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May 29, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening of welcome to our show as we begin our show tonight -- remind you there is a flash flood warning in effect for saint Tammany parish until 945. A flash flood warning. And that you want to report any street flooding with Hitler on our show call us at two 2601878. Arsonists attacked city 787. -- you can also watch -- pictures to our website WWL. Dot com also sometime tonight we're gonna played a part of the song from the rock opera Jesus Christ superstar. When you hear that if you the eighth caller. You're gonna win four tickets. To go to the exclusive WWL -- rehearsal performance of the Jesus Christ superstar. Arena spectacular. -- the you know -- for -- and Sunday June the eighth at 7 o'clock. And there's three ways to win. Personal listen to being -- nights through Wednesday June the fourth solicitor Tommy Tucker in the morning from six to ten. And also you can go to WWL radio's FaceBook page which is WWL radio. Look for the Jesus Christ superstar contest. Like us and register to win. Now if you do win then you're also -- qualify. To get a chance to go to exclusive dinner beat agree with all the stars of the show. Forgot to -- that's our our grand prize. Now the price it is valued at 500 dollars for the four pack of tickets the grand prize valued at 800 dollars. Under -- rules apply and and good luck from the station that knows how to love him Jesus Christ superstar the spectacular. For WWL. It's time for tonight's topic to date here's topic things we like -- know which we begin our show tonight -- -- W well number eight. -- -- -- It's a record low the birth rates for women in their thirties and forties. Has now hit the highest point since 1963. These out of control adults I mean they're just they're out of control they're not they're dead they're just being reckless with their sex. Apparently it's educational efforts that have led to the lower teen pregnancy rate and economic factors according to those who did the research. But the on the birth rate for our women in their early twenties also declined to a record lows of the teen birth rate and I find this a basic. The birth rates among girls. Ten to fourteen. -- historic blow. There should not be a birth rate for girls ten to fourteen. -- there's a birth rate for girls ten to fourteen is a problem. But women in their thirties and forties. In the group 35 to 49. On the birth rate hit the highest point since 1963 and for women forty to forty for the birth rate hit the highest point since. 1966. So. If your teenager with parents. I'm asking you tonight to talk to your parents. Picture that they're responsible with their. Their sexual activity. Tell it's just not worth it to to take a chance if it's planned at says one thing and that's that's wonderful but. Sometimes it's up to the teenagers to set their parents straight. Let them know that they too need to be responsible with their sexual behavior. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Labor here is set to hit limited market -- coverage this summer and the cattle while brewing company. Is releasing. You know I think of different flavors that go with different things. And I do understand about the chocolate and cucumber and all the sick for stuff that is now in pod kind all other. Alcoholic beverages as well. So you kind of think about things that go with the alcoholic beverage this just doesn't work for me. I mean amount of beer -- I admit that but even if I was I mean I know what your taste. Bad beer before. And it just doesn't make sense to me. This company is gonna release. Ate peanut butter and -- flavored beer. Called peanut butter jelly time in north and South Carolina this summer. Now just the flavor of PB and number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This this could lead to problems. To parish presidents. Lead in the polls for the lieutenant governor's race in Louisiana. Is Jefferson Parish president John -- In the polls he's a 32%. And like -- parish president Billy knowing essar is a 23% in the southern media and opinion poll. Now Jefferson Parish and plaque that was -- border each. So I'm I'm just hoping that this competition. Between John young and doing on -- answer. Does it -- that the border clashes. Between. Jefferson and -- parish the commission over the years they've had just such border clashes that people trying to illegally get into Jefferson Parish and people trying to illegally. Smuggled. Oranges and sets it was from like -- perish but this goes way back and are packed show. I'm hoping that this competition doesn't lead to. The renewed border conflicts between like -- in terms of their number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Our veterans have not been treated fairly at VA hospitals and you've heard this in the news recently at Phoenix. That's waited up to all 115 days before receiving care at a VA facility. And veterans affairs secretary Eric Shinseki. Wrote an op Ed piece that was published today in the USA today saying. We're doing all we -- to accelerate access to care throughout our system. In communities. Where residents where veterans preside. And demands portion sec east resignation continue to grow among both Republicans and Democrats. I love when the Republicans and Democrats agree on something. Has it it's just. An inkling of of evidence that maybe there's some degree of bipartisan. It's still lives in Washington DC. This is not been good for the Obama administration. And personally it seems to be the President Obama has sent has dragged its feet on this and and while. Shinseki might not be totally to blame look this is the guy who was the boss and it happened under him. Soul. Get rid of him if it happened while you were hitting -- hitting the department if something happens while you're at the the boss of your business. Then you're responsible. And I don't know why he's still in the position he's in. If you wanna join Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. At a text number is 8787. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. A debate in the Louisiana about whether people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons into bars the idea being that alcohol and guns don't mix. There's a new gun range in Oklahoma City. It has been given the go ahead to serve alcohol in its -- There really -- gun range will serve alcohol. However the co owner -- wants and says that they will. They will scan your driver's license if you have a drink and that's a red flag deal and you won't be allowed to enter the shooting facility. So I guess that's good he he says that he's been part of the shooting ranges that serve alcohol. In -- California and Texas. And they've they've never had any problems. Now. -- I don't know how this would be because. At this is not something that I do a regular basis. So if you if you you go shoot -- leniency you can't get drunk and and shoot at the places I -- I guess theoretically somebody could. Be responsible and get drunk before they went to the shooting range but if if we shooting range serves alcohol I don't know if any doing in this area. If you if you drink alcohol you can -- shoot. So after you finish shooting alcohol is that when you went when you say it's Miller time is that when you say like Italy and just. Anderson and move for a good shot Jamison or something I don't know maybe that says maybe that's the -- people -- -- when they when they finish on. Firing -- a few rounds. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. You're Republican gay rights groups. This is not a misprint. And I did not misspeak. To. Republican. Gay rights groups. Are denouncing the Republican Party in Texas. For not allowing them to set up boost. At the GOP convention in Fort Worth. In early -- The Log Cabin Republicans. And the Metroplex Republicans held a press conference condemning the party's decision. Not to allow them to have booths set up at the GOP convention in Fort Worth. A representative for the GOP convention said. At the GOP's platform which I believe was. On boys are put in place voted in in 2012. Does not agree with gay rights. The statement and Texas platform goes on to say we affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society. And contributes. To the breakdown of the family unit. Homosexuality must not be percent -- as an acceptable alternative lifestyle. In public policy nor should family. Be redefined. To include homosexual couples. This is. This is not going to continue to win people over that the Republican Party needs to needs to win over. The GOP platform. Does not allow somebody to make that private decision. In their personal life. So this is on the British talk about the showed it but I'm very proud of our show tonight. I'm proud of our show every night probably part of ushered right because. As you know there are Republicans are in New Orleans and meeting. And I have a direct message. To the Republican Party that's that's coming up in our our our top later date. And part of the messages you've got to get rid of the social issues you cannot have this kind of mentality. And expect to win a major election like the White House. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Since the media. Reflect society. And entertainment in general reflects society. This is -- this is significant. Fox news's ratings have hit the lowest point in over twelve years in the key 25 to 54 demographic. Now Fox News still maintains a strong lead over MSNBC. Which is number two and CNN which is number three. But I think the ratings further proof that America is changing. And a base of Fox News is 55 and older. The question is will the Republican Party change. Fox News as total listeners I think they're somewhere around one point five million. So they totally dominate MSNBC's total listeners. That's our total viewers are according to -- ratings 593000. So as their almost half. Of what fox news's. CNN as a drop to 384000. They were number two in their ratings when they -- -- the missing relations flight 370. But if if fox has some on million viewers. And only 264000. Or 45 to 54. Then do the math. The great majority. Or 55 and -- And all of their prime time lineup Greta Van Susteren Bill O'Reilly Megyn Kelly. And Sean Hannity at all his twelve year lows. India's -- very important demographic. Since young voters are starting to have a voice and since conservative young voters. I don't necessarily agree especially on issues like same sex marriage and legalizing marijuana. Do not agree with establishment conservatives today the Republican Party has some very interesting questions to asks itself. Never lied on tonight's list of the top editors John -- serial producer playing in -- -- -- -- Top Republican leaders are in New Orleans for the next few days attending the Republican leadership conference. Louisiana governor Bobby gender will address the group tonight. Gentleman appears to be positioning sells himself for run for the White House in 2016. Tonight on the -- -- A message to the Republican Party. And that's the -- blog tonight. If you -- Republican. If you're conservative. If you're a moderate Republican if you're a Democrat. This is information. That the Republican Party needs staff. They should somebody should get this blog to Republican leaders. And they should read it. We're gonna document this blog. And also we're gonna keep in the archive. The -- shooting night. Because at a future date when all of this actually. -- -- We will replay and we'll -- we'll talk about with a talking about this -- show a lot recently. The week's top Republican leaders in New Orleans attending the Republican leadership conference. They need to ask themselves serious questions about change. And the Republican Party in my opinion. Has spent far too much time. Focusing on social issues. Moral issues religious issues. And less time focusing on the real core beliefs of conservative ideology. Fiscal responsibility. Smaller government. The size of the government -- government being involved in it in more aspects of our -- These are problems. The Republican Party has also made a mistake. By trying to bring down President Obama. They haven't been able to do it yet this is not to say that there will not be something that has unveiled it brings him down but up to this point. Led by Fox News. Led by many conservative. Talk show -- across the country and especially that. The local talk show host around the country who mimic the -- idols. Rush Limbaugh and the like. The Republican Party has acted as if they are going to be the moral police. And they focused on issues. That should not involve the government. Which I find so ironic because conservative ideology. Is founded in the idea of the individual has the power. The government has less power more power to the individual. But -- try to bring down President Obama the Republican Party as a unit. Has as yet to have a central voice. That talks about what it can do. As opposed to what it's just against. Aren't going to be honest with an -- ticket the Republican Party hired me. I think they would do when the White House in 2016 an architect guarantee. Not a significant. And I've been talking about this stuff since before the election in 2012. And in many Republican leaders including our own governor Bobby Jindal. Started echoing exactly what I do -- think about the Republican Party leading up to the election. Now the problem is at the Republican Party get hired me. And if they did win the election 2060 votes that would change my life I mean. I might not be able to do to show anymore. Other candidates around the country would hire me to help him get elected I just think all of this just makes so much cents. The scoop like tonight is titled a message to the Republican Party we're talking about that on the show tonight. Here's our -- of your party -- my opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change. Do you think they can win the White House in 2016. Now there are those who think the report the party should not change according to stand by its conservative moral values its religious values. It's important for the Republican Party to beat the religious right. Is that right. If your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And how do you think the party should change. In your Republican do you agree with every aspect of the Republican platform. To join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. To all 38668890. Point seven text is a 7870. This is the -- show as we embark on our nightly battle against stupidity. And political hypocrisy in America. We'll be back on Debbie WL. There's a flash flood warning in effect for all of saint Tammany parish until 945 tonight. -- street flooding is a possible if you wanna. Collison -- give us -- street flood alert on the show our numbers 260 when he 70% -- attacks. Two -- 77 he talked to a chief meteorologist at ten W if you don't channel four Carl Everett on. But the WTO weather center coming appeared just few minutes you're sort of give you a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change do you think they will still win the White House. In 2016. Here is attacks that -- -- school you're trying to put the Republicans in this ultra conservative box. That's not what it's about it's simply about what's right and what's wrong and pulling your own weight and doing your fair share. And to answer your party opinion poll yes I think they can win because the vast majority of people in this country especially the ones with money. Who are the workers and the taxpayers. Need the White House to change not necessarily to a red flag -- Bluefield lag but simply change for the better. Well I -- agree with some of that I think after two terms of any president Republican or Democrat. The the opposing party the party that has not been in the White House it's their election to lose. And I think Hillary who represents the political establishment. And she has a lot of baggage. I think she would be an easy target but the rights Republican candidate. But it's not about. What's right or wrong it's about the image of the Republican Party trying to tell people how to lead their lives. If the Republican Party focused on pulling your own weight doing your fair share. Physical accountability. And also. Smaller government. Means that something it will really play well with younger voters. If the Republican Party would focus more on those things. It's trying to bring some in -- set of trying to berate your competition. It's better to talk about how good you war. And what you're gonna do. And there hasn't been enough of that emanating from the Republican Party in. A couple of years. If you wanna join Russia would you comet tonight -- numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. -- or were -- 77 here's a Texan -- Republican equals Democrat. They are not different signed young libertarian. And here's attacks that reads. You're getting too hyped popped up scoot your speed talking like Jindal. Here's another text that. Says. I've I've home brewed peanut butter and chocolate stout beer last holiday season and it was delicious. But -- jelly. Don't know about that you were talking about a new product it's going to hit North Carolina South Carolina and I guess a test market situation. Peanut butter and jelly. Flavored beer I get a from New Orleans -- -- dispute showed good evening. -- -- yeah I eat Turkey and be at them. An audit. And are true Republican. And and and and those are. Their final rate is much less government. Get it. And let let the letter is all while. Genial well I don't I don't hear that message. When. We don't need and Jan. Jan the government could do. Calling it government. And let it run -- old -- Arnold a whole lot. And that includes sex marriage it. That includes same sex marriage you know out of lots. What they. Well they also. But they'll go -- bit -- And lore and law you do what you what you want the government you know what you want the government to inflict. More than six years Celtic Larry is not. Art of war we will -- I did you know what to do. Talk about same sex marriage and there was a deal electric -- -- Ali -- mind. Larry is not part of the is not it is not like more guys. And I have always been an. Which should do. And I bet if you wanna eat you and I -- you know. It and I let. And it caught up now a part of outcome or 08. Gina where you were you what we -- America or UN America in 2012. Will -- or you're an American 2012. -- yeah yeah and you remember the 2012 election. And you remember Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann and syrup and you do remember them. And you're gonna chill made at the Republican Party has -- -- on what are to. Well they didn't they they don't hate those people -- talented people it would. Is is is is what I actually on the -- -- I was not good article is our country that aren't auto. Christian Judeo. Are now in it -- it's not my interpretation of history. While it is why -- know whose style you know that's a pretty. Any kind of outlaw it -- important and about an important and -- -- with the constitution written nor were written. Or which were not able. -- -- -- -- -- And and and and -- if you look at the old if you look at the old testament to the ten commandments most religions have something equivalent to that. This country with this corridor Jean Marc -- we have a conversation. There are. This country was founded on religious freedom. It so happened that those who founded this country but for -- Christians but that doesn't mean his country was founded on christianity that is such great misconception across America. Really can't let me trying countrywide out country rock country -- given so much a tank. Because -- you came over here. Wouldn't Sergio got in search of religion and surgeon got okay and god of the Bible in about. Let me first I'll -- -- the end of the year -- I'm gonna go to get to -- here. On you to bring Cuba. We you're you're you're you're right these pilgrims that go -- That wild country so proper and has so much because. It was very. And I'll be in Serbia don't you and Michael -- -- our -- on our own way oh yeah. He supported me god cinema over. God sent a pilgrim now where there -- Structure. You're only they -- they knew where god wise they didn't come here searching for god they came here searching for religious freedom in our current rate. Exactly what -- It and got it really hurt and all these things aren't here but that was written in the -- for the pilgrims came to America. Thank you are are -- It looks like old -- all our way and you and I are gonna are you. -- are. -- -- And I like what you'd like to ask you one question. -- He cheapening in which you were -- Republican -- -- Listen. If you're right. And a wrong. Why -- the Republicans lose to Obama 2012. Because they'll -- I. Would never got an eloquent way out there. Or somebody who who are so thanks in an end there. And -- leaks. That they were there baker expressing. And they -- so and it couldn't rattle a McCain the Republican Party fights about it like that aren't because I'll -- people listening to. I'll bullet in here. While American people like Q what people like in our news that it happened is right. Well here's cancers don't tell you. Were they. Well in the cart and you -- me on. NBA just. Truthfully that. We don't -- -- we don't do anything just let. The government -- it. Just speak to protect their way yeah the weighted down -- is go to you know again against foreign and. You're not -- pressure and I'd like to call the show. And I get a chance express your opinion and on there a lot of people agree with you. We're gonna come right back with more of your calls right now let's go to a chief meteorologist to channel four -- Redondo joins us live from the WW weather center. A tell us about this weather on the North -- the flash flood warnings for saint Tammany parish. Yeah -- it's only a small section of saint Tammany parish it's probably more for -- Coleman. Slidell in extending near the pearl river area. But this goes until 945. A big cluster of showers and heavy thunderstorms have been moving through that region. For the past that thirty minutes one -- about two inches of rainfall has already fallen around parts of -- And it's spreading northward now it's already in Picayune. It's extending its southern pearl river county but this flash flood warning until 945 there's still some heavy rains. Pushing through Slidell but if you're in the Niles and the oak harbor area the southern part of the Slidell area. Yet the rain has that tapered off quite a bit still another cluster along the middle part of the twin spans highway eleven bridge. Moving towards. The slide -- will race back completely over it's doctoring where you war but. It -- it will be in the next thirty minutes or so so that rate continues to move out out. Elsewhere a few showers passing through part to Jefferson batters into the lake in saint Charles parish but. By far most of the activity has been. Across the southeastern saint -- payers are still some rain from near Covington northward to near full sum it up towards Franklin ten. Frankly it has at about two inches of rainfall also today as well. So why it there in clusters cute they're gonna come by in waves at times but. By far it's not nearly -- we had yesterday and overall the weather in New Orleans was not as bad the last two days Anderson originally anticipated well -- -- -- it just depends on where you laureates are going to be everywhere it's going to be -- spots some spots different than others so yeah you're right -- New Orleans has been spared the intense rain that we had yesterday at some of the heavier pockets received tonight by tomorrow is fighting repetitive Gannett. About is about the saints -- that they go with flash flood watch continues until tomorrow we excel. Anybody throughout the night tonight tomorrow as a chance for scattered showers and storms at some heavy rain possible so. Until that -- flood watches lifted. Everybody as a threat for some heavy rain. That is chief meteorologist -- Redondo and channel -- weather center thanks Bimantoro it's cute. If your -- stay with us our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text amber is they said the eighth century mark your text and all of your calls. Coming up next. Under -- WL. I just got a text saying Peter Frampton and The Doobie Brothers at champions squared July 20 are you going. Yeah depending on what night of the week it is if I'm not doing the Schuylkill at night I would I'd look at leader -- following afternoon radio for those of you -- were new to this new show. I was in radio when the song was released as a single. Playing an undisputed boring show many years ago. The -- but tonight is a manifesto to the Republican Party. And the Republican leadership conference that is right here in New Orleans right now. They should distribute copy of this it's a message -- the Republican Party. All the conservative talk show host and Fox News did not help the Republican Party win the elections. In 2008. And 2012. So explain to me why you think several. Here's -- every W a pretty general opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party doesn't change do you think. They will win the White House in 201681%. No. 19% yes. Here's a -- they -- anyone who votes for the president based on what they've heard strictly from the news media probably shouldn't vote. Another text Republicans are trying to govern based on their religious beliefs to hell with anyone who disagrees with him. Here's a text actually. I think they were looking for religion for freedom of religion. My interpretation of history. And a lot of people misinterpret tennis and your title here interpretation. Misguided as I take it -- I don't think that the we'll never know because I wasn't there and you weren't there you don't know for sure work. But it. It's my interpretation of history. -- people came to this country not to establish christianity. But to establish freedom. From religious persecution. From RB keep -- and a BWL. Yet that used to serve much. Up on bit ironic though. How the Republicans. The big cowboy. Computer city in the wall and who's wrong but Democrat who let the water and as senate as a Democrat. Up on that Taiwan. Well I did the Republican Party credit for having good taste in what city to hold their conference -- I mean I don't think they care about those things it's like K we can go to New Orleans who cares if the Democrats -- mayor. Blog rate by Baghdad is bound and a little bit. But teeth you know I would think that would be a good strategy me why would you why would you go to a city that might already be the metropolitan area would -- be dominated by. Like conservatives like would you go into a city and it is have your conference get on the news and maybe have an impact in the city where. And maybe you weren't dominate. Again I'm I guess I guess maybe that that was their point and. Then again it's just New Orleans and it's like where -- where you would you you can go to. You can go to tried to morning you can go to Omaha you can go to a lot of different places when I come to New Orleans. Keep that led to calls if you wanna join us with your comment tonight's our numbers 260. 170. Toll free 8668890. A seventy attacks -- -- a 77 more calls not coming up and I've got a lot of sexy get to. And a scoop like tonight is a message to the Republican Party are you Republican. You might agree with that he might totally disagree. It's on our website WW dot com. And we'll be right back with more on this crucial life in New Orleans on Thursday -- going to be WL. And a quick reminder that flash flood warning is in effect for saint Tammany parish this is particularly the McComb area. Slight hill and pearl river. And that's until 945 tonight. The weather tomorrow the beginning of the weekend is expected to be very much like today to -- -- -- texture just a moment from -- -- Steve -- discussion. -- So. Where it but. Call it. -- appear. -- -- If you look back. There year. -- -- -- There and who you to do well well race George Bush pushed that back when or where are. It will. Wrecked it or not. When he -- law. -- All. Out there are. There. When you are part. Of -- -- And -- Would argue that the cultural. Art. There. It. Maybe it conservative. If you might be trying to track -- and and a better and that when it -- opening. Is in general. Issue in. All and -- skirt the issue you. Or. And sex marriage and again you are wrong actually because it -- here in. Yet if you look around and they. It would. We you can people -- All throughout PH been the odd man and a woman in that there on -- on. -- -- -- And this was this what this was this was this was the same country -- also said that blacks dignity -- rights. And that changed. -- -- I'm not I'm I'm I'm I'm equating the crusade for equality. Not treatment. -- -- Well. Art I see your daughter in. America are all -- know where to go. Well I'm gonna clear this up and Steve I don't I'm gonna get -- got to get to a news frank I'm glad you brought all this up. I will explain as I have before the difference between gay rights and their rights for blacks and also we'll talk about Ronald Reagan conservative all that next.