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WWL>Topics>>5-30 7:45am Tommy, NCAA baseball tourney

5-30 7:45am Tommy, NCAA baseball tourney

May 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jeff Palermo about ULL baseball

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- up WL 748 well before a lot of baseball election is weekend for either regionals taken off tiger and cell issue of course hosting a regional and funnel starts today in the excitement against southeastern lions pre game 1:31 -- 2 o'clock right here. Honda continually and an aunt and if LA -- winds -- game they're gonna play. Tomorrow at seven pre game at 630 if they lose which is not likely they're -- plays Saturday at two pre game 130 no disrespect. To the SOU fans so. Jeff Palermo Jones right now Louisiana network news director morning gently -- a very well and spoke entity -- -- and there -- a couple of talented teams in the NCAA tournament. The one in Baton Rouge gets a lot of attention southeastern as well but the one at Lafayette. They -- underneath the radar. Yeah our -- you know I mean there there always. You know I know it's you know where the guy art rage hate and they don't wanna hear what they do play. You know second fiddle to -- do you well he's got. Obviously a much larger. And -- -- the raging cajun duke but oh. Rabid fan bases and you know for the street near you remember last year army you -- Latvia within the -- regional and about. Bacon and all the latest Sunday night plane analysts view it. In the regional championship and -- you beat them by everyone knew that all. That they would be back next season now. If anybody think they were gonna win fifty to regain. I don't think anybody on that coming I mean they've unbelievable these and -- -- a benefit out here on bell -- you'd only. The sun belt might have two -- three teams that are -- plane in the NCAA tournament and might not have been the case this year but still it. Well educated handled their business throughout the course of the season and actually. Played Alabama for a weekend series right. -- -- started conference play -- and beat the Crimson Tide in the series so. -- they went up against about CC competition idealist view and arrange short midweek game so. And they go into the start at right a lot in the and a majority of all well. They got good pitching they got outstanding any -- they're thing. They hit them once all of last year and this year they're there offenses justice dynamic. And they got capital orbit the Sun Belt Conference -- a -- quite some quote gains that. Figured out -- -- -- -- to grind through those games that went on so they feel really good about themselves that they bring it and game winning streak into the NCAA regional. I hate Brian czar with tiger -- it's gonna Todd dead tiger -- that comes adjoins a 45 Centennial issue fans listen don't get angry we're just trying to cover every team. And we already mentioned SOU but in terms of and then -- on the and he Harry. Houdini things gonna go further and deeper into the tournament you LL LH USO UN com. It in terms of reckoning -- -- the World Series -- it would ever be possible for you Allen Allen Allen issued a -- each other in the championship series the. Right now that talent would be. That's how it's lined up because -- lady. Their college World Series -- they did take. That it is the way to beating Mort what in the college World Series they take match be so. You a Lafayette or exceed -- an eight -- they'd be out the side for the practice. Of the eighteen bracket and they would face each other that chip featured very that they were able to make it that far. I think it's you know there's that the -- negated all usually it's -- at all -- -- feel it is demonstrated that. For the most part other than a couple of I'm Bernie didn't make it Omaha when they've been -- thing you know when a lot story Brooke. The super regionals and then during the local Valerie air -- that right or regional rights went into -- urgent beat them. In a regional -- And forum you know you last via their baseball program kind of follow in the lead at the other stock while program which is currently in the women's college World Series. Their stock while he won our hope that a regional hole in the super regionals guys are believable and support. And it helped the carried on to the fact that a woman's college World Series and that kind of that's kind of and a bit of inspiration to the you'll Latvia baseball program again try to follow what the toppled the bed and again and it may complain. You know a target under back all of these were ranked I -- They get that first pre season poll. Baseball America had you'll Lafayette rate card in the military use so it's not surprised where their. Now there in position. To make it to -- They're gonna face. And good competition at Mississippi State and regional they work in the championship series at the college World Series last year. They could face sold that and a super regional and laughed Seattle Mets on. The FCC what we -- know how competitive that the basic net so. They're if they get their copy that they'll put their retirement. Scale of one in ten chances of you LL NS OUN nine LSU both get him Omaha. I think it's it's greater than five. Because just because both of them are at home I see you got to give them. You got to give them a chance to bring it with you -- Latvia can now that they've never hosted a super regional series of four going to be able to handle that pressure and and get it done that -- home ballpark. -- what you can dictate -- some really good team around. Miguel regional really difficult and it could be played played a very good right team again. Both of these teams it will all be well there. Jeff I appreciate the time -- talk to you again. All right --

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