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May 30, 2014|

Dave talks about armed lawmakers, How Could He Do That, new movies

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the thirtieth of may 2004. -- gimme -- -- -- I -- IA take great pleasure and telling you will come. On the -- rise -- games. Yeah. Good luck. I. Need and I -- good times roll. Yes indeed. I know regular visitor rating system gallery as -- -- size short time ago about the fact that. This week seemed to stall out yet yet it's earthquake we were just cruising along. And I've pulled pulled well. She's like Wednesday and Thursday took a week yeah. It was hard -- you -- my engine the engine has blown it reread it I. But even that is 60% chance. Rain today. Workers -- right on the weekend. It was her throat whatever you want to modest from mother nature on -- -- into the weekend guests and the congratulations on view of -- here Friday. In Portland could be apart and enjoying the first day of the weekend with a snap here on the I ten heading from New Orleans toward -- Right now in -- all lanes are closed VI tan as the movement. Wrecked vehicles out of the away. As Terrell says it's kind of an intermittent thing by it are you if I were heading from downtown New Orleans and had to go to matters that would get off that. Airline and is there it is wrecked cars well actually witnesses now NASCAR track and I he's going Carrollton in -- the flashing lights stop vehicles bottom. Apple miles back up right now hopefully it quickly that's no way to -- fried acknowledges. Not at all so lawmakers. If the governor agrees will be able to carry it done just about everywhere except for the state capital -- They'd be able to carry on the same places that a district attorney can care when constable who cares one. People who are part of the justice system. Are able to carry guns right now in lawmakers of mad at themselves. Of that number are going to be able do that that's a lot of lawmakers with guns if they all. Just tried to carry average age as you said the bill is -- hello lawmakers bring him in the capital but there was hue and cry in. We did need every lawmaker packing heat. I got a little heated nurse on time yeah well I'm not worried that a lawmaker are gonna go to another lawmaker went out with a it does make for a lot of available guns of someone does wanna come in there and do bad things. They have any number of lawmakers to choose from to try and sneaky way away but that's not the issue and not let them do that. -- and then -- -- -- themselves. That. But they do want to be able to carry guns just about where. Except for the state public buildings parade grounds polling places. I mean really just about everywhere now you and I could not carry on even with. A concealed weapons carry permit. I don't know what the governor is gonna do with this because of one man at the gun rights on he's very pro -- hours a year but on the other hand. It's a giving. Rules elected officials special privileges which is something that. Governor generals not a fan of either. So I don't know that he's indicated one way or the other I haven't seen anywhere now. Where he said how he feels about this by -- I have. Sneaking suspicions some citizens may have a problem that lawmakers saying that because their elected officials. They should get to carry on where other people -- So I'll ask our audience to access sedate them it's him about that you know -- -- talk about it again. Boat load family company in town this weekend a boatload well plane -- -- car on our -- way not only him. But I couldn't. I chose not to say that word but really. Partisans on the birthday Sunday getting married let's go on my oldest daughter Leah says as opening -- engagement. Oh. Please come and celebrate that that rule re older men tonight you know one we've been working so hard. And everything looking ship shape -- they used in the backyard. Like slaves for the last couple weeks old man was still standing last night. We planting. Now staring down the old layouts clubhouse and opening up -- -- -- and picnic table we've been getting everything in it. The last stop and think about it. -- Who will. We do that we clean up for them out we do we straight non in the same way I've got to polish things up if two things I normally would not yet to rise. Because the families come and over. They felt like they believe that our yard is always meticulously. Event -- appeared in the flowers are all out. Beautifully populated in the beds in everything does looks just ride at least talk to you and perfectly but it will be nice. I you know I don't do -- as there is a benefit of that we've always had to reduce that. And then after they leave in the event is over yet we get the benefits of a really clean house to go back the -- yeah. Exactly -- a clean out. Thank you David looked like him less than fifty minutes more effort is -- weekend forecast and sports coming up next here at WW. 5:19 do -- morning. Man I wish UA athletes. A day and we give your weekend forecast. The green -- continued this weekend unfortunately the route today ES 60%. Chance of rain. And yet that's flash flood watch continuing all the way through the evening hours that means we could see a few rather heavy downpours. When we do either rain today. Highs around 87 it won't rain all day for all locations. Moving to tonight a 40% chance for a few more lingering showers with lows below seventies. Tomorrow highs around 88 and a 50%. Chance for a few more scattered showers and storms. And even Sunday -- three chances to 30%. From the Eyewitness News forecast center and meteorologist Alexandra -- Most of the reporting stations right now not getting rain so there you go and we'll see where it. Lands and who gets it today 75. At the airport in -- 90% relative humidity Slidell mostly cloudy and 74 degrees 1% tax mediate 7870 says. Remember happy wife is happy life. That's why we cleaned up. For special events. And he set about. He's got a mouthful of sports -- Steve Geller. He Steve welcome to Friday amen and hopefully no rain in Baton Rouge or Lafayette today you had the chances are about the same -- as they are here about 60%. Around game time but. It's -- police right out -- -- scattered so we'll see if making get nine innings of play and because they got regional baseball all weekend long in both those cases. Yes dating good morning everyone the first week of organized team activities -- in the books for the saints called coach Sean Payton says that while the team's done as right now. It's still valuable practice time for the players. This is a chance to get out and work with them on the calls that you know we're making their alignment. And hopefully that installation that we do now carries over into training camp. Payton added that newly acquired safety Jared -- has undergone surgery to address a nagging problem with that disk in his back. -- is expected to be fully recovered by the start of training camp. NCAA baseball tournament action gets underway today over and Alex box stadium LSU takes on southeastern in the Baton Rouge regional at 2 PM on WWL. Tiger shortstop Alex Bregman says they're keeping the same mentality in the post season that made them successful in the regular season. There are fatalities from the oceans take it only -- time competing. And get a good and I -- physics has just -- soon. Then this evening over in the Lafayette regional the raging cajun host Jackson's state. You will second baseman chase Conrad says they have no plans on changing their approach to playing ball. -- come out play the same time this hole is playing all year. And do I miss it TD passes first game and taken from from there you know -- can look ahead overnight and a look into who's doing the first in more food do we clear from where your crew who would ever particularly new as time -- -- -- its -- peace it's time. Over to the NBA were Tim Duncan had 22 point 212 rebounds. As the San Antonio Spurs crushed Oklahoma City won seventeen to 89 to take 83 games to two lead in the NBA's Western Conference finals. And -- sterling has reached an agreement to settle Los Angeles Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for two. Billion dollars -- in the sterling fear mistrust now have a bargaining agreement which must be presented to the NBA for approval. They are sports talk join Bobby indeed after -- -- baseball's game against southeastern plus all the pacers evened up the NBA's Eastern Conference finals against the heat. Which early morning look at sports I'm Steve. Gellar backed by every day on Steve Geller with Daniel Friday morning and 25 minutes are attacked you more on this two billion dollar price tag. For the clippers and if you think the sales really gonna go through a lot of legal maneuvering by -- Donald Sterling still saying. He eighths talents that we'll see what that's all about right now -- -- -- bird. And the -- century he has. Did the -- know that he had a problem. And they brought him man to play safety for the black and gold and heralded him as the next best greatest thing to come to. Backfield for the defense. He had some minor injuries while with the Buffalo Bills but yet nothing was really idol I don't think they knew about this injury coming in there was something while he was working on the weight room. I was kind of bothering him a patent stressing that. It's just something that they're trying to get ahead of and that is something nagging him later on us now reports said that he actually suffered the injury in the pro bubble. While I -- -- -- yeah me neither and I don't know if they -- now but I. The good news is if Payton is cracks. It should be relatively simple procedure to fix in disk in his back. And he should be back. In money time for training race we may not be full go obviously in the organized team activities par which is voluntary right now. The -- saying for the start of training -- at the end of July. We should have Jarrius -- action. I share of me says yes definitely yeah I was very encouraged by day what Rob Ryan was saying yesterday. He has talked in like a guy who has been the last with some of the best players he's ever had under him. And he thinks this defense which was the number four defense in the NFL last year right right. He thinks it will be considerably better. Yeah he's very confident and he just exudes that his players expressing guy like Victor Butler returning a very vocal leader on the field as well also has that same confidence and you just have this feeling. That they wanna be a tough guy defense and that's what they're striving for the proved it last year. Tough guy defense I will it's more tough -- speed with which the and 25 minutes here on WW well AM mass famine dot com and gave count take a look at care. -- unfortunately potentially rainy weekend forecast right after this and hear from lawmakers about this. Still they've passed to let them carry guns just about anyway. 527. Dave you know on the early edition of WWL first news and this Alexander -- for it with your forecast. A flash flood watch continues to -- the evening hours today and look for similar conditions to yesterday yes 60% chance for showers and thunderstorms passing through. A few of the downpours could be on the heavy side today highs near 87. Then tonight lows in the low seventies -- 40% chance of rain overnight. And then tomorrow will bump it back up to about 50% for a few more scattered showers and storms. Highs tomorrow 88 and looking ahead to Sunday a 30%. Chance for a little bit spotty shower or storm action especially in the afternoon. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandre -- for. Pouring down rain near Gramercy says one text message yeah there's -- more of those arms fallen on shore but most what does not seeing rain right now partly cloudy both the airport and it's like now. 75 degrees 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL prisoners it's may it's the thirtieth it's 2014. It's TGI. Apps and that the time that I say. -- -- Enough. Game. Everybody now. -- -- Bob -- hits now. Somebody else somebody grabbed the yellow or put it over their head I thought. I thought assassinated jump -- with a pillow on their hands. And advocate weighted down. Horribly bad jump at this hour and a company car gently while you're driving to don't make cartel. I feel good of finally made it to Friday it's been a long stretch. -- I -- tonight. Doctors talent -- him and does report that we need to reduce stress by getting enough sleep. -- a proper diet. And exercise yeah all of that's just so simple to do absolutely. Yeah everybody can go get eight hours a -- Eat healthy food all the time. And work out ninety minute out today or -- Internet from the absolutely. We had very little sleep no exercise and lots of raps -- There you ago. Emblem that ticket distressed people are just hearing him say that. -- I was going to be number one the box office maybe can reduce -- stress by going to see a movie. But left the cents hello friends today man Angelina Jolie L fanning and others as she looked the part -- qualified candidates who -- pure evil enough. Raises the vindictive very driven chief -- an infant princess only to realize that child. Maybe the only one who can restore peace and the classic story of Snow White was darn horns and those spirit music kids. -- reinvented snow wise. This version it is. But calling -- an action adventure family fantasy romance Chirac. A lot of things rated PG. Rated. Amanda Seyfried and others. NA laps today -- very. Funny look at. Country and western every you have to be hilarious again you -- -- -- -- going up against the current top five X-Men days if you could pass got fill up -- neighbors in the amazing Spiderman Q what will be number one what it's all that is why you. You notice the line up is getting packed with big summer movies and there's kind of stacking up like cord -- I'm gonna take a chance here because I would have figured the -- man at another rounded number one and they mice. -- I'm gonna go -- a moment ago with Angelina usually use it you Mathis. I will -- this Monday morning if you are correct we were talking about lawmakers. I'm trying to give themselves the right to carry guns. Just about everywhere except for the State Capitol they're adding themselves to other. Folks in the Justice Department judges. District attorney's. Constable who calories already Kerry got in public guns and couple -- program building. -- this debate that put together report based on the committee debate aka the legislation would allow lawmakers in the -- candidate -- concealed gun just about anywhere except inside the state capital -- and able to personally protect ourselves. Is Paramount senator -- Elaine says legislators received threats and he needs to be -- to protect his family and his staff representative Barbara Norton took issue with the bill. This is not intended to be. John Wayne bill listed press had originally thinking through it he says it's over to hell moving into the rats and the -- like all its. A lot of bottled -- three wild slot while she lost out on that debate in lawmakers sent the -- of the governor. We'll see what he does with -- we'll see what our listeners thank. As they text that 87870. Do you think lawmakers should be able to carry guns just about anywhere because they were elected by the people to write laws. Do you think that should give them in the right as well to give themselves the right to carry guns just about any kind of -- -- Snow White is that was read in this thing a -- Angelina Jolie almost start as the evil -- no way in the Huntsman. This is a remake of sleeping beauty sleeping beauty guy and I get those two groups now while one of them is the issue movies that -- came out -- fingers are ago but the idea that the twenty -- more prisoners. Chris Miller joins us with the question that -- you're reading. Comes from. God let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast center and again. The lady in red -- meteorologist. Alexander occur and senator. -- -- now. It's ride. Is it. It's Friday so it gives me great honor and pleasure to wish you happy Friday at all and he gave me great honor and pleasure to meet -- yesterday give you a tour of our facility here. They let you out of the Eyewitness News forecast Saturday come join us here at WW LTV for a little while. -- in July on the radio and then. It was. It is so much fun I gotta say I was I was more thrilled that I thought I would be. Curious -- -- a ticket I'm seeing you guys in Israel but I thought I'd quit now what so what does that actually -- -- -- -- see where you work that's a good day. More real than I thought I'd be. No well I know that that about the best -- is. Spends so much time in the work -- you know even people you know really well it's not seen -- we every -- spent their time at love being able to imagine you're now you know -- you hire. Thank you you know where we were either studio which I'm sitting. And you get to tell me that it's gonna keep rain yeah unfortunately the yet today about a 60% chance again. So yeah -- some areas got some pretty heavy downpours even had a couple of flash flood warnings. Some areas didn't see a lot of at all so that's kind of how it is today -- I think we will see some pockets of some heavy rain moving into today. Yang Yang yesterday after an accident the house about three in the afternoon and the sun is shining. Yeah and it kept signing till about seven at night before I finally got some rain for the first time yesterday but. Other places I was looking at the radar we're getting -- and that's again the pattern for today and tomorrow. Exactly you got it says it's not rating at your house you know I don't. You know that you can't of course -- question where's the rain you know look on radar and see where it's going on beauty you know that that chance -- -- is going to be they're everywhere and we are still under a flash flood watch. So that means some flooding rain possible. Rights of the ground is saturated in many places some heavy rain is coming again circulating around the world that it won't go away. And some people could if letting other people that she's on time. Got an -- and that's -- and tomorrow and Sunday we finally get rid of some of the. Chances yeah I think Sunday we have the lower rain chances but I did keep it about 30% on Sunday so we may see just a few more spotty showers and thunders too. -- folks hopefully you're one of the lucky ones dude doesn't see the rain over the weekend but that he could be one of the ones who ends up. Driving through floodwaters are attempting to anyway all right take -- let me ask your question. Now we've got on from the committee did that final this morning. The headline -- Boston Police hunting for the home invading stickler. Yes stickler alert police are hunting a man who breaks up homes and watches women's sleep. Or -- their feet. There have been at least ten confirmed sightings of a creepy intruder dubbed the Boston stickler. Who many in the neighborhood has long believed to be an urban myth but now you know it's all too real. -- had at least three students there reported a run in with that particular. On the same night. Last month. Boston Police say this is no man's and there are warning people that this guy is out there and -- he's been described as about five foot seven men. Where is dark clothing and a hoodie. And breaks and a women's homes. Often just stares at them and sometimes people there the and seriously frightening. Spamming I'd rather get a break in and robbed the place. Then blanket and watched. Somebody's -- I'd imagine I'm watching my wife my daughter's sleeping in and tackling their feet and get some boos start to realize. That's really and can you imagine hearing that story haters I tickled people's yeah -- like there's enough out of yeah it doesn't act and that's just something people make up on FaceBook. They're that it meets that is serving Austin police say it's so real and obviously begs the question. A pretty huge. Man how could he do that thank Alexander have a great weekend yankees' Alexander grant -- direct Eyewitness News forecast. And economists now. And again right that. Steve Geller how can -- -- sports. Very well actually you'll do that next here on WWL. Happy Friday. By fifty let's go live -- -- -- -- on rouge where. Christian Derek is standing by getting ready for a little double trouble as psychology calls the double coverage on thirteen 53 WL. And your -- their for the Baton Rouge region on. I have gave them excited about it to baba. We'll be living here with elements -- your affordable coverage on 32013 fifty but. Then it's exciting weekend -- you tigers boosting southeastern at 2 o'clock in the first game of the that route regional of course the NCAA baseball tournament tiger's red hot right now winners of -- straight. Just get it done at the plate and get it done on the mound. -- great matchup though SE if you play. And and make it certainly -- kind of there style of baseball with a with an aggressive -- from southeast. Well it's obvious sense but -- on the mound they're put they're throwing everything they got it this first game -- you having to kind of pace themselves -- they're expecting that. Need some of their best pitching later in the regional -- -- like -- -- chances of getting out of this region on hosting a super regional. Like a lot mean that the team honestly that I think maps of the best of them though. They won't probably I'll likely see it till tomorrow night in the winner's bracket its quirks that you -- southeast of Purdue beat Houston that's team that. As the pitching to at least. Put themselves in the same ballpark as LSU tigers don't think it's quite as strong as LSU. But they'd they'd they have the pitching in today's College Baseball. Meant to get one picture that hot. And the bats go cold all you need only need these days to a three runs and -- if you victory but the way Ella she's been swinging the bats lately. So -- last eight games it scored seven. Or more runs so that it is red hot right now so I like fiction is. I'll -- Kristian -- at the Baton Rouge region all at LSU. With over thirteen 53 WL after 6 o'clock to hear more from him and he Bob Davis thank Christian ever get that out there. Our thanks Steve Geller has got more sports. And good morning everyone saints players fruits of their first week of organized team activities. Even though players are just in helmets and shorts right now coach Sean Payton stresses this is still an important time. Right now there's a lot of mental. To what we're doing and yet the most important part still is there's a weight training in the commissioning. Payton also revealed that CT Jared -- has undergone surgery to address a nagging problem with a disc in his back. While the procedures keeping -- at a current routier's he is expected to be fully recovered by the start of training camp. LSU and you will get things going today in the NCAA baseball tournament. The tigers take on southeastern in the Baton Rouge regional first pitch at Alex box stadium is that too. -- shortstop Alex Bregman says their regional is bloated with good teams and those will have to be at the top of their game. I think -- like the numbers there is a little -- you did that Brian has more influence among game it's. In the race for the national season. It's going to be tough stories -- we just for confident confidence -- We're gonna play world. Then at 6 PM and mafia at the raging cajun host Jackson's state. You well off the face picture Desmond Russell already this year and the -- 115021. Against Jackson State second baseman -- Conrad says that familiarity should help. We know with a guy as we know he's gonna do -- so we have an idea what he's gonna do us we're you know we're gonna be prepared to invest in our ability to have a great approach to play. Come on score some runs for these guys. Or to the NBA where the home team remains undefeated in the Western Conference finals after the spurs took on the thunder won seventeen to 89 San Antonio now owns a three to two series lead after Tim Duncan delivered 22 points. And twelve rebounds. And -- sterling has announced that she signed an agreement to sell the LA clippers to former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer. 42 billion dollars to a deal must now wait for legal approval. Today on sports go join Bobby -- -- after Alicia baseball's game against southeastern plus -- pacers evened up the NBA's Eastern Conference finals against the -- I'm Steve Geller and manager early morning look at. Work cited -- they've gone Steve Geller with you on your Friday morning and Steve -- still little lightning round LSU beat southeastern. Yes LSU gets out of the regional hosts the super regional. Yes you Al Lafayette -- they get out of the regional hosts the super regional yes. Do the clippers get sold for two billion dollars. After a background check of this Steve Ballmer I would think yes. No reason why it shouldn't. Think the NBA owners will meet on Tuesday instantly 5% of animals today due. Yes a target down sterling out as a whole silly -- put this whole thing behind the -- vowing to fight. And there's some weird legal maneuvering going out there trying to declared him mentally incompetent and rioted even make this decision and his family is his estranged wife. Two billion -- of the clippers worth two billion dollars I was talking to one of our board ups early this morning if the clippers are worth two billion. Of the lakers worth ten but the fact that question but it is Steve believes that gang -- out there with doctor in fifteen minutes of the sports WWL I am out and that. 556 let's get your weekend weather forecast. A 60% chance for showers and thunderstorms today temperatures making it to around 87 for the afternoon. And we are under our flash flood watch all the way through this evening. If you eating plans. Our rain chances will be dropping to about 40%. Late in the evening but still include an umbrella if you've got his plans tonight temperatures dropped to the loaves and these. And that 50% to 40% chance continues tomorrow 50% chance with highs around 88. And Sunday eat -- 830% chance for a few more spotty showers. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra -- Just a few showers out there though they are heavy where they are otherwise it's 75 degrees now about the weather forecast today also the same for -- can't Lafayette a lot to see if we get these games and without rain. -- gentlemen nine leave you with this happy. Friday. I know that they're supposed to be rain in the forecast all weekend really here in Baton Rouge Lafayette that. Despite it all it is the weekend enjoyed his best -- can.

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