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May 29, 2014|

: two Republican gay rights groups are denouncing the Republican Party for not allowing them to set up booths at the GOP convention in Ft. Worth in early June. The Log Cabin Republicans and Metroplex Republicans held a press conference to condemn the party for its decision. A representative of the GOP convention said that the GOP’s platform does not agree with gay rights…is that part of the problem? AND: speaking of the Republican party…top leaders of the party are in New Orleans for the next few days attending the Republican Leadership Conference. LA. Gov. Bobby Jindal will address the group tonight. Jindal appears to be positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2016. But many think the Republican party cannot win the White House unless they make some big changes in their image and rhetoric….I’ll talk about what the Republican Party needs to do to win in 2016…but will they listen?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As the teen birth rates and I hits a record low. The birth rates for women in their thirties and forties. Is hitting all time high. This is truly amazing this information comes from the Centers for Disease Control. And prevention and a national center on health statistics. According to the statistics and we talked about this on the show before birth rates among teens and below. And that's birth rates so that has nothing to do with abortion or anything else which by the way is down as well. But this report shows that the birth rate among teens. Is down so where's the birth rate among girls ten to fourteen. The birth rate among girls ten to fourteen reaches a historic low. There shouldn't be a birth rate for girls ten to fourteen. The birth rate for women in their early twenties also declined. But birth rates for women in their thirties and forties between 35. And and 39. Have hit an all time high since I'm sorry yes it hit all time high since 1963. And among women forty to 44 the birth rate is -- -- high since. The highest point since 1966. If you wanna join our show tonight -- comment about anything we're talking about we've got a lot going on is always our numbers 2601878. -- free 8668890. It's happening or text of -- 77 and I -- I got a text earlier from somebody who said that a majority of blacks and Hispanics in this country. Of vote Democrat because they want free stuff. And I I believe that this is part of the hysteria. That is. Passed along by -- at southern strategy that has been part of the Republican party for a long time. The base of the Republican Party is white male. And if that doesn't change Republicans are gonna happen very difficult time relating to America today. And there's interest southern strategy in effect it has been used on a national level as well but it's designed to instill this kind of fear in people. I challenge a majority of blacks and Hispanics warning free stuff because that would mean over 50%. And I haven't seen any polls that indicate that that is the case. And I leave downtown. IA. Go around the city. And I see a lot of blacks work. I see a lot of Hispanics work. So this is part of -- hysterical perception. Rather than reality. Here's the checks that response to that amazing -- people still make the argument that blacks. Always have a hand out when the majority of people on welfare are white. But a higher percentage maybe black -- do understand it. Here's a text you don't have to take a poll to know that 51% of blacks don't wanna work. Just drive around the streets of New Orleans there's your answer. I mean this is this is just this is the stupidity. That I try to fight every night on the show. We try to fight stupidity and political hypocrisy. Every night. You can't just look around you and determined that a majority of blacks or Hispanics or whites do this -- do that. I mean that is actually. Ignorant. Here's a text funny how a guy complaints about blacks and Hispanics looking for handouts yet justifies. His white friends getting handouts. They say that some of his sudden says he has -- middle class white friends who were so fed up with. With paying taxes to take care of a blacks and Hispanics -- is his perception. The they've gone on disability. So if they've just gone on disability then do they not deserve to be on disability are beginning disability. Illegally. Have they somehow. Taken advantage of the system in the same way that they claim that blacks and Hispanics take advantage of the system. DC the hypocrisy that just is is running rampant in this country. Here's -- W project opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change do you think. They can still win the White House in 2016. 73%. Say no only 27% say yes and you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com has a lot of great stuff on our web site a southeast Louisiana is under precautionary. A flash flood watch on through tomorrow we think we've got that information also big news from the saints today. At the routier's. Safety curious bird. Anthony's back surgery and Christian -- to six island reporter has the story our web site. Deke Bellavia talks about the BOT recapping his analysis from also resident pros have Bobby there and -- guy -- interviews with the coaches and players all of that. Along with pictures of the black and gold in action -- and action right now all of that is on our website at W bureau. Dot com if you ought to join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points or point seven via text -- overstate 7870. Time to -- like tonight is essentially a manifesto to the Republican Party. It's -- a message to the Republican Party. And I was inspired to do this and talk about this tonight because the Republican leadership conference is in New Orleans for the next couple days. Top Republican leaders are here Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal spoke today the group tonight. The -- blog should be printed out and handed out to Paul Republican leaders. And this is something we'll talk about in the future. Will archive the show tonight. And replayed at a later date. And I think. As he was before the election in 2012. I believe. My assessment of the Republican Party in America today. Is painfully accurate. For the Republican Party. This is not a case of bashing the Republican Party as much as it is an honest assessment of the party. Which many people within the party. Failed to fail to -- Again and you can read the blog share with others give us your comments if you like but I am gonna warn you there's there's a guy who -- serial -- -- To all my blocks -- -- like he just can't wait for new blog to go up because he says very nonsensical things he's very hateful. By the way I am not a registered Democrat and if I was believe me -- Italian. He says personal things about me is it he has no idea about so I. I encourage you to comment and I'd think those of you who have commented on the serial a comment -- But if nothing else it's it's it's it's kind of comic relief -- to read how maniacal. Some people aren't thinking and it's really really scary. That somebody like that might actually have an opportunity to operate heavy equipment. A from New Orleans Marc -- to be WL. Hey I don't do that. I just want their public thanks Arnold. One about a holiday made the comment about about the lack of respect. You know I guarantee works for the record and -- you -- you know. People that make don't count economy you know and there about we -- be a small percentage of people like -- you know. If -- not a member of the kkk issue -- if if if it. Bet it's always Kate and and it gate. You know -- You know I'll work with someone -- No wonder if -- and I mean. Who cares really you don't -- you don't I mean it doesn't affect you you know. Who killed you implement one amendment now while Donald one woman you don't have to believe in that it doesn't happen I think. Which you are now mark -- I totally agree and this myth that homosexuals are trying to destroy the institution of marriage in the family is such and ignorant statement because. If you look at the statistics. Heterosexuals. Have already. Made a joke of the institution of marriage. Right and I want to say wow McClain you know that -- you know. You know these two different news station you know -- come -- you know -- for -- to say they come out with these politicians. Cleveland Miami and taken money and it's like. You know we don't you know it's like we don't even get upset about the you know we have what we do it will put what they can now missing and and and it's like -- not doing anything you know. But until we -- did not -- it could be accused of being with some common sense and not just across the remainder regret it. Things did not not gonna really change very public figure -- don't -- don't like it -- -- -- -- -- as strong signal on the system and it it'd just like here it's our politicians that get over on the system. So you know so you can't just put her back and age group because you -- if you do it being you know you have. Mark I agree there's sent an aggressive young white male panhandle are in my neighborhood humanize say he's aggressive he asked me the other day I'm signed again today. I didn't ask me today even ESP yesterday any change -- I had 22 grocery bags in my hand and and since I live in an area where this quite often happens sometimes I give money but sometimes I say no I don't and he goes liar. And -- and an. And I don't passed judgment on white people because of of that this guy when I go through my life I I seed. I see whites IC blacks receive Mexicans -- women I see people working really hard. And it really tough difficult jobs and this misconception. That they are are but there are a lot of people who are lazy. But there isn't there's. A preconceived hysteria. About blacks and Hispanics in this country perpetrated. By the desire to shore up the white male conservative vote in the Republican Party. And and I and I thank until until we start camp on a match. To agree or disagree based on what we believe rather than what someone challenge you know. We navigate it would not relegated to work and definitely definitely most of the -- you know what you know what apple what -- -- Person that we support you know whatever they tell -- -- we don't have a map -- -- -- You realize that you know what it is our right to -- need to do -- to change. You know it's like you know it's like it is like death disciples -- a puppet they they can think what and so. I enjoyed our conversation mark thanks for -- let's go to our Shreveport Frankie are under the WL and good evening. -- involved. Personalized to your show. You're you're either on at that -- he -- the listener because. Law and switched at WWL. But they're actually they've worked out man first of all pretty big argument. The majority of Hispanic and black. All the people and out is it just does all your comment thank you don't count out a lot of panic. And black working that argument has no more on the air India of course -- on the on the majority black and Hispanic so we'll. Well I'm I'm simply commenting on what I see at -- -- his ideas that there are a majority of blacks and Hispanics that don't work you I don't know you know I've I'm seeing a majority. That the argument could be made that the majority. Of African Americans the majority of Hispanics to vote for the Democrat. And Democrat. Already. More of the get quite well. So so a case of frank the question is that. Why have Republicans lost the last two elections and why have they lost the popular vote in the last five out of six presidential elections. But because the -- on the Republican apocalyptic watch and get one back. Look you know politics is a contact sport in the beginning but no one like they call name. Republicans or late and they take the barge and it'll bite back the comment there. Now. You can not you know. The majority of black and Hispanic are not be there and out. You don't have a majority. Anyway. Don't want to hand -- for the bank well. Now I would believe that fact it's probably more white. -- -- there that Hispanic black. Percentage wise I don't I don't know that there are what are your pocket but -- terms of population because they're more whites in this country get there or whites on welfare. And the only that but at them in the white man than any other than any other Democrat. So so -- as wrong. To make that judgment states. All what I believe that delighted monopoly is wrong monopoly the wrong people -- the year that me. -- -- and -- and -- could not agree with you more of that I also believe I -- again. Immigration the way it is now if you want to war in this country you come in this country you become a citizen. You learn English you keep your serve let you weren't able -- -- yourself and the you work for a living you pay your taxes. And you can -- I don't I don't Altman doesn't really millions of fact that you wanted to do it comes to the contrary. Take it out not contribute to that system grab your crotch. And scratchy and out of -- black. Get the hell out -- called appeared to. The problem news is not with those people. The problem is the attitude toward those are who are already here who were brought here by their parents who did not make a decision to come to this country illegally. Who were actually going to school part of the military the the objection to them having an easy path to citizenship. Is what is hurting the Republican Party. It now and hopefully I believe that the Republican Party and forty don't -- the -- About people in their. That the Democrat. All -- -- against the Republican the Republican ticket. Yet a lie was back now back all vary in plan -- Debit strike their a lot of facts that Fox News throws around a dark really true I mean they throw things around. There are applied and are we to which they -- both sides of the aisle agreed. -- right now I'm a Republican. And I'm not a Democrat I am a conservative and that alone. Would justify a lot of people would call me. That's only because. Alma on the problem all conservatives and that conjures up all these evil images I'm such a bad -- Well frank but it did at the same time there are people who. Call me a liberal. As if that's a bad thing they call me that it -- -- meaning it is it's a derogatory terms so again while -- That's what you thought it could -- level. He is not. My favorite play a living alike that it speeches that you soak up question is the -- sponsor but dull boy. -- -- -- And and I and I I I totally I totally agree with added landlady and by the way I I'm not a liberal and there're so many issues that I am conservative on that it's impossible for me to actually declare myself a liberal. But now that that issue on the inside that you heard about -- I'll tell you law. -- -- What I did. I don't care what sexual orientation. Or -- at I don't care and make no difference to me. So why would you be opposed to marriage. Why why I am opposed to every bit but is there one thing I used to work with the young woman. -- -- -- OK so what are you guys marriage went like that but Franken got to get two breaks I want you to get this out. It merits because all they can do it for the point the in this -- me what that -- -- how it at all and Opel around. Surely. -- more federal I understand ranked off build it in my statement to see all of the need all they need to make this statement. -- -- -- -- -- -- My budget calls. It -- right but don't show. Obviously. Frank doesn't work with. Some people that I know. He -- you know people line now. Who are gay. With partners. Dedicated to their partners more so than some of the heterosexuals I know. And this idea that you judge. Gays. By what you see on the news. Is absurd because the news will always focus on the more extreme radical members of any group. And the majority. Of homosexuals in this country. Are not. The flamboyant. Pushing an agenda in your face homosexuals that you see in the news. If your -- stay what is. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back -- -- Euro berries they Republican leadership conference in New Orleans and the show is pretty much dedicated to the Republican Party tonight. And I have written what is basically a manifesto to the Republican Party in the blog tonight titled a message to the Republican Party. And -- they followed this. I think it's a very very good chance to win the White House in 2016. If they don't I don't think they can expect to win. -- the Republican Party hired me. I can almost assure them that they would win the White House in 2016. It's -- and hire me because that would be the two additional. And that they did get elected then I'd be one of those few of those political consultants -- and and everybody would book by. And advice it would just it would distract from the -- But if if all the conservative talk show host and Fox News have been right. Pinpointed the Republican Party when the elections in 2008 and 2012. And I got a text about their manifesto I should call the manifesto. Because only crazy people right manifest those. I. It's interesting -- last week I wrote a blog titles another new direction for Republicans. And it focused on the a 121. Page. This was described by Republicans. A 100 and putting 21 page. Policy. Manifesto. It was written by. Reform conservatives. So if you understand. What manifesto really is. And you understand that it's not something that just crazy people write more of your text are coming up from Algiers Eric your description. Delaware. Page. So look I am in our call -- -- -- you know probably when your biggest and personal. And wrong. Look at hoping what is black and Hispanic thing you know it's -- lining great you know that -- played a couple of -- and -- -- -- because. You know and plenty of like people that work hard work really hard but I also -- planet like people that. You know it irritates me you know and you know here I am working my -- of every day. Ted -- them to buy groceries and I got -- little ability to -- resemblance been my paycheck on and you know the person economy and typically it's black oral Muslim descent and as irritated me a little bit too. They've got their fourteen kids put them they -- six baskets -- people on stage. Really -- you know them that the the past and it's like Louisiana purchase car I mean I've got -- opened a habit of telling them are well because that came out of my agent. Erica I you know I agree with you and and you know as some of those people might -- temporary assistance we don't know but I would agree with you mean nobody's gonna support anybody. Who wants to take advantage of the system. Let's let the clock which he comes in with a white people that I know the white males that I know it really do have. And entitlement mentality when it comes to different things including getting stuff from the government. Well in here that -- tell you you know. In the began really good paying job now but it means for a while I didn't -- a little one bedroom apartment popped out. -- they applied for food stamps and the lady that that would step off does that mean an end and she made almost not mean she was. Minimum wage in in you know when she applied for food stamps collated and -- said. -- -- income. If you were black you're -- she says Richard black you don't meet the criteria are a leading verbatim said that. The system needs to change I mean that's clearly wrong. What's your what's your what's your choice I -- your choices right there either you try to. You try to do the best you can in life understanding that life isn't fair. And you try to work to change the system -- -- I I I agree with you that's unfair and I don't doubt that that happens every single day. In this city and in cities across this country and I don't doubt that that his. Has created a culture of people who think it's their career to have children to be taken care of by the government. Are that are absolutely wrong but what what is our what is our choice to -- to give up to somehow joined them because. We we can't beat them. -- you have the choice is to do the best you can. You look at outlook and that's where it's like you know -- the fight it in outlook taking it all on Saturday element you know that's wrong we should do it right there which directing. I think that's wrong in -- -- I'm not technically in -- my injury since you're racist because you don't want not getting what we rightfully deserve our. Well I say it every night on the show when this topic comes up that that's that's unfair and I don't think that makes me a racist. And I are. Any and it and it's -- if people make you feel that way. -- -- Don't let it make you feel that way and again you know like life isn't fair. Right and and so the best thing that we can all do is just do the best we can with our lives and not let those who take advantage of the system drag us down. Mentally emotionally it's discouraging. I I don't musician in the city. Who makes really good money playing music. And yet if he plays. A certain number of more jobs if he works more. And he's he he suddenly goes into a tax bracket. That it doesn't benefit him to work harder. Well that's. It shouldn't be the case. So there's a lot that does need to be changed with the system but if these are things that the Republican Party can and should change in the should stop focusing on the issues like. Same sex marriage and -- and an abortion an issues that. There are personal decisions that people make and I realize that when it comes to abortion everybody's got their passionate argument about that. But the point is it's already being decided by the Supreme Court so stop focusing on those issues and start talking about fixing the government. If the Republican Party did more of that. And did less of the things that. It -- Fox News in terms of and -- see the iris scandal which neither one of those is turned out to be a scandal yet. Maybe they will turn out to be a scandal but so much emphasis is put on bringing this president down. That they should focus more on showing what they can do better. Great quote -- three times good you know bomb bomb load avidly at dinner and outlets in every single night appreciate it you know your product you put out Eric that. I appreciate -- etc. thanks for calling. From Shaq day Andrew -- WWL. Yeah. Lieutenant. Would cured distributed government. -- you know group. He knew or thought ma -- atrocious start NC rules work in -- -- start. -- -- -- -- Does not run. Don't -- Libyan effort Enron. And we work off every day. You know I -- I do well. -- So. It don't political. -- it is called Google grow. It was right. -- your world. And I want your opinion on net. Either way to it to its. -- construction site. -- Goes to work every day. Right. There's -- need in the -- victory. You disagree with. The -- will definitely. Put. What I don't get I don't disagree that the system is unfair. But what. Why would you want why we -- it while you're gonna give up. I'm not -- Do we know I'd get better for -- and -- And what was -- I'm not sure what your point was into about construction sites. My outlook -- short genocide it is when you ought bunker treasures site. I want to good to see who is working -- the pressure -- on some yesterday. Americans -- like that bill. Air bill also portrait. Do you know respect opt -- useful -- every -- and I and you haven't yet. But it -- that op or. -- -- -- Argued -- news terrible. On her parents and I can't I probably don't apologize that if you lose myself. -- but vote. Because so ultimately -- conflicts. Sparked talk and do people in New Orleans. Goes. I go out there. -- -- There can hear it in your. People from Mexico. Or four -- Or they can do most. Who's hiring them Andrew who's there who's hiring will speak there. Are so so so they're on whom we have the votes are anti American citizens are hiring those people. OK -- and so that's the source of the problem. That's the source of the problem right. And. Arabia's cooperation. That are fighting. India in our people don't want. Well I don't know the statistics are accurate that LaRoche. I'm Andrew I'm gonna have to get to break -- and I'm going to statistical Marcia. Well I don't -- -- fun and it is you pretty correct. Him Ardinger thanks for listening to a WWL a night. I had to -- I -- older car. And I and -- -- while -- -- -- an older car and the did the carnage at some some work so hard I dropped it off for an on broad street. And this was yesterday morning. And I walked back from broad. To my apartment downtown. Took -- 26 minutes. I walked by the big construction site the new medical center on canal street. And I saw. Whites. Blacks. Hispanics. And a few women. In hard -- Working that's site. We see what we wanna see. We hear what we wanna hear. We don't seek the truth. We try to find those things that -- our preconceived ideas of what we think is reality. If you're hosting witness if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 86688907. Protection of Richardson is having this is dispute showed we're coming right back after this break and to -- to do well you know back in the eighties it didn't happen often but every once -- oil we slow danced. And this was one of the songs -- slow dance to. I just couldn't find any women to slow dance with me. So I didn't. This is the Scotia ledger witness says tonight's tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker we'll talk about a new report on. By medical journal saying that 13 of the world is fat also Brad Pitt has a scare after somebody jumps a barricade and rushes him. Obviously that guy I didn't see him in the fight club. Is I would mr. Brad Pitt. Anyway there's a -- things it's unreal talk about tomorrow morning wake up it feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow. And weekday mornings from six to ten on WWL. And also enjoy it is this a lot depends on -- she's baseball game tomorrow and the NCAA regional game against southeastern. Depending on whether Angela may have an abbreviated show tomorrow but it's going to be fun Friday as always a -- include three comedians from. The -- it's. The true TV in practical jokers tour which is at the singer theater tomorrow night nothing but fun tomorrow. And I've been asked to join Angela into 3 o'clock hour tomorrow a -- an open mind with Angela alleged during Angel hill tomorrow and weekdays from one to four. On every WL. I get back to -- -- well let me get to this one text real quick. I guess this is based. And I guess this is based on a comic that it made about same sex marriage and I I get -- like this occasionally. You must be gay. I supported. Equality for blacks. As a young guy in this country. And you can go to our website. Take a look at my picture. And I think you'll notice that I'm not black. For Mississippi you sit here on WWL. -- Oh my first -- call and you shall so. This does more to borrow several. -- I want topple ball -- of -- And it brought more markets and outlaw video. -- -- -- -- -- It's very very. People at that -- -- because. No one. They're really read. The Bible talks about people have a right. Who think the word he shall Bobble operate under a pro. And it shall. Indicate. That person have the right. But the Bobble called call that a threat. I don't think Republicans Robert Green and it sort of battle in it and -- the -- So. -- say. That -- that. Certain certain. -- old. Black. And in the old and younger voters him. That we're able to. Think that Democrats really care about the it -- But it's the politics. They're really trying to block -- the swing vote. All of well. Well it's a it's a business politics is is the business of getting elected. That is exactly what people think that. They're taken certain sigh out because they are saying they're not really true. I would agree with you we really don't know what's in the hearts and minds of politicians because we've been lied to so many times to see some times that what we do know is. That they say and do certain things for the sole purpose of being elected and don't always outlook they say. Beck oh lead which order. That. Soul. -- there will actually. Well you know it's quite -- -- Now you have been gate. You know talk -- this device. You know use -- it's it's it's like. It's like the dictator of a country. A dictator of a country like North Korea for example. An -- -- in Russia is not technically dictator. You settlement happened at a rate but I really appreciate calling her show. Leaders of countries. Make the United States the big bad enemy. Because there's an enemy out there. -- people around them. So. Both parties have a tendency to do that's politicians have a tendency to do this creates enemies. Because that people rally around them in the same way North Korea and Vladimir put. Kim Jung on declaring that they make the United States the enemy. So people rally around here is a text that read -- minorities do what they want in their bedroom like gays etc. their business question mark. I can't wait to respond to this text LD that we can back after this break into the WL I let me get right to this this blog the blog is it challenging me see I believe what people doing their bedroom is their own business. But then I guess this text is trying to challenge me when I say that. You need to be responsible and you shouldn't just have children that your -- take care. So -- threes minorities do what they want in their bedrooms just like gays etc. Their business. Question mark question mark question mark. You can do what you want in your bedroom. But if what you do in your bedroom. Produces a child. If your not gonna take care of the net becomes a problem that supersedes. The active sex. In the bedroom. It becomes a societal problem. It's not just a problem among those two people. -- blog tonight essentially a manifest the Republican Party as a Republican. Leadership conference gets under way in New Orleans today governor Jindal spoke tonight you'll talk about that but he said on the show tomorrow night. And the blog is on our website at WWL dot com we'll be talking more about this the Republican Party needs to change. And if they follow this message of the Republican Party. They might win the White House in 2016.