WWL>Topics>>5-30-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with John Kennedy on consulting contracts

5-30-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: with John Kennedy on consulting contracts

May 30, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with state treasurer John Kennedy about House Bill 142 which looks to cut state consulting contracts in order to fund higher education.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon and welcome back to what has been extremely busy. Friday addition of the think tank glad to have you -- this and still to come a lot more topics we have Tom we'll talk about operation choke point. Yet is the firearms industry being on unfairly targeted by the federal government in National Shooting Sports Foundation thinks that may be a possibility. Also we'll talk about the real ID driver's license bill that was passed and is waiting in the governor's signature. And also will open up the lines and I'll check that ready opinion poll question. On the treatment that you can expect to get from the VA hospital in the war but we go back to originally scheduled as our first guests state treasurer. John Kennedy joins us and I gotta warn you if you if you have a Good Friday new look and go into the weekend with a positive attitude. You may not wanna listen to this -- go to the web site. To take a look at some samples of 191000. Consulting contracts at a spread through a lot of state government. Approximately 141000 -- for 50000 or more in total. When he twelfth. Five point 28 billion dollars -- such things says. 875000. Dollars for a consultant to provide assistance to disadvantaged business enterprise companies. Doing business with DO detainee. Or 250000. Dollars in consulting fees to provide valid and reliable data to parents to support informed school choice decisions quarter of a million dollars that. Hip hip hop to it music. Got some taxpayer dollars as did the smile and happiness foundation. The light city church the list goes on and on it and make you quite angry thankfully state treasurer John Kennedy. Has brought these contracts to light he also looks -- it is away. By cutting these consulting contract by 10%. And I didn't go to jazz would. So I'm looking at 500 point 28 billion if you cut about 10% that will produce. 528. Million dollars which could go to higher education which I think needs it very badly. John thank you on to thanks for being flexible and changing around you scheduled to accommodate us. And also thank you for bringing this to light and keeping us up to date on house bill 142. Which was authored by two -- the -- short to do this if you could get a civil update on how it's been working. Well first -- think for at and -- -- House bill 142 that the objective is to reduce the number of consulting contracts with the state and it has not get a real ball on the but get rid of the -- was. And use that money for UN no -- you know -- Delgado of the universe because. Quite frankly having our universe he's 67%. Since 2008. I don't know how to keep the lights on -- on even and should know analogies or other. They're built started out directing. Every agency in government to reduce its standing on consulting contracts -- very modest in my opinion 10%. And that passed by -- unanimously. The Senate Finance Committee may indeed the it will no longer directly crutch it's going to require. Every contract using state money. Not federal -- guess it's okay it's people waste federal money but -- he uses state money. Ever contract work 40000 dollars more now has to be fruit. Did during the senate finance in the house preparations -- -- called the joint legislative committee on the budget. And it they turned -- some of these contracts or renegotiate them the money people automatically. Flow to our education. Now. -- wasn't crazy about the amendment are preferred our regional -- but I had to do it to get -- That the deal in the amended form. Adds to the polls and it. We have now passed the house unanimously and apple sent in afterward the senate amended the -- There's still opposition. Obviously the meaning of the consultants or or against -- on their own try to get -- beat the governor to veto. Let them the advocate newspaper came out against the bill on told by the agency the article. But the good news is that the full house in the fortunate supported and I am hoping that the governor urgent awards it. But I don't know and guarantee that obviously. -- what type of that change will this be in the past who was approved these consulting contracts up to this point it's not that joint Budget Committee you mention. The bureaucrats. The the legislature never sleazy contracts. Now they Whittle. I mean and all these contracts at least a big portion network only have to go in front of the joint legislative committee on the budget and more importantly. There can be public documents the press and the public will get to see them. As well so. For example if they boring back contract number. Six they -- 86. This is an actual contract quote state sponsorship -- chimpanzee discovery stage. Are we brought media attention observation chimpanzees in the spacious forestry habitat. But that would -- that's gonna have to be. Requested in a public meeting in front of the -- of the public and I predicted. That the joint legislative committee on the budget warmup for. And the money automatically go to our education. In special -- we sent. All right so could this work out to where it could be actually amount to more than 10%. It could it potential Albert you'll legislative committee on the budget does its job we college say LB. But there's some good people JOB and if they do their job right. They will be able to say needs an enormous amount of money. Without doing any damage to -- urged. But LP but help our education and we will have done it without racing taxes. And without that racing to wish and that's assuming that -- governor general science that the. And what would you say is the odds of that. I have no way at no I mean wouldn't that haven't talked to the governor have talked with his people that the governor did that. Opposed the bill all the way through the legislative process and ask them. To reconsider their position I'm trying to explain how we do need money for -- -- we shouldn't be wasting taxpayer money anyway. And -- the governor's stance is assured me that take a closer look at the bill but what they'll do but I just. I don't want as idiots I hope obviously -- he -- -- I can't imagine what the opposing argument would certainly on some of these contract yet that very worthwhile. But how could someone stand there. In -- you know legislative session in him take the stance that. We need to put this you know the funds in the chimpanzee research and these assistance things to California consultants. Their argument that you heard it -- Well but -- control and Europe -- obviously with -- that's you know that's the bill fox -- and house. But they're very powerful men there -- a lot of them and and media that make campaign contributions. That's not -- and saying things wrong with that they have the right to do that that. But -- Undeniable that they're not happy with this bail. For example there's there's a group out of Lake Charles I don't know my church of banned group but say it's called whistle -- super about. They have a contract with the department children and -- -- this is what they did quote. All around -- it's teaching -- steals and family values -- that correct. Well on the left and to keep from -- job where can people see that entire list -- shoot it analyst. Again media -- my web site and and that they are on the go and there's web site but -- they're very hard accessible site that and there are also some media but they can go to my web site we are highlighted. Some of them there at -- treasury dot com. Just with me got to take a break you wanna come back I got a good question one about text dissenting and also wanna ask -- is playing video -- going to be shut these universities down if in -- this does not. Produce the revenue that's -- it would be right back with talking with state treasurer John Kennedy on the Friday edition of the think tank on WW. We have learned from state treasurer John Kennedy house bill 142 about representative. 10% dedicated resulting 520. Million dollars to higher education has on the Senate Finance Committee where it has been defeated in the past but hasn't been approved. But with an amendment where there would be some oversight some legislative oversight -- some exposure to -- today on the east consulting contracts to what they could be. Approved Keith and Harvey fuel army and ask my question first we'll get to yours -- that -- you've got a very good question Ambon howls someone goes about who determines who gets the contract not one of them viable. Analyze expensive taxpayer money but who actually get -- but John. I had a text habits at this question in -- If for some reason governor Jindal and -- don't want Phil Robertson is then runs on it ain't got the dog eats the paper assignment he does not sign this. What does the back up plan to keep by university's operating one of the text is with his question ties and he thought that the casino and gambling monies was supposed to be enough to support universities. Well the -- the plan B frank pleased to hopes state revenues go up. I don't I'm not trying to alarm anybody that. Our fiscal year eons in about among our fiscal year runs from July I wore and did you so it got another much more expensive. At our university as two day. In the the account for higher education the balances the and I got another thirty day to go to get -- to find them. Now the administration that's after owning the and seventeen million dollars from other. Now I've written the administration has not talked with them and they assure me. That the money more money is coming in. Part of the money they're depending on quality at least statements from the private hospitals and our privatization effort. They kill me those are on the. I hope so financial help so we obviously can't not on our universities but it's very very. Urged Haitian. And I. About right now. What about the question of the big gambling and casino monies lottery money that was dedicated to education is simply not enough. Well there's -- habit. In state government you'd you'd dedicate. So he dedicate ten dollars. To education. And you go right educations got two extra dollars but -- -- they eat either. The administration whoever's administration municipal legislature over the legislature -- Comes and they take two dollars away so with the right and the idea of two dollars in the let image taken away and sometimes they take -- dollars. That's what would do -- -- and was not the. Our general fund spending for higher education. Has dropped from one point six billion in 2008. To about 500 million dollar to that's about 67%. Along with Costco and up all that time. Now they have raised tuition. But that's a whole different story I mean not -- almost every other state is reducing to wish. Tuition -- -- and tuition and America has gone up in the since 1980. Faster than the cost of healthcare -- just the fact. John before -- at Tom let me bring keys from Harvey and he's got that question -- on -- -- and -- question right you're asking who determines what consulting company gets the contract now whether the contract. Should be approved because it's a wise expense of a taxpayer money in my correct. Yes so you call correct. And also. It's seems to need that went when. But people will get the contract when they come out that they -- opinion. The people who will enable chart where they would they want and not starting on because they wanted done -- All you know this -- seems to be a reason for somebody to come out. For reasons. To just keep it goal portable web the original. People will be -- awful. -- level -- they -- able what we want and not started and it didn't keep our -- all or no. -- But this is not the fault of the legislature these contracts. Are giving out -- the bureaucracy. Now the bureaucracy is under the gubernatorial administration whoever the governor insists that -- But the legislature now oversees these contracts if governor Jindal signs the bail. -- to become law in the future the legislature will send them and so will the public. But. These alleged -- gambling national legislature say they don't approve these -- actually. But if this does become law and it's signed -- then we can blame them because they will have oversight. Yes and this is that this has become I mean this is that you'll be Evans is so will the public you know there's there's there's there's an old saying nothing helps a person present. We're gonna resist temptation like. A good set of values a proper upbringing and witnesses. Well this will provide with. John you got it built right well we'll keep -- it's -- it's time will keep track -- that. One last question -- got a text -- don't know who was the recipient of the chimpanzee counts. Let's see. Me see I don't I'll have a here but I look it -- the people. I just got the that -- -- cover page of the contract but -- outlook get the group food as the the afterschool the afterschool enrichment opportunities fusion ballroom dancing and all that isn't is a group called whistle stops. Super fast settlement and that -- Hi John thanks so much has taken the time we appreciated as always and we'll look at how this turns out -- -- generate some funds badly needed funds from higher education again thanks to make himself available is not like it dot restore order -- John Kennedy state treasurer. -- let me take a look at our opinion poll operating opinion poll asking you this question in light of today's development -- -- President Obama accepting the resignation of the VA secretary. How do you rate the services here in new wall ones of the veterans administration hospital. 5% say it's excellent. 7% say it's good. Looks like 29%. Says there and it. The 9% say it's war what do you think. You can cast that vote at 87870. -- -- -- -- call in -- next half following gonna dedicate to open lines -- got three more topics brought their four year. In what has been a very busy edition of the think tanks will be back to do that. But again we're gonna take time out from local newscasts and before that though we take you now for this live CBS update from CBS.