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Scoot Show 5-29 11pm, Republican Party

May 30, 2014|

: two Republican gay rights groups are denouncing the Republican Party for not allowing them to set up booths at the GOP convention in Ft. Worth in early June. The Log Cabin Republicans and Metroplex Republicans held a press conference to condemn the party for its decision. A representative of the GOP convention said that the GOP’s platform does not agree with gay rights…is that part of the problem? AND: speaking of the Republican party…top leaders of the party are in New Orleans for the next few days attending the Republican Leadership Conference. LA. Gov. Bobby Jindal will address the group tonight. Jindal appears to be positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2016. But many think the Republican party cannot win the White House unless they make some big changes in their image and rhetoric….I’ll talk about what the Republican Party needs to do to win in 2016…but will they listen?

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There's a new flavored beer that is -- to be released it took to limited market this summer actually North Carolina South Carolina but who knows if it catches on it did might be bit. There's some company called via the big -- about. The catapult brewing company. And they're releasing a beer flavored beer and you know I understand a lot of the flavors I mean I understand that. Even the whipped cream in the chocolate flavored with. With vodka and understand a lot of the different flavors. This flavored beer kinda confuses. It's peanut butter and jelly flavored beer. It's called peanut butter jelly time. It's going to be released this summer north and South Carolina. I don't know about that the flavor of peanut butter and jelly with dear I'm not a beer drinker but I know a beer tastes like. Would be next twenty flavored beer. Here's an update on our -- W a project dropping your poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change do you think they can still win the White House in 2016. 69%. Say no they can't. 31% say yes give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com also still a turning on our web site. He is a blogger wrote the other day senator Barbara shooting spree and the blame game and that's rather. Self explanatory. And the scoop like tonight is a message to the Republican Party from Vanderbilt Chuckie you're under the WL. -- -- -- -- -- I didn't want it to mean physically violent at duke. I think he had money -- the inner -- Take him money then this is here tonight -- and its leader. None of them repair work mean Leo Collins here. A lot more light and camera on the street. Everybody in the city there at -- blacks and Hispanic. And our snug in their industry guy. Actually where where where I go. I I see I see the same thing. Yeah yeah heck of a lot more light and you know it might feel -- fair and laugh a lot and I'm noticing more young. Yeah yeah unions. All the lives you know in my life and I agree with and -- the NGOs and stop that one of those stores there. And we saw it too young and he goes dormant does or -- like female bar and Marca. An accent for peace accord board Bach. And they -- or. Right have been those signs you're on in the bring your little Kia with the -- -- great -- and went under very expensive corporates still very here. Paper plates still in the back. And followed him particularly is curious about where they would go on. When he -- the couple blocks so that gives our allegiance mixed and campaign handling right there do you -- -- -- -- There are a lot of a lot of dishonest people who don't really needed and that's that's kind of their way of life and as this goes on around the country. Yeah into court cleared the yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now here. And aren't -- -- records of major. Injuries which will have a lot of young meth heads in Portland and they need money for their -- Correct in not so. So my life and I was talking about is completely see him -- -- is coming out -- my opinion is I think it would be doing is legal pain and that he might do. You know go here and you know -- but -- deal. And a lot of times I don't give money but there is some times just something somebody will Tug at my heart in a certain way no -- give them a little money. Away right -- and so TDs. She she is the Q with the from time to time actually residents are. And so. Thanks booed him like are you currently salute its says no. But I can tell by the -- -- currency that you really well. It'll. That we right here at large is to -- Amber's from counseling just take them Iranians it now does that -- don't you know burger. Could be it could be cable so what happened in the in Europe. Well -- always -- -- -- it is that refuse to give them on the money I agree that it was so. It's he had the burger I mean she's just go right into the. They had to make you feel good but also with the same time it had to make you really sad to think that this this mother's trying to get money over giving her daughter hamburger. Correct in and my wife and I -- program like you know this is that since you know so there's no -- you -- watch you on the minds of not just let me get to -- here. You know each year and -- Dubai or do mean for the day. You know and it made -- have a -- of -- You know -- I don't mind Internet from time dark. Here is the right situation. Especially especially -- -- -- makes you feel good when you when you realized that he was the right thing to do and there have been some. At times in my life and I've I've told many of the stories on the air where. I know I did the right thing and -- sometimes. Giving somebody something has even brought them to tears and I just I do wish them the right thing it at the time and their times that I you will occasionally give money and time and I'm -- it's -- -- Correct group thing after -- game like it's -- care about who are against it. And went about norm. I'm doing something I don't mind given a picture of the Lugar should use you know which you -- that the -- Wright issue is really hungry. When -- -- that particular stage -- or grab it and study eaten into. This you know that anything stupid it's something -- these -- -- the -- -- the days you know chuckle when you got more than eaten by. You know I think I think that they did that -- -- not dismal interactions have been about the old guy. You know. It's going to be here you do have a lot of -- -- about -- keep you look nosing you know they'd vehicle unit name you training. You know yeah I think it think it's you know I think. And then there there are many that it almost make you feel guilty when they see what will god bless you have a good day. And a -- yesterday given him something. He had I don't know you know Arnaud got in a blessing because that -- you -- think they'll. I'm going to color showing thanks for sharing that story witness. Upper mid city Ronde -- on this cute show -- the WL. Hello who thank you so much well you shall in like you and you think you unlike your personality you -- great guys. Schooled -- -- and make a comment from a storm that -- -- it will fit Doherty blah. -- -- Blacks and Hispanics are bringing in this. The world now double check the -- I can't secure that school okay fifteen years old beat up and around very Smart on top of the late each stay on top of current events. So let me tell you why. People that can collect debt don't bother me anymore because it Scopes and school. All. That kind of tall when he Internet -- on the Internet blog keep stirring -- -- -- -- and probably. Old people they speak about that light there. At what actual whole school -- north India -- hi. Understand. That it would Welker. On. To make it feel like there are better than that we. Well that is that so it's it's a function if you can't comment from -- I agree. Lately they've got a lot of problems that you want to sit well. And get from people around like that far. Blacks not want you work. Let me take you. Blacks love what they could love mind. Just let it sit back and -- -- but let me let me. Not only actually be on top. If -- stop all your call girl from now in. Shops that are not eaten. All -- and who. We couldn't go in jobs. Properly lot of people don't wanna work. And not that your pre K he shops all sorts it. -- we. Actually love it and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- that aren't the only 89 dollar -- it would be the GQ but I. School but let me get on top but don't people don't like people sitting around. Tron which you know. I don't -- rather -- I love you baby I'm glad you called. The currency keep listen. And they can -- -- New Orleans Darryl you're on this huge showing WWL. Hate -- -- -- -- are Democrat and I think it's a great act in original. Goal for a Republican according to our society meeting being. Think in helping to do it's can -- see. He made some serious cuts in the budget. And -- -- Big businessmen it is it is meant to our. O line that you made in -- in. Words. -- know firsthand because I have a close friend of mine that German completion. And when he made those cuts. Our our. -- -- -- -- -- -- If they get it happened. He can help it in able. -- -- Went out without parents who is when people. Are in any. In mansion. In these sorts. -- year. In such reacted. The -- it. People aren't exactly say for example. You don't realize how powerful it can actually be known to themselves -- but to others. So -- -- until these people and if you listened to -- -- Eric cheated. -- I just don't see I don't see Bobby Jindal is so presidential material but -- -- in his mind he he -- and and and he might be trying to position himself more for. Vice presidential choice. Because his ethnicity. He might beat existing sales to be selected users vice president running -- price or vice presidential running mate but. I just I don't know I don't I'm not sure that he's he's the answer. There are too many flaws there's too much inconsistency in woody in what he says and what he does. And Jindal. Right after the election. -- talked to a group of Republicans believe -- meeting in North Carolina. And I think this was in really early 2013. After the election in 2012. And he said he that's when he made the famous statement we've got to stopping the stupid party. But yet he continues to. Be part of -- stupid party and and and isn't that the talk about changing the Republican Party has not come about yet. And so accurate Democrat you gotta be happy about it. I'd get a political show and thanks for listening. From Indiana rich and every WL. Getting screwed you brought up at a bucolic spot up food stamps -- that if you're paying -- -- Earlier this month The American Legion are released tape -- A a press statement. That last year 104. Million dollars. Intrude stamps what used. Pat -- restored our military a tree. The military pay for low ranking in which -- listed are so lousy. But the qualifier for food stamps. And I wouldn't exactly call military friendly bombs. Rich I think it's a really great point going to call here's a text. It -- Obama care helps people with preexisting conditions. Like gates. Originated from homosexual behavior. STD's are out there this one. Can kill. Nobody knows exactly. How aids became part of. Homo sapiens. And back in the eighties. It was believed to be a gay disease. We've learned it's not. But to address this this particular. Text. OK so if Obama care helps people with preexisting conditions like aids. Then she did not help people with preexisting conditions. Like cancer. What about those people. Coming up next. A message. To the Republican Party. I'm -- and this is -- -- -- -- well there is a message to the Republican Party. Top Republican leaders are New Orleans attending the Republican leadership conference. And Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal was the speaker but to the group tonight he appears to be positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2016. By the way I'm -- archive. This message to the Republican Party so we can play it back. In the future. The information the Republican Party needs. In order to win the White House in 2016. Is in this message. The question is will Republicans pay attention. During the presidential campaign. 2012. I was talking about the mistakes the Republican Party was making during the campaign. And after what was considered a shocking defeat. Many top Republican leaders. Began to echo exactly what I was saying leading up to the election. I've been blessed with his ability to recognize trends. Music. Fashion. Social. And politics. In my opinions based on an overall observation of a changing America. This year alone I've already written three blogs about different direction the Republican Party and we discussed it on the air. Last week the -- was titled another new direction for Republicans. And it focused on a newly released 121. Page policy manifesto. Written by a group described as reform conservatives. Trying to establish a new message for the party to attractive middle class voters. In January a -- blog was titled should the Republican Party change. We also talked about that on our show. And that blog in a conversation dealt with the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Washington DC where a new strategy. Titled growth and opportunity project. Was revealed to Republicans. That strategy. Was designed to expand the party's reach to include more women. Minorities. Gays and younger voters. There has been I'm not so civil war raging within the Republican Party since the presidential election of 2008. But Barack Obama was elected president. The Tea Party. The ultra right are two groups right now trying to continue to fight for control of the party's direction. But both of those factions. Are contributing to the image problems for the Republican Party. And there are not enough on the far right there are not enough people who align themselves with the Tea Party. To put a candidate into the White House. And that's a -- change between now and 2016. That's a political mathematical. Equation. The Tea Party which originally stood for smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Has been hijacked. By right wing extremists. Like radio talk show host Glenn Beck. Who has helped redefine the Tea Party movement making social issues part of the agenda. Conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity and countless local personalities. Who -- sheepishly. Followed the leaders they are heroes. Have all contributed to the axis. Of voters from the Republican Party. Even the power of the Fox News Channel. Has been challenged it -- it was ratings that have just come out show that Fox News has hit a new low. In over twelve years in the key 25 to 54 demographic and this is part of trend that. I've been recognizing. This should be obvious to everybody America is changing by the elected or not. Fox News continues to dominate MSNBC and CNN. Even in a key demo. As well as total audience IMS NBC's number two. And CNN now respect out to number three they went up to number two and they were doing all the coverage of the missing Malaysian flight 370. But Fox -- clearly dominates. But in the in the in the key demographic of 25 to 54. Out Fox News. Has. Maybe a million to a million and half viewers. But in the key demographic category of 25 to 54. They only have 264000. Viewers. And when you look at the total viewers that means that the great majority of the Fox News audience. Is 55 and older. The polls continue to show the younger voters. Voters under 45. Do not all share the same. Hot button issue opinions. With same sex marriage and legalizing pot in the same percentages as older voters. America's changing. Today's baby boomer establishment. Which define every era it occupies it. Is starting to lose some ground to new younger generations. Younger generations. Don't share these views of the establishment conservatives on many of these important social issues. Yet Republicans in genuine in general continue this ill fated practice. Of being on the wrong side of the same sex marriage debate. Legalize pot debate. Immigration. The abortion debate. Some of these things have been decided by the US Supreme Court. No politician can change that. It is the moral police. Within the Republican Party. It alienates many voters. Who reject the idea that politicians and government should influence personal decisions. Supporting the government banning same sex marriage for example. Defies the foundation of conservative ideology. Which promotes the power of the individual. Over the power of government. There's no way to escape the fact that opposition to same sex marriage is based on moral and religious beliefs and their four. Directly endorses. The government dictating morality. A frightening thought. The initial support of collide in Bundy that about a rancher who. Has been under dispute with the government over his cattle grazing on government property or supportive conservative rocker Ted Nugent today using him and campaigns. Technology continues to express hateful ugly contempt for the president of the United States not. Simply criticism of his policies but ugly. Hateful. Contempt. And people like -- and -- And Ted Nugent. Have not been denounced strongly enough. By -- central voice of the Republican Party. The image of the Republican Party has also been damaged by the birthers. And the truth years. And those who are now following the conservative pied piper called role in questioning the stability of Hillary Clinton's -- Republican leaders have turned to. Condemning President Obama. And made it a spectator sport. The focus on condemning the Obama administration has distracted from the core Republican issues. Of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. That's what the Republican Party should be promoting and that's the direction that will attract younger voters especially smaller government. And the Republican Party can own that issue. Republicans were factually wrong about people signing up for obamacare. Fox News has desperately resurrected -- the investigation of what happened in and gusty. And the alleged -- scandal neither of which have yet to be proven to be true scandals except in the minds of those blindly beholden to the far right. No short easily influenced. By the hysteria. Social media. It is elevated rhetorical claims about Obama being a socialist see that wasn't enough. So have you noticed with the new term ends. Obama's Communist. A simple understanding of Communists and makes that claim ludicrous. And yet some persist. We should build the truth about both and Ghazi NBI terrorist targeting groups with political agenda it's. And if that happened that's wrong. But investigations. Have not gone the right way for conservatives yet hoping to bring down President Obama. That's not to say that these and other controversies will not reach a tipping point but the crusade to bring down the obsession with bringing down the Obama administration. Along with the moral crusade. Of the more conservative factions within the Republican Party have literally chased away some Republicans. And have failed to attract crossover voters. When Reagan ran. They were called Reagan Democrats. Democrats. Flocked to Ronald -- So many sit in so many did that they they named -- can Democrats. -- is the equivalent of the Reagan Democrats today -- they don't exist. And the Republican party's been chasing away. Its own people. The Republican Party has lost five in the popular vote. Which I realize that the president is elected by the electoral vote but it still says something. When the Republican Party has lost the popular vote in five. Out of the last six presidential elections. And in January Gallup poll showed the party's favorability rating had fallen to 32%. Down from 43% right after the reelection of Obama in 2012. Republican candidates like Rick Santorum. Sarah Palin Michelle Bachmann. Who have openly suggested that their specific religious police would be used. If they were elected. That continues to hurt the image of the Republican Party. America's been down this road before. During the presidential campaign in 1960 John F. Kennedy a Catholic. Actively convinced voters. That he would not allow his religious beliefs to dictate his decisions he made as president. Kennedy won the election. And became the first Catholic occupy the White House. Lesson learned. The message to the Republican Party is simple. Be bold enough to divorce the far right. Had the courage. To be more centrist and populist. Like Ronald Reagan watched. Promotes smaller government. Government getting out of the way of business and individuals and stop trying to beat the moral police of America. It's not working. One definition. That defines conservative. Business. Holding two traditional attitudes. And values. And cautious. About change or innovation. Typically. In relation to politics or religion. As long as the Republican Party rejects a changing America. The influence of voters who are not white males. We'll make it difficult for the Republican Party to win the White House. There's a great line in on an early hit by Holland notes. Due what you wanna do I think is gonna restore from when they're really early albums. And -- line is this. The strong. Give up and move on the week give up Wednesday. And that's the message to the Republican Party. You can give up on this morality stuff you can give up on bringing the social issues into the Republican Party you can give up on that. And move all or you can stick with all of that. The strong give up the move on. The week. Give up Wednesday. -- blog is on our website at WW dot com it is simply titled a message to the Republican Party I tickets for every Republican. I think Democrats should read it because if the Republicans do. To. Adopt this kind of strategy. -- They're going to be. They're gonna be difficult to two Thabeet. It's on our website at WWL dot com you can read richer and others give us your comments if you like. If you wanna join our show with your thoughts in your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven. And our tax numbers 8787. Also. Today I learned that two gay Republican groups yes two Republican gay rights groups. Have been denied boost at the Texas Republican Convention coming up this summer. In Fort Worth. Smart move right. We'll talk about that when we come back doubles so a -- textures says. I'm 27 years old physically conservative. Socially liberal -- I'll finish that -- we come back after this break. Under -- WL welcome back George shown his senate Thursday night -- is -- flash flood watch that it is in effect through tomorrow night for all of southeast Louisiana. We got the latest information on our website at WW Oregon -- can't 60% chance rain tomorrow and so -- could be heavy I was out today walking around that an umbrella because look like a nice day. And I guy it. Caught one of -- showers. I was drenched I'm glad I live close enough to -- try -- here so it was like. I was like -- drowned rat. -- literally not just figuratively. And so there's possibility that again tomorrow hopefully it's gonna turn out to be a nice weekend we'll have an update on the forecast. And tomorrow on the show. I here's an update on our W -- pretty general opinion poll tonight if the Republican Party does not change do you think they can win the White House in 2016. Obviously a lot of people share my view. 67%. Now say no the party can't win if it doesn't change. 33% say yes it can't. Here's a text that reads -- on 27 years old fiscally conservative. Socially liberal gay man. And a huge fan of yours was an almost every night the past two years. This speech to the Republicans is eloquent. Well thought. And civil. I applaud you if you were on television I might actually watch TV. Cheers Randall Hank thank you for that conflict. Here's a text that reads I guess you just believe the Republicans conservatives. Should just accept abortion. And move all. We should just forget our values. Great idea. That's not what I'm saying. But what can a president do about abortion. What can a president really do about gun control. Why are these political issues. If if the pro life group. Worked as hard. On. In stealing. Responsible sexual behavior or abstinence. In people. As they do on the rhetoric surrounding the pro life movement. There might not even be any proportion. And the good news is the abortion rate is down. It and it's down among teenagers as well. The Supreme Court has made this decision. That they -- right to privacy. You have a right to choose. You don't have a right to kill some. But you have a right to choose. And this is a very passionate issue I understand it. But it's also very confusing issue because until the medical community collectively. Defines. The embryo. At the beginning of pregnancy. As as a human being. Then. Based on right to privacy. You have a choice but the point is. A president cannot do anything about Roe vs. -- I I guess you don't understand civics. There have been some issues that have come up and we talked about this during the 2012 campaign. So many issues that came up that. The president can't do anything about. The president executes the laws that are passed by congress. The judicial branch the third branch of government. Interprets the laws. So -- the president can do about about about abortion. The sad thing is. You can't stop. All the badness in the world. You can try. But you can it. And it comes down to the business of politics. If the Republican Party. Continues in this direction. I don't see how they're gonna win the White House again. And I think Hillary Rodham Clinton. Is a perfect target for the right Republican candidate. Because. She represents. -- A stab -- Politics in Washington. And that's something that is is going to be a. The region Jimmy Carter -- Was because America was just so bad out. With the Watergate scandal. And government that couldn't be trusted it. That a simple peanut farmer from Georgia. Became president of the United States. It was the mood of the country that elected Jimmy Carter. But that booted -- last. Ronald Reagan came along and nobody could have -- tolerate it he was just blessed with such. Such great populist charisma. And for those who continue to believe. That. Ronald Reagan was a conservative and that's what you need -- Republican candidate today. Reagan would not run. As a right wing conservative today. -- it would be Smart enough to be centrist and populist enough. To present a message that he would win. And again Ronald Reagan was just. If he ever had to get bad news would you wanna get -- for some I'd like Ronald Reagan I mean that the guy -- chest. He was just so comforting. Mean he can tell you something horrible and I just didn't seem that bad I mean he just had just that great blessing of charisma. Bill Clinton had a lot of respect. If you -- shall overcome it tonight are numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. Text numbers 877. Here's a text. Blanco off a Democrat. Work hard to make lots of money. And be happy. Here's attacks can't have life without an embryo into -- story. No it's not the end of the story. Nobody knows win. And I know this is gonna be controversial but. It's a matter of a -- your opinion. And your observation. -- -- An embryo gets a soul. When an embryo is human. And that is not been collectively recognized by the medical community so that's why Roe vs. Wade is not technically murder. Now for those who would be quick to bring up well what about a pregnant woman -- she gets she gets killed and it's a double murder. But that's because she chose to keep the embryo. Therefore. It's a double -- So legally that's. That's something that can be explained. I'm into I'm anti abortion. But -- pro choice. Mainly because I'm not a woman. I focus on being responsible with my sex life. If you responsible with your sex life. Then there's no need for abortion. And there are mistakes that happen. But I'd like to think that those mistakes. Are not seen -- mistakes. And I know so many people. Younger and even later in life. Who. Unexpectedly pregnant. And they kept their child. So again as long as the Republican Party continues to focus on these issues that have dragged it down in the past. It's gonna have a very difficult time winning the White House. I scoot. And we'll be right back to wrap up our show. -- WL two parish presidents lead in the polls for the lieutenant governor's race here in Louisiana. Terms parish president John Young is at 32% plaque that's parish president Billy nine guests are 23% according to this poll from southern media and opinion. -- these two parishes. Jefferson -- of likeness parish border each other. And I'm concerned that this competition between John young and doing on cancer. Is going to bring back the the serious border conflicts. But the past. The border conflicts between. Jefferson Parish. And like mr. And there was a feeling that a lot of people like this parish work. Trying to just get into Jefferson Parish at Hayward sneaking in. Sets tumors and giving sets whom is two to two people and oranges from like -- mistress I hope this does it reignite that whole controversy. Here's a final update on tonight's -- -- -- a -- general opinion poll if the Republican Party does not change do you think they can win the White House in 2016. 67%. Say no 33%. Say yes Ellie she will host an NCAA regional tournament weather permitting tomorrow. You're gonna have the action right here with southeastern LSU in southeast -- -- a dream game this is for for both of these schools and for the state of Louisiana. The pre game -- at 130 tomorrow first pitches at 2 o'clock you'll hear right here on WWL AM. And FM and and if the game -- rained out today and you'll be on from one to four tomorrow. I thought it was interesting that tonight Sean Hannity. Was looking really serious. When he handle one on one interview. In the studio with an audience. With duct dynasty patriarch. Phil Roberts. Now. Would I be mistaken. To say that still Robertson is a reality TV star. Why is this guy. Being given so much attention when it comes to -- politics. I would think that most conservatives would denounce. The liberal celebrities. That a spouse there are political beliefs. In the media. So why have patriarch Phil Robertson. In the Fox News Channel I'm assuming you're talking about politics. I'm glad you're with us tonight. And again astute blog tonight is a message -- Republican Party is for Republicans and Democrats that are really should he reached the top Republican leaders. It's on our website at WW dot com. One -- John -- studio producer -- back tomorrow night to midnight have a great title love you New Orleans.