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5-30 8:15am Tommy, divorce parties

May 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Richard O'Malley, a special events producer whose website is theomalleyproject.com, about the rise of divorce parties

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker talking about the of course. Parties that seems to be in the new thing and gone on and on like dance cute do you think the divorce is necessarily a bad thing -- -- -- -- -- 7203866. 8890 -- revenues are you shocked and horrified at the thought of somebody -- and party over divorce and is that some celebrate or mourn isn't necessarily a bad thing in and when it comes -- marriage -- stick. It out no matter what happens because you made a promise solar both the unhappy is going -- separate ways Richard O'Malley joint special events producer. The O'Malley project -- morning rich. Could tell me about I think everybody's always looking for ways to expand their businesses. And that's the economy's album tell me about divorce parties. Well first of all. -- -- to go. -- Is innocent -- rich that's my question is it necessarily because. You know you. I -- You know. So. -- Something which -- and what. To do. There. Were so ever -- Celebrate the -- So -- that's what the freedom you. Best -- like yeah my freedom test. 0114. We. This -- and -- -- -- were built partly it. -- eight years and in. Order friends and we were up to reverse way. So. It was -- then go to chapel together. And instead -- -- away we. And. Call. That the -- to. And you know we her hate her wedding -- -- freedom and you know to sort stock. Yeah now and not everybody of course he gets divorced. Tents and think it's it's a good thing I mean somebody could be looking forward to moving on with -- life in the other when not necessarily so. Have you ever had any negative feedback from the exes who thought the divorce party was or the freedom fest. Was to happen. Well will we. Column it is important. -- we don't we you'll get ugly he got. Away from apart. Like. So no negative imagining about DX at all -- Into war where it didn't go. To it would be it can go -- and you know. Like he split -- you know. You don't have had you. Ever had a freedom fest -- -- did come -- of both people ahead in the it is have been enabled there's not a poor resources. Not yet. I what your article for BP -- someone who. Celebrate together which to. -- interest and but you know -- you know -- -- -- -- in and people stopped about you know. Silly terms to justify. You know you are pulling -- -- -- -- really hate to you know get people to stop talking about your reports. Judging of sports is to -- I'll talk about if you like people are so changed the conversation. So it's -- pitching congress and did you. You know what I'm excited. You know. A quick fix to like what a soccer match. -- You got soccer doesn't mean you should call the police and stop. But you're not name yeah not implying that just because a marriage fails one person socket the otherwise and clearly -- -- -- You know it's just -- You know where you know people. Soccer on -- people it would -- elegant of course you know publicly. So. You know it's like the you know. Ticking away you know picker argument a bad decision doesn't -- you sure. More bad decisions that are well would you ask me again and so. And I'm glad to offer people. A chance to celebrate what content in their lives too often we could go into that and celebrate. -- sort celebrating. Ability. Who. I don't know about on coupling that having been through this process recently I preferred terms like downsizing and personnel changes. Problem. But the other question the other question I have riches. Again having been through it you know -- you got a second mortgage in and you know you're buying a house half -- -- again I don't see a lot of freedom -- that. And secondly. Who pays for this because I know a lot of people go through divorces -- have a whole lot of money left. She also. You know it. You're in what most to do -- -- -- body you know. -- A whole sort of signal. So important to them. They're people. Like person firstly you are pretty big party are here. And -- So. You know sort of all at 60 person. You know. It's sort of the -- And its people -- and it's gone their separate. Courier courier. What. Will grow weren't. You know there's not all like court. Ordered -- second mortgage and you know. It. Don't -- almost at Portland dealt with. All the and again. The impetus to -- freedom because it's not a lot where it's now you all sort -- out and celebrating you do real. There's some of these people had kids young kids grown kids how to resolve that fit in in this. -- -- And and there's a bit more like it would -- evacuating children ball so. -- just too. You know people who decided this this sort or even want different things and Colin and Dinara. -- -- out there today. That here is where. It became like. And that will cause people to go their separate. In -- so say thank goodness it happened before the -- kids. What you know it's. Due to. Start. Out you know. You know -- you want to celebrate you know we. Go to celebrate the wedding we look at say that worked out really well. But don't go. So again or -- -- -- In our reports are. People like this you know. People are seeking. To celebrate what's important to read just McCurry -- we got to run appreciate your time -- mentally special events reduces the O'Malley project that now.

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