WWL>Topics>>5-30 6:15am Tommy, eating right & losing weight

5-30 6:15am Tommy, eating right & losing weight

May 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian and nutrionist, about the best ways to eat to lose weight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker again I probably should have read the show lineup because it though we're talking about claim here but we're not we're talking about weight loss a new report by a medical here on. Says 13 of the world is that. Don't know they use that word it could be pejorative. It could hurt people's feelings. And 1015 pounds overweight I'll come myself -- and a problem that. And if you've ever lost -- how did you do it plus if you are overweight do you care. And I was talking to somebody the other day about. You know my -- on this healthy -- -- and healthy and I have to -- candy in and some other things around the house where she can't find it and sneak one every -- and in light a cigarette. And somebody tell me you know what maybe somebody didn't die because you -- that twinkie Don Jackson Latin registered dietitian nutritionist component. Would you have for breakfast. Think it's 616 year I just sickening hour after my jogging or the -- Well it's six money here so that must be one of them -- And it must do those weird things where a time zone is five minutes away and a lot of those. Can you. -- -- And must be -- those weird things -- a five -- difference but. All right here's the deal I get up early and like Q. I you know I get around 3 o'clock in a couple of miles and then get showered come to work in. And so hungry like today it's obviously the donuts at Walgreens probably shouldn't of done that now. I'll take that -- that happening and you reach -- and having eight brought people great English. Having on the water. Real -- than -- that you could not you're -- door and client after shouldn't that even you know I mean -- oh there. Treatment -- let them and them -- an -- to door. I'm so sorry to on and it's my microphone off because I was making that noise that a dog does when you know he's gonna you know he's gonna -- to take you gotta put him outside. It. Alexi and what you playing cardboard one. -- -- -- -- -- I thought. Well OK here that the deal. -- there any. Action such. You are a lot of green and things like -- man -- Give -- A much better and yeah as he doesn't sticks with. You and you. We'll bring that up. There for immigrant -- which. I mean they're. So. Action go read the label English and credit -- Mom I find that a lot more fascinating than anything you'll find at Barnes noble but that's just. Take great. Would it take a break point comeback will be serious and tell people on the public any everyday conveniently. Still be healthy still beat. And -- -- entertained by what people league I think a lot of times eat the wrong things disease find it tasty and entertaining. And still was still enjoy their life enjoy what they're eating and keep their weight down on Jackson black lovely lady registered dietitian. And nutritionist. Back in a flash right now those six when he two time Olympic track and that got its own problems. I Tommy to having a delightful conversation with on Jackson Latin are registered dietitian nutritionist about. Calm. People a third of the world being overweight and and one thing on that struck ounces. You would think the more money you made it the more fancy dining you can do it more heavy sauces. And and what have you and that you would be heavier than people that don't have resources but apparently it seems to be the other way. Well I want you obesity epidemic it's hitting every -- and -- people. People a lot of money. Bottom line an epidemic because -- hitting so many people. And it's still compute thing it's like it doesn't have these are are basically. Cutting calories being miserable you mean at the seeker and you know most people. Like art and -- Well at park -- Yeah. What you -- doing and in terms of that you shouldn't do anything because you. You should. You. See it a little. Bit and enjoy. It never heal the actually EM EU. Do Eli. How do you keep from. Being hungry and I know people have tried these -- seat. Protein when every -- was bars it was not a -- cookie again I don't know what it is but people tell me they try it. And for awhile it fills up throughout the morning then before you know it dating three packages of this thing but at what does that happen. Yeah I mean we are really programs -- enjoy eating I mean. And we try to access it I mean absolutely. Eat you know you treat poor track of that. -- why would I wonder why would one filled them up for three hours initially and then after awhile it was they would get hungry after an hour then. After another wildly hungry after half an hour does something change with your. Thinking. -- people really don't know hunger its boredom and he'll. All -- you know like we we. And I would -- the other days in a row and you are going to buy it I would major crimes. Under. -- at all -- New. Hampshire. -- intense treatment that one that made it I -- I have a cable edged -- and so like hey I can't. Say oh. -- -- -- -- -- And then keep in mind -- I'll shut up it really -- end -- getting people really isn't any other branch eating real food eating trichet. So -- it wouldn't surprise -- people really can't get all -- Aid package. You know health. Like companies and you didn't really being there are things ache and fresh fruit and vegetable. Oil. And per routine for me and land any really good teacher actual percentage. We become. Packaged by any means that you look at and you're out. -- a lot. Out. A woman used to -- in my house and you know she's called the white but anyway would. Would buy products fruits and stuff. And indeed nobody elected in the it would I don't I can't eat it frozen stuff and guess announces -- -- nutrition and and preservatives and -- that are not good for -- You know it analytical. Is the -- Scary and mean we expect that we do. Your own food. And you will get more people will get more I actually eat -- So you're just pulling out of the -- A -- public and nobody. But if you're somebody realized all the time it daring her fault for something you're preparing at all. On one more quick question before we. Do what you gotta go on to you know have time for after the news Saturday. -- And it -- pretty much when a news and says thank you would you but the other question Allen Eskew was. Do people sometimes need to do is call a timeout after the and you know uses smaller plate put the portions on and settle in a big 910 inch plate. But then before you go back can get more set -- watch set the phone to every yesterday -- wait ten minutes if you're still hungry. Well my guess is that there are all the way don't cry. You never -- I know you. Can't. Anymore. That make you eat quite as much instead. -- -- you're currently -- our. View is it will in the morning -- -- There. Are are completely. Over. There at eight and -- At times because it will be in the morning. And you know -- and do you have. I love a delay don't deny dawn it's been a pleasure to talk NT and I become on again Malia. Thanks so --