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May 29, 2014|

: two Republican gay rights groups are denouncing the Republican Party for not allowing them to set up booths at the GOP convention in Ft. Worth in early June. The Log Cabin Republicans and Metroplex Republicans held a press conference to condemn the party for its decision. A representative of the GOP convention said that the GOP’s platform does not agree with gay rights…is that part of the problem? AND: speaking of the Republican party…top leaders of the party are in New Orleans for the next few days attending the Republican Leadership Conference. LA. Gov. Bobby Jindal will address the group tonight. Jindal appears to be positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2016. But many think the Republican party cannot win the White House unless they make some big changes in their image and rhetoric….I’ll talk about what the Republican Party needs to do to win in 2016…but will they listen?

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Welcome back to our show and a do or remind you that until 945. There's a flash flood warning in effect force saint Tammany parish this is set mainly McComb Slidell. And the pearl river area. However there's a chance of some thunderstorms still again tomorrow we've got the latest information tonight an always on our website at WWL. Dot com here's a W you a pretty general opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change. Do you think they will still win the White House in 2016. 75%. Say don't 25% say -- they'll still win. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com also discuss blog tonight. Is what I think is a very important message to the Republican Party. There is a Republican leadership conference in New Orleans for the next couple days Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is among the speakers he speaking there tonight. Seems to be positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2016. This said the -- tonight is. Is basically a manifesto to the Republican Party. If you're Republican. -- degree but you might actually disagree. And you might want to share with you Republican friends or your Democrat you might want to think about some strategy the Republicans might be thinking about. It like it's our website at WWL dot com before it back to your calls -- before get back to two more of your text. Respond to gossip XT the caller we've had two going into the the news just now the couple things Steve brought up. Steve brought up -- the Republican Party has not had a conservative. Like Ronald Reagan since Ronald Reagan. And -- George H walker bush. Was also very conservative. And that's why. That's why they want and at the other Republican candidates have not being conservative enough. And they lost. This to me is one of the reasons why the Republican Party is so split. And misguided today. There is this this false idea that the Republican Party needs to become more conservative. And with all that's going on across the country with all of the trends in different areas. I see America changing. And I don't see America becoming more tolerant. Of strong right wing conservative ideology. If you look at how Ronald Reagan ran. If you look at his campaign personable Ronald Reagan wise. An anomaly. Ronald Reagan was a figure that was bigger than politics. He was just one of those last people. Who just had such. Warmth charisma. That if I ever had to get bad news from anybody I would have wanted to get it from Ronald Reagan. He just had a very centrist. Populist. Demeter. If Ronald Reagan were running for office today. I am actually convinced that he would not be running as the same conservatives that he appear to be in 1980 and 1984. Because at the time that's what America -- it. But I don't see that that's what America wants now. If Ronald Reagan ran that kind of campaign. If George H walker bush brand that kind of campaign. I'd have to keep it -- would be elected today. Both of those politicians would be Smart enough to run differently today. Now when people bring up Bob Dole. John McCain. Mitt Romney. These guys all lost. And they were all perceived as very moderate. Senators and Mitt Romney a moderate governor. So. If their moderate and they lost then the Republican Party. Needs more conservative candidates. No. Because the problem is the Republican Party pulled Bob Dole. To the right. John McCain. To the right. Mitt Romney. Took the rights. Mean Mitt Romney was an able able to talk about a lot of things he did as governor of of of Massachusetts. Which were successful. Mitt Romney was not comfortable. John McCain Bob told we were that we're not really comfortable on the campaign trip because that we're not truly themselves. Yes they were moderate. But the Republican platform and the party on a national level pulled them to the right. So it's not fair to say that they were moderates who lost. They were moderates who were pulled to the right. To act more conservative on the campaign trail. To win the conservative base. And they did they didn't win. If these guys would have been allowed to be themselves. They would -- And if Mitt Romney would have run. With. His credentials. As governor of Massachusetts if he would have been able to be really himself. Is a much better chance -- would have beaten. Obama. In 2012. If you and enjoyed -- might be your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's seven. At a text number 670. Here's a text that reads I an African American and I totally agree with you while the issue of same sex marriage isn't the same the fight for equality. Is comparable. And Steve brought up how it's wrong to compare. A gay rights with equal rights for blacks. I'm not comparing the treatment. Of gays in this country with the treatment of blacks in this country in the past. But what is comparable -- this text -- points out. Is. The fight for equality. The fight to break a tradition. The fight to break something that was established. Blacks are not equal citizens. Homosexuals don't deserve the same rights that battle that crusade. It's very very similar. And for all those who bring up the idea what the Bible says this the the Bible that people have used the Bible. To justify. Segregation. To justify -- blacks and whites not -- That's changed. This country changes week we ball. We. Interpret things differently and that's come out a lot with a discussion of freedom of speech on the show recently. And whether or not we still have the right to freedom of speech because of things have been said. People have reacted to it and people believe well I guess the -- right to freedom of speech we haven't lost a right to freedom of speech. What we've lost. Is an understanding that what we say will be interpreted in the context of the times in which we live in has always been that way. And it will continue to be that way. This is this -- show our numbers 2601870. Tool free. 8668890. -- semi -- -- seventy -- afforded Mexico sort of remind you that sometime during the showed -- night and I would not be surprised if it happened this power. Can't tell exactly where but I wouldn't be surprised it happened this hour. If you hear a song from the rock opera Jesus Christ superstar -- -- about the number if you the -- caller. You win four tickets to see. This special exclusive WWL tech rehearsal performance of the Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular Sunday June 087 o'clock. At the UN electoral arena for tickets valued at 500 dollars. So delisting for that. -- the -- -- -- the number UN to take -- and you gonna qualified to win the grand prize which is valued at 800 dollars which is an exclusive dinner meeting greet with the stars. Of the show. I hope I can choose to go to this because I I was on the -- the radio yet but I page as a as a teenager. I remember the controversy by Jesus Christ superstar and the controversy about it rock. Rock music being associated. With Jesus Christ but the message of god with the Bible. All of this is heresy this can't be sacrilege. And yet looking back guard it was a very good message. From Alabama Paula you're on the -- showed good evening. Racecar. -- shall appreciate it all calm I agree with a -- Our Internet. Category. Are. Or -- or. -- -- -- -- A platform are now. They are a lot happier that they're there are like. Alabama. Know there were -- RL. There are a lot of our order a belief you know there's a -- -- -- like. And the constitution. And repair you know. Went on social -- The content at all exactly and there's nothing in the Bible and religion percent. Exactly and that's why Republicans. Are Luke Angela GOR. And -- you know -- -- -- They're blue in -- you know. You know -- -- network platform. Pretty debate here -- beach much good record or. Agree point. And also you. Go out not only are. So a bottle well I am not libertarian today and our republic. Well I would think that your fiscal. Conservative but a social liberal. Absolutely our -- our big government -- -- on our our I have no problem a weird question. You know Michael Mike. You know at least. Super speed what the constitution that it in play export. And we don't have to we don't have to like what people do but we should understand that they have the right to do. And you know when when people will bring up the argument both like and do whatever I want in my private life and I can molest children kill somebody. Well the difference there it is there's evict somebody else's hurt. -- And torque split on what -- or where you would think compassionate. -- But -- W bush yes or bush and that Paul that is a great point because that. Sets the tone for. Compassionate conservative which is anything by hardcore right. And Steve -- before the news bought out the only reason it George Bush senior lost due to Bill Clinton in oh I guess 92. -- that he went back on the job. Promise not to to raise taxes promise that he made in the superdome here in New Orleans during the Republican Convention when he accepted the nomination there were other factors in and I talked about this on here at the time. The other factors involved on. The the effect that winning the war hats the the the the Bush Administration. Did a great job orchestrating the first gulf war and we clearly accomplished our mission mission and it was over. And sometimes the residual effect of that. Our country and it happened in England with Churchill after World War II sometimes even though the hero the leader is the hero. People wanna move on because it's behind him so they move on to a new leader and that has happened in history before. Equitable part like to -- our. But in published and perhaps start a company president. Airport. -- -- -- You know lead in children. And -- -- Go. Don't you know bush well you know it's liberal it's -- Yeah interminable but. That's what are all the concurred and you're not at -- Publicly you called the show if you are on hold stay with -- if you -- to join us with your thoughts and comments tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. At a text -- 877. It's wrong. To try to assess the past. Based on the context of the world today. You have to you have to assess what happened in the past whether it was. The Beatles coming to America or Ronald Reagan running for president in 1980 you have to assess that in the context of the times in which it occurred. Not today. This is the -- she'll. And we'll be back on WL missed -- -- tonight is set titles that message to the Republican Party and it's it kind of a couple nation as a message that we -- generally -- on to show. They actually started before the 2012. Election. I always invite you to read and share with your friends the blog also invite you to comment. But if you start to reach some of the comments I do wanna point out that there is a serial comma after. And quite often he doesn't even stay on message. This guy I think as a man crush on me. I think he wants me to be homosexual. That's the best that I can determine from news is it totally infatuated. With my sexuality. And so I think he's got kind of a man crush anyway it's it's very comical to -- some of his rant -- It could the issue I don't know to read dispersants rant and they really are nonsensical ranting and for those of you who do respond to the serial com editor. I thank you for that I'd never comment. So if anybody pretends to be commenting on my behalf. If that's not me. And so the force it's you don't know it's directly from the I choose not to comment on on the block but anyway it's -- I still invite you to read share with friends comment. On the blog and honestly I believe that at the blog tonight. Should be handed out at the Republican leadership conference going on right now in newer ones. -- from Mary -- your on this future. Excuse not to big problems that the Republican Party and and I think that is gonna come out and continue to do now is number one they just won't -- about socialist. But he had nothing to do. Where. There ideology giving a date because keep going on and. -- ended the problem Brian is that the issues that there are brought up as part of the Republican platform. Distract. From the real Republican message of smaller government and fiscal responsibility which is something that will work with younger voters. -- and I think yeah I mean others can't believe that they all understand that they want -- the population -- women. And you can sit there -- moral issues of birth control. Or abortion and that's not gonna look because -- And what I know he didn't. Even young conservatives don't agree with the opinions on same sex marriage and legalizing pot -- immigration things like that. With a stylishly conservatives today. And number two. Seeing conservatives sit here and talk about -- -- destroyed if you could appoint the fact that 50% of men. Edited and -- boy you know and they really want to strengthen. The fail again it political reform -- same record that that because they operated on in 1940 criteria intimate absolutely no -- and 2014. -- people -- it's because. You have to generate the -- that the rape and broke called the divorced and they see what does that apparent. On the. Trying to figure I'm going to call the show I think it really is an important to point out. That heterosexuals. Have destroyed the American family. Not homosexuals. And in the fax. Support. Here's a text that -- the GOP has alienated and -- large portions of several demographics the LG BT community. African Americans the poor immigrants. And win -- you -- our show tonight with your thoughts in your comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 8668890. X seventy at a text of -- 77 from Mississippi -- your own description. -- -- Not only in the last few callers should. One year old college educated. -- -- you know from the republic partner. Undertook -- You want smaller government and I disagree with smaller car. Exactly and there's been a political rock receive that we fight every night on -- -- And patent -- and I trust your -- -- country two years. Into all platforms. After no one article how. To how you got to. -- -- There's a plot or Republican Party shot. -- And then there's such an infatuation with trying to denounce and bring down President Obama that there's not enough time spent on what the Republican party's gonna do that's that's positive. The last elections in the -- entirely. The conversation. I mean. 9% of the nation's work. Policies up there and this is something we can do to appeal to -- all work. And part Tibetan. Turkey it's still. And I'm glad you called the show and I appreciate listening to WL -- night and I'm I want everyone to be listening to the voices of younger Americans who describe themselves as conservatives who were essentially. Disenchanted. So I still don't see any evidence. That pulling the Republican Party to the far right which is what many people wanna do. Makes any sense. And I honestly believe that the the manifesto. In the -- blog tonight. WWL dot com a manifesto to the Republican Party. I'm -- I'm gonna document that we're gonna archive the show. And we're gonna play back. Ever gonna redo the blog back in the future. And I think we'll find it there is wisdom. In the Republican Party divorcing. The far right. And focusing on the things that it can do best and stop acting like the moral police. Because you can say what you want about what Ronald Reagan stood for or anybody else that's the past. You can't live in the past. That's does that work today. It's not working with women it's not working with minorities. It's not working with. Younger conservatives. And there were a lot of people who fought Mitt Romney was tomb to moderate. So they stayed away from the polls if you are hardcore conservative end of the -- if the if the Republican Party. Once again nominates a candidate who is not so I don't think Mitt Romney was moderate during the campaign. But he was a moderate governor of Massachusetts to me -- Republican. A Republican in the northeast is a little bit like out of a democratic south. You know they're both the kind of conservative the moderately conservative. Mitt Romney was not allowed to be himself. And that's why I think you lost. And I I think you get a private conversation with him he would understand that an editor -- it. But those people who want to bring the party to the right. -- just don't think they're paying attention to the trends you know we -- talking tonight about among other things the new ratings that are out for cable news. Fox news's ratings. Have hit the lowest point in over twelve years in the key 25 to 54 category. Now Fox News still maintains a strong lead dominant lead over MSNBC which is number two and CNN which is number three. But I think these ratings further proved that America is changing and the base of Fox News is 55 and older. The question is will the GOP change. And if conservatives. Don't like. A moderate candidate. And stay away from the polls. They are effectively. Electing the Democrat. And so while you may not have the ideal candidate in the race. You better choose a candidate that best represents your ideology. And vote for that person. From Jefferson Parish -- your on the Scotia. Prowler I've yelled at. Him. Like -- -- how. Think people but it bought it. People why people tablet may -- being we. Sexuality. Beat him and AM may -- -- got on. You can change the way I try to and it. And work out. Its -- And you like what you'd caught -- an -- You'll get aren't you log in and and -- and black -- or any. Apparently -- What reality is that you will meet at -- am per day. -- I mean. She'll net could be taught at somebody. Well. Need it at any. What about the families that are torn apart because of colossal need for the opposite sex. And check check check. Let me do my own app that will come out. Alan I'm glad you had a chance to express your opinion if you wanna join us tonight on the -- show with your thoughts your comment. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven or text numbers 87070. It's our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change do you think they can win the White House. In 2016. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com to give an update on that coming appear in just a few minutes from Texas Howard you're analogous to chill on WWL. -- an -- popping the -- -- -- look at the Hispanic vote. Because I'm impressed that Hurricane Katrina helped them come -- won't work and really call -- -- back on its feet. A look at these -- books in south Texas they call -- what can encourage. Family oriented people. In Republican pointed -- to recognize. This group of people happy that you know these people. And I think it is big impact and means that have been like that before artwork and -- -- -- -- crashed into what was believed that. But in many many in many Catholic and insisting that the Republican point that paying attention to. Because that they did really need -- Republicans forty should be he'll promote. Family values off and -- it -- and we locate the ball would probably should it won't work. And they call it work is for anybody. And I think they should recognize that Hispanics won't take it bothers me -- I don't care. Saint -- heterosexual. So -- says hey I'm gay I take the person -- person so okay. It is obvious that people. Called both -- taught -- sometimes around detection you've got guys absolutely bogus heterosexual. I don't care. And it's like again persons case I think the person -- the law. And an hour -- I agree with that the reason the gay issue has become such an issue is. The result of of of overtly. Opposing. What some people consider to be an equal right in terms of marriage. What some people consider to be on equal treatment in terms of not discriminating against somebody in the workplace because they're -- And the very idea that it's a state legislatures around this country have to have to pass legislation. Banning discrimination against gays in the workplace is one of the reasons why not only gains. But her -- there are millions and millions and millions of heterosexuals around this country just like -- when blacks were. Fighting for equality it wasn't just the blacks. It was white America. That help fight for those equal rights. Even though it didn't directly affect white America it in the way that it would affect Black America there are people in this country who always -- fairness. And the same can be said of the fight for gay rights I think this is a microcosm. Of all of the battles in this country. And it's it's so defining. In my opinion of just a basic conflict in this country about about government. And about the moral police. And this is not the first time this has happened. It's really interesting that. My generation the baby boomer generation of which I am a hostile witness mightily. My generation. Witnessed. The moral majority. In the past. The establishment. Was opposed to legalizing birth control pills. Because they thought it would lead to promiscuous sex. This was a big battle in that the late fifties and early sixties. It went to the US Supreme Court the Supreme Court had to rule that banning birth control was unconstitutional. Based on right to privacy. I don't see how that's not perfectly parallel. With something like same sex marriage and yet. Today's a stab -- the baby boomer generation. Has now become -- many of them have become the moral police. If you enjoyed our show tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seven. At a text -- is a 7870. -- This song from the rock for Jesus Christ superstar -- Did you run -- pack of tickets sports thing is I get a 500 dollars to be exclusive WWL tech rehearsal performance yes. On the Jesus Christ superstar -- spectacular Sunday. -- 8 at 7 o'clock did you elect Hillary. Call 260. Wins we'll -- six sold 9467. Right now ou mean caller wins. -- You know. You know I guess says Sean Hannity for Fox News really gets it Sean Hannity is one on one right now with duct dynasty star. Still Roberts. The guy's a TV star. His own reality show. And their four is technically. On par with somebody from the real housewives of Atlanta. So that's a person you're going to interview for. Political insight. Again. All the conservative talk show host and Fox News. Did not help the Republican Party win the election. In 2008. Or 2012. So. If you disagree with me. I am open to. To hear why you think I'm wrong. I've got I've. Texture that sorts out -- absolute correct about America changing. But not for the better -- -- you're just a moment. I wanna take a moment to congratulate Margaret Rogers correct -- -- she's won four tickets for pack of tickets. To our exclusive WW Altec rehearsal performance of Jesus Christ superstar or -- a spectacular. Sunday June 8 7 o'clock you know like for -- Tickets are you 500 dollars Allison again tomorrow night to die for your chance to win will play out part of a song from Jesus Christ superstar when you hear that I'll give out the number -- -- -- caller. He's doing the four tickets and don't forget you have until Wednesday. Midnight Wednesday June the fourth to go to our FaceBook page WWL radio. -- -- to the Jesus Christ superstar contest like us and register to win and three lucky winners will be picked at random midnight Wednesday June 4. A tickets are also on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations and good luck from the station that knows how to love Jesus Christ superstar arena spectacular. -- -- I hear is I got an email I got to start getting so my emails so on the show it's something that I have for a spent a lot of time doing I'm really focus on the calls and attacks but. I'm -- occasionally get to some emails. -- my email address is -- SEO OT at WWL dot com. Missing email reads Republicans in Louisiana talk about less government but 40% of general's budget. Is federal money. I heard a lot. Here is a text it reads. You were actually correct. America is changing. And not for the better. But it what you listened carefully. To the rest of this text. The majority of blacks and Hispanics. Are pulling the country down. They think they are entitled to government taking care of him. The white middle class is tired of taking care of them. And it is just getting worse. I have several friends. Who have went out. Grammatically incorrect but I market to correct -- sometimes and make grammatical mistakes as well have -- win out on disability. Because they are fired -- because they are tired of supporting. The do -- They know every trick in the book when it comes to getting free stuff. But when it comes to get a good job they are not interest it. Why do you think they always vote Democrat. Because they know it's the best way to keep getting free stuff. Well when this person says. A majority of blacks and Hispanics. That means 51%. -- over 50%. And I don't know of any polls. That have been taken. That indicates that 51%. -- over 50% of blacks and Hispanics. I don't wanna work. There are many who don't. And I have known in my life. I have known conservative whites. Who have an entitlement mentality. They're hypocritical. They wanna get whatever they can from the government. They wanna get whatever they can for pretty. And I don't a few cases. Of people who really didn't need to be on disability. Who were on disability. And their white males. So this. Generalization. Blacks and Hispanics pulling the country down. Is based on the hysteria. At the far right votes to instill. In Americans. Because the -- the base at the conservative. Republican Party is white male. And America. Is changing. If you wanna join Russia to -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 Texas 87870 we've got to get to break -- your calls or your text. Next on the -- Schoen Debbie WL John lick our studio producer I just got a phone call from somebody who said they are now turning off their radio obviously not happy with the -- things -- -- -- on this on -- show so. Obviously this is somebody who -- hardcore right wing talk radio which this is not. So since this listener is turning off his radio. That opens up a spot for new listener. So if you would like to be that new listener just sent me a text 87870. And we'll let you feel the spot that was vacated by the listener who just -- was reprimanded deals -- into the WL. There is united exact. I don't want it employed -- your old. You usually don't look at -- route I do not agree with a whole moral code that the conservatives are trying to push toward. If you get a Uganda doesn't concern me. It's you know you you hardly walk. And the whole moral code. Is just like it. I was sacked as -- -- as a young Republicans and what's that what's important to you about your party. What's important to me is I believe in the First Amendment I believe in the Second Amendment and I know nobody trying to take that away. What what really is it's just confusing when you go -- the poll do you try to re they make it's so hard trying to understand. It's basically you're looking at it and you're trying to figure out can be like paying for the next two years or four years or whatever it. If you don't think -- evil. Not usually go with right wing when it comes to raising the minimum wage and what do and I don't believe this. Reagan pat on the Albany. Which will always pay mortgage. It wouldn't matter what you -- and art are. And if you raise the minimum wage in my opinion. Taking what little money that I make that's in the middle class and pretty much that it doesn't matter. We're gonna need it and what you make is now going to be nor. Zach I understand have got to get to news break I really appreciate calling are -- thanks for expressing your opinion. Thank you are right if your whole stay -- this will be right back.