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5-30-14 1:10pm Angela: with The Tenderloins

May 30, 2014|

Angela talks with comedy troupe The Tenderloins, stars of TruTV's series "Impractical Jokers."

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-- start our weekends for fun with -- funny guys. How lucky are we to have the tenderloin. And studio. For lifelong friends who have formed a comedy group went back. And have made multiple billion dollars making people -- We're -- some money and a and we're here to collect. Not only from the stage -- on their very popular show on true TV. Call it practical jokers and of course you can -- that Thursday nights at 930. The tenderloin -- joke and a James murder -- -- 'cause it's like -- a little Ryan Q Quinn got that perfect perfect it's a single word. If -- -- and sell volcano and you can see them tonight in the most important -- the singer theater. And all of them right here. And I'm really grateful that you guys that comes to I can that's as we said earlier yesterday we had parlors on those very things meteorologist in town. And what he heard that we were having in studio he was apoplectic he said these guys are so. I'm gonna have to borrow corals numbers though because he didn't say there's going to be hearing today. He didn't. And it's raining so -- And he's got but it's not that the singer tonight and that's where you're going to be right entertaining and we're gonna talk about -- -- would like to start. Talking about you -- because it's a beautiful story here like for best friends went to high school together and you were the funny guys in the. As early and weird different varying degrees of thank. You. Trouble again -- He. Yours when. We recruited students -- which scruples what you've got -- -- He got invited back -- so. It was a temporary. Yes well capitalized equipment -- it's opposite the scandal rocked Staten Island it's very cool yeah this. But I was accused of cheating -- test. It was later determined that it didn't. He won't like to make pop out -- to. What they think -- because I was sitting in the last seat the last row and garbage cans next to him in that arm which it with a copy found myself. Sounds like somebody -- would say -- Episode they tossed me and then if you must literary they called incentive to schools on the same about you -- you -- -- that come back we want to -- -- -- -- thirty. Yet I'm ready to admit exclusively on your showing Angela that I cheated -- Outside that they caught me I deserve this and I got away with united ugly and scoop that is. -- pitching that you enjoy -- I think in. Round yeah the four crossword. Friendly to. School -- what was the moment that she -- you know we could make a living. Over to try and where have spent fifteen and so I. An era yet. We performed -- nice together immediately and province -- -- together besides just being friends and then. After college. We kind of all found our way back to our hometown Austin. And we were all doing it on our own and we should they when we just like kind of get together BC at the other NGOs basement. If I was his mom's house and recently threw three times a week and just she of that worked him at just six months -- -- trying to show. And then and now here today at an event that was that was fourteen years ago. I'm about -- -- you don't -- and I know nothing about what you do me how -- get but I do know that this is tough field to break into so that you all have done everything you've done. Wasn't one of the turning points getting involved in the Internet. Yeah we were. You know we we joke and say that we're fourteen year overnight success. We we started with them are big breaks wind. Sketch companies make its way. The Internet MySpace and that excess. We found favor with the people MySpace and -- traction there were people on comedy. Which is an NBC it was a sketch comedy sort of like competition. And you want yeah Leo we -- we on the whole deal you 100 million 100 oh my god I would I would be here. Yeah we won a grand prize 100000 dollars -- but the pilot never want to hear creates. That was funny is likely one that failed pilot but it bounced back in 2005. And -- six so into those fourteen dollars that's like four. That was life changing for us that will be important. For kids -- -- up up until the first series we actually both -- or dirty jobs do a mile per season brought to go Saturday jumps to answer you know like myself for the first Tuesday and actually reverse and let's talk -- -- I was a real and -- and the reality TV producer okay. -- Have a job him. IE. Worked at a bar I own own Cologne tomorrow it's different. And you kept at the 24. I have a heart attack I hit workers sort of bush has. Have a new elites that it would -- of it was it was a rough schedule flipped about two years that you actor and I could only do this I couldn't convert -- Q -- -- embassy of the year. That was on. Source of great. It was I mean I'm the best comedians. The world bar are you know worker for the city I was out there today. So it was -- it was a lot of -- I was up personal shopper for high -- beauty retailer yet with the fact -- This is what I read we gotta go yeah although he'll go to I was calling yeah I it was I was called I was broke so I took effect. I think your job as a as a personal shopper like boutique east or and so Manhattan and were company. You -- -- to become training program manager and it was like ion beams -- -- like high in strollers and car seats and furniture analysts. I've always been -- so he was that the the personal the baby store through to the stars that's. Jake Gyllenhaal whom I actually all right Elvis Costello. 5000 dollars stroller yet I have. Retirement keep it was good -- But all of a sudden it it worked -- -- either through your exposure on the Internet or winning the great award that didn't. -- the show but at least eight more exposure. So all of a sudden you've got the confidence yep she we can really do yeah we all it was funny moment we all talked about that we had to make that decision like. Can actually real decidedly currently -- -- -- job to do this like you know really -- and so and that's you know that's when you'll DJ Jewell lived together. If anything else did they did you Mario -- -- its past five years and we only stopping me it's a year ago when joked that if inconvenient but yeah I thought that Omar was very I want everyone to stay with us we're gonna continue with the tenderloin and talk about that. -- -- that I have a fantasy about it as. I am gonna talk about the show with a sanction stay with this financial under the W. This may well be the lucky as today in my entire radio career because yes. I have the tenderloin is here to report dynamic guys who have their own show on true TV which is it practical jokers many of you know it's Thursday night at 930. But tonight they're going to be at the beautiful Sanger and we haven't been there. Wait till you see that yeah that just reopened that's one of the stars of this community you'll love that state. Tell me about the show you can do is it going to be part of what you do in an impractical joke. His life show is -- you can't if you love impractical jokers you looked like Chenault. Because we what a lot of what we do was show cutting room floor footage stuff that is too hot for TV too hot for TV -- And other networks like now you can't put that on television. But then we also it's our friendship on displace so you get TU. No -- learn about the -- -- comedy troupe and how we became friends and we -- into each other like friends there are there things about traveling with -- life -- is that we actually get to meet fans and people you know like stammer and I've never been to New Orleans it's our first time here and that's a big part of the show like the first 25 -- -- to the audience you know it knows people -- -- audience participation. Yet it's -- a lot of house -- bring people up and go into the audience geneticist and we tell some stories. It's a nice mix of like people don't know what we're like outside the show Reynolds they wanna know what it's like to make the show how we doing exactly that. So it's a good mix -- we see people who are practical -- fans come into the -- once one article things we show at the show is how we originally sold the TV shows maturity date we shot sales tape on a roll with their cellphone cameras. With no crew no notes down nothing and snuck into stores in Manhattan and secretly -- like he's hidden camera pranks challenges. And that we showed -- the network and they fell within that led to a speaking on on here are having now so we actually showed that original sells it at the option. -- know that this is great but it's also inspiring for other people who think you know the creative idea where it might be yet. He didn't have to have a big production crew now we don't sell it cost zero dollars and we did -- one yet and so this was meant to take god out of -- are -- and I think -- Yeah and now we make hundreds of millions hundreds of well I think he that I Wear my other job until yeah. Little security there and have ever had disagreements -- light coming here yeah. Source it happens but it's it's it's funny because. Keep it happens but it ends quickly for two reasons one we've been friends has a long time so naturally it's me and to which -- -- avenues we were working almost every day so what do -- do you have to realize all right contractually had to be okay yeah. What. Are really you know it's very it's very rare but it doesn't beat you become efficient in in an off by disagreement. I don't I think we hit -- we hit breaking point felt like there was a time like six years ago when we would fight like every day I -- all love the -- And I was just yet and I could be different usually involves me saying something. You know you wanna say it -- I. -- but he does nothing changes so yeah I'll be corny like we we work together for a long long stints at time. And then sometimes we you know can't we for a brief. Two week break. Then during the break I can't India Cambodia and someone deliberately kind of mr. That is. But that's like god made phones I. I text messages I have to ask before we do little. You have two cats are three of -- -- recap yeah okay but you're on the road a lot yes and so they Michigan okay. They do when I come and it's like it's like they rushed towards Doran and made it won't leave my side for a for a few hours now but see on Big Dig into the whole animal thing I would turn you went for a -- I know I yeah I. CE I don't I have a team might because it's my two Brothers are married with three kids and I'm I'm not announcing line the cats so I have. I don't know -- I just David I'd I'd take care of these counts like I lied to them. I have. Three people on Staten Island beauty of the cats and then someone's -- common state for the weekend just cats it is because their grandkids to exactly absolutely as a whole network of cat care. It was one meaning of the -- if you when he. But there -- wonderful cancer once and I know your wonderful father I didn't mean to. Or anything at this interviewees are obviously extreme danger it is like to -- the count on -- right underneath you want to on the hunt expressway east jumped out of his car on that elevates an elevated expressway. Ali top -- -- well -- lost -- sediment the I had two -- of the exit to about a year ago. I was trying to work so we'll look and it is really it's -- mean. And you know you're now stop trying to hone in Atlanta. -- absolutely. This is one of our fights yeah beautiful. And we -- we driving and and it looked like it was a paperback and it's abuse it's a main busy street. Car I was -- Cars which is Rowling's -- cat I couldn't even make nice cat. Would stop the car right -- -- stopped traffic and I picked Europe's five critical care and coddled weakness of about. So they aren't we will leave for Florida that -- took on the vet right away I said just take care of the cat. I'll pay for -- Monica back home off on their home and the vet called me while I was away and said hey look. This is the best cat we've ever seen she's sweet she's totally not a giver you have an -- said don't just I can't I can't. She's having captured the essence of adorable little what did you name wide and there. Well as a brick Brooklyn Queens Expressway was found their signing their Brooklyn Queens Expressway at the -- I called Brooklyn. And Brooklyn here I would call her lucky. The right I was flying by the absolutely so in Prague you just throw out a word -- you'll do something. Yeah yeah until we -- -- -- -- was we just through each other on the bus and try to. Try to work our way out of it a lot of conversations you see on the show our restaurant at the ourselves at the situation yes -- each other have -- each other in. OK so I throw out words like. Obama care. And as saying Angeles not a barrel last note if you want something better something -- yeah. Yeah wasn't about a blog here you know actually he went -- your turn to sign up for. The south had. I tried to sign up I eventually got to protect its Erica couple days. It was it was it was I mean but as -- Also was after you get taxing us and ask questions and I was like shall I don't know I let my block his number it was. Tough to hear him and like with it. It was rougher than than the prospect of not having. Had you been able to use it. I I. Insurance now and I I use yet. But a -- and it should not that affordable either now now it or not when you make hundreds of millions of that's right. Would you pay a month where. I pay 54819. For one now it's expensive that is expensive. Oh my gosh this is getting way too seriously on -- Don't think about what -- tell our cameras aren't always funny sometimes it gets serious. You all are truly delightful I'm so sorry that we have to cut short because -- him. Great L issued a baseball and we have great fans out there and it's going to be a great game even if it's a little -- not gonna worry about it. You have an open invitation that any time here and thank you so -- enjoy every minute Ken on so -- that it's going to be beyond your beautiful show tonight at the -- Don't miss it everybody few tickets still available yes get a with a box office hope you love New Orleans thank you so my intent to appreciate.