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May 30, 2014|

will the lsu tiger baseball team advance?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the final now all of sports talk I'm the ability on the home to saint the Tigers and the New Orleans pelicans WWO. Radio well he's one of the unknown in sports figures of all times and -- sports any sports based agent that being released -- Hamburg. It's expected to Jonas at seven point talk about sports and all -- -- also a high dollar figure. He's the NBA if we can sit -- approving the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. For two billion dollars in 1981 they were purchased the right around. Thirteen million thoughts will talk about that. Coming up on this our program to a 601870. And Texas and 87870. Emails that PT at WW ago. Dot -- dramatic fashion in the LSU Tigers down not once but twice in today's game. Against the southeast and Lions and Tigers come from behind to defeat the Lions by a score. 0824. LSU advances to the winner's bracket they will play the winner of Bryant in Houston front or you can. Tomorrow evening. At 7 PM all coverage starts at 3 PM will go -- lap -- route we will hear from Christie Garrett NT Bob -- The duo that -- Double coverage weekday mornings from 6 AM until 9 AM on three WO thirteen fifty and they are covering the regional force. We've got video clip on line coach pulmonary he's conversational christianity -- also a post game analysis previews of all four of the teams in the Louisiana regional. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana regional B sure and check that out upon line WWL. Dot com sign up all sorts of text alerts there as well LSU down 42 on to the bottom of the seventh. And then tiger is coming in and do extremely well and get six runs in the seventh and eighth innings. And they come up with an eight to four win over southeast. And recruit Arab give him credit for therapy and nice job -- -- six innings pitched eight hits and to have two earned runs. Three strikeouts and 85 pitches he threw 57 strikes almost 85 pitches and what are. Game it was today battling back and forth and -- southeast and will await the loser of tonight's game between. Bryant in Houston they will play that game tomorrow evening. Hate to see him operated jaguar opinion poll asking you online at WW dot com and issue comes from behind defeat southeast and eight to forty think it Tigers. Get through this week into regional on scary with Al I'll walks around the big. Big match and now we only get bigger is that winner's bracket game tomorrow it's -- champion here on WWL. -- that one and then you can sit back and now wait. You have to be defeated twice this is a double elimination. Turn and so well issue off to a good start point 88 to four. And also game six tonight in the NBA's Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers Pacers all season long Amato was from a year ago. We wanna get hold court we think that one game can be the deciding factor if we have in our backfield well they must win tonight in Miami. In order to get that home court he's Pacers volatile. It is going to where we're not expecting. You to -- to be easy and it's true. We won this time and that is what Indiana did the other night it looked doom and -- out getting outscored 26 to eleven minute second quarter. Are down big at the half LeBron James truly didn't play much in the first half -- -- that second quarter but -- Miami and he double digit lead the break. You're heat Pena had to be feeling good but credit to him they scoring 33 to 153 quarter. Come back and the and put the clamps down Miami late to win big game is two time NBA championship coach. He's a win away from going to the final 44 straight year I mean here for the game. It in the fourth straight championships in a row Erik Spoelstra saying that he had to take things one possession. One thing at a time. We know it's a possession series and can happen the game and you feel manage it. Find a way and he will look to do that and if they win tonight they will get to the final 44 straight year. And now Miami it will wait. San Antonio. And Oklahoma City they will play game six tomorrow and hopefully seat and that series is in favor of the San Antonio Spurs. Five games five blowouts since 1992. It the most lopsided conference finals we have seen that 92 conference finals. Was the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers Chicago had a much tougher time in the conference semi finals and the New York Knicks. And Nicklaus in that series there they really breezed through the Cleveland Cavaliers they won every game by an average of nine points or more. Now let's take a look at -- wanna keep up with what's going on in regional action today. Analysts get a scoreboards. 11 in his -- not if you've been following this it is a surprise. But the way this thing historic it it's been dominate and we're talking about the I'm number one seed in the Tallahassee regional won a top seed in the country their top eight national -- the fourth -- symbols. Have been held to one hit. Through six innings in batting down the bottom six in Tallahassee regional and they trailed Georgia's open three to zero. And the bottom of the eighth innings at Kansas leading Kentucky. Ten to six. And just under way in the Stillwater regional in Oklahoma State top seeded Cowboys zero giving. Zero Indiana in Youngstown State that's in the Bloomington Indiana and the yet. -- of one of the top national -- the course of the them once he did everything they are now being Youngstown State at Boca with -- sixteen wins on the season but they got the automatic bid because they won their conference tournament they trailed the hoosiers. Six to one. They -- deceiving they actually didn't rain delay right now in Nashville in the Vanderbilt regional The Commodores taking on -- Xavier Ohio that was in -- rain delay ultimately open and Houston rice and George Mason. I'm looking now in the bottom of the fourth in the Coral Gables regional the Miami Hurricanes. They and the thing could be a college. Wildcats scoreless in the bottom before the top of the fourth at bat on the Tigers at Jackson State the southwest athletic conference tournament champions. Taking on the team in the country that's number one and all mate to pole the sixth national seed and 53 wins at eight more than anyone else this season no score between the -- -- -- the Louisiana Lafayette and Jackson State. And that felt that it hits -- -- that's a surprise right now Texans fate hanging off and it's a contest no errors and invoking the Patriots have five hits. The Texas they tiger's attitude in the top of the sixth and Jackson State it's actually. They have just gone here Texans eight scores a run they need to really -- one to zero that -- Louisiana Lafayette. Regional in the bottom of the fourth Arkansas and they're pretty tied up at one apiece. Houston and Bryant top of the first of the Brian -- they lead 320. Interesting about Bryant. One several university -- changed their name from our native American mascot names. They were one of the university's that was one -- the first to do it and the Miami of Ohio. -- beat the Hawks deal with the redhawks. It would be an and they -- to the or maybe be the Hawks now but they changed and so did Brian Bryant used to be the Indians they're from a Rhode Island. And then new NASCAR -- Topper of the Bordeaux. And I did not notice I was letting him -- 11 -- ninth -- suburbs but the name of the -- was -- the top. The gentleman that in -- Tupperware. He's a graduate of Bryant university. And MacPhail Rhode Island and that's one of the -- is a book but -- -- -- little -- in -- the most famous grant from Bryant and who -- in our house have some -- want in the twenties that support well you know when. Later tonight is Sacramento state and cal poly -- in the cal poly regional they had the year tied with some other teams the nation's. Second best record in 45 regular season when it's two teams in the two states revenues with. Two national seats on each day. It's only twice fraud and the -- -- Louisiana LSU and the reading -- Louisiana Lafayette Florida. Has Florida and Florida State the second national seed number one and Gainesville regional -- in Charleston. Also in Italy and then all of in the southern part folks there's a lot of delays going on right now. The weather -- be experience over the last few days has been a factor in regional play LSU. It was a wide around the sixth seventh inning there was a threat that they were able to get through that first game with no problem. They're -- in the Louisville regional top seeded cardinal are 4515. On the season taken on the golden flashes of Kent State. And that's the neat. And an upset today in Tallahassee regional. Kennesaw State one. Second seed Alabama zero. There's no fruit in baseball. When you go nine innings and team wins and that kind of -- figure. And ET commit an error it one like the I don't know I mean Alabama stranded but they were held to five hits the Kennesaw State. With an upset thus spoke to gain ground lab that with the -- that and I've read this or. They beat -- defeated Alabama one zeroes -- the -- have their work for them. Basically facing elimination the rest of the way glimpse of a pal program for the Atlantic Coast Conference over the course of the last. Oh point point five years well no match today. As they were pounding and not at Oregon eighteen to one. By the pac twelve -- -- organ pounded out when he hits eighteen on top twenty hits organ. We'll ask Clinton. Eighteen to one long beach state. -- to -- -- animals on game one to zero it was Maryland the team to advance to the and I ACC conference champion -- in the championship game that's because Georgia Tech. They beat -- -- to pay for a 3423. Stanford over Indiana State. 821 in the -- Bloomington regional there Colombia over at fault the Texas takes three to. Mississippi State in San Diego State at the very interesting regional that is the Louisiana Lafayette region so the winner of Jackson taken with him -- it. Or face Mississippi State tomorrow -- -- faces the aztecs. Of San Diego State in an elimination game. Virginia -- -- into one in the Charlottesville Virginia regional -- score and LSU eight to 40 with southeast -- it's Sam Houston two teams in the Southland Conference making it at Sam Houston defeats Dallas Baptist 221. This evening. Is that the Beck gets eleven hits and they advance it to the winner's bracket. It was Texas all over Texas a and -- 8:1 this evening it was Arizona State falling to Pepperdine 32 in UC Irvine. They are all over the UNLV runnin' rebels him 23. 26018786688. On the rights of the it is the number to get involved at the moment we -- going to be speaking with only Steinbrenner he says it didn't join us on this program. Given a short take on today's game between LSU. And southeast an alliance came in this -- the champions of the Southland Conference they or any tournament play. For the first time in twenty years who spoke to coach Matt -- earlier. But today an hour earlier this week revenues that you know we're not a team we don't want coupled with being in. You know we know the position we're in one underdog we're not happy to be here and they can play like the team. There was happy to be there as that they got off to a lead a one to zero lead as a group gobble gave -- a home run and they that one to zero Tigers -- Came Manning and pressured southeast in the bottom of the first but -- southeast and got out of that jam and held on that 10 lead. Going into the second -- an issue. Across though got Tyler Moore across home plate on a wild pitch to tie the game at one apiece and the Tigers and take their first lead of the game in the third when Chama. -- had a RBIs and Marc Elias scored to make it who -- an alliance that will come up though. And now cold Betemit who just won -- were all of the deficit at one and that was tied because in the scoring position they'll shoot their first front and a second on. As you had men on base they would want to stranding ten on the afternoon. And that was key for southeast and keep at least I -- and eventually taking. The lead as -- take a Williams double in the left center field in the gap. -- scored and the our game was -- -- two in the top of the fifth. The southeast and took -- two run lead with them into the bottom of the seventh that's another -- ties it up. They get six runs in the final two innings and they go on to beat southeast and by a score of eight before and he probably would take a -- come back this is sports talk on WW TO. And what -- later is all on the Saints. The Tigers and the duel at pelican. Logon to WW real. Dot com -- -- victorious -- eight to 40 with SE do you think the Tigers will continue to roll. And go through regional play on skate without a loss they've won their ninth straight -- candidate. And -- continue to score at a high level as other issues averaged. Fourteen hits and their last nine games. For average and they have both scored -- around 95 runs. In nine games with the Tigers went eight to four over southeastern team coverage all we can -- myself. Being anchored off from -- Mets control team that they've been Christie Garrett growing regional for us but Thibodeau via radio to those guys -- weekday mornings fixing him and signing him. On three WTO global corporate keeping and I acts on the SE not southeast of the Louisiana Lafayette regional and going into the seventh inning. The top of the seventh as and in its sixth it's Jackson State one. Louisiana -- zero so we will keep you posted in the top of the second inning. Bryant now back at bat failed at Disney team so Houston is that the home team they could -- -- that. Bryant -- one to zero they had three hits in the first inning and keeping Houston scoreless and hitless. And the first there as well. 60187866889. -- rates him the a's beat them to be involved in that -- What an exciting game it was that they go back and look at some highlights -- be southeastern. They wanted beating on the board early in today's game over LSU. Here's a -- composure day. While all or left field has hit well rarely go back and look it up but that is a home. -- volleying the ball as -- really Kerry today. And got -- this line is to get bowled his ninth home run of the year out here it's southeasterly did what that I. And I'm not a I'm not the best person today you you know who can play at the next level and all that but keeping up with them as I live in an intentional -- SE that Hammond. A litany meet in the -- the young man Jamison. The pitcher who pitched today a terror. And gobble they they look like big time baseball players I mean -- that Vicky has been good. All season alone and avoid hitting a -- a big state that early in the game. That was -- you kind of feel like game and you heard people say typical MO so to sort of this week. A lot of people thought though from an RPI standpoint that the badly treated had the second. Our guests. RPI. Of all four teams in all fourteen we're gonna meet. Conference tourney champions so on that they're all playing extremely well they had to win a handful of games. In order to win their conference tournaments and -- southeast to go to a very very good store. You know LSU it's oaks course on a southeast a mistake that tied up in the -- Stretch and the 01. That's a while that throughout the -- smaller -- business or we're not. Allen looked like it bounced off -- yet but next year of the pitcher. We'll see how they score a bit more ramble then we're third this game is. And that was key that was key in the game because of the southeastern. At fifth LSU ties that want a piece of issues feel. Had people in scoring position southeast and they -- a candidate Sam. They would do it again I thought that was true -- having a veteran pitcher like a charity came up big and his main. He threw 85 pitches 57 more strikes so he was on top of his game they really good job -- The baseball being LSU comes up but in the third and take their first lead of the game. And here's the -- one minute she wanted to hit very hard to the first place but he'll have ballplayers the -- stepped up the fact that tiger speculated RBIs round. -- -- for the right but -- over the third thing. And it Tigers a two to become of the Lions in the very next inning and enhance the bad at the top of the fourth is a Williams that it's an RB. And at the Lions up hang into his. Pitch fly ball into left field going over Israeli he'd get there it's up against the wall on one half there have been -- way of the run around. Here comes the throw is the Dolphins southeast and decided on a double by Dick Williams. So there the southeast in my time I was up two apiece and the -- that things really get -- interesting news alliance continue to play extremely well. In the middle innings and Alex box against the eighth national seed -- Titans. -- comes that is -- fly ball to deep left field really going back to you that the wall has gone. A 32 pitch it into the left field bleachers and -- deported to. Angry at the line coach mat -- -- ballclub but right they have played extremely well and if you didn't think it was a hell of a game at that point in time. It would get even better down the stretch as we move to the sixth inning and LSU star and he. -- looks at second delivered to the -- walked off the ground ball base. If you haven't heard don't play. Now that have the bond -- most notably. A ball and -- Bailey Johnson ran off and. -- always on the ground. And look at that it didn't look up to see. It right but what's gonna try to score and he wasn't. But he did it because of the years and that'll be singled. Cars of neck by runners at second base. -- reports that the what. -- you can activate if Ford three years here comes Tyler Moore he's one of the hottest players in the country right now. And doing well -- issue. I'll -- the runner at second base you know to pitch other ways one knotted up there that the. They're not to go to the why not happen. But that was nice facility at -- bit. And -- around the bag at second. They were you know I'll let the RBI single lot of outstanding at that time or. And Manny in the eighth LSU really starts to take advantage of their momentum and roll with the home crowd. Christian -- bar. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. And the LSU crowd into within 9000 strong went to their feet. Seeing a whale of a baseball game LSU now up in this one and he is -- Alex Bregman adding more to the Tigers though. Here's this -- and use the -- -- it -- hopper to the shortstop that got. That no one at the -- have to go off the first but yeah. And then -- moment those back up to -- at the plate and he sealed the deal for the bye you big. You know -- -- a lot -- Don't know about that could -- got a bit. And my husband. Two run homer. Yeah. They did that and tie the score and win it by school or eight to four here at the final call colonial that you sports network in the fourth the Tigers. Come home from. Is that they have -- While ball that popped up -- -- Billups that are -- -- -- so it makes the call it statement that Mexican. So I put that in order of the night with the Tigers come from behind twice in this ballgame that. And what it from the final score in the floor. The only LSU Tigers come up the winning this afternoon. Over southeast and eight to four down 422. In the sixth coming chipping away. -- -- getting the last six months to win eight to four southeast and now whoa wait the loser of Bryant and Houston. The game isn't taking place right now Eric -- -- they have a bad route in the bottom of the second Houston up at -- the trailing. The Brian bulldogs. One to zero so Houston trails Bryant one to zero and -- south of the in the Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette regional. In the bottom of the seventh. It is Jackson State one. Louisiana Lafayette zero the will keep you posted on that before we take. At 8 PM UCLA issue comes from behind to defeat southeast and by a score. 08 to forty think the Tigers will open the regional this weekend without a loss. You can -- vote online at WW dot com chime in here primal for music -- 187203866. 8890870. And -- BA action heat in the -- at night if the heat win their go to the final 44 straight years in the and we was seeking seven. In Indianapolis. Pink house arena on Sunday. And the Spurs and the fund or a series of home protect home court not in our house that is exactly true. Spurs three games at home three blowout wins Oklahoma City two games at his -- they arena to go out Lance. Will someone ran on the those -- We'll find out about that tomorrow as it's the Spurs and thunder in game six of the Western Conference finals the winner moves. Finals and if it's Oklahoma City they'll be back in the final for the second time in three years. It with the Spurs they're back in the finals for a second. Treat you with ticket timeout comeback as earlier in the program Kristian -- -- that -- there -- -- car with a man of the day and our. LSU coach pulmonary after the Tigers eight to four win it was SE we have -- and -- -- -- the christened a next here on WW. -- -- victorious this afternoon I was southeast an eight to forty think the Tigers can go through the regional without a loss. It's operated jaguar Pena -- keep an eye on -- very interesting game in. The Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette regional at bat in the top of the eighth Jackson State one. The Louisiana Lafayette zero. So we'll keep you posted on that last a lot of baseball that the play football comes to mind. Was who went wasn't as of late innings and earned him when rice the number one thing they -- the number one overall seed lost to Texas own. In -- first regional game and that is and the in the area of what type of magnitude of a loss that would be. The team that was number one and only two -- the six national -- has eight more victories this season than anyone else and right now. The Texans they -- of one zeroing back in Latvia. Let's go to -- before Elizabeth thank you for calling WW -- -- talk about scrapping and feed him. Go right. I'm glad we're on. Our home town. Open here. In the states. That he could be our country at least him. And -- mile and I'm job today without pat and really try. And lie and go -- and they image remains -- Well he's the coach rather than now while he's done a great job and it's it's a solid program people that kept it was southeast and no that they've probably -- -- the company as coach OT was there. They went to the committee. I talked to him what do we need to do what they beat the -- they added Mississippi State and southern miss and Alabama and it will. And the and this year they didn't take any chances they won the conference tournament championship and got automatic beard and a great game to date. And just great baseball and LSU came down the stretch and got hot and -- southeast and we'll see tomorrow they will await either Bryant or. He's a well earlier today on Christie Garrett -- -- bear visited with an issue coach pulmonary following the Tigers 824 victory over southeast. Welcome to WWL IMF and the dot com Christians are here antibody -- coaching LSU Tigers. Forced off an 84 victory over southeast and you walked away very impressed with the -- effort today desert certainly and fortunate to get the win and happy with the -- Christian John McMullen said that he thought there are probably the best foresee in the entire NCAA tournament I wouldn't disagree with them I think they've played great. I am really happy and proud of Reiser and their players have programs JR pizzas -- -- played hard they played great and he gave us everything we wanted believe me. End we're very fortunate to win and we had a great -- Darren. Bottom of the seventh inning to tie the game up -- a little bit of base running mistake and you could have taken the lead their group where we weren't able to capitalize. And then you know in the bottom of the eighth inning that -- you know maybe missed a couple mistakes defensively that hurt him but. Listen this is a big stage you know from a lot of people national television a lot at stake in. You know I think our experience of being in this kind situations may have ended in the difference at the end of the game there. Coach southeastern obviously barrel like you said report errors to -- -- -- really jumps off. Outscored. And that's kind of been the trademark since you arrived knows all an excellent field what is the secret to success. Well you gotta think the seekers are -- good players but I know I mean yeah it's amazing phenomenon when you have good players get better chance of doing those kinds of things. That I don't care what sport you you know that defense wins championships. And when you talk defense in baseball impart about pitching and then you talk about the fielders behind you. You know the unique thing about baseball -- that your position players are both your offensive players senior defensive players and so. You know everybody loves offense and that. If you don't if you players don't catch the ball and make the routine plays for you it's gonna jump out it's gonna cost -- ball -- so. We just emphasize that you know we we we have a very speedy outfield hit it takes a lot to get a ball in between those guys. And Bregman and a bar has been left side of the -- as there is in the country. And I think the other guys in our catcher and our second baseman first baseman Jim -- jobs to so. You know if we throw strikes in and play defense like we can use it gives us a chance to stay in the game and hopefully ultimately find a way to score some runs and one. Coach and let's not overlook me being. Your program but that the defense for Alex -- maybe overlooked at times to some of these people think of my sister rated openings and playing defensively. Really well he's always played well let me it looks like he stepped up his game defensively -- It's not been overlooked by many years teammates -- assure you that knives that this many times this year than when he's gone through slot he never took his bat out to shortstop with them. He's been remarkable at shortstop. The great shortstop -- ever coached his defensively is Austin no and I think we can talk about Alex Gregory in the same sentence -- you know that's about as. Hi how you praises thing gets to a shortstop. See you guys some. And you're in a good position is and you wanted to be Jerry pushing him through this game and that's Mario loaded for bear in the bullpen -- when there -- no. Yeah well that you know it on paper it looks good -- we don't play the game on paper you know to we have to cut there played between the white lines. But you're right you know pitches we we feel confident because you guys have outstanding. And we're gonna make the plays forum and then we had just you know find a way that we're gonna go up against good pitcher on New -- yet you know. Which tough hitters were gonna face for the other team that there's going to be your putts and so it's going to be another. You know tough ball game we -- be rated player and coach. When they don't load outside looking in it was a kneel down 42 late in the game the body language of the players seem very positive. Right guys trying to give each other goalies are catalysts on this teams -- specific player who really kind of pull everybody along. We really don't have that one guy keep it's really an accumulation of guys -- the you know. You think it's mostly veterans but it's not even just to veterans you've got some young players that are the first year players I should say thanks to -- and for alien. You know other guys they just they just they're very confident players and you know I think you know you did you know you don't wanna be a front runner after they took the lead they came antagonist to look. Marshall what we're made of right now -- when I can be frontrunners and he's gonna give up and here we're gonna fight back right now. Insure everybody with this team is native and -- behold they did we tied ball game out there and prevalent Jackson. Coach and -- -- that this place has got some some magic to it it's like the O box and you guys seen that cynical about how it is plus rallies. So we've been in this stadium since or nine in there has been magic and it you know we've had a lot of big wins here and hopefully. You know just keep it going -- hopefully tomorrow -- we'll have a more magic. LHU coach Paul and -- with Kristian -- and T about a bear follow Christie Garrett garic Kristian -- one on Twitter. It teen -- 53 and listen to those guys. On double coverage each weekday morning from six -- immature and I am as they. Breakdown sports for you on three. WL LSU victorious this afternoon and are very good ball game. Defeating southeast and eight to for the Tigers are down 42 going into the sixth inning and come up beat and win by school 0824. The bottom of the eighth inning it is Louisiana Lafayette training Jackson State one to zero. In game two of the Louisiana Lafayette regional the winner of that game we're going face Mississippi State as the bulldogs beat San Diego State -- today. 52. Losing that game face the San Diego State tomorrow afternoon. An elimination game and the other game or keeping an eye on -- who will play who tomorrow. Tonight in -- Alex box stadium the nineteenth at Houston. Taking on Bryant and now right now and that contest. -- if the refreshed but you know these computers is a go Beckham is in the top of the third. Bryant leading Houston by a score of one. 20. Take time out come back and ramped up on the ability -- tomorrow will have coverage for you. Beginning at 3 o'clock on WW. Here's the bit. While ball and popped up about it Billups and -- -- -- makes the call it statement that makes that kept. So I put that in order of the night. Come from behind twice in this ballgame. And won it for the final score on the board. LSU victorious over southeast in eight to 414. Hits today -- eight runs that likable -- Was solid retiring all nine batters they faced -- the last six outs recorded by him and it picked up. The win Nate -- who lose three in one on the season forward dramatic game a very good game. But about two against the eighteen southeast and and LA if you. Southeast and now await either Bryant or Houston tomorrow at 2 o'clock -- 7 PM tomorrow evening LSU will face either Bryant or he -- in the winner's bracket. -- thoughts at 3 PM Christie Garrett must OT by being there where you're from senior writer aggravate dot com trials are. Also on the program just Palermo were Jonas will recap the week sports -- -- -- for the NBA could have a team in the NBA finals by now. But -- and also will talk about game six between the Spurs and the under tomorrow. It's his peak they arena in oak KC bottom of the eighth the racing -- or -- that they trail Jackson -- 120. Aimed at the that is in the bottom of the third alternative that we Lafayette regional it was basically statement that the winner's bracket. With a five to two victory over San Diego State operated jaguar opinion poll on line results LSU beat southeast an 824 with a -- and make it through the NCAA regional and skating. With out a -- he think -- machine is in which is perfect for him 00 on the weak hand. And no 42% of you say no they wall and 58 -- and he -- the Tigers we'll finish this regional. On the defeat though they have nobody to continue to. That -- all on operated that warping you pull it WWL. Dot com particularly now in the first quarter. In game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals it is Miami fifteen Indiana thirteen at. If Miami wins they will advance to the NBA finals. Against either San Antonio Oklahoma City they play both those teams in the finals defeating both them. If Indiana wins it would force a game seven and that would be played Sunday in Indianapolis. Tomorrow afternoon we would join me at 3 o'clock for a special edition of sports Saturday Christian vacancy but -- there will be covered the regional will speak it and rookie to sit for LA issues second game in the Baton Rouge regional. I'm Deke Bellavia and so much -- him hand -- -- and aren't. Christie Garrett keep out a -- everybody back in a studio -- you tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock here on WW.