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5-30 7:15am Tommy, celebrities & being famous

May 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Frank McAndrew, a Professor of Psychology at Knox College, about why people want to be famous and the center of attention and why we care about the lives of celebrities

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about fame and fortune and as queen once saying everything that goes along with -- -- did that you know the story by now about Brad Pitt walking on a red carpet. And somebody jumped rope line nine against I don't know what his intentions were they stop him but. Is some news reports saying Brad Pitt was assaulted others sane again I touched him which I guess some touchy issue in. You don't want it to happen that could technically. Be called an insult but then you wonder about kids with mommy touched may. But the dumb question here whereas knew his would you wanna be famous but you'd have everything goes along with it. And as it stands somebody 80% -- eight years and not not if it means -- and -- your privacy. And I think it does go along with yet in the big bucks frank thank Andrew joins is renowned psychology professor at Knox College -- morning professor. More bigger banks take the time when this. You know one question I always had when it comes celebrity's as. Did they set out to be famous or did they get into it because they loved the craft and then they were so good added they became famous. Well I think both those things happen. But there's not question that we compete with each other people pay attention to its. And it's that we get a very violent -- rewarding feeling when that happened in. When NATO we -- A lot yeah so yeah yeah we're at. While nice is gonna say you know I've heard this thing before where. As celebrities say they get blood for autographs and and others tell -- it's when people stop bugging you for autographs that's when you need to worry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So what is. This social attention holding the real. Equity. Scattered -- different term and how well it is in the -- -- that you are tracking -- Keeping valuable allies having access to resources and our prehistoric ancestors competed with each other status. The one of the best predictors of how much -- somebody has is how much other people pay attention. And that starts -- -- -- keep competing with each other for the parent -- attention to them and all the way -- so. There's nothing wrong with people who want people can change and sometimes it's character flaw but it's just part of human nature. It now -- to. I had to take a whenever this multi basic test is yet that is. More personality in it's it was -- I don't it's not important why but. I think when you do something like a do for a living or like somebody that attempts entertain people does. It can skew those results and I can't talent that the person that was administering this I don't quite know how to answer this because. It's gonna make me seem like an -- maniac the way the question is phrased but if I if I'm not like this I don't have a job so it's not like -- -- in an office. Or doing something different. Did it does it when you talk about there's nothing wrong with seeking attention. Is there a difference when it comes from job to job like you would expect. Perhaps a and air traffic controller to -- 21. Be respected more or maybe even recognized for what they do more than. As a money that that he isn't necessarily responsible for so many lives on a daily basis. Well I think the process. Acrid saint. Everybody wants to be recognized on their job they want people at church and there -- people there. Think that they're gonna do what they do. I think the only difference between your job in the air traffic controllers. And you've got a wider pool of people that you have to worry about paying attention -- Whereas I -- a typical option which you just want to co workers to be paying attention you'd rather than world. Well when the audience be pain in the right indeed the of type people don't know who I am I had troubles so -- -- when we come back now I wanna talk to you about. Did celebrities -- celebrity's I don't know what you wanna column Phil Robertson Libyan town talking a Republican group today. To meet this guy should be celebrated as very successful entrepreneur lawyer and as a result. He would have whatever opinions he wants but when it comes to being a reality TV star it seems as though he gives up some of his rights and do we have. People today that I don't know somehow were confusing famous with infamous or famous with. Be on TV on and I explain all that to me when we come back frank thank Andrew psychology professor at Knox College. After Brad Pitt has a square after Wilson at the same guy tries -- -- Will Smith they've had some actors that have been stalked. Before Elvis said he was a prisoner in his own home people like. Justin Bieber can't just go out so you tell me if you like to be a celebrity enhance the fame. And the fortune but lose everything else that goes along with that seventh when he for timely hit traffic and that -- -- problem. Tommy Tucker -- -- W -- talking about being famous and hand and fortunes. But you lose a lot of privacy in your ability to go do something as simple as. Even shop for groceries mechanism for you family for dinner which you like debt rankings and ruler gas a professor of psychology at. Not -- Knox College. And professor of we lowered the bar when it comes celebrity's with. Reality TV in and mentioned Phil Robertson -- -- dynasty now very controversy always -- It's the first off they think he influencing congressional election -- not unfairly or illegally just with his endorsement and secondly. When it comes to political philosophy when it comes to feelings about people that are gay. I mean this guy's just a duck call maker that's a thing -- and I think we need to keep remembering that suddenly he's become a whole lot more than. I think. Modern technology restriction -- -- -- -- It's supposed to work is that somebody does something important. Or has valuable skill. And that gives -- status and then we intention to. But. We hit the Internet and all the other media we have. It's easy call other people to see you know we are in once we know you war. That principle these buttons -- are boring that says you must be socially important person. And rationally we know these people are not something that we really need to pay attention to. But we can't help ourselves and so the fact that they get our attention first -- get some stats the other. And I tip my daughters he Jersey boys a thing it was the singer theater here and she season people standing under assigned taking a picture -- those people were just on minster Graham. So what did they just posted a picture themselves on minster Graham. So to me professor is almost like this deal where you're looking Amir then you see your image and you see your image and you see your image. And I I don't know if armed people do all that because they wanna basically have their own radio show or their own TV show well. When it comes of FaceBook and so forth and all of the things they post and and -- wanna feel as though they have an outlet for their opinions but. Lot of times it doesn't seem like they went data anonymously so I guess in a way they use and social media did it become famous in her own right there remind. Yes it's that spirit rewarding people know that you are because if they know what you want our. That means you're important at least that's what it used to -- And so we pursue this because it's -- it just makes us feel good and that is still bad. We have and will the only people that it's getting. Mean I know when it comes alikes and those kind of things. I've known some people get very upset if they don't get re -- -- or if they don't get enough slice on FaceBook. Church I'm that guy that just troubled people in Santa Barbara if you look at India. One of the things he keeps repeating over and over and over again -- how he would walk through college and nobody paid attention to nobody noticed. And this was just glad I'm not. Professor I have a theory before we let you go and you can feel created to claim this is your own I think if you look at the reality programs that are based in Alaska. My projections and I've run some some pretty advanced mathematical formulas on this. That by September of 2014. Everybody in Alaska will be on TV. Well -- aren't what you keep that theory I've used I've used complicated algorithms and talent -- mylan and temple and have a great round. He bit professor Frank McGee Andrew over at Knox College professor of psychology.

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