WWL>Topics>>5-30-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on northshore fracking

5-30-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on northshore fracking

May 30, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks about the possibility of fracking for oil on the northshore with St. Tammany Parish Councilmembers Jake Groby and Maureen O'Brien and Dr. John Lopez of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And you'll be hearing Garland for a couple weeks on Fridays at Cushing got me down to viewed on the Friday edition does think tank column will be off for the next two weeks -- filling in will be scoot down from ten to one each weekday except for Fridays -- -- All -- all have a -- well deserved. Reston to be fresh and ready when he gets back anyway we've got a busy show this morning and a lot of topics that we had this unexpected CBS news report about the resigning of merits and psyche and also the retooling in possible firing of people at the veterans administration. We have changed our opinion poll to reflect the question regarding local VA services. Do you rate them as excellent. -- 0% right now good -- 25%. There would be third the eight and 38. Saying -- What do you say thank you -- about the same thing on the -- Maybe a little bit. Anyway cast your vote if you have some information if you have a relative or perhaps you war veteran has in any experience with the VA hospital you'd walls reaction to. Just send in your vote you can do that it 87870. To -- -- texted and if you wanna get it officially counted in that poll. Visit our website at WW well dot com. -- this how we turn up ought to have a subject we've been tackling now for the last month or so. Just about every week we have some different angle on this developing story of the possibility of fracking coming to saint Tammany parish house oil. And gas company and the owner of property a -- 1088 I twelve exit there amended bill requesting it permit to do experimental drilling. To find out the feasibility about and doing fracking project to extract oil and gas from saint Tammany parish. There are a lot of questions there have been several hearings held. At the parish government office also would be the town hall. Palace oil so far has remained silent I have put in weekly requests for someone to come on and answer some very important questions. I sent a list of those questions to make it convenient for them I've yet to hear back from down. At some point I'm hoping they will come -- to answer questions because until they do there's just a lot of these questions that no state agency. No minutes now to know parish government council person will be able to answer has to come from them. So until that time we can only speculating continue to ask questions. I have noticed a change in attitude saint Tammany parish government. When this whole thing first came up it was comparable Wallace learn about it -- loading process let's see with the impacts on. Let's see with the studies show what's the risk what's the reward. As we getting further in to this side apparently there are becoming more and -- -- The latest development. There has been a letter that was fired off -- to department of natural resources office of conservation director of the James Welch. A letter signed by parish president pat Christen. And thirteen fourteen members of the saint Tammany parish council. Which is asking. That according to these zoning ordinance that the permit be denied because this is in quotes. It would not be any reasonable and appropriate exercise. Of authority due to a conflict in the zoning which the zoning is 83. Which is intended to provide a single family residential environment on moderate sized lots. It's located in areas appropriate for urbanized single family development and there is convenient to commercial and employment senators. To protect the intention of that district permitted activities are limited to single family dwellings and utility uses. All strictly commercial uses or prohibit. That's what's in the ordinance. And based on that this letter has gone to James Wells the commission of the analyst's office of conservation which has the authority to deny or grant the permit. To -- -- oil and gas company believe June 16 as the date and it was an extension on it to give. The public in the government more time to research this issue. I think that's still stands. Joining us to talk about this later on is going to be doctor John Lopez -- also noticed a change in their direction from one of let me learn and find out before a form an opinion. The one that says that's just too many variables in this we need more questions answered and at this time we request and that there's also of the play in it. So without further ado let me introduce a couple of saint Tammany parish council members who have been very active in this whole issue. Maureen O'Brien and also -- chromium arena Jake thanks for joining us. I got you guys still on the council right the recall hasn't been successful yet. Yeah well that that I don't think you have to worry about that anyway if you would kind of outlined where we are on the situation. Tell us if you could how the meeting went or was there a meeting it was a done. Of the Internet where the the of the parish president conjunction with thirteen of the fourteen council members and it wasn't a no vote but. -- as the fonts that he was just absent part of the discussion goal and what do you think the the chances song of giving this permit denied. Because of -- conflict. Well actually you'll -- car. Counsel attorneys who is now working part time use could be our attorney for the parent. A lot -- -- basically based on IP trip aren't at war which was actually -- -- gave incorrect. Option in 1974. Situation we can't. -- Apparently it and read a pair of -- -- -- Iraq. Territory decree. Residential agricultural commercial and industrial. And protect our district. I regulating entries and intrusion. Incompatible link here. So basically troll and Pat Brown -- -- -- and a lot to take a look at it. That argument paper it. All of those who are willing to commit yet that. And work on -- team and our line you know if he would or would not find it I do believe he probably would have it. -- -- that there strong marriage you know. Okay. You know the conservative Republican -- pour boiling it. -- he. Acting in the eight technology and we'll talk about them or should we -- Late. And -- -- a lot. You know we don't think my constituents would happen in. It -- put in chicken and urged her small industrial complex. And in line and him. Should he should have the right to state what is it is. However the wait a constitution and written. A porky -- a league commissioner of compensation. Jacob I believe you you've got on to this quicker than and -- the other government officials -- taking a position a stance of opposition to this. And it may be because of your background I mean you do some work involved in drilling in you familiar with the whole situation much better. Like Lorraine says you know the bigger question to this whole thing is should the local parish be able to determine its own future. And what it's lifestyle Asian -- I'll take you back a few years when video -- became available to the state we had -- saint Tammany parish in it was the people of saint -- parents who spoke up through the government got thrown out it's never come back. But yet we get an issue like this which is a much. Broader issue which would really change the face of the Paris. If this whole oil and gas fracking industry -- to expand not just from one well but possibly several. It's just beat the community has its own. Can determine -- don't think future. Absolutely. I am ever. Made out of. -- and other means of contact between -- it -- maybe three people and actually -- the support of and really come down as a simple act. That -- and -- and the right to exist to protect a lot of war we do not exist. We cannot take the chance of an accident happened about how one. The argument from them human as more people about it it frightens them apart from his partners and deeply. -- the council -- you know head count that is among ourselves we are especially throwing. In the wind farm is so we engaged. Give us a better guidance. You know I've got two revolutions. Are coming up 4060 turning 46 is part. All of this month trying to put bombs somewhere I'll. Explanations to Portland for based on testing and more and more engaging the EPA to sit down and talk to -- Because of that protection and use up their designated sole source of corporate data won the critical social -- across and there are certain provisions of protection to -- quite. And that will run basically I use a different world and use it and it worked out. We're talking with saint Tammany parish council members Maureen O'Brien and -- Roby was going to be right back after this break -- and likely to tell me if you have gotten any response yet from mr. wells. And when you might expect him what you might expect. If you wanna get -- a conversation is 260187866889087. You question it quick text. But do it responsibly. And 787 this is the Friday think tank on the negate -- -- -- -- an effort to keep you up to to date the latest on the fracking issue in saint Tammany parish we've invited a couple of saint Tammany parish council members Maureen O'Brien and -- rubio whose districts of very very year to. The project decide it sells oil and gas company would they would like to -- -- 1088 in a section with high twelve. There has been a letter signed by the east Paris officials including the parish president -- team of the fourteen members. Of the council that is urging the DN on who holds the a permanent authority. To be cognizant of the zoning of this land ball considering that permit. In references at the parish does have constitutional authority regarding the zoning. A marine if this toward the end of that it is said well design doesn't meet without zoning in therefore we denied a permit that would be easy. But I'm not sure that's gonna happen hasn't been any response and I'm not even sure analysis at the application and so I guess. The DN -- can't deny that they don't have an application aware of the application going in I had you had any contact with DN all about the -- that you sent to. At this time I'm not aware that we receive any crack or on from Myanmar and where talent actually. He would request that the permit yet that you don't want people. Something very important that what the state and Packers get this. There was a little confusion previously. -- -- and each oil and gas well -- the ink is gonna get a severance -- on the -- -- Better from the ground and royalties from mineral production okay. But the whole state severance -- Back up to 2850000. Dollar and one -- of the world collected hair. Now we are also received there -- royalties like in the brain donor at the carriage properties in the right way. And the parent also received property taxes on the value of -- -- certain movable property associated with the layout but the clincher -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Extraction all. -- it until the whales caught is that -- -- I think -- important that people understand the pact agreement arc for 24 months. There's not many businesses that can go into an area and be exempt attacks and to live Marty turned a profit on the business that's -- Well it's kind of funny when you see it in writing an attorney in and it may not. Intent that -- like that every is looking at -- Jake I'm getting a lot of Texan in this has been ongoing since we talked about this topic that this is a nimby not in my backyard -- you people you need to do this you -- Republicans over there. You'd drill baby drill but now you don't one -- over there. Well you know I don't want take shots at neighboring parishes but the -- paris' Saint John saint James and ones along the coast platinum and of foods. They are oil and gas industry parish is that is there -- thing. If saint Tammany parish does not want to become that shouldn't they have the right to do. Absolutely Dong bomb north of things that Deanna has already stated verbally and inviting. Did that govern -- Not that there so I'm glad that we sent to them. Clearly states that as the unified we are and in the government and this is an appropriate for the burial or any number zoning code. None -- -- Oil and gas drilling. Now you know it is true that a counselor turns that coming up basically that you know -- -- can ramrod this through. At the same time saying no you really can't because they're the ones stating that they -- Howell to your not from where to draw they don't have. You know that the issue now we're. To restore that we in a -- a special attorney to get a little more and more specific guidance. At the -- and that the -- tax revenue was such that. Day against needed that Lebanon. I visited by the saint Tammany if you think about it two point 86 million in -- that we would receive its one point 3% of our entire market. But nothing. Certainly not enough to -- Warner cable ones I missed it. Assuming that the worst case comes back in James Wells -- conservation says no the zoning is not gonna hold water. We're gonna go ahead and grant the permit have you discussed. Residual plan backed up -- is there an appeals process. And that's between fan attention and and are specialists at John I don't know it's. And no property get into that on the radio. I -- -- -- and you mentioned earlier you know without even getting into all the risks associated got research that shows. Pretty high rates of -- failures we've seen contamination of aquifers and other areas as a lot of questions about there. But the zoning issue of course doesn't even come in the play that the zoning mores about what is this industry a good fit the saint Tammany patched. But if in fact it does come down to this thing happened to be -- the battle being fought over. The the hazardous part of it is there a plan then at the Paris has to take them. In our that the very question once again why were hired an attorney Atlanta and yet come on -- searched at any -- committee. And I can you and I both -- -- -- copy. At Cornell University study -- -- and -- -- And you know this study was done by the it is believed he could be heat -- up accurately. And product production data. Article beta and it's not being challenged by 81 and conversely the -- would not -- a contract and it just. A report are also the result. And we're not looking at something like in Pennsylvania and pick out. Well violation RT seven additional local law integrity and eagle on and on like that. I mean. In 2008. And 97 well -- expert and -- a failure. A 2011140. Whales whale -- here. Every point 1% the rate of failure in 2012120. Well failure at an eight point you know you re at present rate of failure. Or need to look at this. And it's frustrating I think that we happen no more control over at. Maria -- -- marina I hate to stop him but we got to go to alive CBS news update I want to thank bolted for comment on and certainly reserve the right to get you both back on continue this discussion. Appreciate. It all right we are now joined by the CBS news out. And welcome back into the Friday edition of the think tank one apologized to those of you who have been calling in and texting in one of the displaying the program which is really coming got a short show today with a special. CBS report coming in now president Rocco Obama announcing the resignation of ericsson's psyche in the VA issues in the appointment of the new. Secretary and a lot of information there also got a lot of the topics to cover and we will get to those as best we can. I was still on to the fracking issue. We just spoke to the saint Tammany parish councilman mystery -- Maureen O'Brien and they would two of these thirteen sign on letter in addition to president. Opposing fracking saint Tammany parish on the basis of zoning -- not compatible with the president zoning of that property. And basically saying that the Paris has constitutional authority over what goes in its own areas with regard to zoning. We will see how that plays out we've also invited doctor John Lopez to join us John as the executive direct of the Pontchartrain basin foundation he joins us now. They have asked the US Army Corps of Engineers who also has. To sign off on the permit for ranking oil wells to delay that army and he joins us now to explain in detail why John. Thanks for being -- as we appreciate it. -- called on followers murderer. -- you know and should I just couldn't receiver do you have from now until it. You're attitude speaking on behalf of the foundation was it was pretty much in line with a lot of people. That we didn't know a lot about it when -- and totally opposes staying until we found out more. What the risk or what the reward was if it's a good fit for the area what some of the long term and short term impact will be. But I think I've noticed now that did the foundation. As conduct a little bit of the turn and becoming more skeptical on it in him in and asking for this delay. Needs to get more answers. All right. I'm actually. You're right we have been going to the meetings and were hearing him it is lawful legitimate concerns that some -- wage. Understandable some people -- Saying that they are not actually all out there who we -- we try to take little -- shall we think are real issues and issues that are just. Not. What are don't on this particular situation they employ like you know we're. Wall monopolized all the where -- but. Based on long you know our best look at the engineering slowing world -- you -- -- -- and and and and basically they're big question yeah we've two. Should spend any movement toward the grueling. Or tracking this crime so that -- what can be taken and that these issues. And what would some of those issues at the basin foundation would have -- -- Well one of the things it is you know what would have happened so for you know administratively ministers applications. Four permit to draw one more. And that one well the the impact of the well itself certainly they are real and there are issues like -- -- -- and so forth. But frankly it's it's relatively small. Question -- -- news. If that was first world successful and here or. -- maybe hundreds of world over recover from into the parent would they be hundred morals. In what is real in here in the war. Cumulative effect in many wells between the risk of many world. And what does it change. How does that potentially change. The the environment. And help that people expect to have that standard in -- career. Is there any data out there to show them home mortgages than I -- form of fracking. Facility in a -- school's own area always dispute the first. Well. It is we -- first time that tracking you think Britain's -- In neutral zone and particularly issues. Or issues. Applying. Regardless of schools are -- And we're looking at our main conference -- there's a lot of equipment that we need to bring in Juan Carlos and trying where they were. Use surface war which it would probably be looking more a lot of room you just bring in and around. If the world productive it would be tracking the -- oil out of warcraft. Are also. You know -- hearing you know. Crude oil which has been true. -- -- -- War on want quality issues shall -- -- It is not. Likely than Republicans. Sorely missed penalties or war or. Reaching for -- shall we were -- Additional pollution on anything. Strange as normal pollution Birmingham City just awards are sorting through balloon and he street during. -- -- If you reduce the war that little more by. Then you limit war protect after the ring and could actually the pollution. If if this happened basically you beat me reduce current economic group broke -- -- and she did something. Ought to be strongly that we Europe. But it -- take circuit -- some of that war could of course it's more ways it could actually. Create pollution problem not a pollution they are introduced and the Portland -- amount of pollution could be introduced in and probably. In probably diluted adequately to -- -- -- short -- -- obscure language but there. They're isn't it it is it is eager that's coming historically -- court. Apple is Johnston it was new gonna take a break it will be right back with talk with doctor John Lopez. The executive direct of Pontchartrain basin foundation about their request that the US Army Corps of Engineers. Delay issuing the permit. But the drilling of these thirteen thousand foot vertical well which it around feasible would -- all horizontally and then use fracking or hydraulic fracturing. In which water sand and chemicals will be pumped in the ground which would. Actually allow the oil and gas to be pumped will be right back listening to -- think tank on WW. And welcome back to the Friday edition of the think tag W with you and for -- to -- -- -- witnesses doctor John Lopez executive direct -- Pontchartrain basin foundation they have gone on record asking the US Army Corps of Engineers to delay the permit. For the drilling -- project as planned by John Ellis oil and gas and highway 1088 and -- twelve near that intersection. To check out the feasibility of putting in a fracking facility to extract oil and gas. John you know when I heard you speak he he he says something that was very important he says even though that -- punishment basin foundation is a conservation organization. You fully recognized the importance of working with partners in the oil and gas and other industries it is did you. Predecessor called -- the -- picked all of done a great job of handling that balance. Have you reached out of all to -- -- to try to have a meeting with them. And maybe get some of these questions answered that you'd need you've got a lot of questions the saint Tammany parish government does. I have requested them to come on several times of cinema list of questions that any simple business plan would be able -- and we've got basically nothing from them. I can understand why they wouldn't wanna go up some of those public hearings because the environment there -- unit would be consume the great Satan in that there's probably not the proper place in open public form for them to appear. But certainly to be able to sit down with people like yourself with parish government and other elected officials and explain exactly what their project is -- -- Did the land and breadth of it in and the impact of an epic is extremely important -- you had any contact with them and now. And communications and and we are a couple of weeks -- network improve on. Her two or three hours reviewing the project and they and they were very open and who's basically. -- in response to all our questions. And we our economy continuing to communicate with them. We did issue a report earlier this week and that report summarizes our concern and we are now continuing to discuss. -- -- was concerned with how shall we hope to do there. Mean I think you're right some of those meetings of the are difficult to be -- confirmed to be able to meaningfully contribute in some of those meetings. On the technical company to get more parity in equity should be talking to you that he had -- -- -- Mean it is the a difficult situation -- with this was I think frankly part of the reality part is from Israel after -- -- And Russian public int in response to the public not not all time that the in a way that is appropriately equipped I think the lead to approval although I do understand that -- they are being cautious in some cases are children. -- UN limited dimension and Indio though that the really serious concerns of questions that you have requested they answer. Well I can't. -- On skewed the report we released on Tuesday and of course -- actually neutral so we're going to Jewish. In response to report just issued -- like wasting little tree here Tripoli -- But the they are all going to respond to a report mean that some of the issues that we on corporate support department or proper way to mentioned a moment ago. All -- talked about the fact that this is not a cultural adjustment -- leash on him I am here to actually hand. The total and here. A bit for acting -- -- to a portion of the play -- in Germany could be worked at the lakers. And I could be well we shall rescue act. Kind of a light industrialization. A lot of greens should treat -- converge. -- we read the report BitTorrent into the art and quickly -- No question. Was about. All they would be ruling. Southern hills. And be more appropriate technologies. We actually traditional technologies. Declined from them leakage of the world where you are. And in most cases that that technology problem work -- on. The issue that we -- is that. In this case is on or shall there and that is depleted already on the public. I mean just count. On that what happened the war law or patrol so locked in a car and we make -- Can put a lot of force structure warned that world. So we actually Isner we're the traditional technology. You wouldn't Wear while chasing. In this particular case little actual. Could lead to failure of the of the world war could maybe contamination on the ground. And that basically circle. Is -- there's that many people are actual source rock. Eventually the war in recent opinion there is no option I have to have a little. You know I don't think people understand that that live outside of saint Tammany Panthers have gotten some Texan as a while they just allow the Franken and you city water. That didn't understand -- city water is -- water that is the only -- supply of water for whether it's some and it's a plurality and individual well. The mandate. A sign that they would not use the ground war for cracking and -- -- -- -- -- that doesn't introduce its pollution. Problem possibly by -- the work in the street and what the world war even if they don't usually are from here -- we're all forced to craft poetry can learn more rock and which contributed. The potential you know it may not be alive and or your theory. Maybe 56 years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We want to be six years in the future will remain anonymous. All good questions John have you gotten any response yet from your letter back from the US army corps images and when my two expected to -- The only response. -- is reasonable and acknowledged and receive our a quarter of leopard the market on topic related there you know. Partly would be -- hope that they would not on. The question jet accurately I think that if they really aggression portions of -- work in the -- reached urgent and that's part of the reason why -- pushing have. She mentioned right now we're the world in -- To give time for everyone to look at record. Understood John thanks so much free time on -- but everybody say violate dot org. And you conceal the copy of their report thanks again a -- are. Recognize doctor John Lopez executive director Pontchartrain basin foundation will be right back after -- brief time.