we had come to -- to believe. We're at a point where we tour in the co -- and perhaps we -- thought of -- than. That battle. Not the and -- -- -- -- street and to the degree that we've seen that. And effective that we calm some power and in the in the -- be so desensitized. To. Violence and murder and then and all thoughts of author. On domestic issues that somehow we just seem to say that. It is going to get better and yet we know. My comments came out of perhaps there was. Days of frustration that goes where does that in and -- and I've looked at the flag that. I had a thick as a clarion alarm signals being sent down to. All of the community that now is that time if it is and if people are going to be just our repeated that it could be done. Perhaps now you hear from the leaders in the community you were here from the politician you we hear them called and some thought of -- lawmen called the -- that. Perhaps we we have to change some things in the community I did not know what a Robert had said earlier but. And then for me. We've not even gotten to the summer yet. You know and so normally there is there's a spike in crime. Just generally when we could look of these summer common. Because we have crime has -- -- of opportunity. People available people have to be there and a lot of with -- and an opportunity. And so when the summer come you have lots of people out you have people gay -- and and happy unions jar full celebrated in and then doing would have it and then there's the opportunity for. Someone to surprised him with and it's. Oil all of well fund we didn't even have to wait look what happened this past week best appointment and that is you're going to mean people are celebrating their gradually you know like as good. And all of that but you know what. It's over -- that was news. For -- Friday Saturday Sunday and we've moved all of. But but you know as of my my concern for what you just stated the latter thing that you stated as fact that. It cannot be business as usual it cannot. We cannot do loans and we have well but does that star we -- Katrina. But we still have day after in -- dependent after impact of that of that start and I think when we look now. What I'm saying is that and and in addition to what Robert called -- is. That when I look at affinity. And and I agreed that and if you put a police on every street that would not stop all the crime however. When yeah and violent young men particularly. Note that there are no police found mystery. That areas that not covered that just note -- to them the possibility. That they're gonna be apprehended on the spot and and in the crime thought it at that point. -- I think at least two of the fact that I can take the chance and so if you have. If you haven't AD to ten to 20% chance to hit the lottery you player play every day. Most of the crime has never discovered 80% of it's never effort in the. I hate in Iraq we're gonna have to take a break but please stay with -- everybody. We're talking about violence right after this. Well we're back talking about violence were talking about what can be done about it with three people who I believe me our sped up as you listen. And that's attorney Robert Jenkins. Criminologist. Doctor John -- and from a university hospital doctor Peter W and doctor -- Again. Asking what you see what you see repeatedly. And what is this costing and I'm not talking about we know life is gone let's talk about the lives that article. So for every person who shot and killed. Typically there eight others who were shot and wounded this but even described those people who were shot at and missed. Right and so the fallout from all of that is absolutely enormous but when you talk about those eight others who were shot and injured some of them paralyzed. Some of whom requiring -- lost the -- are diverting things. Some of them requiring. Health care needs for the rest of their lives. That's an enormous. -- enormous cost and the taxpayers are footing that. We we all are yes. And then the emotional. Issues of the -- yesterday -- the post dramatic stress disorder. That's linked with this and they've done some studies here even at LSU with our patient population looking at how. How horrific. That is not just -- the cost but future costs in the greater likelihood that those people who suffer from -- yes they going to. Cause other violent crimes. And so we have some programs that we views there one with -- -- psychiatry. And another partnership with cease fire which is a community group. To look at it erupting this violence. So as you are sitting there pulling plugs out of people and trying to help them. There again saying. I don't know who shot me because they're gonna do their own retaliation. And you're trying to in -- that. Right our big thing is you know what that when they cut them where where not the police or not ask him who shot you who did this. We're not interest -- that -- my focus is on that patient like that singular patient. But keeping them alive is also part of my focus as part of the preventative medicine of this recurrent. Disease and it's a disease in our community this this trauma is the disease in our community. As we have to look at the preventative measures and so those people who are the violence in raptors who are coming from. The community this cease fire program are very helpful to psychiatrists who have done. Interviewed these individuals at the bad side says that -- high and laid down. Different strategies to do something other than to pick up Oregon and retaliate. Or other strategies in convincing other family members to pick up a -- and retaliate and then just this enormous cycle. So that everybody who comes and knows somebody who's been shot -- his big scale. Did this is an expected that this is does although -- of polio. Right where everybody knew somebody who had polio now in New Orleans everybody knows somebody's been shot and killed. You know. It is breathtaking. This conversation is breathtaking but wanted. That they -- -- What what what I've heard him say is that we are in the national. Healthy more urgency that is a bird does. But when you look at when you look at our population writes for the majority of trauma centers across the nation. Right -- far away 80%. Is blunt trauma so car collision false crashes altercations. You're considered. Real these Dudley if you see 20% penetrating trauma bullets bullet static. Since. Katrina. We haven't been below 50%. Penetrating trauma. 50%. Half of our trauma activation is our duty either gunshot wounds are -- An epidemic when somebody is recuperating. Do you meet the parents. Oftentimes we need -- we meet other family members friends. And you know make our introductions and see them in and try and you know treat the unit but it's next to impossible. Well again touch everybody your job is to save lives and and it's that simple and prevents. The future -- clearly trying to focus on prevention prevention but saving and the prevention but what Robert is saying and others are saying very clearly. Is that perhaps we need to rethink. Some of these parental responsibilities. And you know just like you don't legislate kindness I don't know if you legislate parenting. But there's certainly can be laws that can make people accountable. And and we can do that and we have the ability to do that and what the doctor into -- is that while -- gunshots coming in -- of the coming in special weekend so is overwhelming. So we look at the fact that. In the late nineties early 2000 we were able to successfully. Using -- clean up the housing development projects by doing zero tolerance. And it has worked. And unfortunately now we need to do that in the streets in laws and we can do that by using civil forfeiture proceedings. Restitution and also because once you started. Hitting parents and -- Orleans as a -- to do and house with. Money being taken seizures -- things of that nature I guarantee you you'll see a turnaround quickly because it's gonna get around. Euronext. If I don't care so there are laws on the books now. And don't pass -- if you the victim of a -- that. -- was arrested. You can needed to get restitution go to court sued them civilly or whatever but you can make -- you get those funding he can do that and we need to do -- those the audience. We're gonna pick it up right there I want to thank doctor W so much for being here he such a busy man they gave us a -- thirty minutes or were honored we're gonna get you back though. OK I tell you we need to think about what this man just sent about what he sees every day. And that we are in essence the training ground for all trauma in the United States. What a tragic statement that he has been trying to round of the military and the military. Please stay with this and I we do have callers I will get to you stay with this we're gonna break for news we'll be back I'm Angela under the -- you. Well we are back talking with not Robert Jenkins and doctor John penny one thing doctor Peter W again coming in from. LSU hospital. Giving a sort of a visual of what he sees everyday with the shootings the deaths. That they repeat offenders coming back again. And it just endless but to go back to the original subject of what can we do different. And that's what we're talking about -- what Robert Jenkins brought up perhaps we have to and this is a very gutsy thing to have to do. If we have to demand of parents to be parents. And if you're saying that there are laws on the books now. Then then it's the political will to do it. Right and also the restitution to seizures we can do that because once that's by saying -- as a juvenile. This is gonna happen to you as a parent they will parent because they don't want those things that happens they're not afraid to talk about the past regarding. To go to jail we talk about the habitual. Teenagers committing the crimes and for a few. I mean of those and I'm afraid of north controversial but the fact of the matter is as. I've seen and we've experienced that we we we weren't -- I'm just saying we can't keep doing what we're doing otherwise is coming -- worms. You know Robert you have and I'm not asking any specifics but you certainly. Defended and worked with a lot of people who have done bad things this alleged and convicted should a very very bad things. In your experience do you see that their backgrounds -- there wasn't the parenting or was that the parents just lost control it. It's a combination. Dropping out of school between generally. The six -- agree we've seen over a period of time that it got out early what is the same thing about. Parents who and that. The truth to paint command where they have about a truancy in Minnesota street to get in trouble they going to deal -- deals become a boys' club. The slap on the wrist a juvenile court. So to go in and out until something. Tragic happens a murderer than men looking at third upon them life in prison so the point is is that we've seen that education plays a -- -- -- but we also have the parent tomorrow he's an empty -- authorities say he's right you have made to police who please selfish and want. But if you don't have enough parenting is that gonna help and an app -- we can do it we did it with housing development and we can do it by giving tough. And not worry about. This is going to be pretty tough being reelected are worried about bonus because once you get the safest city in any benefit -- No and and to give. Mary Landrieu credit because he has tried to look at this -- more holistic manner correct and that's an important thing to put the difficult conversation as we start. Is talking about parenting nobody feels like -- criticized. Your parent or actually tested if the real difficult does that. People would disguise and as they race problem if the mayor said it made on Andrew then he's races. The truth of the matter is is that that's not true the fact is that we have about his -- American youths committing a crime and a lot of don't know wanna say it because -- it comes up to be. Racism and giving costly issue about what should we should do because the race is not true. I'm saying this because I've experienced this back to -- me to tell you what we're talking about. It's we all together trying to do this is not racial. Isn't racial it's we want a safe community we don't want any of these young men to die. We want them to live life that's for an -- be productive good happy people at the -- without implementing through this -- first prize going to be. Its own racial because of them black is not true -- -- -- -- -- trying to save everyone but we have to say tough. And this is enough it's called tough love let's go to one of our college you've been holding out Jason. Jason. Any. And our fans are are there today to. I would currently. If it's -- crime debt is it wouldn't you know it wouldn't be fair because bank by any -- of single parent they're -- Compaq -- right. And -- -- is arrested for some sort -- and you look at some that it. What what what that mother to do to replace that subsidy it ebitda -- of that. It sank even look cute it would be what it's supposed to do and money. He can't and the market may have what it means that or write that what you work right now that we're seeking to Africa Latin -- around at night. Also going to -- -- He can talk about the week these schools are there any kids would have their power that there -- a lot at least you don't streaker running leader. Are haven't rested in schools when it there need to be making -- before it becomes. Oh yeah. Let Robert talk. -- thing that we are talking about the kid who is arrested code and his first offense on -- those who whenever we talk about a bit to open of one of the juvenile system. The second thing was talking about the fact that. Is an excuse when you're saying the school is suspending them to schools that suspending them because. -- gets -- as the school suspended them because there. Creating a problem at the school so we keep making excuses. Instead of doing something about it when I'm talking about destroying mothers out of whatever. Our parents was saying that we can keep doing what we're doing and we have to force parents to parent. -- and I think it is. I'm agreeing with it would be the first time your kids brought in because he's now after dark it would be showing the pattern that were saying enough. In -- and you know you have responsibilities and to the young mother or to that if there's no father and all you need to go get some help. I'm sure everybody has to pitcher. Well it or suspect Anthony we know. I think also note that they are under a lot about the right now that no problem. Where it doesn't take. You have indeed in the at the clip of the school to get an -- sale. Well I think. But it the problem that one thing I need to occur because it never ever ever ever talk about. OK we -- aren't -- support in the increase. -- the -- the calendar now with -- -- -- -- record crime that particular stagnate the would be year. And you know -- crime has gone down. Stroll. Towards the it was what the problem right OK in 05 win. Arctic is not to tackle. -- expect -- turn that part. These guys that do those -- Further out into their neighborhoods -- -- -- some people that where to go forward. Orton match. And what happened crowd became the people were. All all for. And that the same situation that we're beaten here and so. Although he used it can be played two try to come at it in oh. You know. Well known that that is absolutely correct. That's a different subject the subject is right now we're seeing these very young people 141516. Year old is causing have it. Hurting and killing. And we do have little control over that and that is parenting your right there many issues that go beyond that but what what can we do that we haven't done. To stop this madness and so -- gonna have to take a break Jason I really appreciate -- stay with us everyone I'm Angela on that document. We're back with. Robert Jenkins and done doctor -- were talking about now or what really talking about his parenting. And we've got to get back on track. Definitely with those young people who are shooting each other shooting other people destroying their own lines clearly affecting the lives of so many others. And we're saying the one element we really haven't addressed enough is parenting. Malcolm you had a comment. -- -- yes hello. I get them all columns are. Little opportunity -- popular what you are trainer. I would agree you know report -- opera -- and the players borders. It would Lenovo. Our our parents for pictures behavior. Put on -- players will probably agree because their. -- more property in -- More so proud. Or. Civil right broad market. Or restricting. Social published here. Robert has already put on the table this will be interpreted as a race. And -- -- lucky to elaborate because it is not racist. Now when it is that racism and we're saying is that. We're trying to do this for the -- -- farewell to the -- which has been a -- an African Americans. African American males so the fact of the matter is I don't see a civil right qualities those limits and we just taught -- anybody would just -- parents period. They depend and that's what we're looking. And doctor -- you have your concurring with that yeah I concurred that do with that but I also think that. There and they're gonna have to be some other ministers put in place threats death. I'm persuaded because of the information receptive mission. We know in this city pretty much. We know who many of the people who are involved in crime. What and we have not been effective in the -- dealing with that issue in terms of saying look I know who you are. We've gone and we're not going to tolerate crime anymore. And if you want to break out of cycles -- violence education disadvantages. We have just offered to you and bring them to its they've drifted don't want it the united I agree that access to come down. I also think that. We're really at a point where we cannot any longer. Dollars to issues. He effective parent and -- and we've got to cut and how that we deal would have with the idea. Conflict management we got to talk about those issues not just talk about them but also make sure. That we offer someone opportunity. To Rick's gave the defense who indicted -- -- nine years instead justice. And and then we cannot hold. There hands that but we have to just make sure that we. We provide an avenue out enough so we need to -- I think what we're really saying again born out of the rituals Damon by Robert meant. What we've tried hasn't worked it's only getting worse with the shootings. We have to look at parents would have to look at accountability and you have an example he worked when the housing situation. For the for the no tolerance it worked so we could apply similar things and again not the first time some child has brought home to its mother. But something reasonable. You think it would be effective. I do and and we in in the and the fact of the matter is I'm -- to work because as it has worked and so is not going to be based on you know some -- put -- school. The first time whatever but you have to constantly getting arrested for if furloughs or whatever. And we will assess some measurements. Two offenses or maybe I don't know but we have to do something. We did zero tolerance and they weren't so we'll see what have. And what doctor penny is saying essentially correct now is the time to have the conversation. About. Parent training you know we have a fabulous parenting center here Children's Hospital they do a great job they have wonderful classes. Even if it is saying to the parent with -- enrolling kids. You're gonna have to go to parenting classes and we're gonna help you. -- be a better parent it is punishment it is we gotta solve that ended up. Make your bad parts of the -- admit that I've failed to live up here I'm not all of that need to be at the fair. None of -- appropriateness -- that's correct but at the same time. I think that. I thought back. And perhaps than in the seventies we had. Of program that where they have the -- to restitution. And I thought that dead had many merits here. That. Mark on my cars fought Iran's streets of mud brick to glass and you know who it is. Somebody has to be held accountable for that so when you when you put the news when your finger of the young person who's broken that glass. That leads back to. Does the parents. You know and so then some measures have to be taken to say what somebody has to pay for -- and -- I think that and I think the whole key here is that debt. No matter what we talked about this several earth one is responsibility. And the other one -- -- accountability. We've been have to have to. They -- those are two vital words in our everyday life yes I cannot thank both of you for coming on not doctor John canning and Robert Jenkins. I have a feeling we're going to be talking about this a lot and I. Truly respect what you did Robert just coming out and sang it you see it every day you know there's a solution. And now we're talking about it thank you all please stay with us everyone will be right back. Thank you so much for staying with this that the such an important discussion we just and we literally will do it again. It's about parenting it's about getting help for parents -- that's the case. But. We're gonna do a mental shift in the next hour and I hope you'll stay for that too because it's a fascinating discussion on. Women over 35 and women over forty having children for the first time hope you'll stay with us.