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5-30 9:10am Tommy, best honeymoon spots

May 30, 2014|

Tommy talks to Odysseas Papadimitriou, the CEO of WalletHub, about the best summer honeymoon destinations

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're gonna welcoming our guests now who is gonna talk about honeymoons. Oh -- cius pop a Dmitry whose CEO of wallet hard and they've done some research about honeymoon destinations. Morning how you do one. Good morning guys have been great thanks for argument. Thanks for taking the time Tellme in terms of honeymoon destinations. It this was a vote in the United States or in the world. Yet these days specifically in the United States and so also. Specifically have Allenby and though. The common. Specifically looking back Auguste went there to the -- first. Except the more than that there at the old if he -- way things. Would be happening in June 9. The and the focus. That would be a good bank demand -- the cup or comment on pregnant destination for all of these. -- -- -- -- started at fifteen -- work up because new loans came minutes fifteen correct. That's sight gag that -- -- dictate the ranking because we've looked at base under the top destinations and -- out of those. And so Europeans. But remember -- being from the bulk. I'm that this nations. Now at any point a -- uses -- ancillary. I added a practice of this season's asserts. I'm sorry. Did you talk about one way or with -- fill in the blank which city deal like. Where it would certainly -- that actually date them. And we look that they debt crisis -- main demands is one look at a foot Debbie -- you which looked at the title what -- looked and the same stacks today. And then we looked back -- how many thinks it's CD altars in terms of protest one lead the kept action since 1990 -- dvds. Act and who we also looked at the weather conditions. Until that did two things that went back you know earnings from getting an even irons. Well at that price say activate. It's almost 9%. -- look at that state and local actually. And then the second one blows up at the end of August. You -- -- spoke about. Activities -- seems like there's a lot of pain and that includes some of the other top 100 that nation's. -- -- and hurricane season doesn't help much either. Basically put those who think that back there are intact. If it wasn't for those who -- -- -- random -- -- acquired. So I have not seen the list of producers just tell me that new loans came in fifteenth. Let's run down and United States one through fourteen I'm guessing one would be Hawaii. The attack at the -- -- yet but at least -- -- you know which he got a 1000090 really yeah act. Actually the envelope that the -- brigade -- whether the conditions than. A big CP stand to benefit the least in terms of operating many more activities and attractions and landmarks. Smothers -- -- and so to Pallet number on. And you run us through the rest of them if you will dismiss. And -- in the last Baghdad followed by Los Angeles in that -- -- in the yard number six on under the so they would go. Numbers and Boston paid Washington DC. -- San Diego. And see apple eleven -- benefit. Well Mali and other allies that nations said Dini said -- united on. Number fourteen -- about -- lower mainland at the surprise for rapidly where the therapeutic doses about the -- and numbers we've seen these New York. I just. You know a disease for life and making an image and cementing on the Philadelphia award great cities of Baltimore for a honeymoon. Unless they couldn't find reservations and Cleveland I don't. But -- is that one of the big advantages that the he's been exceeded. In the -- is that the force spark a I think. They've really affordable. And the weather conditions in those pardon CDs. Are very good thing in terms of not having not been detained in the temperatures reached out to the -- -- -- decide which we -- For the back in the completed eleven certainly. So now and then in late accident that -- -- nightlife options as you can imagine those exit from pulpit so that's -- -- ended up abandonment of the top. Suddenly idiocy is it all comes together so for a honeymoon destination a couples looking for a nice hotel first. Because you think and that's where a lot of times going to be spent and when they do venture out for a meal when the weather to be knives and when I have a nicer restaurant. At which they can dine. And what real love mortal thing thank -- alleged to have been able it was a hundred by the way what's in the game inland as a bottom 5 PM and running. Certain. So I would -- from nine -- five. We get condoms in Utah. 96 got a game in 97. I had seen in Florida 98. Black -- -- to an article on 1990. There -- -- and at 100 -- and insanity. Tell me about an anomaly that Orlando and Disney World I know it wasn't specifically Disney world with Orlando aware of that coming. Another game number that the Florida and the only reason against the -- Opening -- the end the world goods. -- -- in Florida as well. When it -- up for the big they actually became number one. Part of it because it it discount those doses and then he'd get -- making a and that's nonsense. And then I don't -- -- -- pretty good price and obviously on activities capabilities and adopt plan B nineteen that was what was the weather -- -- -- But lately he'd -- is that the fortunately there's so I think a lot of that could be that because of the weather opera now we think now the universe picture with deep galloping toward the -- relief -- it. You know it's it's it's like -- means in the heartland of being even higher. I appreciate your time a dizzy as Papa -- -- true the CEO of wallet out thank you sir thank you.

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